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    Your story is very interesting I can imagine you there watching your porn as your dog enjoys your sweet juices I wish I could share them with her

    Sep 1 2018 02:00
    Your story is very interesting I can imagine you there watching your porn as your dog enjoys your sweet juices I wish I could share them with her

    Sep 1 2018 01:59
    If a man likes seeing two women making love between them,then,IT'S CLEAR that A WOMEN ALSO LIKES SEEING TEO MEN HAVING SEX BETWEEN THEM!Why do you think that seeing two men "going at it" hasn't "the same effect on a woman",especially if you haven't asked no one?!YOU'RE SIMPLY RIDICULOUS making such assumptions!

    Jun 5 2018 08:35
    In what world do you live if you can say that "without the fear of pregnancy,(vasectomy),we began to experiment and explore the wants and needs of our bodies"?!WHAT A BULLSHIT!Do you ever heard of CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS?We live in the XXIst century,you know!And having a child with your wife,the woman you love,IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL THING and CAN NEVER BE CALLED A "FEAR",but A PURE JOY!So,THIS SHOULDN'T BE A REASON to prevent a couple to experiment and explore their sexuality,but,on the contrary,A REASON TO STIMULATE THEM TO EXPERIMENT AND EXPLORE their bodies!This ISN'T AN "EXCELLENT,WELL WRITTEN STORY,it's just A NONSENSE!

    Jun 5 2018 08:21
    IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL that a woman's body will keep producing milk "as long as there's a consistent demand"!A woman IT'S NOT A COW!Her body will produce milk ONLY AS LONG AS HER BABY HAS A CERTAIN AGE,not after that!

    Jun 5 2018 08:02
    IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL that "most women have fantasies about animal sex" or that "women thinking of animal sex might seem rare, but the truth is contrary"!WHAT A BULLSHIT!ALL THE DATA SHOW VERY CLEARLY that THE IMMENSE MAJORITY OF WOMEN NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT ANIMAL SEX!And THERE IS NO "PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY" showing that "more than 80% of all women has at some point fantasized or dreamt about begin taken by an animal, so it's merely a decision of actually doing it"!THAT'S AN UTTERLY NONSENSE!Almost NO WOMAN EVER FANTASIZES ABOUT THAT,so IT'S NOT and CAN NEVER BE "merely a decison of doing it"!Not to mention of the fact that between a fantasy and a decision to make that real(inte case of the majority of the sexual fantasies),IT'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!A FANTASY IT'S A FANTASY and THE REALITY IT'S A DIFFERENT THING!So,STOP TRYING TO INVENT ALL THOSE PATHETIC THINGS to justify what CAN'T SIMPLY BE JUSTIFIED!

    May 8 2018 20:46
    Also IT'S DEFINITELY NOT TRUE that "only 10% of all women will receive this ultimate feeling when making love to man" or that "that chance is increased immensely when making love to a dog"!ANOTHER PIECE OF SHIT!THERE ARE AT LEAST 50% OF ALL WOMEN that can experience multipleasms when making love to a man and ALMOST NONE when making love to a dog(or other animal) because of the BESTIAL NATURE of this UNNATURAL INTERCOURSE!HUMANS WERE MADE TO MAKE LOVE TO HUMANS and NOT TO ANIMALS,you SICK PERVERT!

    May 8 2018 20:16
    Always trying different things DOESN'T MEAN AT ALL that someone is "a perve",but,on the contrary,that the rspective person IS INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE in the sexual life!

    May 8 2018 10:46

    May 8 2018 03:30
    IT'S DEFINITELY NOT TRUE that "staying on all fours for more than a few minutes is notfortable at all"!On the contrary,YOU CAN STAY in this position FOR MANY MINUTES WITHOUT BEING UNCOMFORTABLE!ANY PERSON who has sex knows that!

    May 8 2018 02:57
    THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO STATISTIC "that all women fantasize about a sexual encounter with an animal at one time or another, just letting the animal have its way with them"!THAT'S PURELY BULSHIT!NO SANE MIND WOMAN WOULD FANTASIZE about having sex with an animal!

    May 8 2018 02:25
    I came just reading this.

    Apr 23 2018 22:17
    Oh yes Daddy

    Apr 23 2018 21:58
    Wish this was me

    Apr 23 2018 21:54
    Well nobody would ever want to break the law...

    Mar 31 2018 17:16
    Bi-male Chicago-Wisconsin border area, interested and looking to share and explore with men or women and most definately with their four legged friends.

    Mar 31 2018 17:14
    As with most of thements, not realistic in fact but very erotic reading. Having been raised a farm, ranch girl I'm very familiar with animal cocks...big and small *s*

    Aug 23 2017 00:40
    Fuck I want this done to me!!!

    Jul 12 2017 04:25
    48 gay male. BTM been fucked by k9s but really want to try horse both blowing and getting fucked! Am in southern Indiana in 812 area code. Contact me at if you can help me out. A farmer would be great, but also like minded friends as well

    Jul 12 2017 03:19
    that is a Hot, Hot story, the way you stroked and sucked that dogs cock, while I was reading your story I was the dog,I'd love that.

    Jul 8 2017 01:02 proudly presents premium bestiality sites

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