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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    This is the 'true story' of a very embarrassing experience that my mom received at the hands or should I say 'paws' of the neighborhood stray last week. I have been wrestling with my conscious as to whether or not to betray my mother, by revealing her humiliation to the world over the Internet. She has always been a good and caring person but the sheer depravity of what I witnessed is just to good to keep to myself.

    I guess the scene was like a dream come true for my young eyes. As I mentioned, my mother is the bastion of decency and proper upbringing. It has been frustrating to mature in her house as she does have an amazing body and some 'accidental' nudity displaying of herself to me would have been appreciated but that was always... out of the question.

    I did have one occasion to check mom out though, when I put a ladder outside her bedroom on a night when I had heard her bed springs squeaking. I knew it would be murder if I was caught but the night was dark and no neighbor lights were on. Unfortunately all the light in my parents bedroom was from a plug in 'nite lite' so I really got little more then eyestrain trying to make out my sexy little mother underneath dad's pumping ass. Still, I always figured that scene would be the dirtiest I ever would get to see my mom, that is until this past Tuesday morning.

    The situation is that there has been a stray dog in the neighborhood getting into the garbage and making a real mess. Garbage pickup is only every Tuesday so mom got her bright idea to wait until the morning of trash day before putting out the garbage. I guess the idea was sound in its logic seeing as the dog would not have had enough time to make a mess, but as I now have witnessed, the execution went horribly wrong for my poor little mother.

    I can only thank god I had been battling the flu that day and was awake when my mother's alarm woke her for her trip out to the ally. Mom was unaware of my being up and I guess she was figuring on a very quick excursion out to the ally and then back to dreamland because her attire was limited to just a robe over her panties.

    As I have already mentioned, I have always been a bit of a pervert in enjoying my mother's hot little body so I started to touch myself with a little fantasy of how mom might get met in the ally by some stud for my entertainment. Maybe the garbage collectors could be two black studs deciding mom was just white trash. I confess I have never been adverse to the idea of mom taking a rape I just had no way of knowing how it would all eventually come true. Anyhow there I was at my bedroom window checking out the walk of my mother out of the back door towards the ally when the first link of the chain of events broke. Actually it was the bag of trash that broke. I could almost imagine my perfect little mother actually cursing, if even to herself, at the fate she was now experiencing. Her sudden sixty second excursion into the backyard was now an ordeal of trying to scoop up the spilled refuge and she was certainly not dressed for modesty.

    It was ironic that mom's bad misfortune was playing itself right into my fantasy. I was almost giggling to see good, clean churchgoing mom down on her knees in the trash while I worked my young cock with images of two very aggressive blacks about to give her the raping of a lifetime. I was so involved with trying to picture a big hard black cock putting mom in her proper place, that I almost missed the entrance of mom's real foil.

    Mom did not sense the dog at first either as he approached her from behind. The truth is I was still mostly picturing my mom in a nice little Oreo sandwich not realizing the more perfect fate in store for the little angel, and it was as much a surprise to me as to my mother when the dog made his move.

    I actually heard mom's yelp of surprise as the dog's inquisitive nose worked up between her legs from behind right up under her robe. Mom spun around on the beast like a banshee. It was amusing that even this mostly innocent little action from the dog had already obviously embarrassed my mother. It was also quickly evident from the stream of uttered obscenities that mom knew exactly who she held accountable for her little predicament.

    I guess in a way it is fortunate the dog had a 'Jones' for my mother or she might have got herself mauled because she actually kicked the beast while cursing him that it was his fault for her having to dirty herself in the trash. I even heard mom tell the beast that she was going to arrange a trip to the pound for him as the sound was carrying beautifully in the crisp morning air.

    Now I do not pretend to represent that the dog could understand mom's little threat, and I have no way of knowing just what the dog had smelled from his sniff of my mother, but for the sake of this story I am going to allow that what happened next was exactly what mom deserved no matter how it humiliated her.

    The dog had backed off when mom kicked it, but still had an eye on her ass as she went back to complete the cleanup. At this point, I was now beginning to hope to see an attack even though such a possibility had never before entered my head. I actually whispered an encouragement out loud almost as a little prayer. I had no real hope of actual intercourse but the mounting alone would be fuel for my fantasies for years to come. I envisioned mom's robe maybe coming open and the dog getting a good hump at the crotch of her panties or something.

    It was like magic as the dog made his fateful move. Poor, little, unsuspecting, stupid mom was jumped before she could even think of reacting. Maybe the little church girl did not even realize it could be possible but in any case the dog gave her a couple of good thrusts before she even began to fight. Of course mom's panties were frustratingly in the way of any real satisfaction for the beast... or me.

