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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, oral, anal.

    Shiloh watched the rain pour down outside her house in the woods making the day dreary and boring. She was getting used to this feeling since her husband was always away doing his truck route across country. The only companion she had was Max her German Shepherd that her husband bought her for protection. Their nearest neighbors were several miles down the road. So Shiloh would spend her days exercising and running with Max to keep in shape.

    Thank god they had satellite television otherwise she would have gone crazy. Her husband was gone sometimes upwards of two weeks at a time and this was usually a tough time for her. She loved him and they were good in bed together. So when he was gone her sexual needs were wanting. many times she would masturbate and have strong orgasms. But it wasn't the same as when her husbands cock fucked her deep and hard.

    She often would look at her body in the bedrooms full length mirror after a shower and admire her tight slim body. She had deep reddish hair that flowed down beyond her shoulders. Her breasts were pendulous and perky with large areolas and thick long nipples that her husband loved to suck on. Her hands moved down over her flat tummy appreciating the hard work she did in her exercises to get it that way.

    Finally she opened her legs a bit looking at her pussy. It was shaved clean the way her husband liked it. Her vaginal lips protruded as did her swollen clit from its hiding place. She turned to look at her ass and smiled. It was what won her husband over. Her ass was tight and round and when she bent over it spread open to reveal all her womanly assets. She looked incredible in a pair of low cut tight jeans.

    She heard a barking outside and knew that Max wanted to come in the house. Throwing on a robe she went down and into the kitchen and stopped. Max didn't want to come in at all. Max had company. The neighbors female Rottie. She was obviously in heat and Max was taking advantage of the occasion. Shiloh almost opened the glass French-doors to call him in but hesitated knowing what Max had in mind and out of curiosity waiting to see what he would do. She didn't have long to wait. Max sniffed the female's rear and licked out covering it fully making the female stop in her tracks.

    Shiloh was excited watching this display of animal passion and realized how voyeuristic she was. The robe she had on was rubbing her nipples and making them hard. The erotic feeling was quickly sent to her pussy which was now getting quite wet. She looked and saw Max's bright red cock begin to show from it's sheath as he started to climb on the back of the female bitch. She was shocked to see how large it was. As it grew she saw the large knot behind the huge cock and then Max's balls dangling.

    Max wasted no time as he began to pump furiously against the female trying to connect. So he did making the female whine and bark in excitement. His cock disappeared into her pussy fast and furious as he fucked like a machine. Shiloh her breath short and excited watched as her dog drove deeply into the female until his knot slid in. When that happened they were tied and he stopped fucking her. Shiloh knew that he was shooting his doggie cum inside her.

    'Lucky bitch,' thought Shiloh as she found her hand rubbing her pussy as she watched. The dogs remained like that for a few minutes and then Max finally pulled out of her. Shiloh feeling like a trespasser quickly moved away from the glass doors. God she was being crazy worrying about whether she was caught spying on them as if they were people.

    But what made her even more concerned was the way they made her so hot and horny. She wasn't the type of person who was into kinky sex especially animal sex. Oh she heard of it alright, but she always made fun of those that would do such a depraved thing. Yet here she was getting turned on watching Max fuck a female dog. Her pussy was very wet and she knew that masturbation was eminent.

    Scratching at the door made her leave her thoughts and let Max inside.

    "Well if it isn't Casanova. Got your pussy for the day did you?"

    Max wagged his tail not understanding his mistress but knowing she was being kind. His cock was still partially exposed and Shiloh noticed it all wet and sticky. She tried to take her eyes off it but kept returning to it like a magnet.

    "I suppose you want to eat now huh lover?"

    She emptied a bag of dry dog food into a bowl and placed it on the floor by Max who quickly dug into it. His tail still wagging up a storm.

    "Figures. All males are the same. Fuck, eat and sleep. I suppose your ready to sleep next Max?"

    Max looked up at her with his huge brown eyes and she found herself spellbound by his look. Her pussy was drenched and she knew that she had better do something before she did something foolish. God what was she thinking? What she needed was her husband home to fuck her proper. But he wasn't and all she had was her fingers and... she let the thought go knowing how dangerous it was to think it.

