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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, horse sex.

    So, you have now heard how I went from not even being able to ride a horse, to considering them to be my ultimate sexual partners; especially the wonderful Milo. (Part I, Part II)

    You have heard how I almost accidentally discovered the delights of these heavenly endowed creatures, before finding my mind adjusted to continuing our secretive unions.

    Well this episode will bring you right up to date with the present. Again I ended up at Anne’s house for a full week to ‘look after’ her home and prize animals. It was just before Christmas, 2007 when the following occurred.

    I arrived at the house in the dark and found myself alone, it was about 6pm. ‘No hurry’ I thought, as I had actually managed to get the entire week off work. Whether this was sensible, perhaps my libido was expecting more than my body could deliver, I would discover over the coming 6 or 7 days.

    On reading Anne’s note, she said she had fed and watered the horses and put them to bed already. She did point out that both of them had been seen by the vet that day and that they had been washed and groomed before his inspection. This could only be a good thing if the boys were clean and in good fettle!

    I had some cereal for tea and after removing my bags from the boot of my car, went up to my guest bedroom. I unpacked my clothes into the wardrobe and then turned to the second bag. Having got right into the swing of things, I had packed 5 extra large bath towels, my vaginal douche and on going into the supermarket had purchased 3 extra large, 300ml tubes of KY jelly. I’m not sure what the young girl on the till made of it, but if only she knew!

    I put the bags onto the floor and after taking my make up off I was ready to get dressed for bed. I got undressed and then stood up to look at myself in the long mirror on the fitted wardrobe. My blonde hair was now cut to a bob. Otherwise my body was still the same, 5’7, 8 stone 8, long legs for my height and a 27 inch waist. My huge, EE cup breasts, were wobbling and jiggling in front of me like two large jellies. I cupped my big boobs as I looked at my balled pussy, looking so innocent and small and yet such an immense attraction to men…. and stallions.

    I slipped into my grey, cotton shorts and pulled my pink, cotton vest over my breasts. Then slipped my dressing gown on and finally stepped into my sports sandals. I went downstairs and started watching television while I had 2 glasses of wine. I think with the wine my resistance only lasted till 9 in the evening, before I just had to go and see them. I had my pile of towels in my arms and the tubes of lube on top of them. I struggled to open the latch on the stable door with my hands full, but finally walked inside and closed it behind me.

    I was greeted with several different things. First, some building work had been done in the stable which created too separate stalls for Milo and Zeus. Second, in the corner outside the stalls was a table with some tack and some shampoo and oils etc. Third, on the table was a dim, low energy bulb in a fitting sending out a dim, soothing light. Finally the radiator was on and I could smell a sweet but warm shampoo smell in the air, both boys had clearly been washed and groomed thoroughly.

    I placed my towels onto the table and put my lube next to them, then heard a soft neighing from behind me. I turned and walked over to both of the horses. They stood looking at me from their separate stalls. I stood next to Zeus’s head and he seemed happy to let me caress and kiss his cheek as I whispered to him.

    “Hello my big sexy boy, are you pleased to see your Bethany. Don’t worry I’ll be with you soon my love”, I soothed. I could smell the shampoo on him and he felt soft and clean.

    I moved to Milo and even in the dim light he looked different. I’m not sure if he’d grown a thicker coat, but it looked to me like he had gained a little weight. When I stood at his head it was clear that he was now 6 inches taller than me, he had definitely grown. He seemed to have a slightly thicker coat all over, even a little goat beard on his chin!

    He watched me as I spoke, “Hello my big stud. How is my favourite male? Are you glad to see Bethany, Milo?” I stroked his chin and cheek, I could hear his heavy breath and then as if answering, I heard a familiar ‘thud’ from under him. I grinned like a Cheshire cat as I opened his stall and went in along side him.

