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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, incest, gang, interracial, oral.

    Chapter 1

    "God I love the taste of your dog's cum," said Teresa. She was lapping at Molli's pussy, slurping up the remnants of Humphrey's orgasm. Humphrey was laying on his side panting, his long tongue licking around his red cock as it shrank back into its sheath.

    "Yeah," said Molli. "Me, too. I like it better than almost any of the cum I've ever tasted."

    "We should set up a taste test, you know? Get a bunch of dogs and suck them all off, see which one tastes the best," Teresa said.

    "MMMMmmmm," Molli purred. "I bet we could do it. I can get us in the dogpound, the dogcatcher likes me. All we'd have to do is blow him, maybe put on a little show for him."

    "I'm in," said Leslie. The short voluptuous brunette was rubbing Humphrey's belly, hoping to make his cock appear. "We could get Primo and Spike and Bozo and, and..." Her eyes glazed as she recalled all the canine cock she'd inhaled in the past year or so.

    "What are you girls talking about?" Sammi said as she walked through on her way to the kitchen.

    "Dog dicks," Molli said. "We thinking about a taste test."

    "Oooh good idea, we could charge admission," Sammi said. "We could charge for watching and charge for tasting. And the dog owners could pay to see how their puppies' pricks rate with all the dogfuckers around here."

    Lorianne, who'd begun to hang around Sammi after their joint adventure in the shed nodded enthusiastically, too.

    "I know the way back, we could get Levi and Ronnie's dogs, too. Serve those assholes right for cutting us off," she said. "I liked that Lobo dog of theirs."

    "OK we'll do it," Sammi said. "All of us are entered as judges. I'll spread the word around."

    Leslie nodded enthusiastically, but she couldn't say anything. She was busy licking the head of Humphrey's bright red cock as it emerged once again. She smiled as the shaft got bigger and grew fatter and longer in her mouth. Soon she was deep throating the dog as he powered the glistening nine-inch rod in and out of her throat. His knot inflated but Leslie, who knew a thing or two about dog sucking, kept her lip locked at the base of Humphrey's shaft.

    The other girls watched as Humphrey began to jet into the brunette's slutty, insatiable mouth.

    "Don' you swallow you slut," Teresa warned. "All this talk about dog dick has made me horny. WE ALL get a taste of that load."

    It was okay with Leslie, her cheeks ballooned with the load Humphrey was pumping into her mouth. When she could hold no more, despite her tightly sealed lips on the thresting shaft, white cum began to drip down her lips and chin. Humphrey pulled out when his cum was over and Leslie lay back, mouth open to show the pool of potential puppies Humphrey had fucked into her. The white pool of dog cum was too inviting. Teresa was first, frenching Leslie vigorously to dip her taster in the dog dick's leavings. Lori was next and swirled her tongue in Leslie's mouth as well Molli and Sammi licked their share too.

    Leslie swallowed the rest, smacking her lips.

    "That's good cum," she said. "I think Humphrey's gonna be a contender."

    Chapter 2

    To be fair, the girls decided, they needed more contenders for the title. They assigned themselves to teams and went on the prowl.

    Teresa and Leslie teamed up and immediately went to the Bethune neighborhood. Their tiny little bikini tops and tight running shorts immediately attracted the attention of the largely-black community there.

    "Wha chu lil hos doing down here?" said Walter, strolling up to Teresa and running his finger inside her top. "Don' you know the white girls that come down here gets fucked?" Walter pinched Teresa's nipple which stood up hard, making a big dent in her top. Walter pulled the cup off her breast and sucked the hard pink nubbin into his mouth.

    "Nice titty white girl," he said. He unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out. The long brown rod pointed straight down at the ground, eight inches long and an inch and a half thick while soft.

    Leslie, whose own nipples were standing up, grasped Walter's wang and began to rub it with both hands.

    "We're looking for it dogstyle," she said, hands moving back and forth on Walter's fuckstick as it began and stiffen and straighten. "With some real dogs. Think you could help us. Teresa and I would really, really be grateful."

    Walter's rod was now fully inflated, 10 inches long and fat as a D-cell flashlight. The chocolate brown tip was bobbing under Teresa's chin and the slit in the head was beginning to seep clear fluid as Leslie's hands pumped the fuckmeat hard and slow.

