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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Susie was a 28 year old woman naturally endowed with an excellent figure & a truly pretty face and exquisitely pouty mouth. Any man who saw her was immediately drawn to those beautiful lips and those deep blue eyes that held one in rapt attention. There was only one problem - Susie was chronically lonely. As attractive as she was, she had a hard time finding a good and faithful man. So many of her boyfriends were abusive to her and cheat on her. Susie was so frustrated!

    One good thing about her life was her precious dog, Butch. She loved him dearly and he her. He was a very affectionate beast in that he loved to lick her face, her hands, her feet - anywhere she'd let him. And Susie loved to hug and pet Butch a lot. Sometimes Susie felt that Butch was jealous of her various past boyfriends. They'd come over to her upper flat and fool around and make out with her oftentimes in the living room in front of Butch. Most guys didn't like the pet's presence - but tolerated it because Susie didn't have the heart to put him in another room. And at the same time, she sometimes noticed that Butch looked sad while she was having these amorous encounters.

    Susie liked to kiss a lot - it was high on her list of priorities. But most guys weren't good kissers and they usually wanted very little foreplay. Just fucking and oral sex was foremost on their impatient minds! The pretty young lady also noticed how Butch looked not only sad but puzzled at the sexual activity going on in the room. She wondered if he understood what all the mouth-to-mouth kissing and tongue-to-tongue contact was all about.

    On one particular day, when Susie was without a current boyfriend, she was walking Butch and thinking about her woes with men. "Why are they all so yucky?" she asked herself. "Why can't they be caring and loving like Butch is to me?" Susie had so much feeling for Butch that she never had him neutered, she just couldn't bear to take that away from him. She waxed: "what if we did that to people - how would that feel?" she murmured in horror.

    While in her reverie, she heard a sudden sound. It was a rough sounding voice and she turned to see a man confronting her from behind with what seemed like a weapon. She wasn't sure - it was dark. "My God, it's a knife! - what can I do?" At this, Butch jumped up and lunged at the man. To Susie's horror, the bastard stabbed Butch. But Butch held his ground and took another hit. This time, the would be assailant took off screaming and crying. Butch ripped him up good with his razor sharp teeth. Probably had a lot of good practice with all those tasty chewy rawhide treats that Susie was always buying him. Susie cried: "Oh, Butch, I've got to save you - we've got to get you the vet right now!" Although he was fairly heavy, Susie picked Butch up and carried him home to her car about 2 blocks away. She raced to the vet after first calling him at home. They just barely saved Butch - he was bleeding so much. It cost a lot of money for the surgery, but the good-hearted vet gave Susie a break. He loved animals, too, and he was horrified at what could have happened to her and he was, at the same time, deeply impressed with Butch's bravery and selflessness. "If only people were that loyal and courageous, what a great world this would be," he mused.

    Relieved, happy, and sad all at the same time, Susie left Butch at the animal hospital to recover for a few days. The vet cautiously advised her that the chances for survival were very iffy. Susie cried that night and prayed to God for Butch to recover. Susie exclaimed: "I'll do anything, Jesus, just give me my Butch back. And I'll make it up to him; I'll give Butch the best life any dog on this planet ever had. He'll be the master of the house as far as I'm concerned. Whatever he wants, he'll get, even if it's gourmet food that costs $10 a pound" (even though she couldn't afford it, she still made the promise). Susie didn't realize at the time what the consequences of her divine pledges would be.

    Finally, Butch was released from the Vet's care and returned home. Susie hugged him as much as she could and she brought no boyfriends over. She remembered how sad he'd look when they were there. Susie was so happy as he became stronger and stronger. She felt so content - here was the best friend and protector a girl could ever have!

