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Anal Dog Sex

Anal Dog Sex (Julie and Lisa, Scene 1)

As soon as the bell sounded, Julie rushed home from college, eager to explore her growing sexuality. The nasty pictures her Asian-American friend Lisa had shown her during lunch break had gotten her so excited and curious about the different things a girl could do with a hard cock. Julie had been masturbating for a few months now, but her new friend Lisa had turned her on to even better ways to get off.

Lisa had loaned Julie her 6-inch vibrating dildo two weeks before, and Julie had succeeded in popping her own cherry with the fake phallus after her second time with it. With the dildo, Julie had experienced more intense orgasms than ever before, and she was anxious to experiment with new ways to satisfy her new-found lust.

Julie was intrigued by the pictures she had seen of women being fucked both in the pussy and in the ass. As she hurried home, she remembered how it felt to put a finger in her ass while she fingered her sensitive clit and vagina. If she lubed her ass up nice and slippery, she might even be able to take the dildo in her tight ass. She resolved to find out as soon as possible, and quickened her pace toward home.

Within 20 minutes of arriving home, Julie had succeeded in making her hot ass loose enough to take the dildo in to the hilt. As she kneaded her throbbing clit with one hand, she moved the dildo in and out of her gripping anus, moaning at the intense pleasure she was experiencing. She decided that she was really an anal girl, and loved the feeling of having her ass reamed by a thick cock.

As she fantasized about nasty anal sex, Julie began to yearn for some real cock to fill her bunghole. She knew that taking a real dick would be even more intense, and her clit tingled at the thought. Suddenly, Julie heard a bump against her bedroom door, and sat upright with surprise because she thought her parents had come home early from their trip to San Francisco.

When she realized it was just her pet dalmation, Fred, she laughed with relief and lay back on the bed to give her heart a chance to go back into her chest. "Damn, Fred, you scared the hell out of me, you know that?" she scolded, as Fred pushed her door open and happily jumped up on her bed.

"I almost forget about you, boy, I was so excited to come up here and play with myself." Julie noticed that Fred's red penis was protruding from his sheath, and wondered if the dog had been thinking about sex too.

"Have you been watching me, boy?" Julie asked nastily as she eyed Fred's excited prick. "You sure have a big dick, don't you?" she remarked. Fred responded by playfully licking her face and pushing her onto her back with his front paws. Julie giggled as the dog's tongue licked her bare neck, tickling her smooth, white skin. Julie was thrilled by the feel of Fred's hot tongue, and her thoughts quickly returned back to sex, remembering that just a minute ago she had the dildo in her anus and was building up to an intense climax.

As Julie daydreamed, Fred suddenly moved his head down to her naked thighs, and began to lick at Julie's wet vagina and freshly penetrated asshole. Julie playfully tried to push away his probing snout, but Fred was intent on lapping up her sex juices. He steadily worked his long tongue over her young pussy, pushing in between her lips and stimulating her hard clit. After a few moments, Julie was willing to surrender to her lust, and no longer wished Fred to stop.

"God, boy, you're turning me on!" she moaned as Fred's tongue continued to pleasure her. "This is even better than the vibrator." Julie spread her legs wide to allow the dog full access to her bottom. She lay her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes so that she could concentrate on these new, intense feelings in her loins.

Fred was able to reach Julie's bunghole now, and as he licked around the puckered opening, Julie pushed her ass toward his tongue. "Ooohhh, that feels so good" she moaned as the dog expertly tongued her just-reamed asshole. Her ass began to tingle as Fred worked the tip of his hot tongue into her yearning sphincter.

"Ohhh, shit Freddie, you're reaming my butthole good," Julie panted. Suddenly, Julie realized the answer to her nasty desires. "I'll let Fred fuck my ass!" she thought. Having made up her mind, Julie sat upright and pushed the dog away from her.

"Not now Fred, I'll have something better for you in a minute." The dog looked at her quizzically as she slid off the bed. She kneeled on the floor and called Fred over to her. He jumped down eagerly and moved to where she was.

Julie reached under his belly and began to stroke his semi-erect cock. As the cock swelled with excitement, Julie moved her head toward it, yearning to put the growing dog cock into her hot, wet mouth. She had never done anything this nasty before, and the thrill she got from it caused a delicious aching in her tight, young cunt.

She continued to stroke the cock, slowly at first, and then more quickly as the dog began to thrust in excitement. She licked the head of the dog's large cock, taking in the taste of Fred's pre-cum which was beginning to drip profusely from the head. She new he was ready to mount her, but she couldn't resist sucking on the cock and letting the dog hump her mouth. She could feel her newly experienced asshole stretch open as she bent down to take more and more of the dog's hot, dripping cock into her frantic mouth. Soon, the dog's cock had grown to its full, red length, and it throbbed in her mouth as she moved her lips over the shaft. Her mouth was overflowing with the dog's hot juices as she just kept sucking the dog's hot, spurting cock.

