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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, impregnation, lactation.

    Hello my name is Linda, of course that's not my real name, I wouldn't dare use it. Just recently we got a computer here for the house. My daughter Stacey is showing me how to use it. It was her suggestion that I write letter this and tell everyone about us.

    See I'm really into bestiality in a big way. My husband Norm is a veterinarian. We have a small clinic just outside of town. We have kind of a side business as well Norms' also a specialist in breeding animals.

    I really can't say when or why my fascination with the penis's of large male dogs began. Ever sense I can remember I always wanted to have puppies. Now I know that might sound kind of weird or whatever to some of you out there but that's just the way it is.

    Three years ago I finally took the plunge. I just had to find out what it was like to have sex with a male dog. His name was Lucifer like the devil. The local sheriff brought him to the clinic as a stray. We take in strays or lost animals now and then. The moment I saw him I knew I had to have him.

    There was a bitch in heat in the next kennel and man was he turned on watching him. That huge cock of his was sticking out he really wanted to get hold of that bitch. I couldn't think about any thing else for several days.

    I work in the clinic, it's a family run clinic, and our girls help out as well. I was screwing up all over the place writing down wrong appointment times for patents, forgetting about patents in the waiting room, and all kinds of things.

    Finally one evening I just couldn't stand it any more and after supper was finished I went down to the kennels. I was ready to rape the son of a bitch if I had to. I was going to get that huge cock in me one way or another.

    I unlatched the kennel gate where Lucifer was and slipped in. The lights from the main part of the clinic were just enough to see him standing there. He came over to me. I think he knew why I was there and started sniffing me. I stroked him on the head and let him smell me. He began trying to stick his mussel in my crotch through my dress. I was so nervous. I was shaking all over. I just had to do it thou, I had to have that big son of a bitch fuck me some how. I didn't care I had to have him.

    I pulled the dress up over my head and tossed it on to the top of the chain link fencing. He kept pushing his mussel in between my legs so I held on to the fencing and spread my legs letting him get even closer to my sex. The sensation was incredible my mind was spinning a hundred miles an hour. I could feel his tongue thou the material of my panties. I was so hot it was unbelievable. I wanted him so bad.

    All I had on was my panties and bra and my shoes of course. I managed to get my bra of some how. My nipples ache they were so hard. I got my panties off some how with his mussel right up against the crotch. His tongue was licking the lips of my vagina. Driving me absolutely out of my mind. I spread my legs more and his tongue went right up inside me. I couldn't hold back any longer and I climaxed. My legs were all rubbery; it was all I could do to hold on to the fencing to keep from slumping to the ground. He kept licking me the whole time his tongue going up inside me. My vagina was drooling with juice and he kept lapping it up.

    I gradually let go of the chain link fencing and lowered my self to my knees. I didn't have to say a word. Lucifer knew it was time to breed the bitch. I leaned over with my bottom up in the air my leg spread and head down. He got on top of me his front leg one on either side of me. We were just the right height for each other. I could feel his huge pointed cock touching the lips of my vagina. I felt his hips pumping and the tip of his cock found the entrance to my overheated pussy. He got the tip inside me and I began to feel that huge thick cock inch its way up into me.

    I climaxed again; just the thought of having a dog cock inside my pussy sent me over the edge again.

    I could feel the pre-cum seeping from his cock lubricating me as he pushed deeper into my vagina. Then I felt it. The knot in his cock at the entrance of my pussy. This was it. This is what I'd always wanted. I wanted that huge knot inside me hooking me up to him as he empties his testicles inside me.

    I groaned as he pushed up into me. I felt like I was being stretched to the limit, and I was. The ball or knot in his cock is almost three inches in diameter. He got it in me and I felt my vagina close in around it tightening up locking us together. The head of his cock was pushing against the entrance to my uterus. I could feel the pressure deep inside. God I wanted him to push harder and drive his cock right up into my womb. I wanted him to shoot my womb full of dog sperm.

    I pushed back and I felt something inside me give. The pointed tip of his cock was inside the neck of my uterus. I felt his thick worm liquid gushing into my uterus, and again I climaxed, as he emptied all the thick creamy sperm filled semen deep inside me.

    I remember the only thought in my mind was I hope he knocks me up, I wanted to have a litter of puppies.

    I knew that wasn't possible but I still wanted it to happen. I could feel his cum filling me and I wanted ever drop I could get. I felt pressure inside me build as emptied quite a load inside me. He started to try and pull back. There was no way thou we were hooked up just like I wanted. He kept jerking inside me trying to pull out. I had yet another climax, as we stayed locked together.

    I remember looking over toward the house and seeing my husband come out of the doorway and head directly toward us. Lucifer and I were hooked together unable to pull apart.

    My husband found us Lucifer's cock buried to the hilt inside me. He didn't say anything at first and I could tell he liked what he saw he was smiling almost chuckling aloud.