    I stroked down his side as I moved towards his rear before crouching down next to his side. He had definitely matured more, as I could see a thin line of fur along his belly to his privates. His extraordinary testicles, not a word of a lie, looked to hang half way down to his knees in the bag they were in. I have honestly never seen such balls on any other horse and I would say they must get in the way at anything more than a walk. Finally the huge, pink penis had been cleaned and smelt of baby oil and was the final evidence I needed. Milo had definitely grown since the last time I saw him as his huge, 2 foot cock looked massively swollen and covered in angry veins. He looked amazingly powerful and well endowed.

    I instantly felt my lust rising as I became overwhelmed by his huge, sexual equipment. My hands instinctively took hold of the massive phallus and I started to toss his slippery, oiled cock. Within seconds I was fixated by his dick as he bucked his hips with each toss of my slim hands. I gently pulled it to my lips and continued to pull his shaft as I tried to suck onto his end. I felt so horny and in a way linked to him as my pussy got more and more aroused and his tool ever bigger and stiffer. As he throbbed and twitched wildly I sucked harder, the taste of come started to run into my mouth. I was getting completely carried away with sexual excitement as his end, huge, bulbous and 4 or 5 inches across the head; grew so big I could only force my tongue into his hole now.

    The sticky fluid was increasing all the time from the hole on his cock and I should have seen the signs. Instead I was like a crazed woman, tossing him wildly and moaning with pleasure as my huge boobs wobbled uncontrollably in my vest. He bucked his hips heavily as I kept him pushed against my wide open lips, wanking faster and faster until……

    A massive jet of come blasted into my mouth and face. It was like standing under a power shower with your mouth and eyes open and I fell backwards onto my bum with shock. I found myself holding onto his cock with my left hand as I tried to steady myself. He seemed happy to grunt loudly as those huge bollocks emptied jet after jet of thick white come onto my feet, his stomach, front legs and of course the floor.

    He seemed to keep going till what seemed like 10 or more of these immense spunk jets had erupted. Then he simply moved away, as his cock slowly shrank to a ‘mere’ foot long, cum dripping, floppy sausage!

    I gulped the mouthful of the thickest, gooiest, spunk, feeling it line my throat and down into my stomach. I moved out of his stall and picked a towel up, burying my face in it, I tried to stop anymore of his thick white come going in my eyes. I had got the worst of it but realised then that my hair was soaked with come, not to mention my dressing gown and vest front. I pulled them off releasing my sticky boobs and towelled my upper body off, before slicking my hair back almost like it was gelled! I finally had to step out of my sports sandals that were covered in his come before I towelled my feet off.

    I only had my shorts on now so it was lucky the stable was heated. Milo was in his stall standing quietly, his cock not hanging anymore. I was like a woman crazed with lust and decided to switch my attention to Zeus. As soon as I walked into his stall with a tube of lube, I ran my hand down his side and moved to the back of the enclosure. He promptly followed, which I must admit was a little game for me, as both horses were happy to follow me, or at least my body!

    I slipped my shorts off so I was completely naked and then sat onto the edge of a double bail of hay with my legs spread, but on tip toes. Zeus immediately located my pussy with his snout and I groaned and caressed his ear as he breathed and licked at my soaking pussy. I had to be careful how this went as this grey stallion was much bigger than Milo and his huge grey head towered above me when he raised it. It didn’t stop him moving into the back of the stall at an angle, to try to figure out if he could fuck this tiny mare. Sure enough his stomach was about level with my pubic mound and as he got close I lifted one leg onto his side to expose myself.

    In this position I knew I was safe to play with him or myself. I reached between my legs and grasped the biggest cock I have ever seen. He was semi-erect and although his fore skin was black near his body, the business end was pink in colour. I lifted it onto my stomach and he nearly reached to my boobs even at this angle. I am dainty and it was much thicker than my arms. I would say it was close to my ankle in thickness, except for the huge squishy end that was pink and angry with a massive opening in the end.