    "Yeah, we'd be grateful," Teresa said. "Let us give you a sample how grateful we'd be." Teresa opened her mouth and sucked Walter's dickhead in and began to tongue it. Leslie meanwhile continued her two-handed masturbation of the stiff ebony rod.

    "I I I think I can help you little whores out," Walter said. "But first I gotta cum.

    Leslie pulled Walter's cock from Teresa's mouth and pulled her hands off.

    "First the dogs," she said. Leslie was a hard negotiator.

    Walter was too far gone, his thick black meat began to shoot jets of cum on Teresa's face. She caught a couple of shots in her mouth but the rest flew out the end of Walter's dick at random. Several streamers dripped between Teresa's tiny breasts and rolled down her stomach.

    "Ooooh," she said. "Hot and nasty cum. Feels really good, Leslie."

    Leslie licked up a thick rivulet that had looped on Teresa's nipple.

    "Tastes good, too," she said. "Teresa and I like to eat cum," she said to Walter. "Too bad you don't know where some big-dicked dogs are. If you did, we'd both suck you off, you could feed us both your cum."

    "I, I, I think I c-c-c-can help," Walter said, his penis still standing stiff and straight. "Meet you here in about an hour?"

    "Mmmmm, okay," said Leslie, licking another sperm spurt off Teresa's belly. "Wear the rest of his load," Leslie advised Teresa. "Maybe the doggies we're looking for will notice."

    They wiggled their round firm asses down the street. Walter stared after them, then sprinted off.

    Teresa and Leslie cut down the alley behind Ted's Grocery Store and The Chat and Chew Restaurant.

    "This looks like a good place for doggies," Teresa said.

    In the trash cans behind the Chat and Chew the girls found several dogs nosing through the remains of restaurant meals.

    "I'll see if they're interested," Leslie said. She walked up to a big rangy mutt and began to rub his belly sheath. The beast stopped eating briefly and turned to lick his dick head as it began to slip out.

    "I'll help," Teresa said. She slipped between the dog's legs and glued her mouth to the bring red boner that was beginning to emerge. Leslie massaged the rod as Teresa sucked. Their cooperative effort brought a fat nine-inch dogcock to light, as thick as Teresa's wrist.

    "He'll do," Teresa said, pulling her mouth of the stray's fuckstick. She scrambled out from under the stray and massaged what looked to be an elderly hunting dog, his black and white blotchy coat was dull and matted and his muzzle was grey, but he too showed pink when Teresa began to massage his dick. He gave him a big wet kiss on the pointed end of his cock, sucking it in as far as she could. The rod keep growing and bumped the back of her throat. She pulled shiny lips off the old dogcock and pronounced him a contender as well.

    Leslie, meanwhile had found two potentential contestants on her own. One conveniently rolled over on his back and began to extrude his thin red dick in response to her massage of his balls. Leslie, a sucker for a horny dog, pressed her mouth to the conical tip and began to lick around and around. As she got a good mouthful from the friendly dog, she felt some furry legs grasp her waist.

    "My goodness," said Teresa when she pulled away from her new finds. "Look at the cock on that son of a bitch."

    Leslie couldn't see, busy sucking up a potential contestant but she could feel the rod bumping her crotch.

    "You gotta try this one," Teresa said. She pulled Leslie's shorts down and aimed the fat dogcock between her friend's pussy lips.

    The husky stray's muscular fuck into her drove Leslie's mouth down the other stray's cock. IT entered her throat and the hounds promptly began to hump her from both ends. The backdoor pooch was flashing a cock that was a full nine and a half inches from the knott and two inches in diameter. The hound pounded Leslie's cunt viciously and sunk his knot inside her."

    Leslie began to cum from her dog fucking. Her orgasmic wails brought the attention of George the butcher at Ted's Grocery. He came out to find most of the dogs sporting red boners and one boner buried in a cute little brunette's pussy.

    "Well, well, well," he said. "What we got here? A dog fucking whore? I don't let doggie whores behind the store."

    Leslie couldn't go anwhere, impaled as she was from behind by the hugely-hung stray and in front by the flashing red rod of the other dog. The dog in her mouth began to cum and white streamers of cum drained down his bright red dick as Leslie bobbed her head.

    George unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick.

