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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, exhib, oral, anal, wife, cheat.

    Kathy Murphy walked nervously onto the stage and peered into the dark auditorium. She briefly shaded her eyes with her hand, trying to blot out the blinding stage lights.

    "Pete! Pete! I thought I told you that I wanted a brunette!" Kathy heard the producer yell.

    "Bob! I'm telling you she's good. Listen to her read her lines and shut up for once in your life," Pete Coons, the director, shouted back from the left wing.

    "So she's got a pair of big tits! That makes an actress?" the man shouted again.

    "Go on, Kathy. Read," Pete urged quietly.

    Kathy dropped her hand and swallowed hard, trying to fight off the feeling of panic that was making her stomach rumble and quiver with butterflies. This was her first big chance to get out of the house and into the theatre.

    "Okay, angel tits. Let's go," the producer shouted out from the darkened room.

    "Oh Sheba, do you..." Kathy started.

    "Goddamn it! Where's the dog? This is the big return scene for that fuckin' dog. If she's gonna read, I want to see her with that animal," the producer hollered.

    Kathy closed her eyes and fought back the urge to scream. She'd never dreamed that getting a part in the Pasadena Civic Theatre would be this traumatic. The way everyone was acting, she thought she was auditioning for a Broadway theatre in New York. But all this was just a game they were playing, she knew that she had to go along with the rules or go home.

    Back to the vacuum cleaner! Ugh! She thought as she watched the prop man run frantically round the wings looking for her co-star. Kathy married Joe when she was twenty and really had no complaints about him. She'd been a virgin when she married him, not really knowing what went on in the sack.

    Joe changed all of that quickly, and turned Kathy into a star pupil of fucking. Kathy experimented with him willingly--not only because she loved him, but because she realized she had a hot cunt that needed banging regularly.

    "Get that damned dog! I haven't got all day!" the producer screeched.

    Kathy sighed as she remembered how the frustration slowly began to set in on her. Joe had his career. He was a manager and instructor at a women's gym in Beverly Hills. Kathy had been there a few times and felt her jealousy burning at full tilt when she saw the way the women looked at Joe. She watched their eyes glaze over with lust, as they stared at his powerful crotch.

    Kathy knew that her husband had a powerful animal magnetism that made nipples stiffen, tits swell, and cunts fire up and juice uncontrollably. That was one of the first things that attracted her to him. But did he have to parade it around at his job?

    Kathy sighed again as she thought of how some women practically got down on their backs and hunched up their knees whenever Joe walked by. He was tall, dark-complected, and had long, curly thick black hair that hung slightly over his ears. His blue eyes sparkled with excitement, glowing almost continually with sexual lust from under his thick black lashes and bushy brows.

    Kathy didn't know if Joe fooled around or not. He was home with her every night. But there were those secluded little sauna parties at the gym. If he did fuck other women, it certainly wasn't because Kathy was some ugly frump with purple stretch marks and bad breath.

    Kathy was twenty-five now and had long, straight blonde hair that flowed down to her waist. Her eyes were as blue as Joe's and gleamed with the same kind of lust his did. But her most noticeable asset was her boobs. They were firm with deep red nipples that always seemed to be twitching and stiff with sexual excitement. She always felt her clit twinge with rushing blood as men on the street stared at her bouncing tits. She'd had her chances to hop in the hay, but fought back the inviting urge that gripped her cunt continually, waiting for Joe to come home from the gym.

    For the first few years of their marriage, fucking and sucking was enough for Kathy. But lately she'd begun to get restless. Neither she nor Joe wanted children yet. But Kathy was tired of just sitting at home, finger-fucking herself until Joe decided to come home and finish the job with his hot, meaty 9 inch prick. Kathy began to realize that there was more than just warming up her cunt and plowing her husband juicy cock.

    At first she thought she'd take on a lover or start going out like other housewives she'd known who had the same killing desperation that was starting to creep over her. Joe, however, suggested the Pasadena Civic Theatre. He'd been watching her way turn in on herself for knew that Kathy had done a little acting when she was in high school junior school. One of his customers was the wife of the president of the Theatre Association of Pasadena. It wasn't too hard to get an audition for play.

    "We've got the dog," Kathy heard the prop man out from behind the setting. It snapped her out of her daydreaming and she concentrated on her art once more. Come Back Little Sheba. Big theatre it wasn't, but Kathy wasn't about to argue the point.

    "Hey. That's a Great Dane!" the producer wailed. "This is supposed to be about some fuckin' sheep dog!"

    "Sorry, Mr. Decker, but he's all we could round up for right now," the prop man apologized, dragging the frightened big, brown dog onto the stage.

    "Okay, okay. Come on, honey. Let's get going with your lines. Just pretend he's the sheep dog," the producer groaned.

    Kathy turned to her right and stared almost directly into the brown eyes the Dane. He panted heavily in nervous excitement. She didn't know what was happening to her. But something about this animal that was beginning to slowly turn her on. Kathy didn't know why, but she sensed that the animal was sexually aroused. She glanced down between the dog's hind legs and saw his prick was still sheathed. Then she looked back into the dog's eyes. It was the same kind of look Joe gave her just before he'd jump on her body.

