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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest.

    A few months ago I got into some serious trouble with the law. I had just graduated from high school and got busted with dope at a party. My mother was furious with me and sent me to live with her spinster older sister until things cooled down. I had not seen aunt Doris in a few years and was not looking forward to spending my summer with her fat ass. Hell, man, she lived in the country on a secluded farm where she raised AKA registered Great Danes. My mother said I would help her with the kennels. I did not want to go but I had no choice, the police were starting to follow me around.

    My mother drove me to aunt Doris's house. She lectured me all the way.

    "You will behave yourself, you understand? Doris is doing this as a favor to me. You also keep in mind that she is not use to having anybody living with her, so you respect her privacy."

    "Yes mother," I replied.

    When we finally got to the farm, fat old aunt Doris met us in the front yard. She was wearing a tent-like house dress that was tight on her big body. Aunt Doris and my mother are as different as night a day. My mother, at 42, is tall and slim with short brown hair. Aunt Doris, who is 44, is also tall but had a full figure that leaned toward fat. She had flame red hair that was straight and reached the middle of her back. She had a cute cherubic face and smiling eyes. Her best features were her huge watermelon breast and wide plump ass. She greeted me with a bear hug. My face sank into those massive tits. I realized that she was not wearing a bra and my dick got hard.

    "I'm glad you are here Jake, we are going to have some fun," she said. I hoped she didn't feel my hard on.

    When my mother finally left, aunt Doris showed me to my room. I watched her big butt wiggle as she walked up the steps. I noticed that her legs were perfectly shaped. When she turned to talk to me her enormous tits jiggled and rolled on her chest. She saw the bulge in my jeans.

    "Oh... my... my..uh here is your room," she said, never taking her eyes off my crotch. "Why don't you rest for awhile. I've... um... uh... got to feed the dogs. I'll wake you in about and hour... um... ok?"

    "Yes that will be fine aunt Doris."

    I watched her hurry out the room and pull the door shut. I thought about jacking off my hard dick but quickly changed my mind. It embarrassed me to think that my hard-on made fat old aunt Doris nervous. She was kinda sexy I admitted to myself. I would fuck her if I had the chance. I wondered what her pussy looks like, I thought. I rubbed my hard dick through my jeans. Fuck it. I was going to jack off now, the thought of fucking aunt Doris and losing myself in those massive tits had pre-cum leaking in my underwear.

    Before I could get my dick out I heard the back door slam shut. And there was aunt Doris walking fast toward the kennels, her ass wiggled like Jell-O and her breasts bounced inside the dress. I thought about her being naked for five minutes then decided I wanted to be close to her, maybe get my face in her tits again, so I zipped up my pants and headed for the kennels.

    When I got there I heard aunt Doris talking softly. "That's momma's baby... oh... yes."

    I peaked through a window and got the surprised of my 18 year-old life. She was lying on a bench, naked, on ass rested on the very end. Her feet were flat on the floor and one of the Danes was licking her pussy between her wide spread thighs. I was stunned. I also noticed that fat old aunt Doris was not really fat but plump and perfectly shaped. My dick became rock hard. She had one hand on the dog's head and the other held her wet cunt open. I could not take my eyes off her pussy. The hair was thick and deep dark red in color. It covered her mound from thigh to thigh. Her clit barely peeked through the tangle of hair. She humped her mound up and down in a slow jerking motion.

    "Lick momma's clit baby... oh... lick it good... like that... oh yeeeesss. Momma's gonna let you fuck her after she cum.... oh yes she is... oh... oh... make me cum baby... make momma cum for her baby."

    Her ass was bouncing and grinding on the bench faster and she moaned louder. The dogs tongue was stabbing at her clit and juicy pussy lips. Her huge tits rolled back and forth and her nipples looked ready to burst they were so hard. I reached in my pants and pulled out my dick and started to jack off.

    "Lick my pussy... baby... lick it good for me... oh... oh... gonna cum... momma's gonna cum... uh... uh... OH GOD HERE IT COMES... YEEEESSS... FUCK!" Aunt Doris came really hard, her hips jerking violently.

    After her orgasm subsided and her beautiful ass was motionless, she looked at the window and saw me peeping in.