    "Can I help you with that?" Teresa asked. "She sucked the head into her mouth an began to jack him off, sucking and licking on the head."

    George who was very excited watching the stray slam-fuck Leslie grabbed Teresa's head in both hand and began to fuck her mouth. His cock slipped down her throat and the tiny girl's efforts to swallow brought him off quickly. Big shots of cum flooded Teresa's mouth, which she promptly swallowed. George pulled his dick from her mouth and it was spotless, the little slut had cleaned everything on his dick off with her tongue. Teresa smiled with shiny lips and reached out to flick an errant blob of white back into her mouth.

    "Can you help up with these dogs?" she asked. "We're doing a research project and we need them. I promise none of them are going to be hurt."

    George went inside and came back with two pounds of hamburger, some rope and Ted, the store manager.

    The stray fucking Leslie was unloading his balls into her and when he pulled out a flood of dog sperm flowed out. Teresa, always on top of things, was already on her knees and caught the mass of dog cum spurting from her friend's cunt. She smacked her lips.

    Ted unzipped his pants and pulled down Teresa's shorts. He rammed his cock inside her and began to fuck her doggy-style in the alley as dog cum dripped down her chin. Pulling on her ass he power fucked the little teen driving his dick all the way up to her cervix, then blasted off a load of cum. Leslie came over and dropped her mouth on Ted's dick as he pulled out. Her talented tongue soon had all traces of his fuck removed from his cock. Then she sucked the rest of the load from Teresa.

    "Can you help us please?" Teresa said.

    "I guess we can, "George and Ted said. Zipping up their pants they improvised rough leashes for the dogs and the girls walked off, six new dogs for the contest in tow."

    "See you little sluts later," George said. "You're going to need feeding soon, so don't forget us."

    "Wonder what her meant by that?" Leslie said. "We got 12 dog balls full of cum, we're going to be fed quite nicely."

    "Yeah," said Teresa. "Quite nicely."

    Chapter 3

    "Well, well, well," said Leo the dogcatcher as Sammi and her neighbor Blondie wobbled up to the door of the animal shelter. "You sluts are here for dog dick, right? There's a new requirement now. It's a test I made up. Only real fucking nasty sluts get to suck on the doggies' dicks now."

    Flipping open Sammi's blouse, which she had thoughtfully unbuttoned fully on the way to the door, Leo grasped her chocolate brown 37C breasts one in each hand and squeezed.

    "Got nice tits for a dog fucker," Leo said. "And I know you can suck dick. What about your friend?"

    Blondie, a caramel-skinned beauty was already pulling her skimpy wifebeater undershirt up over her breasts. Leo's hand went to his crotch and he unzipped his dirty khaki uniform pants. He stepped in front of her and pushed the fat shiny head of his cock into her waiting mouth. Grasping her bleached yellow hair he began to thrust into her mouth. As he neared his orgasm he pulled her face on to his crotch and began to fuck his cock full length into her face, sending the throbbing rod down her throat.

    "That's good, whore," he said, pulling his dock from her mouth. "Here's a little present." Jerking his cock out of her lips he sprayed Blondie's face with jet after jet of white sticky sperm. She began licking her lips with a long agile tongue to get as much as she could.

    "You're a slut all right," he said. "But that's not the test. Follow me to the back."

    Molli and Blondie followed to the back room. Aligned against the wall was animal control officer Patty Sahm, three Great Dane bitches and Patty's bisexual roommate Sherry.

    "I dropped a load in one of these bitches right before you got here," Leo said. "Tell me which one and you can go see the doggies. On your knees, whores, you can't use your hands on this test, only your tongues."

    Sammi and Blondie immediately got down before Sherry and Patty. Both women showed a white froth on their pussy lips. The pretty black women drove their tongues up the white women's labia and swirled their tasters in the juices there.

    "You fucked a dog," Sammi told Patty. "Don' know what kind, but that's dog cum dripping from yo pussy."

    "Right," Patty said. "That's one eliminated."

    "And you fucked a man," Blondie told Sherry. "Tastes like man-cum but I don't think it was Leo's"

    "Right again, bitch," Sherry said. "Why don't you clean the rest of it out so I'll be in a good mood."

    Blondie was nothing loathe, she slurped on Sherry's cunt until the white woman buckled at the knees during her third orgasm.

