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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex, horsesex, BDSM, breast abuse.

    Chapter 1 : The Impalement of the Duchess

    Kristina : The Duchess
    Ann : The Lady
    Iselin : The Nun
    Rikart : The Vicar
    Mary : The Maid
    Josef : The Groom

    The Knot finally came out of Iselin the nun's over-stretched cunt with a very audible plop accompanied by an even more audible squeak from the rosy hued young lady who had just now come out of the first bestial coupling of her life. Loads of canine semen which the lusty dog had pumped in to her aching cunt and sealed with its massive knot in a vain attempt to impregnate her, now gushed out in torrents. The first squirt, sucked out by the brutal wrenching of the mastiff's cock from her overstretched cunt , fell a clear two and half feet from her upturned buttocks. Dog cum continued oozing in great sticky strings and wetted the better part of her inner thighs.

    The huge mastiff was not done with his human bitch yet though. He quickly turned around, his colossal prick still dripping from their combined fluids, and started licking avidly Iselin's gaping cunt. The impeccable duchess had trained her dog mounts well. They would always lap at their human bitches after the decoupling no matter how long the tie lasted. It would be some time before the nun's vulva would come back to its normal dimensions. Though the Vicar's cock, which pounded her almost every day, was not exactly puny, Iselin had never accommodated such a girth in her vulva in her life before. Iselin just stayed there, on all fours, and let the beast deprave her fully. Her breath was still coming in short rasps. She had temporarily lost her voice due to all her intense screaming, first due to fear, later due to unbridled lust.

    The Vicar, despite sporting a belly-high erection, remained taut, unmoving, not a muscle in his face twitching throughout the double coupling act: Iselin the nun being covered by the huge mastiff Aesop and the big and paunchy Lady Ann being mounted by Burro, the donkey.

    Ann, the lady, cooed ''Kristina, my dear, the stallion act today please! Is he available?" The duchess waved a mocking finger at her flushed sister " You are not yet satisfied until you see me coupled with that gigantic horse, are you?". Ann the Lady exhibited clear signs of arousal again, despite the colossal battering she had received from Burro the donkey's cock. Burro seemed to be now completely uninterested in the big woman and her cunt, which he had reamed thoroughly just a short while ago. He had in fact already started drifting towards the other end of the roomy stable, his huge erection visibly gone. Aesop, the mastiff still looked unsatisfied: he licked his still prodigious erection and let threatening growls in the direction of the kneeling nun.

    When Josef led in the stallion Charger, not without some noticeable pride, Iselin could not help but gasp. Charger was, honestly, the largest horse she had ever seen in her life. As one of the lecherous vicar's proteges, she was not a stranger to horse riding. In fact the vicar encouraged his nubile charges to ride as often as possible as he argued that a vigorous ride always led to a vigorous coupling afterwards. But Iselin gawked at the hugeness of the beast, and trembled at the prospect of this giant horse's cock impaling their hostess, however big the lady might be.

    Speaking of which, the stallion's cock was already tumescent and sliding out of his thick sheath. Iselin assumed that the randy duchess would have fed him the same aphrodesiac that she gave her dogs. Sure enough, the good duchess Kristina was not exactly what one would call a petite lady; to her awe Iselin had herself measured that Kristina stood but a quarter inch short of six feet with her stockings on. That her melon sized breasts, her colossal pair of buttocks, a very commodious cunt under her prodigiously full belly over her long and thick thighs demanded the very best of manhood to fill her up was obvious: but still, despite her huge size, Iselin could not imagine how she could take the full stallion meat into her body without getting her cunt ripped open. She had heard that a full-grown stallion could sport an erection measuring up to 23 inches. That is nearly two feet of horse cock! Would the good duchess withstand such impalement? Iselin was soon to find out.

    The trussing up of the big bellied duchess was as severe as it was thorough. She was made to lean on the leather padded wooden and metal contraption (which the good Lady Ann coyly termed as the "breeding saddle" ) Josef had promptly uncovered on the far end of the stable. The cross-plate supported her rich flesh under her huge tits which hung down like twin gourds. Her hands were left free but not for long. Josef clasped her spread legs and lashed them at the ankle and the knee to the sturdy vertical struts anchored to the ground. The big duchess could not flex her legs now under the bestial impalement soon to commence.