    Her robe swayed open a bit showing her beautiful body and she closed it quickly before Max then laughed at her stupidity. God I'm thinking he's like a person who would really care. One of the reasons she loved it up in the country was the fact that she could go around the house naked if she wanted to and nobody would know it. Privacy was never an issue.

    She watched Max gulp down the food and decided to take advantage of her privacy and removed her robe. She was stark naked and felt a freedom and sexiness she loved to feel doing such bold moves like that. But here was her dog Max looking at her now, his big brown soft eyes taking her in making her feel... what? Like one of his bitches? Like some hot little slut parading in front of him? Getting him turned on... or herself turned on?

    She laughed to herself for her wicked thoughts and went into the living room to watch television. She sat on the couch her naked body feeling all the contours and fabric rub against her skin. God she was getting so horny. As she changed the channel she put it on Pay Per View and saw all the adult stations. She always liked to read the funny titles but today they sounded good and nasty. She found one that read 'Hot and ready girls 10' and chose it and bought it.

    Soon the movie started and it began with two girls sucking each other and Shiloh moaned as she ran her fingertips over her thick hard nipples. She needed this badly. Wanted it so much. She watched the two young girls licking each others pussies and wondered what it would be like to do the same to another girl. That thought made her spasm in orgasm and she felt her pussy quiver and hot cum squirt from her. God she was so horny. The movie progressed and showed a girl fucking two big guys with equally big cocks. They double penetrated her as she cried out in pleasure and Shiloh groaned from the sight of it. She wanted to be that girl just for today. To fuck anything she wanted. Do whatever she wanted. Her clit was huge as she rolled it between her forefinger and thumb making her cream hot and heavy.

    Then she realized she could do whatever she wanted since she had the place all to herself and the utmost privacy. She spread her legs wider sliding her fingers inside her pussy as she masturbated with renewed energy knowing she could fuck any way she pleased. The thought made her even hornier. The movie went on to show a young girl masturbating with a huge dildo driving it deeply into her pussy as she came hard.

    Shiloh watched her fascinated at what the girl could take inside her and closed her eyes imagining doing the same as she slid her fingers deep inside her pussy. Her legs went back further as she fucked herself hard. She felt her pussy tighten around her fingers and soon she cried out as she shuttered in orgasm. Hot juices flowed from her cunt. Just as she was about to dip her fingers back into her pussy she felt something lick her. Quickly she opened her eyes to see Max between her open legs and his tongue swiping her open pussy again.

    It felt like an electric current going through her sending erotic pulses through every part of her. God she needed to stop Max immediately and herself from going any further before it was too late. She was about to close her legs when Max moved up onto the couch his front paws on either side of her and his body resting against hers. His large head was inches from hers and she looked into his eyes again. They were deep brown and so huge.

    She felt herself swimming in them as he pushed against her his furry hot body pressed tightly on hers with his sheath rubbing on her thighs. He licked out catching her face in a loving kiss and she closed her eyes feeling the hot tongue. She shivered in excitement knowing that what he wanted was so wrong, so taboo. He wanted to fuck her, take her like one of his bitches. Her mind kept telling her to get up and stop this depraved act but her body was so sexually aroused that it would be like trying to stop a train on a dime at full speed.

    She felt his sheath rubbing against her leg, her inner thigh and on her pussy making her groan. She knew what it held, what it promised. He licked out again catching her lips, her mouth and she moaned as she knew it was his kiss. She reached up holding his head between her hands and placed a kiss on his mouth. He reciprocated by sending his long doggie tongue inside her hot mouth. She moaned again feeling it twist inside her mouth with her tongue in a fevered kiss.

    'You must stop this Shiloh' she thought as he continued to drive his tongue into her waiting mouth. But she couldn't, wouldn't stop it. Her body was so desirous of this mating that she began to move her body up to rub against his making his sheath move over her clit. His head bend lower licking her extended nipple making her cry out happily with the connection. He licked it over and over. Soon his cock began to emerge from it's sheath long and red and wet. More and more showed itself to her delight till at least eight inches protruded from him and then his large knot followed. Her pussy was inches away from it and it was open and ready. She reached down and grasped his cock making him begin pumping her hand as she guided it to her cunt.