    I could feel the weight of the massive cock as it lay on my tummy. It was already longer than Milo’s even though it was still not fully aroused. It just seemed to be fat and soft and massive. I gently grasped at him and tossed his thick foreskin with my right hand as I popped the lid on the lube. As I tossed the black foreskin back and forth a foot or more of swollen, floppy pink cock plopped in and out and wobbled around in time with my boobs. I carefully squirted the lube onto Zeus’s giant penis as I continued to toss him off. It squeaked and squelched as I tossed him and the lube went all over his cock and into his foreskin. This was clearly doing so much for both of us as I relaxed my weight onto my leg on his back. I was feeling so sexually aroused it was unbelievable, my pussy was literally tingling and my nipples were as hard as bullets. My skin goose pimpled at the extreme but electric experience. As for him, his cock seemed to respond and throbbed harder, stiffer, bigger. It was now a huge stiff sex missile! I could not believe his size, as I now tossed him wildly with both hands.

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      | Author: Bethany Taylor | Comments: 19 | Print Page | Send to Friends

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    Rating: Rating: Excellent (votes: 660)
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    "He didn’t stop their and just fucked even harder as he tried to get himself off into my hot cunt." Don't you mean "there"? Correct your English, otherwise pretty good. You really ought to try having sex with a large male dog so you can feel his knot in you. That is something!

    Feb 22 2008 11:42
    Fantstic story is there still more toe

    Feb 26 2008 11:57
    Hi Beth, Just finished reading your three stories and they got me very excited and hard! Thank you and please share more with us. Luv Kolt

    Mar 10 2008 13:05
    from one beth to another...your stories are amazing.
    i love horses too! =]

    Mar 11 2008 05:33
    does anyone know someone near LA thats want to fuck a horse and isnt shy?

    Jul 29 2008 05:21
    hi beth my name is Jim from Ohio in the states, wow wow wow I loved your story, it was so damn hot erotic. You know I have gotten close to a mare, she was a sweetie pie I like to tell you more of that please send me a message ok, I like to be your pen pal, hope to hear from you soon.

    Aug 29 2008 02:52
    Wow!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the week. Please write more?

    Feb 2 2009 21:18
    OOOHHH -OoHH-oh-AAhh WOW!!

    Feb 12 2009 22:26
    I gave you an excellent rating as it is a very hot story. However I want to point out a couple of incorrect thing about stallions. their testicals do not hang down like you described, they could not run at a gallop if they did; second a horse's cum, like a dog's, is clear, not white. Thank you for sharing your erotic fantasies.

    Apr 13 2010 04:55
    Very exciting story.

    Jul 31 2010 12:51
    Great story I'm from gia and everyone here looks down on me for my sexual likes and releses message me all 3 stories were great and very sexy keep theming

    Nov 21 2010 12:33
    this is a VG and real sounding story. the best time i have had was watching Women being fucked by Horses

    Jan 10 2011 12:16
    Exciting story 1, 2 & 3. Could not stop reading, went 3times and had a hard on all day!! But, please please read up on horsey anatomy(genitalia, semen etc.) and don't stop, continue writing!! It's TERRIFIC.

    Mar 26 2011 16:31
    Hi Beth we both loved ur story,we are near Leeds and would love to hear from you, our email is also any female contact us.

    Aug 27 2011 22:10
    loved it i only wish it was me it sure turns me on

    Jul 15 2012 15:40
    Hello Beth, Great stories However, i enjoy horse cock blowjobs the most, just love reading about sucking horse cocks cause i enjoy sucking off horses, done it many times. It's so awesome when you can make a horse blow. Hope 2 read more and very soon i will subit my stories.

    Oct 15 2012 16:19
    Wonderful, exiting stories 1, 2 & 3. I really enjoy reading stories about women getting fucked by horses. Keep it up and ill continue to read your adventures

    Jan 5 2013 19:37
    Beth, that was soooo hot, I could visualize the whole thing, it had me breathing hard!!!

    Nov 17 2013 00:15
    I would love to hear someone write about belly riding they are the best.

    Aug 17 2014 15:28
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