    Iselin had already started shaking from sheer arousal. But Josef was not done yet. He lashed his mistress' hands together above her head, attached a long leather cord and passed it through a pulley set close to the ceiling. And he pulled it so taut so that the good duchess' hands were at maximum tension. To complete this cruel binding, the grinning groom attached a leather belt around Kristina's wide and ample belly. He proceeded to attach a short chain to the belt. The chain dangled down to the big duchess' shins at the front. Josef then gleefully lifted a 15 pound iron ball from under the bench. The ball had a hook to it. This ballast was attached to the end of the dangling chain. The mighty downward pull of gravity brought the duchess' lower back down and ensured proper cambering of her ballooning ass.

    But the good Josef was not done yet. He extracted a small vial from his side pouch and eyed in the direction of Lady Ann with a devilish smile in his eyes. Lady Ann exclaimed " Oh, the ginger suppository! Josef , my man, you are but thorough. You do have the plug don't you?" Josef answered by again delving into the depths of his pouch and bringing out a plug, about four inches long and not very thick, bulging at the ends and slender at the middle. Ann immediately recognized this to be a butt plug since the Vicar had not been lethargic in the introduction of anal pleasures to his worthy charges.

    Lady Ann walked towards her trussed up sister, albeit a bit gingerly, her huge ass and tits rolling like a ship in heavy storm. The lady placed herself to Duchess Kristina's right, near her waist where the ballast ball hung from, and nodded to Josef. The groom approached Kristina's looming pair of buttocks from behind. He poured a liberal amount of liquid from the vial on the plug and anointed it thoroughly while Lady Ann was engaged in handling a much bigger and softer target. She placed her hands firmly on her bound sister's bulging nether globes and prised them apart. Which was not an easy act: what with the girth of Kristina's magnificent ass, the extremely deep divide of her crack and the sheer mass of the buttock flesh, a woman of lesser build could not have opened them fully. But open them she did, with straining hands and exposed the duchess' anus to the lusty eyes of the groom. Josef moved forward a couple of steps, used his coarse fingers and thumb to stretch his mistress' nether hole, none too gently at that, and proceeded to thread in the naughty plug into her bottom chute. A sharp hiss escaped from Kristina's nostrils, Lady Ann was distracted for a moment and her hold on the buttock halves slipped. The meaty globes slammed shut around Josef's fingers. Lady Ann murmured her apologies to Josef demurely, rebuked her sister for not holding her ass still and set about the task of opening them again. This time the sturdy groom managed to insinuate the plug fully into the yawning ass save the outer tip.

    "The ginger suppository, my dear Iselin," intervened the Vicar after his long silence, "all but precludes the rather unsavoury habit of clenching the buttocks under impalement." He continued in a matter-of-fact tone " When Charger here mounts our good duchess, she would but have no option than relaxing her nether halves fully for the .. err.. insinuating member".

    "But Sir," trembled the flushing nun, " surely, the horse is not going to .., I mean, not ...". "Bugger her?". The Vicar completed the sentence for her. "No, my dear, not today! Though the duchess is perfectly capable of accommodating Charger in both her orifices, the nether route, after a heavy meal would be rather .. hem .. uncomfortable for the subject. Today the duchess is going to accommodate Charger in her, shall we say, normal channel". Which in itself would be no mean feat even for an Amazon like the towering duchess, mused Iselin.


    The head would not flare out! However hard they tried to coax the equine cock to flare out at the tip, the far from obliging horse was just nervously skittering about without the proper excitement of a stallion about to mount his beautiful mistress. It was true that, coaxed by the combined efforts of the bound duchess and her equally big sister, the huge cock was emerging inch by inch out of its sheath. The groom Josef thoroughly washed the mammoth cock in a mild soap solution as it emerged. Seeing the lust in Iselin's eyes, the Vicar nudged her to try her hand at the washing process. Iselin had tremblingly caressed the emerging cock which was slightly longer than a foot now, with the sponge offered. It was an ethereal experience, holding the giant cock in her hand and feeling the pulsing veins along it. Iselin knew then and there that she would have this cock inside her womb one day; she had to, even if it meant being a slave for the giantesses one full year.

    One lusty impulse and Iselin bent down to place a huge kiss on the now clean head. This seemed to stir the good lady Ann out of limbo and she earnestly started applying her lips and tongue to the monster cock in front of them. The horse was slightly repositioned to enable the trussed-up duchess to lick the cock as well. Lady Ann started then a gentle masturbation of the emerging member which gained in momentum once she put both her hands to the task.

    But despite their combined cajoling, the head would simply not flare out, which was loudly lamented by both the sisters. Their obvious disappointment at the "head" not flaring out despite their best efforts left Iselin a bit perplexed.

