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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Kathy was bone tired, as she turned onto the street where she lived. She had left her house very early this morning. She had to travel from Birmingham to Nashville for an 8:30 AM sales meeting at the corporate offices. On the way home she had three appointments scheduled that could not be canceled or rescheduled for another day. At least she had two new accounts from the day's appointments. At 6:45 PM, Kathy pulled into her driveway. All she could think about was the nice hot shower she was going to take and going to bed early tonight. Normally on Fridays she went out or stayed up late watching old movies on TV. Not tonight, after her shower it was to be straight to bed. She might even sleep late tomorrow morning.

    As Kathy got out of her car she heard her dog, Nero, barking and whimpering. She headed for the back yard to see what the hell was going on. After closing the gate, she scanned the yard for Nero. The big dog was in the far corner of the yard, with his front paws on the top fence rail, barking at the neighbor's female Boxer. Nero was a very big Rottweiller and weighs almost 200 pounds. The Boxer was rubbing her ass against the fence, it was plain to Kathy the bitch was in heat. Nero followed every move the boxer made, barking and whimpering. Kathy yelled at Nero to be quite and get down; he acted like she was not even there. Pissed off, Kathy grabbed the big dogs collar and tried to pull him away from the fence. She couldn't move him. Nero was to intent on getting some dog pussy from the boxer on the other side of the fence. After trying twice more to get Nero to be quite and leave the boxer alone, Kathy decided to get between Nero and the fence and push him away from the fence. As Kathy came around Nero to the fence, she noticed the big dog had a massive erection. Nero's dick was at least 10 1/2" to 11" long, a pointed tip tapered back to the shaft that had to be 2 1/2" to 3" around. She looked at the boxer and said, "I really don't think you want that monster dick up your doggie pussy!" She didn't think her fingers would touch if she wrapped her hand around it! She grabbed Nero by the collar and pushed; no luck. Nero was on the fence, barking. She was determined to make him obey her. Kathy was only 5' 3" tall and didn't weigh but 94 pounds soaking wet. She grabbed the big dog by the collar again, kneed him in the chest and yelled at him to get down and be good. Finally, Nero got down and paid attention to Kathy. She told him he was bad boy and to go lay down. The Rottwieller started walking away from the fence. Kathy had started back to the house when she saw Nero turn back to the fence. "Oh no you don't " Kathy yelled as she ran back and caught the big dog by the collar. "You're coming with me. I'm not going to have you barking all night," she said as she led him to the house.

    Once inside Kathy slapped Nero on the butt and told him to go lay down someplace. Nero stayed in the house enough that she wasn't worried about him making a mess. Kathy was determined to have her hot shower and go to bed early. She set her briefcase down inside her bedroom door and started to undress. Her skirt and jacket hit the floor beside the chair, as she walked down the hall to the bathroom and turned on the water for her shower. Kathy returned to her room and removed her blouse, bra, stockings and panties. She rubbed her 38 DD melon sized breast with her hands, then rubbed down to her narrow 18" waist, over her 36" hips and farther down to her sweet pussy, rubbing her fingers through her pussy hair and over her puckered lips. It sure felt good to get out of her clothes. Getting a towel, she headed to the bathroom, the water was nice and warm as she stepped into the shower. The needle like spray felt great on her soft skin. While washing her hair the stinging spray of water hit her nipples causing them to lengthen and harden, also sending a tingling warm sensation down her spine to her sweet pulsing pussy. The spray from the shower nozzle played a little rain dance over Kathy's breasts, nipples and chest before flowing down her stomach, between her legs and dripping off her warm throbbing pussy lips. Her pussy juices were flowing out of her little cunt hole and mixing with the water running down her legs. Kathy rubbed and pinched her hard nipples with her left hand as her right hand toyed with her pouting little pussy. She ran her fingers over her pussy mound, twisted and pulled her pussy lips before slipping first one then two fingers into her tight little cunt . Kathy decided this was not going get her to bed early, so she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. As Kathy used the towel to pat and rub herself dry, she noticed Nero was sitting at the bathroom door.

    She brushed past Nero, her thighs bumping his snout and head out of her way as she headed for her bedroom. Nero's head came up quickly, his nose had bumped and rubbed Kathy's pussy mound as she went by. He knew that sweet smell, it was the scent of a bitch in heat and Nero wanted some pussy wrapped around his dick now. Nero licked his snout as his dick extended and expanded from the sheath under his belly, and he followed that smell down the hall. With each step his swelling dog dick lengthened and hardened, as he stayed close behind Kathy. Kathy threw the towel at the chair as she entered the bedroom. Unfortunately, Kathy was not looking where she was going and the toes of her left foot crashed into her briefcase, tripping her and sending her flying head first into the side-rail of her king-size bed, with a bang! Nero stopped right behind her, with his nose down smelling her lovely ass. Kathy's head hit the bed hard, she lay spread-legged and dazed on the floor as Nero started to lick her sweet pussy and asshole. His doggie dick was now healthy 10" long. Kathy was unaware that Nero had his long tongue stuck-up her little love tunnel and licking her from clit to ass. She slowly started to push herself to her hands and knees. The big dog decided to stop licking her flowing pussy juices and mount this new-found bitch and do some fucking.