    "That leaves the bitches, bitches," Leo chuckled. "They're all freshly fucked, too."

    Sammi and Blondie approached the bitched who obligingly rolled over. Spreading the dogs' cunts open wide the black women lapped their tongues into the bitches' creamy centers.

    "Nope," Sammi announced, "Nothing but dog cum here. I kind of like licking dog pussy, though, have to try it again some time." She rolled over atop another of the bitches as Blondie tongue fucked the third bitch. Sammi slipped her tongue in the dog's cunt as far as it would go and twirled.

    "This is it," she said. "This is it, you fucked this bitch," she announced.

    "No," Blondie said. "I think it was this one. You fucked this brown spotted bitch."

    "Sammi you're right, Blondie, You're wrong," Leo said. "I'm feeling generous though. Sammi, come oil Blondie's asshole up with your tongue. I'm gonna tap her ass then you can go see the dogs."

    Sammi drilled her tongue into her friends ass then guided Leo's penis inside her. A dozen lunges into Blondie's ass and Leo blew his nuts."

    "Clean me up and you can go," he announced. Sammi swallowed his cock whole and it emerged from her mouth in a minute pink and shiny and hard once again.

    Pressing a button Leo unlocked the electric lock leading to the kennels.

    "You bitches have a good time," he said. "I heard about the contest. You can borrow whoever you want, I just get to watch, okay?"

    "Sho, Leo," Sammi said. Then she and Blondie pushed into the kennel area.


    Behind the door animal officers Henry "Hooter" Morrissey and his brother Ray were waiting. Each was plugged into a bitch to their balls.

    "Just getting a little lube on it for you fucking dog sluts," Hooter announced as he withdrew his dick, shiny with the bitch's secretions. "Clean it off, slut."

    Sammi slurped down Hooter's dick and began to bob her head up and down on the shaft. Her tongue rasping up and down the dogcatcher's freshly dog-fucked cock.

    "Mmmmmmmm," she hummed sluttishly as Hooter fucked into her throat.

    Hooter for his part was overcome by the humming, he began to pump sperm into Sammi's mouth. Sammi swallowed and sluttishly licked his dick clean sucking until Hooter had to pull out because of his cock was too sensitive. She smacked her lips.

    "Did I do you good Mr. Hooter?" she asked. "Do I get a doggie now?"

    "Sure you do, cumbucket," Hooter said. "Wait til the other slut is finished with Ray."

    Ray was at that moment buried balls deep in Blondie's ass and pumping his cum inside her. His hand were locked onto her ass cheeks and he was forced inside her ass as far as he could go as his sperm sprayed into her guts.

    "Oooh eeeee," Ray said, pulling his penis from the blonde-haired negress. "Nothing like a black ass to pull the cum out of you. Suck this dick baby, clean it all up."

    Blondie spun around and cleaned the remnants of Ray's cum and her own ass juices from his dick.

    "You a good little cocksucker girl," Ray said. "Lemme show you our dogs."

    Sammi, shiny lips and all, and Blondie, with Ray's cum dripping out her ass, walked down the dog run to see the animals.

    Officer Patty and Sherry came in, as did Leo.

    "We're here to help you with your selection," Leo said. "We offer nothing but the finest, fattest juiciest dog dicks to nasty fucking doggie cum sponges like you."

    Sammi quickly was attracted to a muscular Rotweiler, she stroked her hand on his belly and a fat red tube extruded, laced with veins.

    "Good choice," Patty said. "Olaf is one of my favorites."

    Blondie dipped her head under a pit bull's belly and jerked on his shaft, but was disappointed. Slurp as she might the cock didn't get any bigger than her thumb and only slightly longer.

    "Nice dog, little dick, but tasty cum," Sherry said.

    Blondie stopped and moved on. She stopped by a cage than held a black and white Newfoundland hound. Moving aside his belly fur she found three inches of pink already showing on his belly. As she jacked him off the tub expanded to the point the finger barely met around the shaft, and it was longer than both her hands could grasp.

    "Ooooh," Blondie said. She plunged her mouth over the cockhead for a taste.

    "We wants this one fo sho," Blondie said.

    "Good choice," Patty said. "Gotta nice big dick and he lasts a long time, nice creamy wad when he shoots, too."

    Sammi meanwhile had a dog cock in each hand as she inspected a pair of German Shepherds.