    The words out of mom's mouth were the most unchurchlike that I had ever heard from her as she again foolishly threatened the animal. I don't blame him at all for putting the bitch in her place. The dog probably had no malicious intent on humiliation. He was just an animal aroused and mom was a perfectly acceptable little bitch suitable for servicing his doggy desires. I have to giggle even as I write this to refer to my perfect little mother as a bitch but the truth now and forevermore is, and always will be, that she was an actual bitch in the truest sense of the word.

    It looked to be show over as quickly as it had begun with the dog [meeting nothing but panties with his first few thrusts of his bestial prick] dismounting from my mother in seeming defeat. My mother was quick to take advantage of the moment in a quick return to her feet. I admit my own heart took a tumble as I had almost been on the verge of allowing the hope of witnessing an actual breeding from the savage energy of the animals initial assault.

    Maybe the attack would have been done, but mom took one more kick at the dog and that was enough for the beast. The growl was more then for show and translated perfectly to "Your mine, BITCH!" I think mom understood the growl herself as the look on her face was like, "Oh-oh I'm in trouble now". Mom never did scream; almost as if the humiliation of someone witnessing her little love tryst with the filthy animal would have exceeded the actual act itself.

    I get a kick out of the irony that mom's silent submission to the animal abuse did not spare her in the slightest from my own observation of every lurid detail or my subsequent detailing of the shame of it all in the public domain of the Internet. I suppose she may eventually learn of this additional humiliation if she reads my post but somehow I am afraid that little church mom would never be on the hunt for cyber porn, so this betrayal of mine will remain my own private treasure. I guess mom took a humiliation great enough with the actual conquest at the paws of the dog so maybe it is just as well that her tear filled eyes will never see the betrayal of these key strokes.

    Mom was cut off from the house by the big beast as he showed off his formidable teeth with his snarl of a growl. She took a step backwards as if to move toward the garage and the dog matched with a step of his own. Another growl was like telling her "Don't be stupid you little cunt or I will fuck you up good". Mom was speaking herself in a half plea/half trying to sound assertive little voice "Bad Dog. Down. Bad Dog." Still there was no scream from her which I will be eternally grateful for, as I am sure most people alerted to my mom's plight would have immediately interfered and spoiled all of the fun. I admit I would have had to have moved to my mother's aid myself if the dog had chosen to get overly vicious in the rape but fortunately mom's charms were the real goal for the beast and I was able to just watch the show free of guilt.

    The moment hung like an eternity for us all: Mom obviously wishing there could be some way to get past the beast back to the safety of our house just tantalizing yards away, the dog with purpose in its thoughts but the problematic actuality of taking a human bitch needing to be overcome, myself still not fully committed to allowing acceptance of this wonderful dream come true; torn between not wanting to miss what might be over in mere seconds and my desire to get the family video recorder to have a permanent show for eternal enjoyment. It might have been the classical Mexican standoff, but once more mom made what was the worst possible decision allowing the dogs purpose to finally emerge triumphant.

    I guess she thought she was close enough to the garage to make a break, but the horny beast was on her in a flash. Mom went down good and hard with the dog on her waist taking rightful positioning to secure his bitch. Mom hit hard enough on the sidewalk that her forehead came up cut and maybe she was knocked senseless enough to explain how the dog worked her without almost any signs of logical resistance. Mom was slumped on the ground enough to prevent any real penetration even if her fucking panties were still in the way of my true dream. The dog was all over my mom stepping on her as he worked to get her ass up.

    Like I said, I imagine mom was somehow senseless from the dog's tackle and was probably in no shape to consciously summit to the dog's demands even if she could ever willingly allow herself the degradation. In a choice between giving up her cunt or her life, mom may have made me an orphan but there was really no options being presented to her Tuesday morning. The dog was determined to have human cunt and the great decision maker in the sky must have decided proper was proper, because almost in a direct affront to all that is logical the animal broke through my mother's protection.

    I guess the dog knew he had to make mom put her ass up and I assume he was now at least partially in awareness that there was those fucking panties to be dealt with before access to the yum yums would be his. As the beast jumped all over my mom, her robe was the first thing to break loose. The sun was only just now beginning to crack, but with the full moon also still in play this was my best look ever at mom's bare breasts. My cock could not have responded any harder and again I whispered out loud a little prayed for the good lord to make this scene end up with total, full penetration, slimy-dog-cock-in-tight-mommy-cunt rape.

    The dog could not have cared less that mom's loose robe was showing her bouncy little tits but the success in loosing it seamed to give him additional idea of how to finish preparing her for breeding. The dog actually bit down on the robe and started to rip like a little tug-of-war. It would have been nice to see mom totally naked if the robe had been pulled off but the tears still got her nice and interesting from my prospective. The dog jumped and moved grabbing mom's robe again and again.

    Mom was now audibly sobbing in her terror but inexplicably there was still no scream for assistance. The robe was in tatters and little trickles of blood were evident of the dogs claws on mom's hot little body as he worked her. Still her panties were not dealt with yet and despite the beast's success with the robe I could not imagine how this final frustrating obstacle would be overcome.

