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    I apologize, I have been busy so I could not reply sooner. My English is not the best. This is a true tale.


    Let me tell you about myself. I am 23 years-old 5'3" tall and 120 lbs. I am very good looking if I say so myself. I was married 3 years ago. My husband is very handsome. We were married in Delhi Taj. It was an arranged marriage by our parents. We saw each other for the first time at the ring ceremony. We were taken into a room together and allowed to talk to each other.

    After a while, he asked me if he would kiss me. We did and then he went down on me. He lifted my sari and ducked under it. His kisses felt very good. I was shocked but pleased. I agreed to the marriage and so after the fifth day we were married.

    On our wedding night, I pleaded with him not to do anything. He asked how long and I said just one day. "I promise, one day." He agreed to no sex. He continued to kissing. I had denuded myself of all my body hair. He kissed me softly at first. Then he frenched me. Suddenly his tongue was deep in my mouth. He kissed me again and again.

    Each time he pulled away he came back in with that delicious dancing tongue. Then he kissed my neck, ears, and suddenly he was kissing my tits. He licked and sucked my nipples. Then he went on south, stopping at my belly button and then down to my secret wet spot. He was making me feel things I had never felt in my life. I felt warm, hot, cold, I began to shake. I opened my legs and pushed his head into my hairless vee. This man was good! No, excellent. He took me to great heights. When I came down he stood up.

    He got up and disrobed. He stood in front of me with his hairy body. I was fascinated with his dangling penis. "Your beautiful." was all I could say.

    He told me to take it in his hand as he got back on the bed. Then he threw his legs over me and began to suck on my cunt. "Do the same to me." he said, as he licked me. I took his thing in my mouth and began to suck. It began to grow longer and harder. I kept sucking it and kissing the head.

    "What is the little slit for?" I asked very naively, as I licked. some kind of white stuff began to leak out of it. He called it precum. He told me to taste it. I licked it and found that it was a bit salty. Just then I began to get those feelings again. I begged him to lick me harder. He found my love button and then he really went to work. He didn't finger me but he made me cum. It was a deep screaming cum. I shook and shuttered for a long time. Then he turned around and held me in his arms to allow me to calm down. "Wow!" said it all.

    He started again with the kisses. Again we got into what he called a sixty nine. This time I worked as hard as I could to make sure we would both cum together. I spread my legs and when he licked my pussy he shoved a finger into my passage. "OH!" I cried as I came with a shudder. In the morning, he did it to me again. The next evening I knew I would have to take him inside me.

    I had promised him. I wouldn't renege. I was scared of his cock. I wasn't sure I wanted him inside me. I was nervous, afraid of my lack of skills, my fear, my virginity. He understood and he carefully entered me after he had given me my first orgasm. I bucked against him. I pulled him into me. My legs wrapped around his butt and I squeezed him as tight as I could.

    I begged him to fuck me. I begged him to splash is cum in me. I begged him to give himself to me. I couldn't get enough of him. He did everything right that night. I had one screaming cum and many others. After that he always made sure I got satisfied too.

    After the second month of our marriage, we got a dog. He is a good looking hound all white. We named him Raja. We keep him mostly outside as I never liked dogs. My husband does though. He had a dog all his life and now Raja is with us. One day he came home from the office and announced he was being sent to India for two months. In his honor I went and prepared myself for him.

    I denuded my body of hair. I bathed in special oils. I cooked a special meal for him. After dinner he pulled me to him and begged me to let him begin his games. He fondled me while I did the dishes. He reached under my sari and began to finger me as he kissed my lips, neck and licked my ears. Then he took me to bed. He made me cum three times. He used his tongue, his cock, and his fingers. In the morning I took him to the airport. After seeing him off, I returned home and went into our bedroom. I cried and cried.

    Finally, I pulled myself together and went into the yard to play with Raja. He was dirty so I gave him a bath. While I was bathing him I realized we were both lonely. Still I left him outside to dry off. I returned to our room and began to cry from loneliness again. It was evening before I came to my senses. Raja was still outdoors. I had not fed him. He was scratching at the back door, his usual habit when he wanted food or attention. I went to the door, opened it, and let him in. I fed and watered him. I guess I felt guilty and lonely because I let him in the house.

