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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast.

    I was about 18 when I started experimenting with sex and at that time I lost my virginity to our Shetland pony on the farm. I had always been turned on by watching animals fuck as I grew. I'd watch dogs, pigs and cows breed and hump away. I'd love to stand near the cow yard and watch a huge bull mount and fuck a cow. I'd hear him grunt and watch as his red cock ran out of its sheath and headed toward the groping cunt before it. I'd stand there and find myself with a raging hardon as the cock slid into the cow's cunt. I can remember the bull would lurch forward and fart as he slammed his cock home. This would go on all day long as long as the cow was in heat (bulling as dad called it). I'd watch as his cock slid in and back out and with each mount. The more he fucked the cows cunt the harder I got. I would make excuses to stay out after dark just to watch cows get bred.

    One evening I was able to sneak into the pasture where a large Holstein cow was being bred. Her cunt was big and black and oozed slime. I stood near as the bull, an Angus, would mount and fuck her. As he did, I'd run up and grab his cock and rub it as he rode her around fucking. It was one hot scene, let me tell you. Me jacking on a bull's cock as he mounted his bride. I'd take the slime and cum from his cock and her cunt and rub my cock with it. It was hot and slimy as we continued this for quiet some time.

    Soon the bull either tired of breeding or his balls were empty and he laid down to rest in the pasture. His bride had other ideas. She would stand there and let the other cows in the herd mount and ride her like she were a bull. It was really hot watching a cow's tits rub against the other's cunt. As this was going on I noticed that the top cow's cunt was waist level oozing slime. I now had my chance. I stripped off my jeans and underwear, making sure to keep a pair of shoe on. I must have been quiet a sight wearing a tee shirt and work boots.

    I followed the breeding pack around as one aggressive cow did most of the mounting. She'd mount the bulling cow and ride her just like she was a bull. Her cunt oozed slime as she rode her lover around. I now followed behind running my hand up and down her cunt. As I did this seemed to get her excited as she raised her tail off to the side. I'd take a hand full of hot cunt juice and rub it up and down my throbbing cock. I had to feel that hot cunt on my cock. Next I followed directly behind her. She mounted and I ran up sliding my cock into her gaping cunt. In I slid without and problem. The bottom cow slowly walked along as if she were being bred with my lover riding her. I kept paces as our threesome progressed.

    Hot slime was not running back down my cock and onto my balls. Our pack would walk and I'd lurch forward keeping my throbbing member into her to the hilt. Her tail would swing off to the side to allow my entry as I reached down and rub my cock back and forth in this huge cunt. I was in a fog enjoying myself when I felt a hard hit on my right side knocking me down. It was the bull, he didn't want me messing with his herd. My ribs hurt as I lay there in the pasture. God, I thought is he going to gore me? He lost interest in me and ran to the cows that were still riding his bride around. With a bellow he head butted the cow on his bride knocking her off his lover. She walked away and stood near by as the bull took his rightful place.

    His lover held still and he mounted up again slamming his cock deep into her cunt. I could hear her cunt making a slurping noise as I watched his balls slam against her read end. He farted and dismounted leaving her cunt ooze of his cream. He had regenerated his balls and he was breeding her every chance he got. This went on for about another hour and without warning he walked away leaving his lover filled. She stood there as if she were in a trance waiting. I now cautiously walked up to her and placed my hand on her cunt. She held still raising her tail and arching her back. Slime and bull cum ran from her like piss. She was bred and her cunt was emptying itself. I took a handful of the ooze and rubbed my cock. She stood there, tail aside looking back at me. I jacked hard now rubbing and jacking my cock. I was mesmerized as I watched her cunt at chest level before me ooze bull cum. I had to get off and was using her juice to do it. I looked at her cunt and as I did instinct took over. I found myself licking her cunt and cleaning cum from it. Here I was eating cow pussy that was oozing bull sperm.

    Suddenly out of the corner of my eyes I saw the silhouette of the bull approaching. With that I hastily made my escape leaving him to fuck his bride for a third time. I watched as he rode her around breeding her again and again. I stood near jacking my cock with the slime that I was able to get. Then I noticed that one of the cows had lain down in the pasture. I slowly approached her and was able to squat down behind her where I played with her pussy. Her tail moved aside exposing a pink cunt. I rubbed it and squatted down next to her. I put my hand on her back and she lay there not getting up.

    My cock was now actually hurting as it throbbed. I had to get off. I slowly put my chest against her back and slid up onto her. She didn't get up as I slide ahead bringing my cock within inches of her cunt. She held still as I was able to get my hips down now and run my cock against her steaming cunt. I was now partially on top her with my ass on the ground. A very precarious position to be in if the bull came by. I slid my ass ahead and my cock slid deep into her cunt. I felt the hairs at the end of her pussy lips brush my ball sack. I reached down and grabbed my cock rubbing it back and forth inside her gaping hole. I was now into the hilt as I spread my legs to get into a better position. I was now sitting on my ass with my legs off to the side in a y fashion. I leaned back and started to pump my hips up and down pushing my cock deep into this hot cunt. After about 5 strokes I exploded shooting my seed into her cunt. Her cunt was so big and loose that my load ran back onto my balls and onto the ground.

    I crawled off my lover and stood up leaving her to lay as I had found her. She stood up now and squatted taking piss. I ran my shrinking out around in her heavy piss stream letting it run down my legs and on my boots. She then merely walked away and I knew that I had fucked my first cow. I couldn't wait for the winter seasons when they were tied and I could use a bucket to reach my lover's cunts. From this point on I knew that cows were for more then milking!

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    I love to fuck cows myself Great story

    Mar 9 2009 14:24
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