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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, 1st.

    Hi all, I'm a 26 year old school teacher who would like to share my first, and successive beasty behavior with dogs for the past few months. I hope you don't get bored but I will give you a little background information about myself, this is basically for the inquiries I have at the end of my experiences and so that people will know what drove me to do such naughty things.. First things first. I am horny as hell; women who are as horny as me are always seen as sluts but I have always been this way. What shocks most people who know how horny I am, is when I tell them I lost my virginity at age 18, first year of college. After 18 years of holding things in and being frustrated every day, boy was it good to let it out (to the star of the track team no less). After my first experience I could never get enough sex.

    For the first three years of college I had a steady guy, and we made love on average 3 to 4 times per week. I was his little sex machine; thing is that wasn't enough I cheated numerous times. There were many occasions where I slept with my guy and lover on the side on the same day. So in the end it was unfortunate that it was this sex drive of mine that cost me my track star steady - he found out that I fucked another guy on the team - and it was out the door for me. Oh well the bachelor's life was cool, my last year of college I had so many one-night-stands I lost count. I just love the male organ so much (dick, cock or shaft for all you good minded people). I love to hold it in my mouth and suck it dry, swallowing all the cum juice is my favorite part, that always brings me to orgasm. My sex drive is actually a burden to me sometimes, I'm always a little frustrated, I think I would need sex at least five times a day to be satisfied. Anyway my horizontal mambo life style continued after school through the year and 1/2 I took off after school, to when I received my teachers certificate (and this is where all the troubles began).

    My friend referred me to a teacher's position in a small town in Alabama (which shall remain anonymous, thank you). Now I had never been to Alabama but the place was offering 33k to start; now that's big bucks for a science teacher, whose grades weren't all that good, he he.

    To get this story going I went to Alabama earlier last year, I knew no one, everyone talked with these thick ass accents I still find to be annoying. So I don't have to explain anything else I didn't try to hard to fuck any guy I saw and I began to get very frustrated. Two months went by without a fuck and I just really started getting irritated and depressed. Buy that time I had added to my forever growing video library of lezbo flicks (I'm a strickly dickly girl, but those lezbo scenes do turn me on), gang bang flicks, and chicks with dicks. All my favorites have the girls getting the shit fucked out of her of course I always picture myself as the girl.

    Soon three months went by and I started flirting with my fellow teachers (about 90% were married) but I had no cares of breaking up marriages at that point. It turned out that one of the teachers I flirted with was going on a two-week vacation with his wife in the summer. The guy asked me if I could look after his dog while I was gone. I didn't want to do it, hell I didn't even like dogs, but I was thinking, I do you this favor and your going to do me a very big favor when you get back, so I accepted. Anyway I picked up the dog and it was big, I thought I was going to get a dog like Dorothy had in the wizard of Oz, "just my luck," I thought.

    So I had Big ass dog in my house for two weeks, which I had to walk twice a day, or else it would shit all in my front yard. I'm not to good with dog breeds but I think it was a Dane or Shepherd, everyone has them here. I didn't care for dogs but the type I had was in excellent shape, athletic and cut looking just like my track, in college. Now I wasn't aroused at this point but I thought ,"this dog couldn't be to bad," most of the time it would be in the outside yard (accept for night time) and it would be good it would to have a reason to get out every day, it would also good to have some companionship. Now at three and a half months of getting none (no sex), I still only knew married people, so I didn't have anyone to hang out with.

    The dogs name was 'Lunar' (his master loves astronomy, go figure). Walking the dog twice a day wasn't bad at all, I learned my way around the town a little more and it also got me to pick up running again -which I stopped after I lost my track hunk - (he was definitely in the wet dreams I started having 3x a week!). So I think it was about the tenth day I had to baby sit Lunar, all was good except that my period was on its run as well, (which makes me even more horny). On this tenth day I came back from my daily run exhausted, the temperature was in the 90degree range and I just plopped right down on my bead and laid back (I was all sweaty and yucky but I didn't care at this point). The day was so humid I took off my shirt and my shorts, leaving me with only my jog bra and, ah oh, nothing underneath those shorts (I never where underwear, my pussy's always nice and ready for easy access).

