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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, horsesex.

    Chapter 1

    After all the waiting, months and months of preparations and years of training, it was all about to bare fruit. Aged twenty six, Lorena was about to fulfil her ambition. Looking though the crowd that seemed to have materialised from nowhere she watched for the gates of the compound to open, allowing the contingent to make its way to the assembly point for the procession that would start of the first day of Mardi Gras.

    It was not easy to see from her position, looking through horse's legs, people with flamboyant costumes of flowing material, people with almost nothing on except a head dress, and at the lead position, the float, representing the subject that had been chosen by this school for this year's procession.

    Lorena looked around her at the other participants as she waited. They were of both sexes and of a variety of ages. She was not the oldest by a long shot but neither was she the youngest, there were at least a dozen girls, aged about ten or twelve, out for their first parade.

    Everybody was chatting as they watched for the first sign that they were on their way. Nobody seemed nervous, except Lorena, everybody seemed to take it in their stride, it was to be a lot of fun and if they should win the coveted first prize for the best float or costume, well that was a bonus. Primarily this was a celebration, of life, love and living. They were all out here to enjoy just that, life love and living.

    The streets would be lined on both sides with spectators from all over the world, all come to see the wonderful display that made the three day spectacle that was the Rio de Janeiro, annual Mardi Gras. Lorena was so nervous that she was sure she needed to pee, but it was too late now. A small boy marched importantly to the front of the crowd and slowly with difficulty pulled the wide three meter high wooden gates open one by one.

    As he started to push on the second gate a man went over to help him, taking pity on the lad who had such a monstroustask. "I can manage on my own." The lad's voice rang out over the hoard of competing exhibitionists. This prompted some laughter, as the boy felt very proud of being chosen to start the revellers on their way. But the man persisted and soon others were there to help start the procession.

    The float, with its many exhibitors slowly started to move and swing out into the road. Coloured in red, white and violet with intermediate shades of pink, Lorena thought it made a beautiful sight, and was proud to be able to take her place in such a distinguished show of skill and bravado.

    The young girls dressed as angels and nymphs followed the float, followed themselves by a band of men dressed as devils and demons. These led a group of supposedly tortured slaves, who in turn led the eight horses and their riders, of whom Lorena was one. The eight were in two columns of four and Lorena had been placed third in line on the right. There would be no obstruction between her and the observing crowds in the street. She would be right there next to the people.

    She, her horse and the young boy who, dressed as a tormented soul, led her horse were her own little group, and the boy was placed in front and to the left of the horse between the two columns. Everything felt so right. As the boy took her horse forward to fit her in to her place in the line, she was comforted to know that at last it was starting. The horse rocked her gently as it walked slowly forward, she was led out through the gates into the wake of the float, and she thought about the sequence of events that had lead her to this moment.

    Chapter 2

    When Lorena had been about eighteen months old, her mother had insisted that she be taught to ride a horse. At that age she had not had to do very much except to sit on the horse's back and be led around. To begin with there had always been somebody in the saddle to hold her but as she grew and got stronger the other person had been displaced and would walk beside her to stop her from falling.

    By the time she was three Lorena had become quite a little horsewoman, able to ride and control the horse, at a trot, on her own. On her third Birthday Lorena had been given her very own pony, a female foal from the previous year that would hopefully grow with the little girl and remain a good steed for many years to come. This had been the case and the two had learned together the art of horsemanship.

    The first time Lorena had had any idea that there was another way to ride a horse, was when she was five. She had seen, on several occasions, a girl of about fifteen, riding a horse, while slung in a cradle under the horse's belly. The girl had come for many weeks, and trained in this fashion, controlling the horse by pressure from her hands and feet, which were secured at the sides of the horse. Lorena had no idea that that was the way to control a horse whilst riding in this position but later had found this information from an aunt who introduced her to the art.

    It was then that the connection was made. The girl had been fully dressed to begin with but as the months had passed she began to appear naked under the horse. The girl had ridden daily for about three hours per day for around five months and then Lorena had not seen her again for some time. It was shortly after her sixth Birthday that Lorena was again given a view of this strange riding method.

    The family and staff had gone out to the fields to harvest the ripe crop of coffee. Lorena and a few members of the house staff had been the only ones to remain home. It had been a lovely morning and after the midday meal, Lorena had quietly hidden her self under some staging in the large riding school.