    "Lucky and Luke," Leo said. "They're brothers, part Rottweiler, you could do them in tandem."

    Sammi's hands coaxed the dogs fat red dicks out in the open. Pink and grayish and shot through with tiny red veins, both dogs were weeping pre-cum from the pointy conical tips of their dicks."

    Sammi sucked Luke into her mouth, then switched and slurped down Lucky's throbbing dick.

    "There two will do fo sho," she announced, lips shiny with dog secretions.

    Blondie neared the end of the row and saw a Great Dane, laying on his side, licking his dick.

    "Po doggie," she said. "Lemme do that with you."

    Blondie leaned in the cage and began to lick the Dane's dick, too, rasping her tongue along side his. When she opned her mouth to suck the tip, the beast humped and sent his dick to the back of her throat. His forelegs trapped her and he began to mouth-fuck her rapidly. Blondie gagged momentarily then backed off.

    "This one, too," she said.

    "Satan is a horny devil," Sherry said. "He's fucked every bitch in the place. Done real well at it, too," she smiled.

    "That looks like it fo all the big dogs," Sammi said. "You sure we can use them?"

    "Sure, dogfuck," Leo said.

    "Wait a minute," Patty said. "Let me show you something."

    Opening the door to a medium sized cage containing a small black mutt, no more than about 35 pounds, she pulled him out on the floor. Rolling him over she began to tease his dick out his belly. When pink showed, she began to suck. After a minute with her lips buried on his belly, Patty pulled off and showed off a thick bright red cock, fully nine inches long and an inche and a half thick.

    "Randy here is packing a lot of meat for a little sumbitch," she said. "He tastes real good, too."

    "Okay we'll take him, too," Sammi said. She turned toward the door, but Hooter grabbed her by the arms from behind. Ray grabbed Blondie in similar fashion.

    "Excuse me ladies, I mean dogcunts, but you got my dogs all excited. You got to finish them off," Leo said.

    Hooter and Ray pulled Sammi and Blondie to small benches and strapped them down. Their heads and asses overlapping the bench, they were in prime position for what Leo had in mind.

    "Okay girl," he told Patty. "Let them out."

    The doors on all the male dogs' cages sprang open and a crowd immediately gathered around the two bound black women. Satan stepped between Sammi's legs and Patty guided his cock into her pussy.

    "You like a little dogmeat don't you you black slut?" Patty said. "So do I. Satan is gonna fuck you raw."

    Sammi groaned as the Dane drove his fat cock inside her, all the way to her cervix and began a jackhammer fuck. In the meantime Olaf was positioned in her face. Patty pinched Sammi's nose until she had to breathe and guided Olaf's cock into her mouth. Olaf began to hump his dick down Sammi's gasping throat immediately.

    "I love to see a dogslut double-fucked," Leo said, jerking his cock with one hand. "Go get the camera, Officer Dogslut."

    Patty hurried to get the office's digital camera. When she returned, Luke and Lucky were poling Blondie from both ends.

    "Suck my puppies, make them cum in your filthy fucking nigger whore mouths," Leo shouted. "You black bitches are only fit for fuckin anyway. I don't see that it matters to you what kinda dick it is."

    All four dogs humped ferociously at Sammi and Blondie, and eventually began to pump their cum into them. Sammi's mouth overflowed, and Leo acted pissed.

    "Look at that, you nasty whore," he shouted. "All you had to do was suck and swallow dog cum and you couldn't even do that. You got it all in your hair, slut."

    Cum was streaming from Blondie's mouth as well as Lucky pumped a stream of puppy juice onto her tongue. Her sodden crotch was soaked with dog sperm, too, and a gusher of sperm splashed the floor after Luke pulled out of her cunt.

    "Nasty, nasty dog whore," Leo shouted. "Who's gonna clean that up?"

    Sammi's cunt began to drip before Satan was even through, as his knot deflated and he pulled out his sperm spurted out as well.

    "Officer Dogfuck, you had your fun, clean the bitch up," Leo shouted.

    Patty pressed her mouth to Sammi's soaking crotch and began to slurp up Satan's orgasm. Sherry was pressed face-first into Blondie's pussy and performed a similar duty. Hooter and Ray guided dogs behind Patty and Sherry as they cleaned up Sammi and Blondie. They were quickly impaled as well. Leo brought Randy over to Blondie.