    Kathy dazed, her head hurting like hell, had this hot wet pulsing feeling in her fuck hole. As Nero mounted Kathy his front paws circled her waist, gripping hard. Kathy, just starting to come around a little, felt this strange weight and pressure on her ass and around her waist. Then there was this hard, smooth, wet and pointed thing that kept poking her around her pussy hole and ass hole over and over again. Just then the wet pointed tip of Nero's massive dick found it's mark, pushing open her pouting pussy lips slipping into her wet hole, wedging and stretching the mouth of Kathy's little pussy. Her head jerked up as the huge dog dick shoved again into her love tunnel. With a powerful thrust the tip and two swollen inches of dog meat slammed into her stretching cunt hole.

    Kathy's eyes snap open, someone is shoving a very large object into her little fuck hole. Who was raping her? Where did he come from? How did he get into the house and where is Nero? Nero, humping hard, slips a little more dick into her tight little pussy. She screams for her attacker to stop, please stop hurting and stretching her little hole. As she looks over her shoulder to see who is raping her she sees Nero humping as hard and as fast as he can. Kathy quickly looks between her legs in time to see Nero hump and thrust 2" more of his monster dog dick into her poor pussy. Nero was thrusting his massive dick in and out of her cunt trying to bury another 8" of hard dog-dick into her already stretched-to-the-limit pussy. She yells at and commands Nero to stop and get off of her. But, the big dog is to busy fucking her to pay attention. Kathy tries to crawl and pull away from Nero, but he's gripping her too tight and follows along. As she was moving her legs to crawl, her pussy stretches and the big dog double humped a few more inches into her, hitting her cervix and pushing against the top of her fuck hole. He was thrusting so hard she almost lost her balance. Kathy braced herself raised one hand off the floor and swings at Nero, hoping to startle him and make him get off of her. Her other hand slips as Nero pumps hard into her love tunnel. More big dog dick is wedged into her pussy pressing the bottom of her cunt up farther into her belly. As she slips forward her chin, tits and chest hit the floor, her hips rotate exposing her helpless love hole to the big dog's powerful humping thrust. Kathy's left hand, arm and head slide under the bed. Her shoulders are pined against the bed frame. Nero with powerful thrusts, slides more and more of his massive and still growing dick deeper into her cunt. Her fuck tunnel is being stretched and pushed deeper into her belly. The dog finally shoves the last few inches of his huge dick into her stretched hole. Now Nero pulls his monster dick almost out of her fuck hole then shoves it all the way back into her bottoming out in her pussy. As he thrust in and out of Kathy's love hole, her pussy starts pulsing, gripping, tingling and sucking on the huge dick invading her. Her swollen little clit is pressed hard against the swelling dog dick thrusting in and out of Kathy's pussy. Her orgasm is quickly building to a climax. She feels herself coming closer and closer to heaven. Nero's dick is getting larger at the base and he is trying to push his knot into her poor pussy. Kathy can't see anything, so she reaches her right hand down and can barely touch her pussy. She feels a big knot in Nero's dick, bigger than a baseball, being shoved in and out her pussy hole and as it's getting bigger. It's pushing her pussy lips in and out of her hole. Then Nero sinks his large dick, knot and all into Kathy's fuck hole and the knot expands and locks his massive pole into her. His strokes are now hard, short and fast, sending Kathy through one climax after another, Nero grunts and shots one huge load of cum after another into her sealed cunt. Her cunt feels like a basketball is in it. Some dog cum seeps around the huge knot and dick locked into Kathy's pussy and drips onto the floor.

    Nero dismounts Kathy's ass, his monster dick still locked in her little hole. As the big dog tries to walk away a few feet, he drags Kathy out from under the bed by her pussy. Nero lays down pulling her off her knees and flopping her onto her side. Now she can see. Kathy spreads her legs and pushes herself into a position where she can see her poor little pussy. There was about 2" of dog dick sticking out of her pussy between her and Nero. Her pussy lips were spread very far apart, her cunt hole was stretched wide; her pussy mound was bulging and is pushed out away from her bottom, like a big balloon was in her little hole. She could not see much of the knot inside her pussy. She sat there knowing that earlier she saw Nero's 11" dick and it looked like he had buried almost all of it in her poor little pussy hole. She was amazed, as she gazed at the massive dog dick in her pussy, the knot started slipping out of her stretched pussy, at least a quart of dog cum poured down her ass and left leg, followed by 3" of knot 10" more of dog dick. Kathy couldn't believe that much dick had been shoved all the way into her pouting little pussy. She had had 13" of dog meat shoved up into her lovely little hole. She would never have thought you could put that much dick into one pussy, at one time. Kathy still could not believe that Nero had raped her or that she had enjoyed it so much. She couldn't wait to fuck Nero's monster dick again.

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    A quart of dog cum?

    Get real. Were talking about dogs, not elephants!

    Jan 17 2007 14:35
    Wow! Interesting. Ask me, sometime, about my first dog experimentation. It was with a neighbor's German Shephard. And, man, was it intense!

    Jun 9 2007 12:06
    lovely story, plz write more, thank's. xx

    Jun 30 2010 21:58
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