    It had been dark under the staging and the poor girl, exhausted from the heat had lain down and fallen asleep. It was very quiet so there was nothing to disturb the slumbers of the weary. The hours had passed peacefully until towards four o'clock there had been some scuffling sounds and Lorena had been woken. The little girl, not sure whether she would get into trouble for hiding under the staging, crept quietly to a place where she could see what was happening.

    Two of the house maids had led a large black horse into the riding school and were holding him steady in the middle of the ring. The horse was a stallion named Texcoco, and was adorned with the same type of sling harness that the strange girl had used to ride under the horse's belly earlier in the year.

    This intrigued Lorena and she moved closer to the edge of the staging to get a better view. One of the maids, Titsilini, stripped of all her cloths had climbed, face down, into the harness. She wriggled and squirmed until she was all the way in to the arrangement of straps and buckles. The second maid, Kimali, held the horse steady trying to keep the nervous creature's motions to a minimum.

    Once in position Titsilini wriggled round until she was facing up to the horse's chest. Then she swung her legs up either side of the horse and hooked her knees over two stirrups attached to the harness, one on either side of the horse. This was followed by pushing her arms through spaces in the harness and reaching up with her hands to take hold of two handles. There was quite a bit of chatter between the two maids. Kimali walked round the horse and secured Titsilini's hands and feet to straps that hung from the harness. Then she went back to the head of the horse and chatted some more with the rider.

    While there had been activity, Lorena had watched every move of the two girls and what they were doing, now that they seemed to be just chatting Lorena looked more closely at the arrangement, and then looked at how the horse was taking it. It was then that she noticed the enormous penis that the horse was sporting. It was hot in the school which would account for some of the exposure, but heat normally only made the horse extend his penis so it hung limp. This was stiff and straight pointing at an angle forwards toward the ground. It looked as though the stallion had smelt a mare on heat, but that could not be. None of the mares were on heat at present.

    Lorena understood all about the mating of horses. She had seen many times, how the stallion was lead into a paddock that already contained the prospective mare. The stallion's penis would get hard and start to slap his stomach and then when he tried to get on top of the mare, one of the men close by would grab the penis and stick it into the mare's vagina.

    The two horses would then stand together and the stallion would continue to try to get on top of the mare. When he found that he could not, he would slide off the mare and the stiff penis would go soft and disappear up between his hind legs. The first time Lorena had seen this she had thought it was very funny. Everybody knew that horses could not ride other horses. However one of the men had sent her away, so she remembered not to laugh next time.

    Now here was a stallion going through the motions as though he was about to try and ride another horse, but there were only two maids close by. Suddenly there was action again. Kimali walked to the back of the stallion and crouched down. She was in front of the horse's back legs, so Lorena could not see what was going on. Then she stepped away and went back to holding the leading reins. Immediately it was obvious what had been done. The stallion's penis was now inserted into Titsilini's vagina and about half of it was hidden this way.

    Lorena was stunned that such a huge thing could go into a vagina. She thought about her own little hole. Still naked, hairless and small. She had put her finger in the entrance sometimes when it had itched, but there was a thick piece of skin there that stopped her going deeper than a few millimetres. She knew that it went deeper because there was a hole there that she peed from, she had seen it in a mirror, but the hole was tiny. There was no way that she could have a horse stick his penis in that little place.

    The two maids chatted a little longer and then Kimali, holding the horse's bridle, led the horse and its under-slung rider out of the school into the yard. Lorena scrambled quickly through the struts and bracing's of the staging and then ran to the door of the school. The maids and the horse were there walking round and round the yard and a number of the house staff had come out to watch. Lorena noticed her Mother on one of the balconies, surveying the proceedings.

    She crept back into a shadow in the hope that she had not been seen. However she stayed where she could watch most of what went on in the yard. The horse was led round five or six times and then one of the hands opened the gate that led to the fields and the little group walked out and down the path, out of sight. The servants all filed back into the house and Lorena's Mother limped quietly back off the balcony into her room.