    She smiled, "Don't jerk your peter Jake, come on in and join us," she said to the window. I was a little dazed as I walk into the room with my loaded hard dick sticking out in front of me.

    "Oh that's a nice peter," she said and reached for it, after she setup.

    "Be careful, its ready to shoot off," I told her.

    "I know. I can tell."

    She kissed the head then sucked it to the back of her throat. God did it feel good. She pulled it out of her velvety mouth.

    "Hold off for a minute Jake, I promised Duke here some pussy," she said. She reached down and jerked the dogs dick a few times. "Let me get into position then you can put it back in my mouth, ok?"

    "OK," I replied, wanting desperately to cum.

    She got off the beach and onto all fours in front of me. The Dane jumped up on her back, put his paws around her waist and started fucking her broad ass. I could see the big dog dick finally disappear between the hairy lips of her pussy. She groaned, "Oh he's in me now... in my pussy... um... um..."

    The dog gripped her tight and drove his dick to the halt. "Oh yes... baby... fuck momma good... give it to me." The dog continued to fuck her. I saw his knot. Soon that was also inside aunt Doris's wet fuck chute. "That's it baby, gave momma you doggy cum, give it to me." The dog stopped humping and rested on aunt Doris's back and shoulders.

    "He's cumming in my pussy now Jake, we'll be stuck together for about 15 to 20 minutes so take off your cloths and come lay down here," she said, patting the floor under her. I did as I was told. "Now I'll suck you peter."

    While the dog was on her back cumming in her pussy she reached for my loaded dick and put it into her warm mouth. The feeling was incredible. She sucked up and down 3 or 4 times and I cut loose. Splat after splat filled her throat. She moaned. When my dick was finally spent she removed her mouth. She had swallowed all of my fuck juice. I watched as she reached between her legs with one hand and fingered her clit.

    "Oh my... so good... soooo good," she whispered. She started rocking her hips back and forth, the dog still on her back with his big dick buried deep in her pussy. I could see dog cum leaking out of her stuffed fuck hole and running down her thighs. "I'm gonna cum again Jake, oh so good, so fucking good. Um... oh... fuck me baby... can you see him fucking me Jake, he's gonna make me cum again. Oh... I'm cumming... .OH MY GOD IIIIIEEEEAAAAA!"

    Her body rocked as the orgasm took hold of her. The dog maintained his grip around her waist, and growled.

    Aunt Doris rested her head and shoulders on the floor, her ass remained in the air with Duke still resting on her back and his thick dog dick still deep in her hungry pussy. She closed her eyes and had a dream-like smile on her face. "God I love fucking these dogs, and now I have you to fuck me anytime you want," she whispered to me. At that moment I thought her the most beautiful women in the world. I could not wait to replace Duke's fuck stick with my own. I wanted to fuck my aunt Doris more than anything in this life. I waited, my dick hard as ever.

    Finally after what seemed like and hour but was really only a few minutes, Duke pulled out of aunt Doris's pussy. Doggie cum poured out of her in a flood.

    "Oh yes," she said, after he was completely out.

    Aunt Doris rolled onto her back on the floor and spread her big pretty legs, her huge tits shaking like Jell-O.

    "You want some pussy now, Jake? Come on and fuck aunt Doris, give me that nice hard peter."

    I wasted no time. I crawled between her perfect thighs. She reached for my dick and put it between her hairy pussy lips. I pushed in to the halt as she humped up to meet me.

    "Oh baby... that's it. Fuck me good Jake."

    We fucked each other, slow at first, then faster. She raised her knees, and held me tight to her magnificent breasts. She met me stroke for stroke. Her pussy was sloppy wet but sucked at me like a vacuum cleaner. She moaned and called my name and finally screamed as we came together. It was the best fuck I had ever had.

    We stayed in that position for 10 minutes. Me on top of her with my semi-hard dick inside her delicious fuck box. Every few minutes she would grind her mound into my groin.

    "We are going to have some fun this summer, Jake. You and me and the dogs," said my beautiful aunt Doris, as she humped up at me.

    "Yes I know aunt Doris," I said as I kissed her sweet mouth.

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    i would love to be jake,i would suck every drop of cum out of her.I wish i had an aunt like that.......

    Jun 3 2007 08:35
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