    "He's all excited, finish him off with your dog-sucking fuckhole," he ordered. Blondie swallowed Randy's cock and then forced it down her throat as the small dog began to hump her face.

    Hooter and Ray, excited by the scene, jerked their cocks in Sammi's face. Almost simultaneously they began to jet streamers of cum on her face. They took turns poking their spurting cocks into her mouth. When at last she culd open her mouth there was a lake of white showing.

    "Don't swallow, whore," Leo ordered. "You need some more dog cum."

    Dragging over a very excited collie, Leo grasped its dick, pulled it between it legs and aimed the organ at Sammi. A few jerks on the Collie's rod and it was spurting as well. Shots landed in her mouth to mix with Hooter and Ray's and frosted her face streaking her lips, nose, cheeks and eyebrows.

    Leo shot a picture of Sammi's face dripping cum. A rope of mixed human and dog cum drooled down her lip when she smiled for the camera. She caught it in her hand and licked it off.

    "Okay sluts, get out of here, come get them for the contest," Leo said.

    Sammi and Blondie were pushed out the door naked and streaked with cum. When they turned around their clothes were thrown at them.

    "That was fun," Blondie said, grasping Sammi's breast and licking at the cum there.

    "Sure was," Sammi said as she pressed a hard nipple into her friend's mouth. "We gotta try that again."

    Chapter 4

    Lorianne thought about it, hard. Where to find a fat tasty dogcock for the contest. Sammi had covered the pound, Teresa had downtown scouted out. There must be someplace...

    As she bobbed her head on Clarence's fat black dick she pondered the question. As his meaty hand pushed her blonde head down on his cock she didn't know what to do. She sucked a little harder and let her tongue dance up and down the dusky rod that impaled her face. Without a car it was hard to get around, it was so nice of Clarence to give her a ride to the truckstop where she was working. The blowjob as payment was something she and the big black man both enjoyed.

    As Clarence's dick stiffened in her mouth, Lorianne knew the best part was upon her. Fat white jets of cum blasted her mouth, she could feel the streamers of jizz rain against her tongue as she licked the spurting fuckstick she'd locked her lips around. Clarence grasped her blonde hair and held her down on his cock as he dribbled out the remnants of his orgasm. It wasn't necessary to Lorianne, she was going to lick up all the spendings from the ebony rod she could manage. Her mouth was full and the final spurts overstressed her lips, causing a white rivulet of sperm of drip from the corner of her lips. Lorianne pulled off Clarence's cock and opened her mouth to show him his cum. She swallowed it down and started to lick her lips when Clarence stopped her.

    "Don't lick it up," he ordered. "A cumslut like you has to wear my load. You leave it there and go inside."

    "Okay," Lorianne said. The stream slid down her lips and chin and eventually was absorbed deep in her cleavage. She walked in, her oral predeliction obvious to anyone who looked.

    In the back, George the manager unzipped his pants as she walked in. It was a daily occurrence, she sucked him off everyday before work. A few sucks and she was carrying his load under her tongue.

    "Order up," Jose the cook announced. "This one goes to Miz Tipton, over in the corner."

    Lorianne didn't like her, Carol Tipton's tight mature body and the deep firm crevice between her boobs forced the male eyeballs to split their attention between Carol's charms and her own. She spit George's cumload into Carol's iced tea.

    Carol said the white swirls in her drink and immediately knew from the taste that someone had cum in it. She thought maybe Eloy in the kitchen was sending her a present. It wouldn't be the load she'd received from his chubby brown hard-on.

    "Ummm, have you switched brands of tea, sweetie," she asked Lorianne, reaching across the table for the artificial sweetener. The action threatened to spill her generous bosom from its skimpy confinement, earning her a glare from the well-stacked waitress.

    "No ma'am. It's nothing special," Lorianne said.

    "Well I like it," Carol said, licking her lips.

    Lorianne privately figured she probably did. She looked at Carol's tits with as lustful an eye as most of the male customers did. Her own nipples hardened as she stared down Carol's bustline. Lots of dicks have gone down Carol's throat, she figured.

    Lorianne unbuttoned another two buttons on her waitress uniform and bent over to scrub a table. Damn if she was going to let the other slut get all the attention.