    Lorena stayed hidden for a short while, then crossed the yard to the house and went to see her Mother. As she crossed the court yard, Lorena thought hard about how she would ask her mother about the afternoon's events. It could be quite a tricky subject because it involved nudity and a horse's penis, a subject that should never be talked about in polite society. She entered the big house and climbed the stairs to her mother's room. On the landing outside her mother's room she smoothed down her dress and then tapped lightly on the hard timber panelled door. She had to wait for a while but then a voice called out.

    "Come." Just the one word. It had been all that Lorena had expected. She pulled down on the handle and pushed hard on the heavy portal. It swung slowly in to expose the beautifully furnished chamber. Lorena slipped in once the door was open enough and then pushed the door shut again. It gave a satisfying click as it latched. "Hello darling." The musical tones of her mother's voice were a comfort to Lorena as she turned to pose her question, but the feeling of unease was not totally subdued. "Where have you been all afternoon? I have not seen you since lunch. Have you enjoyed your afternoon?

    Lorena, still not sure that she could trust her voice to be totally as she wanted, ran over to her Mother and gave her a big hug. This she knew would give a warm feeling to her Mother and at the same time grant herself more time to compose her feelings. "I went to the stables for a short time but it was so hot I decided to find a shady spot to think. I think I went to sleep, I was woken by the sound of some horses in the yard I think. Did someone come to visit?" Lorena enquired.

    "Oh no dear, it was just two of the maids taking a horse for a ride, so that they can have some exercise on their afternoon off." So, she was not going to be told as yet about the strange riding position, Lorena decided she could wait. She settled down into a comfortable chair next to her parent and they chatted about other things.

    That night Lorena could not sleep, she thought about the two maids and the horse and considered all the possibilities that she could think of as to the meaning of what she had seen. Nothing really convincing came to her mind, so she was still awake when she heard the sound of a horse approaching the yard. She ran softly to the window and peered out. It was very dark and all but a few lights had been extinguished, but Lorena could just make out the shape of a horse and a person, walking up the path. Maybe they would tell her.

    She slipped out of her room and headed down stairs to the door. Then she slipped out to the yard and stood waiting. She saw through the gloom, the person lead the horse into the stable block, so she ran over to see what was happening. She crept into the building and sidled up to the stall where the horse and maid were. Then she crouched down in the shadows and watched.

    Kimali was giving the horse a gentle rub down and had filled the food trough with something for the horse to eat. As this activity was going on Lorena slipped unseen behind the horse and hid just inside the next stall. From there she could see what was going on and she took a keen interest in the arrangement of horse and rider. Titsilini was still hanging in the harness under the big horse, naked and with the thick penis still thrust into her vagina. The horse munched at its food.

    The harness was made of a thick saddle like sheet of leather that rested on the horse's back. It was strapped to the horse in the usual way with a thick belly strap or girth. From the leather sheet seven leather straps hung down. One of these went around the horse's tail, the other six, three on either side supported a web of leather in which Titsilini rested. From these six straps there were branches that were used to strap the girl's hands, knees and ankles.

    Titsilini was effectively held secure and unable to move any part of her body except her head. However there was enough play in the straps so that as the horse walked the cradle would swing to and fro and even a little to the side. After studying the straps and buckles for some time her eyes were drawn to the horse's penis. It was still very hard. Lorena was surprised that the stiffness could last so long. Normally it would go small again after just a quarter of an hour if the horse was joined to another horse. She wondered what kept it so hard. Then she looked at the way it entered Titsilini's vagina. She had a perfect view of the workings between the horse's back legs.

    The penis was thick and round and Titsilini's vagina was stretched to a very large size in order to take the monster. The girl's vagina seemed different from what Lorena had expected. Apart from having enormous capacity it seemed to have extra bits. Lorena slipped her hand inside her nighty to feel her own opening. There were the large soft fleshy cushions around the hole but there was no sign of the thin lobe like pieces inside them. But Titsilini definitely had at least one thin fleshy lobe wrapped around the horse's penis, other than the thicker parts of her pussy.

    Lorena slipped a finger into the slit between her thick soft lips and pressed against the piece of skin that had the hole in it. The increased pressure started to hurt so she removed her finger and felt other parts in that area. There was nothing that could take the size of the horse. How strange, still she was not fully grown yet so maybe things changed when she got older. Her finger slid further back and touched her anus. As she fondled she studied the rider again. No, the penis definitely went into the vagina. Lorena pressed at her anus anyway to test how easy it would be to get a penis in there. The muscles contracted in an involuntary action and stopped her entrance. So that would not work.