She gripped the enormous, slippery penis behind the swelling knot and guided it all the way into her hotly sucking mouth. Julie knew the beast was enjoying this sloppy blowjob, and she aimed to please the dog like it had never been pleased before. As her wide-spread anus flexed open and closed with her active sucking motion, Julie thought about taking Fred's big penis into her anus. Her wet asshole tingled even more at this filthy thought, and she continued with her expert sucking on the dog's still growing shaft. Julie sucked for another minute, until she was sure Fred's cock had reached its full size.

Unable to control her lust, Julie quickly took her mouth off the dog's dick. Looking at Fred's long, fat cock, Julie noticed he was at least two inches longer than the dildo and bigger around. She knew she would need to oil up her ass again in order to fit him in her, so she reached for the sex oil she had left on the bed. She stuck the end of the tube on her tight sphincter and squeezed out a big dollop of the slippery lube. With two fingers, Julie worked the lube into her horny asshole, relishing the feeling of anal penetration.

After a few seconds, she turned her back to the dog and stuck her tight, oiled ass high in the air and reached between her wide-spread legs to grasp the dog's dripping, throbbing cock just behind the swollen knot. Julie marveled at how big the dog's penis had grown, and her filthy mind raced as she thought about taking the dog's cock in her ass. She began to pull the cock toward her tight anus, and Fred quickly got the idea. He mounted her back and began to thrust his cock, hoping to find a nice, hot hole to fuck. Julie was going to satisfy the dog with the hottest, tightest hole she had.

Julie fitted the slimy penis tip to her tight asshole, took a deep breath, and leaned her ass back on it. Fred's huge penis entered her tight ass slowly, its penetration aided by the dog's own flowing juices and the anal lube in Julie's ass. Julie was glad she had warmed up with the dildo.

"Oh my god, fuck my ass" Julie moaned, as the huge penis penetrated her wanton ass. She had never felt anything this good in her ass before, and loved the feeling as her tight anal walls gripped the dog's wet, thick cock. Relaxing her sphincter, Julie allowed a few more inches of the dog's large fuckstick to delve into her ass. "Fuck me, ohhh, ooohhh, yeees, oh my god!"

The dog climbed up higher on her back and began pistoning his big dick into her sweetly clenching bunghole. His thrusts were long and steady, and Julie began to want more of its cock up her rectum. She began to rotate her hips to help the dog's cock go even deeper into her tight ass. She started to pant as the dog slipped even more of his well-lubed cock up her asshole. Feeling the dog's huge member slowly fucking her ass made her feel like the nastiest slut in the world.

"Oh, yeah, ohhh, oooh, yeah!" she moaned as the dog's cock drilled into her tight, gripping ass. "Do my ass, come on fuck me, shove your dog dick all the way in my ass!"

Fred must have understood, because he gripped Julie more tightly around her waist with his front legs and then really bore down on her grasping ass with his plunging cock. She felt the last few inches of dog cock slide into her ass and knew she had it in to the hilt. Soon she could feel every inch of the dog's massive prick slowly moving in and out of her anus, knowing that her tight sphincter was milking the cock so hard that it couldn't penetrate any faster. Julie imagined that her vise-like ass was giving the dog the nastiest fuck of his life. This thought made he even more horny, so she began to grind her ass back on the dog's thrusting cock.

"Oh, yeah, ooohhh god, fuck my ass. Yeah, you're making me so hot!" Julie groaned. "Yeah, fuck me, make me come, you big nasty dog. Do me, assfucker!"

She could tell the dog was getting even more excited because the dog's knot began to grow even bigger as his thrusts became more wild. Julie could feel the knot battering against her anal ring as the rest of the monster animal cock rammed into her willing ass. She felt the hot dog juices from the cock and lubricating her anal walls as the cock continued to drill her ass. He would be cumming soon, and she couldn't wait to feel his hot come drench her rectum.

"Oh yeah, ohh yeah, fuck me, fuck my hot ass, come on doggie, shoot your load in me" she panted as the heat and pressure in her ass became almost unbearable. In the throws of ecstasy, Julie reached back with her hands and spread her ass cheeks wide to allow the dog maximum access to her wanton ass. This allowed the dog to thrust even faster into her tight, clenching hole. She could feel the dog's cock continuing to grow and knew he would soon fill her up as she had never been filled before. Her tight, aching ass sucked at the dog's cock as it plunged in and out, and she could feel her own tightness draining the pre-cum from the rutting animal.