    After several seconds or a minute he said " Sorry I can't help... Not until the swelling goes down." I'll never forget those words.

    I buried my face in my arms and just cried, I didn't know what else to do. I'd been caught and there was nothing I could do to hide the fact I'd had sex with a dog.

    He went over to the back entrance to the clinic and came back a couple of minutes later with the camera and started taking pictures of the two of us hooked up together.

    Lucifer and I stayed hooked together for quite a while at least a half-hour before the swelling in his cock finally went down enough to pull out. I just lay there I couldn't move.

    My husband took several very graphic pictures of my stretched out pussy with dog cum dribbling out of me. In some of the pictures it was pretty obvious that Lucifer had fucked me, cum inside me and was licking up his cum as it dribbled out of my cunt.

    Lucifer had gone over and laid down and was licking the cum and juice off his cock when I finally manages enough strength to get up. One of the very first things I did as I stood up was to clamp down tight with my pussy muscles as to not loose all that cum inside me.

    My husband had shot up the better part of two rolls of film most of which were of me after Lucifer had pulled out of me.

    Let's just say things changed a lot from then on. I don't want to go into too much detail but that night the spare bedroom became my bedroom. Norm and I had a long talk that next day that's when he outlined his plans with the girls and that I had to help him do it. I wasn't left out I could have all the sex I wanted with Lucifer and any of the other dogs.

    In our conversation I'd even told him that I'd always wanted to have puppies. I mean I confessed every thing. For the most part he just kind of chuckled at me.

    When I said I wanted to have puppies he got this thinking or idea expression on his face. He asks me if I'd like to try some experiments and see if I really could have a litter of puppies. Inessence I said yes that I was willing to do anything he wanted or anything he thought might work.

    That was a little over three years ago. I'm three weeks away from delivering my third litter of puppies. I'm as huge as a house I have five very active little Great Dane puppies wiggling around inside me right now. I'm not sure which one of my five breeding studs is the father. It's quite possible that each pup has a different father. I had sex with all five several different times in the first few days after my husband implanted me.

    That's how we do it. Norm has access to all the ovum or female dog eggs we could ever use because of our side business as breeders. He implants them inside my uterus and my studs breed me. It's not really that simple but that's basically how it's done.

    We tried quite a few different things before we found this method. At first what I really wanted was to have one of my studs fertilize one of my own eggs. We had some success using regular fertility drugs. Norm would inject me with the drug and I'd go get myself breed. I actually caught one time Norm had given me an anti-rejection medication used for transplant patents along with the fertility drug. I had three Great Danes by this time, all real good breeders. I made sure of that myself.

    Before I go on I'm going to stop here and tell you about a few of the thing Norm had done to the clinic. He had two rooms added to the clinic and kennel. The one in the clinic was an operating room. He supposedly had that added on so he could do surgery or other type procedures that requires a sterile room. It's more than paid for it's self from his regular practice. What it was really built for was me, so he could do what ever he needed to; to me so I could actually be breed. Then he had a second room added to the kennels, supposedly a storage room. Actually that was my room or my breeding room. All that's really in it is some cabinets with counter underneath and my padded bench and a nice padded mat to kneel on. That's where I sleep on, bend over, or lay on when I'm being breed. Most of the time I still prefer kneeling on the floor with my head down and legs spread. It's a more submissive position and my boys like a submissive bitch.

    I almost forgot Norm had a closed circuit TV system installed so he could watch me and not disturb the goings on. He says that's incase I have trouble with one of the dogs and he gets to rough with me.

    There's a videotape attached to the whole thing a well. There are five cameras in my breeding room any and all the cameras can be running at the same time. I've watched almost all the tapes we've made and man they really show it all.

    Any way back to what I was telling you about before. Norm had given me several injections and my ovaries went into high gear so to speak.

    I went over to my room let Lucifer in then knelt down on the pad. As usual he could smell I was hot or in heat. He started licking me as soon as I knelt down. I was so wet it didn't matter he could have mounted me right off. He likes his foreplay though it gives him a chance to get really worked up. I spread my legs as wide as I could for him and let him get his tongue right up inside my pussy. My pussy was use to having a really thick cock shoved up into it by this time.

    Lucifer finally decided it was time to mount his bitch and he got on top of me. He knew right where my pussy hole was; we'd sex at least a hundred times already. He got the head into the opening and started filling my pussy with his hard doggy cock. I've never had to give Lucifer any command or even encourage him to mount me He just does it all I do is act like the bitch I am.

    He got in me then he gave me his knot or ball, what ever you want to call it. He pushed it up in me and I clamped down on it with my pussy. There was no way we were going to come apart until he'd filled my cunt with all the doggy cum the head of his cock just inside the neck of my uterus. As usual I climaxed several times especially hard when I first felt him start to ejaculate.