    So went to sleep...than I woke up in shock, first I was very aroused and second, the big ass dog Lunar was licking my pussy, ravishing it, I should say. That big ass dog tongue was reaching outside my ass and going in and out of my nice pussy. Without much hesitation I just threw the dog off, I just kicked his head away, I was very embarrassed, not only was I wet from this dogs tongue but juices of my on were turning in my system. I had forgotten to close the door and he came right in from the yard, I ran and shut the door than I yelled at the dog, like he could understand me. I was just so pissed that I could be turned on by such a thing. To make matters worse, he wanted more (now this is a big fucker), this dog just kept jumping at my pussy trying to lick it I had to hold the dog back by its collar with all my strength. All of a sudden he jumps up out of my hold and gets his paws on my shoulders, but I just grabbed his big arms and held him back. Looking down I noticed he was trying to thrust me, and I saw his big ass dick trying to stick me (it was reddish brown with many tiny veins). His dick wasn't that close to me but it was frantically humping the air. Like a slow and clumsy waltz. I just lead the dog outside and shut the door behind. While I was going to the bathroom to clean his doggy saliva off my twat I could hear Lunar scratching at the door. I scrubbed myself good. As a punishment I left the dog outside, (even though his owner said to take him in at night) I thought he deserved it.

    Now I will always remember the dreams I had that very night, I had the most vivid dreams I had ever had, of this dog fucking me and myself sucking on his huge cock. I woke up at 6am sweating, wet from orgasming and disgusted at my thoughts. Yet I was so turned on, I stayed up for the rest of the day. The whole day my mind went back and forth -should I or should I not, should I or should I not- (Needless to say Lunar missed his walk and food for that day and shitted and pissed in my yard). After making my final decision (which is "I'll try anything once", I mean I had heard stories of women fucking there dogs, and I thought "they must do it for a reason") I went to sleep very peacefully and had a very good nights sleep at that. In the morning I woke up very early, with everything planned out (I was so turned on by the fact that I was so wanted by something, even when I was a sweaty smelly mess, so my plan hinged on duplicating that), I first fed Lunar and gave him a bath, he was very behaved at this point. I then left the dog in the house and went on my run. I think I ran twice as fast as I'm used to just in anticipation of what could happen. My thoughts were that I would let him lick me out than what happens, happens.

    So now back from my run all sweaty, smelly, and stinky I entered the house and sat on my couch (where I had some towels placed). Lunar was lying down on the kitchen floor near his bowl, I stripped down naked and sat on the couch. Now while I was thinking about calling him over, he just came over with the quickness, looked at my pussy gave it a few licks then just went house on it. I just lay back a little and let him go at it, I actually thrust my torso forward a bit to give him access to my ass. That magic tongue of his made me cum in no more than two minutes. I could now see his shaft extending from the little pocket of his and it just kept growing and growing and growing. I felt so wanted. At times he would stop and walk around two the side of me or try to jump on my couch but soon enough he would go back to work. Now came the moment of truth I saw that his dick was the size it was just two days ago and it was about time. Not more then a few moments later he jumped up on me, (still in the missionary position) he put his paws right underneath my arms and began his pumping actions. His dick wasn't close enough to my pussy to be effective so I pulled him a little closer and stuck my clit out further. Now he was hitting just below my ass but could I have spoken any sooner did his big cock entered me. As he thrust in and out of me his tempo increased. He was really pumping hard now and I screamed a few times from the pain, which was great, but could not match high I was feeling. I had two orgasms and than he pulled out, that's when I noticed the big bulb he had on the part of his penis closest to his body. I was so very wet and I could see cum dripping from his shaft. After licking my pussy a few times he jumped on me again this time he had no trouble finding the hole and pumped me some more. I was not in as much pain this time around, (I think because of the adrenaline rush I was having) he thrust now harder and faster reaching very deep in me. His bulb stuck all the way in me a few times but I think from the position we where in it was hard for him to keep it in, it soon grew to large to even enter. In a few more moments after having another orgasm myself he had his, all of his juices just flowed in me than dripped or pored out of my pussy (they have cups of cum!), soon he just got off me and licked my pussy clean again. His shaft was shrinking quickly now and he licked it clean as well. I was in total ecstasy at that moment I just went to my bed curled up and took a nap. I guess I tuckered poor Lunar out because he was sleeping when I woke.