Julie knew that Fred couldn't last much longer in her tight, gripping ass, so she lowered her head to concentrate on her own intense pleasure. With a steady rhythm, the dog dragged his massive phallus in and out of Julie's beautifully fucked ass. With each withdrawal, the dog would pull all but the head out of Julie's anus, the cock red and dripping with dog pre-cum. Then the dog would smoothly slide the long cock into her milking ass all the way to the knot.

Julie could feel the penis squirting more pre-cum with each stroke, and liked the way it made the dog's big penis even hotter and more slippery. She lowered her chest closer to the ground and stuck her ass even higher to meet the dog's plunging cock. She then spread her knees as wide as possible to allow the dog to get better leverage for assfucking. The dog kept a good grip around Julie's waist, and continued to bury his shaft in her clenching anus as Julie moaned with delight.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my ass, Freddie, ram your cock in my butthole all the way. I love it. Ooohhh, fuck my ass, lover, fuck me hard and then come in me."

She could feel Fred's pre-cum dripping out of her ass and running down her leg, and reveled in the sensation of the huge animal cock thrusting in and out of her anus. She wanted to give this dog the fuck of his life because he was giving her so much pleasure. Julie concentrated on squeezing her anal ring, and she knew the dog could feel it because his thrusts became more rapid and uncontrolled. The dog began thrusting his cock frantically, making sure every inch from head to knot was inside her hot anal cavity.

She wanted Fred to fuck her ass even deeper, to bury his huge member all the way in her grasping anus. She wanted this dog to cum hard in her ass, to fill her up with his seed. She imagined what it must look like from behind to see this big, red dog penis steadily, rhythmically plunging into her upraised, clenching ass, the balls swinging with each thrust. She could visualize the hot, slippery cock continuing to swell, straining to go deeper into her rectum, and stretching her anal ring to the limit. She could feel the tight ring of her anus squeezing the dog cock so tight that it could barely move in and out of her ass because of the intense, delicious friction.

Julie could feel the dog's hot precum flowing into her rectum, was glad of the wetness to aid the dog's nasty violation of her sphincter. She moaned with desire, knowing that the big beast was nearing his climax, was getting ready to pump his big load into her tight, wanton ass.

"You're close, aren't you boy?" she groaned. "You wanna cum in my hot ass, don't you?" Her lust grew as she said these words, barely believing what she was doing with the dog and how nasty it made her feel. "I wanna be your dirty bitch... fuck my ass good doggie!"

Fred continued to piston his long cock into Julie's rear, panting loudly with pleasure. He climbed higher onto Julie's back so that he could thrust more deeply into her upraised anus. Once in position, he began to thrust more frantically into Julie's tight asshole, attempting to insert his knot. Julie tightened her bunghole around his cock to prevent the knot from entering. This made the dog's thrusts even more rapid as he tried to overcome the incredible grip of Julie's beautiful anus.

"Oh god, fuck my ass hard!" Julie moaned in response to the dog's wild ass-fucking. "I'm waiting for your hot cum, lover." She knew the end was quickly approaching because the dog's thrusts were becoming more uncontrolled. She knew she had given the beast a fucking like he had never gotten before. This thought made her even more horny, and she licked her lips with anticipation of the dog's impending orgasm.

Within seconds, she felt the Fred's hot cum blasting into her rectum as he tried vainly to slide his whole cock, knot and all, into her well-fucked ass. She ground her ass back on the animal, her lust-crazed mind not caring if the knot penetrated her ass. With her hands she spread her ass cheeks even wider. This action, in combination with the dog's powerful thrusts, drove the knot into Julie's ass. The copious dog cum aided the penetration, and Julie quickly realized that she and the dog were tied. Her anal opening sealed by the knot, Julie could feel the hot cum filling her rectum and felt the delicious throbbing of the animal's cock deep in her ass.

"Oh you great big fucker, oh yeah, cum in my ass, stick that big doggie dick all the way in me, oh yeah" she moaned as she now tried to get herself off by grinding her hips in small circles and playing with her throbbing clit. She felt the dog's whole cock in her ass now, but felt as if her ass could swallow even more of the pulsing cock. Within seconds, Julie could feel her own orgasm coming on, and her anal muscles squeezed the dog's cock dry of the rest of his hot, sticky load. Spent, the dog stopped thrusting and lay there panting as Julie's bunghole milked the last drops of cum out of his pendulous balls. Julie knew the dog had loved her tight, hot ass, and knew she would be offering it to him again. The dog's shrinking, but still large cock slowly slipped out of Julie's well-fucked rectum. She could feel the sperm gush out of her butthole as if a dam had been opened.

She loved the ass-fucking her dog had just given her, but Julie knew her anal urges were not yet satisfied. Her asshole still tingling with excitement and lust, Julie started to think about the pony owned by her friend Lisa. The pony was fairly small, but had a great big cock, even bigger than Julie's dog. Julie was sure she could get horny Lisa to help her fuck the pony....

Author: Cap'n Crunch

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