    I love that worm tingling sensation I get when one of my studs starts to fill me with sperm filled semen. I like to think the tingling sensation is the sperm attacking ever-microscopic part of my womb and vagina. I felt my vagina starting to bulge just a little with all that thick sperm filled cum he was pumping into me. I clamped down tight so as not to loose any of it and to make sure we stay hooked up a good long time. I kept squeezing my pussy almost the whole time until his cock goes really soft and the swelling is almost gone. That's a trick I learned right off the longer I can hold his cock inside me the less cum I loose and the better the chance of getting my self knocked up. I like to think of it that way. The words knocked up sound so naughty especially when it's by a real dog.

    After kneeling there and letting Lucifer lick up the mess all over my pussy and backside I put him back in his kennel. Lucifer's my only black Great Dane the others are the classic brown color.

    I took Captain out of his kennel. His nose went straight between my legs from behind. He could smell Lucifer's cum seeping out of my pussy. Instead of kneeling down this time I decided I wanted Captain from the front. I wanted to look down and see his cock inside me. I lay down on the padded bench with my hips right on the edge of it and spread my legs. Captain licked me for a few minutes then started I started coaxing him to mount me. He did finally raising up on his hind legs and straddling me with his front paws. I reached down and guided his growing cock to the entrance of my cum filled pussy. He slid right in me with almost no effort for the first part. Then came that gorgeous knot and I took it clamping down around it locking his cock deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed up as hard as I could. I felt the tip of his pointed cock slide into the neck of my uterus just like I had with Lucifer He started shooting his sperm deep inside me just like Lucifer had no more than an hour earlier.

    I climaxed of course. Who wouldn't having your ovulating womb filled with dog sperm? Just like with Lucifer I felt the fullness in my lower abdomen from all the cum he was pumping into me and I tightened up around his cock making a tight seal around the base of his cock so I wouldn't loose any of that wonderful puppy making cream.

    Captain was a older and much more patent than Lucifer and we stayed hooked up for quite some time almost an hour. The whole time he's standing there over me, his cock deep inside my sperm filled cunt, waiting patently for me to release and let him go

    After Captain I took Joker out of his kennel and into my room. I let him have me from behind like I had Lucifer. As expected we stayed hooked up for quite a while after he filled my womb and vagina with even more doggy sperm. I put him back in his kennel then went in and lay down on my padded bench for a rest.

    I put a wedge shaped pillow under my hips so my hips would stay elevated and all that dog sperm could seep into ever nook and crane of ovulating womb.

    My boys and I repeated the same process twice a day for four days straight to try and make sure I got myself knocked up good and proper.

    It worked. I was late with my next period. I could just feel it. My breast had begun to swell. It was fantastic. I was really knocked up by my dogs. I was so proud.

    I remember looking at myself in the mirror naked and rubbing my tummy I was so happy. It was such a turn on to know that that little bulge in my abdomen was the result of having sex with three of the most potent Great Dane studs around. I always got this delicious wicked feeling. It was so over whelming that I had to masturbate. I literally could not keep my hand off my pussy. Three or four times a day I'd go down to the kennels and get one or all my studs service me. I guess that was my downfall. Having those huge cocks deep in my vagina ramming against my recently impregnated womb too much.

    Five weeks in to the pregnancy some thing happened and I aborted. I went into heavy labor right off. Norm got me into the operating room and I delivered five half dog and half-human pups I guess you could say.

    It's all on tape that one I keep that's my special tape. I've watched it at least a hundred times. We tried several more times to cross breed but I never caught. I wanted so much to actually do it and carry my own special litter of cross bred pups to term what ever that is.

    It's only been the past year or so that we've started using dog ovum and that works real well. Actually it's a combination of anti-rejection drugs and the ovum that's done the trick. My gestation period is just about the same as any normal dog bitch ninety days.

    One little side note that time I did get knocked up my breast milk came in when I aborted. I've been what you call wet ever sense. My studs love breast milk. They get at least one good taste every day. They deserve a nice treat after all the work they do breeding me and all.

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    my wife loves dogs just about as much as you do, she reaising a baby pup about week old, mother couldn't produce milk and now she's taken over the house at about 4-5 weeks, catch is i wish my would have a litter , but i know she wouldn't go for it. for hopping.

    by the way very good story love it thanks ge

    Aug 24 2006 15:04
    Great story, would love to see some pics if you are willing to share. email me at

    Aug 25 2006 15:05
    Loved your story, post some more, jacob

    Aug 27 2006 07:23
    excellent story, if you have some more, or pics ,email to me.

    Sep 15 2006 17:28
    awesome story, would love to know as much as you could tell me. email

    Dec 21 2006 00:16
    if this is true talk to me

    Oct 21 2007 07:39
    i loved it made me so hard please if you have any pictures or even some of the videos just send them my way my email is

    May 7 2011 02:12
    Hi excellent story & is there a part 2 to this story as im looking forwared to reading it ok .

    Oct 12 2011 04:02

    Jul 8 2013 02:06
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