    The Vicar intervened verbosely with his knowledge of the equine anatomy ; " Iselin, my dear! The nether anatomy of the equine species is but peculiarly different from that of the canines. A dog has his knot, however huge, at the base of his , hem .. member giving the lady being mounted the option of keeping the bulb outside her person or to complete the union fully by letting him push the mighty knot into her with the added prospect of being tied to him as long as it pleases him."

    "I must add parenthetically that I but frown upon the dubious practice of a lady keeping out the dog's knot by using her fingers. When a lady chooses to couple with a large canine, she should let the animal have unbridled access to her inners: cock, knot and the whole thing. Again it should be the dog's prerogative to decide how long he would stay tied to his human partner and whether he would rest on her back during the tie or, as is more common, dismount and turn around so that they are coupled back to back, which I find personally more aesthetically pleasing. Once back to back, the dog need not be perfectly still and may choose to wander a bit thus leaving no other choice for the lady partner in tie than to follow suit, albeit a bit gingerly, as this rearward gait on all fours with a particular part of her anatomy stretched fully is not everyday item for a lady."

    As Iselin was wondering what all this has got to do with the equine cocks and their propensity to flare out, the Vicar continued : "Lest I digress, my dear, the equine member, as I said, is different anatomically from its canine counterpart in that it has the , hmm.., knot at the tip rather than at the base. This knot at the tip, which should more appropriately be called as the head, could at times be as big as two manly fists in girth."

    "Note though dear, that this equine head does not flare out immediately. It attains but it's dramatic proportions when the male horse is about to ejaculate; the head then flares out and seals the subsequent semen spewed into the mare's inner anatomy."

    "Our good duchess, as a courtesy to her visitors, has chosen to let the head expand first before letting the mammoth member invade her cunt." Iselin squirmed at the four letter word; it was the first time the Vicar, a model of decorum, had indulged in a vulgarity about their worthy hostess. But he was so flushed from being a coveted witness to all this bestial couplings that he had become far from caring about gentlemanly protocol.

    He continued lustily " It would indeed be a dramatic display of her mettle, if not her prowess, when Duchess Kristina here lets the worthy Charger mount her after his head has flared up. While it's a rare lady who would be able to accommodate the girth of a full blooded stallion sans the flared up head," he made a short bow to the good lady Ann as an acknowledgement for her valiant coupling with Burro the donkey, even though it was only a donkey's dick (Iselin had not noticed any "flare-up" in Burro's cock before it entered Lady Ann's cunt) and not a stallion's, "our good duchess has chosen to display her prodigious skills in inter-species coitus by letting a fully flared horse cock impale her; however commodious her majestic cunt may be, mind you, my dear, it's a monumental feat! But our duchess, forever mindful of her aristocratic lineage, has been stoic enough to withstand the rigours of bestial impalement right from her adolescence; her worthy father-in -law and of late her husband, may their souls rest in peace, have ensured that she has been put through her paces with several interesting species as her mounts."

    The Vicar harangued on "In fact she was accompanied to her nuptial bed by a worthy ancestor of this good dog Aesop, if my memory serves me right, wherein the dog was given the first rights in preference to the waiting husband as is the family custom". The Vicar cocked his head at Lady Ann for confirmation which she accorded demurely. "Ever since, my dear, and understandably so, she has had a special rapport with Aesop's family tree".

    The mention of the first night of her marriage brought out a shudder from the bound and trussed-up Duchess, despite the fact that it was 18 years since that fateful night she was invaded by a canine cock on her wedding day. Her mount, one of Aesop's forefathers, was a truly magnificent mastiff, with an awesome knot size. Her husband had been adamant that she take his knot in fully, which resulted in a very sore cunt for the newly wed Duchess indeed. She did not feel much when her husband inserted into her after the lucky dog came out of the tie which had lasted a respectable 20 minutes.


    The dog Aesop was the culprit. They found out, at last, that the lusty canine was uttering belligerent growls at the horse which was making the good Charger very nervous. Aesop was very possessive of his mistress, as all good dogs are, and did not seem to like one bit the idea of his beautiful mistress being mounted by the huge horse. In fact it was not uncommon for the big Duchess to take him often to her bed and after a couple of ferocious fucks, sleep with his knot firmly embedded in her colon. The tie always seemed to last longer if Aesop entered her ass rather than the normal channel. She had once tried to take another dog to her bed, a tame Great Dane, along with Aesop; the larger Dane's knot for the cunt and the ferocious Aesop for the ass. But Aesop's animosity towards his peer dog with supposedly equal access rights to the voluptuous Duchess was so fierce that he had to be taken away. Since then the Duchess had been sensible enough to select a different pair when she was in the mood for some multi-orifice knot-plugging.