    The dog had tried a couple of times to remount my mother but she was too low lying on the ground. I guess his shredding her robe had been his attempt to force her ass up. The robe was hanging by threads now and she was not even budging at his attacks on it. For an unthinking animal the beasts next action was inspired brilliance.

    Maybe it was by accident with an attempt at her robe simply missing its mark, but the dog's bite secured a mouthful of mom's hair instead. As the dog went to tear... mom obviously got herself jerked, but good. I guess dogs do learn because his next attack was no accident ... again biting a good hold of mom's hair. She was finally nothing more then his rag doll as the dog jerked her a good two feet before loosing her grip. It was the first time mom screamed I just thank god no one heard. It was like watching a good erotic horror movie to see the dog bite mom's hair.

    With the dogs third bite of mom's hair she was his. The dog had her good. Mom was like nothing as the dog pulled her back off the sidewalk and a good ten feet towards the garden all the while jerking her head back and forth. I had my first orgasm. Mom was actually keeping her screams down as final proof that she just could not allow herself to get discovered at the mercy of a lowly beast. Keep quiet then you bitch I thought. I am certainly not going to save your ass.

    Mom and the dog were in final endgame and everyone knew it. When the dog released my mother, I saw him give her another growl. The message was unmistakable. "You see bitch. I have you now fair and square. I will fucking drag your ass until I rip out that beautiful hair or snap that pretty little neck but one way or another your mine bitch". I guess mom was not as stupid as I always thought because she submitted up to hands and knees in an obvious hope that it would be enough.

    The body language broke through the communication barrier between dog and human. Mom had been bullied and terrified into compliance and was now ready for use. I almost expected an immediate attack on her cunt but the dog took one last pause for some bullshit foreplay. I guess that is what his lick to mom's mouth amounted to like a kiss to tell her "Sorry bitch but if you had not been in heat maybe I would not have had to do you".

    The dog moved around on my mother still keeping alert for any last hint of betrayal from the bitch. Then it was up-up and away. The dog was now visible in his excitement. It was very red and looked deliciously slimy. I wished the dog was into oral. The site of mom's angelic little face soaked in a doggy load could have been beautiful. Alas the lot of the voyeur is to take pot luck and make do with what is.

    Mom's panties were still the final problem before breeding could commence. Surely the cunt was not going to be that foolish? Had not mom learned her place yet? The dog was about to thrust regardless of the obstacle when mom allayed my fears and made her last submission reaching back with trembling hand to tug off her only final chance of escape. Obviously, Mom had been conquered in her submission for fear of further aggression and the violation of the penetration was almost as anticlimax to the ultimate submission of human to beast..

    It was at this point I finally got the video recorder. With the poor light and conditions the movie was not perfect but how many kids have a private video of their own mother's actual rape? I guess the nuts and bolts of the fuck are actually kind of humdrum. I mean everyone has heard stories of the dog getting hung up in its bitch and that must have happened because after an initial shit pounding the dog gave her, there was only infrequent little humps as the beast mated my mother. I do not even know if mom gave up her cunt or her ass but I hope it was her pussy that took the dog's load because puppies would be amazing. From the time I started taping it took a little over twenty minutes before the dog was satisfied. I had began to get up a new fantasy of the trash truck being there in time to catch mom for some new degradation for her but no suck luck occurred. I guess it is possible a neighbor caught the show but I doubt that happened either.

    Mom had stopped crying about eight minutes into her rape and had been quiet like in defeat as the dog had humped his slimy dog cock in and out of her tight hole. I had only caught sight of her face in glances as she had mostly kept her head hung in shame. Mom never did start to moan or actually hump back like a secret slut might have; which would have been good in and of itself from my point of view.

    I had come a second time during mom's rape but did not get it back up for a third go. I think my real enjoyment had been at mom's humiliation more then the sex itself. I guess I hoped to see her destroyed by the experience but the past few days were like nothing happened. Still I wonder what confession will be like for her at church.

    I saw the dog yesterday and gave him a good pet... I told him I would love to sneak him in the house and let him do mom again... I even told him I would leave the door open when I went off to school today...

    I am pretty much out of things to say... It was so cool to write this 'true' story. I think it will give me ideas what I should do next... Maybe I can use the video to blackmail mom to be the dog's permanent bitch or maybe I can really black male her [spelling intended] so I could even make her give herself to a black kid I know which is still my ultimate fantasy.

    Despite it all I love my mom and can not give up her love for me even for the perversion of converting her into a slave. Maybe I write all this in a hope some third party will realize my true identity and take it upon him or herself to take everything to its next delicious conclusion.

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    I've read other storys of yours well you can guess what it dose to a male, great story loveit wish i was there geo

    Jun 18 2006 20:35
    i would love to hear more about your mom is you had the nerve to let the dog do her finally if so put it on so i can read it and if you have video of it even better send me a copy i would love it

    Apr 4 2007 02:39
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