    The mere thought of what she was about to do made her quiver in fear and excitement over their mating together. She was about to let Max, a dog, fuck her like a lover. She closed her eyes and let him slip inside her. He immediately began to hump her hard and fast driving his spear like cock deep inside her. She grunted from the length of it since it was bigger than her husbands but it slid nicely inside her wet open pussy and she loved the way it stretched her cuntal muscles with each thrust.

    "Oh god Max! Ughh! Ohhh!" She cried out in orgasm feeling her body shake and quiver and her hot juices flow around his driving cock. She began to fuck him back moving her ass upwards to meet his every thrust. Soon his knot pushed against her pussy trying to get inside her and she could feel it stretching her with each slam of his furry body.

    She opened her legs wider her clit swollen and so sensitive she knew that his knot would finally enter her. It did. He pushed and pushed until she felt it slide past her cuntal opening and widen her beyond her wildest dreams. He stopped moving and then she felt it. His cock expanded and soon his cum shot out in streams of hot lava filling her cunt and making her cum so hard she thought she would faint from the joy it gave her.

    Over and over she felt his cum hit her cervix as if he were pissing inside her. It felt so good. He kissed her again his tongue inside her mouth. Her eyes were like lust filled slits now as she kissed back while his cock remained buried inside her pussy. They stayed like that for at least fifteen minutes then he pulled away and she felt the hot cum pour from her cunt like a river.

    She closed her eyes and smiled knowing that she just performed a sexual act with her dog Max. Something so taboo. But she loved it. Her pussy was gaping open and red and swollen. It was also wet from their lovemaking. Max stared at her lovingly. She looked at him the same way. She would now have a better use for Max in the future.

    She now had a new lover.

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    i loved it!!!! i keep trying to get my brothers dog to fuck me but he won't. all he does is lick. better than nothing i guess. great job though!

    Feb 20 2008 02:38
    Great story

    Mar 7 2008 13:09
    This was just great ... is there to be more?

    Mar 19 2008 17:40
    Thanks for the story. I think that I recignized myself in it.
    Dogs are the best!

    Apr 8 2008 21:06
    I would LOVE to see my wife get fucked like that!

    Jun 12 2008 23:11
    Great keep it up as long as it makes you feel good

    Jun 21 2008 19:38
    That story was so hot!!! I loved it.

    Sep 15 2008 23:50
    now thats what i want !!!

    Oct 23 2008 12:32
    this is something all gils will envy you

    Nov 3 2008 09:12
    That was a really good story. I love it...very hot and got me so horny imagining me in her place. So nice.

    Nov 18 2008 23:14
    Mmmm, love it! Got me very, very horny. Would love to watch it all happen. Thank you! ;)

    Nov 19 2008 12:58
    that's why dogs are perfect for sex. They are always horny

    Dec 3 2008 03:39
    Loved the way it "just happened". Nice story, believeable.

    Jan 28 2010 03:55
    mmmmmm, what a story I'm so turned on.........

    May 1 2010 22:22
    Imm soooo horny now new to this and have loved almost every story message me and thanx great story

    Nov 21 2010 16:17
    Damn good story.

    Dec 17 2010 22:20
    Sounds exciting and true!

    Mar 25 2011 03:34
    Loved the kissing and missionary, very sexy.

    Sep 23 2011 16:00
    I loved itthe thing I liked the most was the kissing and the missionary position so they could kiss some more during the act!!
    Give us more of the same pleeeease!

    Oct 17 2011 15:37
    Hi great story & is there a part 2 it sounds so exciting & true .

    Dec 3 2011 15:42
    Loved the story, want to read more about men and dogs.

    Aug 18 2012 13:48
    I loved the natural way in which Shiloh and Max got together. Dogs are intuitive; they need only our cooperation, and wonderful things can happen. Arousing reading!

    May 24 2013 16:15
    Hot story i loved it when a friends dog has his way with me now i am looking for ppl in my area who are also into this

    May 26 2013 21:21
    German Shepherds are great lovers as I know!!!!!!!!!

    Jul 15 2013 03:11
    Happy fucking enjoy all that puppy cum inside you.

    Aug 17 2014 17:56
    great story, thank you for sharing it

    Feb 12 2017 01:27
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