    After that day with Lunar it wasn't nearly as hard to do anything. The next day I planned to go at it again so I cleaned Lunar (I always worried about germs). I could barely wait for the dog to dry, I started pulling at his cock sack and let me tell you I was not disappointed to see his little tool. I began sucking and licking it and stroking it like a man's dick. My actions turned Lunar on immensely. In a few minutes he was cumming in my mouth this was very clear fluid, so I guessed there was lots more to come. The cum was not as salty as a mans cum and it had a little taste to it I just cant described, but wasn't bad. Soon he started his pumping action and sprayed my mouth with the white stuff. I swallowed it all, everything he was poring out I was drinking down. All the cum drinking made me cum myself, it was too bad his shaft went down after that I was ready to be fucked like a bitch. About 20-30 minutes after my blow job he started jumping on me again (I found out the easy way that pooches are such sex machines and sexually driven animals, giving them a little taste is not good enough you need to give it all to them).

    I was in the kitchen wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I was trying to cook but Lunar just kept jumping and licking at my twat, so I gave in, I'm easy. Anyway this time I got the KY jelly (I keep just incase I run into a guy who is well hung, and now dogs apply as well). I rubbed it all in my pussy and ass. Lunar was so excited I had to lock him out of my room while I lubed up. When I opened the door he was right there waiting so I went to the bed and leaned back on the towel I had placed down, he quickly started ravishing my moist pussy and was getting even more aroused than the day before. It was starting to get time to the fucking, so I kinda turned to grab my pillows for support, so I could reach the correct angle. (Now ladies don't do what I just did, with a big ass dog because you will pay) So I got up and turned my back and Lunar jumps me from behind and I fell to the floor, he had his arms around my waist from behind. IT WAS VERY HARD TO MOVE from the way he had me from behind. I was thinking missionary, but whether I had a choice or not doggy style is what happened. He easily found my slippery pussy and gave me the fuck of a lifetime. He was able to thrust even faster and for a longer period of time then the day before. I than remember the bulb of his I felt it pounding in and out then it just stuck in me, I was wondering what happened. He than tried to turn off of me and I felt some pain so I quickly grabbed his collar and held him there. I was worried but at the same time in total ecstasy. I could feel him cumming into me and I was having another orgasm. For about 15 minutes we stayed attached till he was able to slip his dick out of me with ease. Lots of cum juice quickly followed and as a good dog he cleaned me up and as a good girl I cleaned him up as well.

    Lunar had only one more day with me until he left. I sort of claimed to the owner that me and Lunar grew an attachment so I get to walk him on weekends. It kinda sucks because now I only get one to two days with Lunar and that's only about 2-3 hours worth. Its crazy, these days I feel so uptight. I only get to have sex with Lunar on a few opportunities. The times I get him back to my place we sometimes fuck 8 or 10 times. I'm thinking about getting a dog but I think it would be awful hard to replace Lunar (the sex machine). I finally have a steady guy so I'm not as frustrated, he doesn't know I fuck dogs yet, and I don't think I will ever tell him. If this kind of information ever got out where I live they probably cast me a witch and burn me at the stack. I still need Lunar to fuck me at least once a week (it gets tougher and tougher).

    I hope you people enjoyed reading about my beasty experiences as much as I did writing about it. I'm learning many cool things about fucking dogs that are fascinating. I am interested in how people know that you like fucking beasts, and to the ladies to this applies I would like to here how you got into fucking dogs, your past experience and if there are any tips you could give me, see ya.

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    Very good storie,wright some more for us,you can do it.Thanks in advance.

    Jan 8 2007 02:58
    I enjoyed this story so much.... more with Lunar would be good... or your next pet...

    Dec 5 2007 03:00
    Have you done k9 anal yet? Personally, I love it. Message me sometime.

    Jul 8 2009 22:32
    Nice, hot and very arousing story.... you only need to have anal with Lunar or your own pet... well done. loved your story

    Dec 19 2009 16:07
    hey we need to chat more for sure!!! email me asap hun :)

    Jan 30 2013 19:42
    why would you want a man having a dog dick

    Oct 19 2013 04:31
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