    Not only that but I called him to come and sit next to me by the fire. He jumped up on the sofa and began to clean the tears from my face. I pulled him to me, hugged him and kissed his furry neck. All I was wearing was my husband's tee shirt and a pair of panties.

    The tv was on and I had one leg curled under me so I was sitting on my ankle.

    Raja pawed me a bit and pulled my nipple out from under my shirt. He began to lick it. I felt the familiar sensations all over my body. He continued to lick my nipple and I got so hot I got off the sofa, pulled off my shirt, lay on the floor. He straddled me. He licked my breasts, my neck, ears, and face. But when he tried to stick his tongue into my mouth I stopped. What was I thinking! I got up and led him to the door. I shooed him outside and returned to the sofa. What had I done" How could that dog rekindle those feelings" It wasn't supposed to be that way!

    I sat on the sofa for a long time thinking. Why he had that effect on me" Raja is a dog. He isn't supposed to affect me that way. I cried mostly out of guilt. I come from a family where girls can't talk to the boys. I was rarely allowed to speak to my father. Mother was so proper she would never let me speak of this problem.

    I went to my room. I was feeling so guilty that I could not sleep. I put my shirt on and returned to the sofa. I went and got a glass of water. I returned I sat back down. I felt the wet between my legs. I slipped my hand into my panties and over my pussy. IT WAS WET! I fingered myself. It felt good. "Was this wrong?" How could this be?" How could something feeling this good be wrong?" I asked myself. I have always been taught that faithfulness to my husband never included self stimulation. "WHAT WAS I TO DO?!"

    I went to the kitchen door again and looked out. Raja was on the doorstep waiting to be let back in the house. I went around and closed all the curtains on the windows and then let him in. He and I went into the living room. I sat on the sofa and within a few seconds he was licking my face. I let him lick my face, and neck.

    I bravely got down on the floor and took my shirt off. He licked my chest. I put a hand on his neck and opened my mouth. He slipped his tongue into me and then after a few licks he started on my nipples. The sensations were unimaginable. He smelled my hand and began licking that. He really worked on that hand. I wondered why he was so eagerly licking and then it dawned on me. He liked my pussy juice! He went crazy on it. He returned to my nipples.

    As he licked I slowly spread my legs. He went down my tummy. He got to my panties and began to sniff them. He pushed his nose right into my slickness. His nose offered new sensations. I spread wider and he reached my clit. The magic button my husband had found. The one that gave me so much pleasure. I took down my panties and let him sniff and lick.

    He entered my secret passage. He gave me such wonderful feelings. His tongue went in deeper and deeper. His nose rubbed my clit. Finally, passionately, I came. I shook and felt such pleasure! "MY GOD! OHHHH!" I heard myself moan to Raja. Never had I cum so hard. Then when I stopped and grasped the situation completely, I saw his. I was rubbing his belly. It was long, red, thick and very hard. He was bigger than my husband! Was this true" Could it be! .

    I pulled him over me and guided that thing right inside me. He was faster than my husband. His paws scratched me some so I had to be careful where he put them. But he felt so good in my steamy pussy. I begged him do fuck me hard. He reached my G spot.

    His fast paced pounding sent me over the edge. Not once! Many times! He pleasured me like I had never been pleasured before. The orgasms were hard, sweet, and very wet. I finally had to stop him. I couldn't have taken any more if I wanted to.

    He wore me out. My pussy was sore for the rest of the night and the next two days. Words can not describe the wonderful feelings I now had for Raja. The two months my husband was gone now turned into an orgy between us. Each day Raja licked, poked, and fucked me. I got so I could have several orgasms and come back for more.

    He fucked me while I lay on my back, on all fours, or several other positions. I liked it best though when he rammed me while I was on the floor and able to push against his belly. He always reached my G spot. His humping was fast and hard. I came multiple times.

    After my husband came home, we of course, continued. He is good but not as good as Raja. I can't wait till he leaves again!

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    So do you and Raja ever get tied together by his penis knot when it swells big inside your vagina? That would be incredible, I would think!

    May 31 2007 11:16
    For someone who's English isn't all that great, you write well.

    May 31 2009 19:42
    Would love for you to write more of your lovemaking with Raja

    Dec 15 2013 10:59
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