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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Lisa was recently divorced, and at the age of twenty-five, it was all she could do to keep the farm she was left with in working order. There were so many chores to do, feeding and watering the livestock, managing the bills, almost more than she could take care of, but she was determined at things were coming together.

    The morning had started out like any other. After breakfast she had went out to the barn, fed the cows and chickens, and was tending to the horses. She had been brushing them all down, and was getting ready to turn them back into the pasture when she got the urge to pee. Since she was the only one on the farm, she frequently went to the nearest corner to relieve herself, and today was no different. Lisa was just finishing peeing and was still in the bent over position rising up when all the sudden, she was knocked forward on the bales of hay. One of the small horses had wonder over and mistaking her bent over ass for a mare, the horse started trying to mount her. His hardening pole of a dick was waving around beneath him, slapping Lisa's pussy lips, trying to find the entrance. The wettness from her urine provided little lubrication, but it was enough for the massive head of the horse to find the opening of her sex, and he thrust forward, driving the first few inches of his cock into her. Lisa was screaming, what little she could with the breath that wasn't knocked out of her. The horse lunged again, send himself further into her violated pussy. It was more than Lisa had ever been use to, and since she hadn't had sex in months, she surely was use to anything, especially this size, inside her. She was crying now, her pussy straining to accomidate the invading horse cock. He lunged again, sending more of his throbbing member into her. Since it was one of the younger horses, he didn't last long and he started shooting streams of horse cum into Lisa vagina. Again and again the juices shot forth, fillinf Lisa's pussy to its limits, and the fluid started leaking around the massive cock, past her labia, and down her thighs, where it dripped to the ground and began to puddle.

    The young horses dick slowly withdrew and swung free with a loud "Plop". The fluids gushed freely out of Lisa's abused pussy. Several of the other horses had heard the commotion, and had gathered round. One of them came up behind Lisa, sniffing of the sexual aroma coming from between her legs. He was already hard from watching the ordeal, and he soon mounted Lisa before she could regain ger senses. She tried feebly to move, but was only knocked forward again by the force of the horses cock ad he thrust forward, the cum from the previous horse easing the way inside. He was bigger than the first horse, and Lisa's pussy stretched tight around him. He thrust again, almost splitting her apart. Aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee, Lisa cried out , her eyes, filled with tears. He thrusted again, about 11" was inside her now, and though it was abused and strainning terribley to accomidate the monster cock, her vaginal walls were young and strong, and gripping it forcefully, refusing to split open. The horse continued, in and out, trying to gain further entry. But Lisa's vaginal walls were being strained enough, and would allow him no more.

    Even with all the pain she was enduring, Lisa began to feel the beginning of an orgasm. Her body had adjusted to the size of the invading member, and was now responding to the other sensations it was recieving. Each time time horse drove in and out, the entire lenght of his shaft would graze Lisa's clit, sending powerful waves of extacy through her. She was now able to concentrate on these feeling, and after just and few more hard thrusts from the horse, exploded in her own orgasm. Lisa cried out, yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee, and evn bucked back to meet the horse, thrust for thrust, as her orgasm consumed her. Feeling her cunt muscles tightening around him with such force, the horse let go, spewwing his own seed inside her. He lunged again, his sperm flooding Lisa's cunt, sqeezing past his cock, and shooting out of her vagina, running in rivers down her legs, where it puddled with the previous horses' cum.

    The horse finally pulled free, juices flood frim Lisa's pussy. She was getting into the feeling of being satisfied sexually again, even if it wasby her horses, and was only to happy to see the last of her male horses making his way towards her. He was the biggest and oldest of the bunch, and his powerful cock hung proudly beneath him. He wasn't as long as the others, but it was his girth that she wanted. She wad already been stretched by the other two horses, and this one was even bigger. But the orgasm she last experienced had broke her, she wanted, needed, this huge horse cock inside her. She has to prove to herself she could be more than satisfied.

    The immense animal straddled her. She rose up on all fours, weakly. She presented herself to him for the fucking of a lifetime. The horse eased his way forward, until his cockhead found its goal. He thrust forward, knocking Lisa unto the bales of hay. She gasped, It was more than she hap expected. The horse bucked forward again, driving himself further into her. She clenched her teeth and her face contorted, fighting the pain her vaginal walls was feeling. Her breath was extremely hard and fast. She had to adjust and do it fast. The horse lunged again, and Lisa was full, she had accepted all his girth.

    He began to set up a rythym, back and forth, in and out. Lisa soon adjusted to the rythym, and began to push back herself, proud the she had accomplished the task. when the rythym got going good, she even reached back and massaged her clit , rubbing for all she was worth. Then it happened, the horse above her snortted, and she fell forward, his cock swelled bigger than before, and he shot a powerful stream of semen into her. The last thrust had done it, she had accepted it all up to that point, but when he swelled to cum, he streched her past her capcity and tore her abused pussy slit. Lisa cried out to the top of her lungs in agony, but the horse let loose with another stream of semen, up into her broken vagina. The horse cum was stinging now, as it entered the fresh tare in her flesh. Her body was limp, unable to move from the strength of her orgasms. She could do nothing more than to lie there and let the horse finish coming inside her.

    When the horse was finished, and pulled out and walked away. Lisa lie there, a motionless, sobbing, broken creature. When she began to move, she first looked around. She noticed the large pool of cum she was laying in. It was mixed with her blood from her last fucking. She was extremely sore now, her streched vagina aching from the punishment they had suffered. Blood was still dripping slowly from her cunt. She couldn't stand, so she slowly crawled, pulling her way back to her house.

    Once inside the house, she made oit to the bathroom, drew some warm water, and let the warm bath bring her battered body back to life. She examined herself slowly, and found that her wounds were only minor. As she lay there in the bath, recovering, she began to think about her experience. she relived every detail, and she bagan to masterbate. This was her first encounter with the horses, but no, it would definitely not be the last...

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    very good, will be waiting for the next chapter thank you

    Oct 13 2006 15:51
    Very good story, thanks

    Dec 26 2006 23:44
    awsome :D My first horse rape story LOL

    Mar 18 2007 21:42
    Story was okay but the grammer (misspelled words), puncuation took away any real interest I had. Another sad aspect it was written from a male's viewpoint and not a woman's, which I know would have been much better. Honestly, any woman being knocked over by any horse isn't going to feel automatic insertion for Christ sakes, and if you had wriiten this with some thought, there in the beginning she had had ample time to get up and get away. My advice is to read more and study.

    Aug 27 2007 15:44
    what a grt story, would love to read more

    Apr 28 2010 23:51
    any one in VIC australia?

    Apr 30 2010 13:33
    loved it, i would love to meet people in the u.k who are into zoophilia can anybody help

    Sep 18 2010 04:37

    Feb 28 2011 02:52
    Great story...anybody know how to get out of this addiction...its great though

    Aug 22 2011 05:31
    Thanks that was good

    Mar 28 2012 21:34
    I liked the concept, but very poorly written.

    Jul 13 2012 16:27
    I doubt that it happened....It's just a story...A better story would have been if she had given oral sex to the horse and got her face blasted with gallons of horse cum !

    Apr 10 2013 10:42
    I have only been with dogs but would love to try a horse

    May 31 2013 16:13
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