    One day when Susie just returned from work, Butch seemed perkier than usual. His appetite was excellent and he polished off all the food in the dish she left for him in the early morning. He usually didn't do that since the stabbing incident. And Susie had a crazy thought - Butch always seemed to want to eat with her at the table. But she never let him, and he really let her know in no uncertain terms that he wanted people food, too. So this night, Susie prepared a nice supper with a sweet tasting, tender steak she knew he'd probably relish. She thought it was goofy while she did it, but she put a plate for him and a plate for her on the table. Susie had to coax him at first to sit on the wide chair at the table because he didn't understand at first the liberty she had suddenly decided to give him. Then the moment came, Butch was at the dinner table with Susie - they were almost equals now. Butch had a look of love in his eyes, Susie felt. It's as if he knew what he was being given. A lowly dog sharing table with his master.

    This was the ritual that Susie often performed with her boyfriends. They'd have dinner by candlelight and afterward recline on the sofa where they'd start necking and petting for hours before doing the hard core stuff of fucking and sucking. Susie again had an inspiration, she lit the candles for her and Butch. She thought it'd make him feel real special AND it did!!! She could tell by virtue of that non-verbal communication pets and owners often share.

    After the meal, Butch followed Susie into the living room where she first put on the TV. It seemed like there was nothing on, so she turned off the boob tube and turned on her favorite radio station. Its programming consisted mostly of soft, easy listening music, with a heavy emphasis on instrumental versions of popular love songs. Susie laid down and luxuriated in the feeling of warmth between she and Butch as he lay alongside her. She held him contentedly. Butch licked at her as usual and she turned her face away as usual. It seemed he always wanted to lick her lips and she recoiled from it. At that moment, the phone rang. A voice uttered angrily: "You Bitch!" Susie knew who it was immediately - it was her would-be assailant. She had received some hang-up phone calls before - he was mad after what happened to him when his evil plans so miserably failed at the bite of Butch's sharp lunging teeth. Susie hung up and called the police detective with whom she'd been in contact. The cop promised her: "we know where he is and we'll get him and lock him away for good!" Later he called her back to say that this was indeed the case - he'd been harassing other women, too.

    Susie felt relieved. "Thank God," she said and cried. Butch reflexively licked her face again. And as Susie was about to turn away, she suddenly realized. "Oh, Buth, why am I turning away from you? Oh no, how that must hurt your feelings ... and you saved my life!" Susie thought about this and decided: "if Butch wants to kiss me, he should be able to. He's not dirty. He a million times superior to that jerk who called me a "bitch." But yeah, that guy was right in one way - I am a bitch, I'm Butch's bitch."

    In her next breath, Susie cupped Butch's face in her hands and they made eye-to-eye contact. She still hadn't had a single, solitary thought of what this action would lead to. "Go ahead, Butch, kiss me. You're the only real man in my life!" Uncannily, the dog seemed to sense his opportunity. Instead of slobbering her lips with his tongue, he moved forward and pressed his black canine lips to Susie's full and soft lipsticked human ones. As Susie was bracing for the contact, she had had her eyes closed. She wasn't expecting this. She thought she'd have to endure it for his sake, but Butch seemed thoughtful and sensitive. He wasn't trying to drown her in his spit. Susie instinctively pulled away. "God, I'm sorry again, Butch, - geez what's the matter with me?" She closed her eyes again and Butch's lips returned to hers. He held the kiss and Susie didn't try to part their joined mouths this time. She thought Butch would now be satisfied. After the kiss broke - it was short - Butch stared into Susie's pretty blue eyes. It was as if he were asking her: "can we do more of that?" Susie understood - it was the nonverbal thing again.

    Butch kissed Susie again. As he was about to re-press his lips to hers for a fourth smooching encounter, Susie stopped. "What was happening here? she puzzled. She didn't know what to do or how to proceed. Butch clearly and unequivocally wanted to neck with her!! Now the impact of the whole situation hit her like a bolt of lightning. Butch had learned all of this from watching her with her many past lovers. And it was his turn now. This was taboo - a dog and a woman in romantic love - a dog and a woman making out - a dog and a woman becoming one (knowing each other - per the Bible) - a dog and a woman in bed together! And as Susie agonized over the matter - she heard a voice in her head say: "Remember your promise! You'd do anything for Butch." It was true, Susie conceded. "Yes, I will, Lord, I am Butch's lover and I will be his wife and bride if thou so willst." The voice seemed to say: "You are truly a blessed daugther of mine! Now give yourself to him completely - I now pronounce you Dog and Wife!!"