    Lorianne's swinging tits didn't let her make eye contact with a male customer the rest of the afternoon. When her break came around, she slipped outside for a couple of tokes on a joint.

    As she was blowing out the first big hit, she saw something that interested her. A rancher pulled up, his big F250- riding high. In the front seat was his dog, a black standard poodle.

    Earl tipped his hat to Lorianne as she made eyes at the dog.

    "Is he friendly?" Lorianne asked.

    "Blackjack is very friendly," Earl said. "You want to pet him?"

    "Would that be okay?, thank you," she said, bending over to give the middle-aged cowboy a shot down to her stiffening nipples.

    "Go ahead," Earl said, as soon as he was past he snaked a hand down his jeans and readjusted his stiffening cock so it was more comfortable.

    Lorianne walked over to the open window to greet the poodle. The big black beast wasn't a lapdog by any means. He was laying stretched out on the front seat, his tongue hanging out in the heat when Lorianne stuck her head in the door. Blackjack looked up and gave her a doggie smile. Lorianne reached in and patted his head and Blackjack sat up on the seat. Excited to see a stranger, Blackjack's pointy cock slipped out of its sheath a little.

    "Oooh, are you happy to see me?" Lorianne said. She reached down to the dogs crotch and grasped his sheath. Blackjack was very glad to see Lorianne if she was going to grab his dick. Earl's daughter Susan was out of town, had been for a week, and he was missing her attention. His thick red penis began to grow as Lorianne masturbated him. She boosted herself up the window as the red rod popped out. Dangling her legs out the window she pulled Blackjack to her mouth and sucked in his head. Bobbing up and down she was savoring the doggie dick juice with her tongue when Earl showed up again.

    "What you doing to my dog, bitch," he asked.

    "Just tasting his dick, I'll explain in a minute," Lorianne said, returning her mouth to Blackjack's throbbing fuckstick.

    "You just go ahead," Earl said. He ran his hand up Lorianne's thighs and found her smoothly shaved pussy, dripping wet.

    "Well, well," he said. "A little girl with no panties, getting wet while she sucks my dog. What am I going to do?"

    Lorianne, her mouth bobbing on Blackjack, didn't answer. Earl unzipped his pants, pulled out his long (8 inches) cock and stepped up on the tube brushguard that ran along the bottom of his pickup's door. Grasping the roofrack with one hand and his cock with the other he penetrated Lorianne's juicy little cunt. Firmly in the saddle he grasped the roof rack with both hands and began to hammer her teenaged cunt. Earl's vigorous fucking drover her mouth further down Blackjack's cock and he began to hump back in reaction. Dog and man skewered the slutty truckstop waitress behind the restaurant. Earl powered his cock in and out of her pussy, savoring its clutching grasp on his organ.

    "Yeah, slut, make that cunt grab my dick," he ordered, banging hard into her.

    Blackjack didn't say anything, but he let out a short bark as his dock began to blast the blonde slut's mouth with a load of doggie sperm. Lorianne locked her lips around it and chugged as much of the force-fed puppy juice down as she could.

    In the meantime Earl reached the breaking point and his stiff cock began to blast her pussy with sperm.

    "Take it, whore. Take my cum up your slutty cunt," he said. "You're nothing but a slutty dogwhore aren't you. I bet you want Blackjack to fuck you, too."

    Lorianne, in fact, did want the poodlepenis to penetrate her pussy. She wanted it badly, but her break was up. Pulling sperm-slicked lips off Blackjack's dick, she backed out the window of the truck and faced Earl. Dropping to her knees she sucked his dick into her mouth to clean it off. Earl reached his hands inside her top and freed her hard nippled titties. He pinched her nipples as she mouthed his shiny penis.

    "You're a good little slut, aren't you?" Earl said appreciating Lorianne's thoughfulness in licking the fuck juices and cum off his cock. "Tell me what you wanted with my dog."

    Lorianne explained the contest. Earl said he would be there with Blackjack.

    As she walked back inside, Lorianne looked over at Tractor Supply Co. There were a lot of pickups there, she noted, and more than a few furry heads looking around at their surroundings. Licking the last of Earl and Blackjack's spendings off her lips she flounced back inside to go back to work. She'd found a bunch of new contestants, she was sure.

    To Be Continued...

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