    Suddenly the horse stepped sideways and Lorena's view was blocked by the position of the horse's leg. Titsilini groaned as the horse moved, the penis jolting inside her. Then Kimali who had been on the far side, walked round the horse's head to Lorena's side of the animal so she could finish grooming. Lorena darted back out of view and resumed hiding in the next stall. The grooming continued for about twenty minutes, and then Kimali put the brushes and cloths away "Will you be all right here all night on your own or would you like me to stay? Can I bring you some food?" Kimali asked her companion.

    "No, no, you run along to bed, I will be fine. I do not think I could manage to swallow in this position, though before you go, if you could wet my lips I would feel better."

    Kimali went to a large water container and dipping a small ladle into the water she carried the liquid to her friend. Kimali extended the ladle and poured the water over her face, Titsilini licking her lips as she did so. "Thank you, I will be all right now, you go to bed and have sweet dreams. I will see you in the morning. If you can just leave one light burning when you go, so that I don't get frightened by ghosts. Thank you, good night."

    "Good night." Said Kimali as she slowly walked out of the stables extinguishing the lights as she went. Lorena found herself alone in a place that she should not have been, trapped. There was no one talking or moving now to hide her own activity. If she moved then the rider would hear.

    She stayed still for some time, just listening to the sounds of the horses and woman breathing, and the occasional stamp of a horse hoof. She heard the jingling of the harness that held Titsilini suspended under Texcoco and peered through the dimness to see what was wrong. She found that in spite of there being little illumination in the building, she could still make out shapes quite clearly. She edged forward to get a closer look. The straw under her rustled as she moved and suddenly a harsh whisper cut the air.

    "Who's there?" Lorena was startled into stillness and sitting back on her haunches she waited. "Who's there?" Came the voice again. Lorena did not answer. Slowly she realised that she was really stuck. The maid was not going to sleep and if Lorena moved again then the straw would give her away. The only reason that she had managed to get in was because of the noise that Kimali had been making while talking and wiping down the horse.

    The night would be long and Lorena did not want to spend the rest of it fixed in one position so she slowly came to the conclusion that the only thing to do was to make her presence known and suffer the consequences. Her original intention had been to talk to one of the women and quiz them about this strange mode of riding, she may as well go ahead with that plan. She called out gently to the maid suspended under the horse.

    "Titsilini, are you awake?"

    "So there is someone there, I was beginning to think I had heard some rat or something. Is that you Lorena? What are you doing here, so late in the night?" the maid sounded worried. "If your Mother finds you here we will both be in trouble and I will loose my job. You must go back to bed now and not tell anyone that you were here. Go now before somebody comes."

    "I could not sleep and when I heard you ride back I thought I would come down to find out what you are doing. Do you mind? Please don't make me leave I do so want to know and I dare not talk to my mother, please let me stay just for a little while, I thought you were my friend and I could talk to you about anything."

    "I do not mind I am sure that your mother would be very angry if she found you here. Such an action from such a young girl. You must leave at once." All this was said in a harsh whisper. Lorena did not want to leave and put up a hard argument in order to stay. Eventually the helpless maid was worn down until she relented. "Well, you are here now, what did you want to know?"

    "You won't tell anyone that I was here will you?" Begged Lorena.

    "No I won't tell, I would probably be killed and sold as stake if your Mother found out, but you will have to leave here before it starts to get light. If Rodrigues finds you here so early he will tell your Mother." Lorena took stock of this fact and promised herself to be back in bed before dawn.

    "I will go before dawn. Why are you riding this horse up side down? It looks very strange and you might get kicked being so close to his legs. Can you make him gallop like that or only walk? What does it feel like to hang like that for so long? Does it hurt to have such a large thing inside you? Will he try to climb on top of other horses while you are there? How long will you stay like that? Do you eat while you are there? How do you go to the toilet?"

    "Stop, stop, one question at a time please, or I shall forget some. And you must keep your voice down, somebody may hear you and come to see what you are doing here.

    The first question was why am I riding Texcoco like this. I am doing it because I like riding like this. It makes me feel good, but once I have finished I have to wait for Texcoco to finish. When he thinks it is finished then his penis will go small and drop out of me. That is when I will be able to go back to work."

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