    Susie looked back at Butch and murmured softly, "Oh, Butch, my darling, my one true love - kiss me again and again and never ever stop!" Butch's lips met Susie's in a passionate fusion as they twisted and ground together. His somewhat ugly face (like a bulldog's) and her sexy/pretty one fused like potter's clay that melted and hardened together. Love songs played from her stereo while they kissed for several hours, after which Butch gently let his tongue softly glaze her lips. At this, Susie opened her mouth as wide as she could possibly could. Butch then tilted his head at a 45 degree angle to hers, while opening his jaws and placing them around her face firmly yet gently. Now their tongues were swimming in each other's saliva and the insides of their mouths were in almost direct contact. His breath and hers mixed and they deeply inhaled each other's oxygen. Butch's tongue began to explore the entire inside of her mouth and the deepest recesses of her throat. It seemed that he was trying to move his tongue down into her esophagus (food tube). Susie felt his sharp fangs against her feminine pearly whites (she prided herself on daily dental care). And Susie thought: "these are the fangs that saved my life." And now they're getting acquainted with my dental apparatus. So the pretty girl's teeth and the canine's touched and rubbed gently together. The fact is that Susie and Butch looked exactly like two beings completely and totally in love with each other. Their necking was frantic and furious as they changed positions from side to side just like lovesick teenagers at a drive-in movie. And what an incredible sight it was - to see Susie's beautiful face and lips passionately sealed to the lips, mouth and face of this rather-ugly looking dog.

    As considerate as Butch was, he couldn't stop his copious flow of saliva, and consequently Susie was swallowing enormous amounts of it. He also greedily gulped hers down. In fact, Butch would have greedily drank her piss instead of water on a daily basis if he could. At a future time, this eventuality did occur and Susie drank Butch's pee as well. They also got into a habit of peeing together, stream against stream into a pan. Susie was amazed at the sight and thought of their urine mixing together. And she'd usually let it sit a while before spilling it out into the toilet. They even got into some shit play, but Susie was afraid of the two becoming sick from it as he had gotten sometimes when he ingested strange substances in their back yard. In an effort to become more dog-like for Butch and thus become closer as a lover, Susie took to shitting on a newspaper in the basement just like he did. She really couldn't train him to shit on the toilet like she did because it was a physical impossibility for him. Butch was protective of their mutual shitting area and usually held his bowel movement until she came home so that they could shit together simultaneously. They'd line up back to back and ass crack to ass crack so that their shit would slide out together and join in a coiling-like formation on the floor. Susie would regularly squish and mix their turds together as a token of their bond. Shit and scents are very territorial for a dog and this, she sensed, was very satisfying for him. It was a fascinating vision - the sight of their turds joined together in long interwined ropes and loops.

    However, for the moment, the two lovers drank of each other in a blissful partaking of each other's body parts. Butch licked and kissed Susie's entire body - there wasn't a spot he ever missed. And Susie did the same, overcoming her inhibitions in the process and discovering what it means to give and receive "an around the world" love experience.

    As another romantic melody played, they at last consummated their love in the act of full and complete sexual intercourse (she never knew it could last so long). Mutual oral sex came later and Susie had so much to learn about sucking a dog's cock and in swallowing all of his cum on a daily basis. Butch always gave fair turnabout and made love to her pussy, her breasts and her asshole as often as time would allow.

    Susie had heeded the inner voice that said they were to become one as dog husband and human wife. And Sue fufilled her promise - she was Butch's bitch and he her stud. As they fell asleep their mouths came together and there they remained for as long as the moon would shine. Sweet dreams and an all-night kiss - Susie cooed and Butch whimpered - into each other's lungs, and finally fell asleep. And they lived and loved and lusted after each other happily ever after...

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    Well, did Butch ever fuck Susie and did they get hung up tied?

    Jan 23 2008 12:18
    I loved this story, dog kissing girl, sexy & hot, wow!

    Sep 11 2010 16:44
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