    Once the growling Aesop was resolutely led away and the guests had backed away into to the shadows, the aristocratic sisters resumed their manual and oral ministrations with renewed gusto; The Duchess's hands were temporarily untied to help her equally eager sister in cajoling the head to blossom out. Once the horse settled down for the ensuing fuck, the results were nothing less than miraculous. Iselin watched with dumbfounded awe that the head was beginning to expand. And some expansion it was!

    By then the Duchess and her sibling had been masturbating and sucking off for about a full five minutes. The considerate groom Josef had removed the ballast ball from his mistress's waist so that her back was not unduly strained during the "foreplay" with the mighty horse.

    The horse became visibly more restless and was neighing loudly, swishing its tail about and stomping his hooves in increasing tempo. And the head continued to bloom. The head had the strangest shape that Iselin had seen on any cock. The Vicar had ensured that she got her close encounters with his cockhead on a regular basis; during his multi-partner couplings he would often remove his member from whichever orifice of the other nun he would be stretching for the moment and feed his cockhead to the waiting Iselin's mouth. She would then eagerly polish off the knob before it would be sent a-plunging into the other nun again. And again today she had both seen and felt firsthand the girth of a canine knob. But this horse cockhead was something entirely different, out of this world; it seemed to bulge out "the wrong way"! From the place where the head was attached to the cock it flared outwards and upwards so that the tip of the head was much broader than the base of the head. It was as if a gigantic bell had bloomed out of the horsecock ready to rip asunder the waiting Duchess' cunt. Iselin realised with horror that the initial entry itself would be extremely painful for the big Duchess since the tip of the cock happened to be its widest part! And again, once insinuated, it would thread its merciless way right through to her cervix widening her cunt all along the path.

    But the highly charged horse was apparently least considerate about such trivialities and it was obvious that the lusty animal was intent upon mounting his worthy mistress immediately.

    The Duchess's hands were again stretched towards the ceiling and the weighty ball attached round her ample paunch. The trusty groom Josef and the experienced Lady Ann would coordinate the initial phases of the ensuing bestial coupling. Josef would goad Charger during the initial insertion and restrain any tendency towards wayward fucking which could be potentially dangerous for the bound Duchess. Whereas the good Lady Ann would spread and hold her sisters cunt mouth open from behind to accommodate the gigantic bulb. Once the head went in, it would be left to the big horse to thrash the bent over Duchess any way he liked.

    A small semi-reclining, very low chair was placed directly under the bent over Duchess' belly. Iselin was invited to witness the coupling at close quarters by lying down on the platform and thus have a fish eye view of the Duchess' genitals. The horse was brought about and moved over the bound Duchess. The mother of all cocks now came into Iselin's view. She gasped at the enormity of the situation. The duchess' aristocratic cunt covered in thick, dark bush whose lush growth started almost from the anal divide and went well up to the navel, looked indeed huge in human terms. But compared to the giant member behind it, the good Duchess' cunt looked pathetically puny. Now the giant hammerhead, if anything, had flared up even more and the horsecock stood out almost horizontally. A couple of drops of the already leaking rivulets of horsecum dripped hotly on Iselin's neck which sent a shiver down through her cunt.

    The giant horse was made to step on sturdy stirrup-like supports protruding from the "breeding bench," the contraption to which the Duchess was bound to, the elevation of its front legs serving to increase his leverage in battering the now helpless Duchess. His front legs were now way past the wild eyed Duchess' head. The groom Josef deftly adjusted the rope which stretched the Duchess' hands to the roof so that it would not interfere with the coupling about to commence.

    At last the moment of truth had arrived! The ever considerate Lady Ann asked if the Duchess was ready and in turn received an energetic nod from her. She nodded to the waiting groom who took a firm hold of the reins and stood by. The experienced Lady Ann then approached her sister's proud ass from behind to have unobstructed access to her sisters cunt. She had to squat under the impatient horse's hind legs to come to her sisters expectant cunt. She requested Iselin to extend a small support from the headrest of her reclining chair so that she could rest her massive buttocks during the impalement process. No reason to believe that the initial intrusion would be a quick affair and though she had strong thighs it would be strenuous to squat for any extended time what with her weight and the exertion of threading this gigantic cockhead into the waiting cunt.


    The giant cock head, at least a part of it, miraculously managed to slip inside the waiting gash. The Duchess let out a huge cunt-fart when the tip of the head managed to slip inside; the girth of the head was truly gigantic that the air immediately inside her cunt mouth had nowhere to go but squirt out.

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