    "Okay, okay, let's get GOING!"

    Kathy swallowed hard again, then got down on her knees and started reading her lines, reaching up and stroking the big dog's head as she spoke. She tried to get back into her part, but it was impossible. The sensation of the Dane's warm, short stiff hair against her slender fingers was making her nipples hard and stiff. Her panty-crotch was damp and her knees were beginning to tremble in excitement.

    Kathy couldn't believe that the dog was making her pussy steam up like that. She'd heard of women getting fucked by dogs and donkeys, and had always thought that they were a little sick. But here she was, on center stage, stroking a Great Dane and juicing like a teenage sexpot.

    "Shit! What the fuck's going' on?" she heard the producer scream out from the auditorium. Kathy kept reciting her lines as she heard some murmuring start up behind her.

    "Kathy, stop petting the dog!" Pete whispered from the left wing.

    Kathy flashed him a quick glance and saw that he was pointing at the Dane's cock. She looked down, and saw that the dog's prick was fully out of its sheath now, red and glistening red twitching angrily in the air. She felt her face flush with embarrassment and excitement as she tried to continue with her reading.

    Suddenly the Dane lurched forward slightly, pushing her down onto the stage.

    "Get him off her! He's gone crazy," Pete screamed out from the wings.

    "NO!" Kathy shrieked as her legs flew up in the air. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists, beating at the dog's hunching chest as the stagehands ran out from the wings and tried to pull the Dane off her.

    "Christ! What kind of dog did you get?" the producer shouted as Kathy felt the pointed tip of the Dane's prick bang against her soaked panty-crotch. She struggled under the animal, but felt her pussy tremble, quiver and contract with excitement every time the dog's cock-head slammed against her puffy cunt-lips.

    "I've got him," Pete gasped as he grabbed the big dog by the neck and pulled him off Kathy.

    "Are you okay, honey?" the wardrobe mistress asked as she kneeled down and helped Kathy up to her feet.

    "I-I think so," she stammered, brushing her blonde hair away from her eyes.

    "I'm sorry about this, Mrs. Murphy," Bob Decker said.

    "I think I know what happened. But that doesn't matter. Listen, if you want the part, you've got it."

    Kathy felt like jumping in happiness. Then it suddenly occurred to her that he was offering her the part because he didn't want her to sue him for this sudden doggie act. Kathy wanted to be in the theatre, but she didn't want to blackmail her way onto the stage.

    "You don't have to give me the part just because... because some dog..." Kathy began.

    "I like you. I liked what I heard before all this happened," the producer said, getting up out of his seat and walking toward the stage. "Like I said, you've got the part if you want it."

    Kathy almost shouted, but managed to keep control of herself and calmly told the man that she'd accept his offer.

    "Great! Okay kids, we've got everybody cast," Bob said in a loud voice as he walked up to the footlights. Kathy saw that he was a relatively young man--about thirty--and ruggedly handsome. His brown hair hung almost completely over his eyes, while his crotch bulged noticeably. Kathy wondered how many starlets Bob had banged on his producer's couch. "Helen, take Kathy down to wardrobe and get her fitted. I'm just going to go over a few points here with the rest of the cast."

    Kathy followed the wardrobe mistress through the maze of passages in the theatre until they came to a tiny room that was filled with racks and stacks of dresses, gowns, robes, crowns--everything that went into completing a costume.

    "Just wait in here, honey. I've got to get your costume," the woman said as she smiled at Kathy.

    Kathy started to look around the room casually as the wardrobe mistress walked out into the hall and up the stairs to the main prop room. This was a little girl's dream come true. She'd always wanted to be in the theatre, even if it was in a relatively small one. And here she was, about to launch herself into the world of make believe.

    Her daydreaming was interrupted by the sounds of groaning coming from across the hall.

    "Who's there?" Kathy asked as she walked up to the open door and looked up and down the hall.


    Kathy shifted her eyes in the direction of the groans. There was a door partially opened about thirty feet from the wardrobe room.


    Kathy felt her heart start to pound wildly. She knew what kind of moans those were. She'd bucked enough in bed to know the sounds of a woman fucking. Kathy knew that whoever was in there had her right to privacy. She didn't want people peeking in through windows whenever she and Joe were slamming their groins together. But something new was happening to Kathy.

    This little bit of time in the theatre was freeing her mind, turning her from Kathy Murphy the housewife into Kathy Murphy the stage sex pot. She realized that it was ridiculous for her to feel like whoring it up just because she'd got a part in some little theatre. But the feeling was creeping over her.

    Kathy walked out of the room, making sure that Helen, the wardrobe mistress, wasn't walking down the steps with her costume yet. She cautiously moved closer to the doorway, staying close to the wall. Gradually Kathy peeked around the door frame so she could see what was going on inside the room.

    "My God!" she whispered out loud, clamping her right hand over her mouth to keep from saying anything else. There on the floor was a naked dark-haired woman. Her knees were hunched up and spread widely apart. Between them was the big Great Dane that had tried to fuck Kathy just a few minutes before.

    "Mmmmm, good boy! Good boy! Ahhhh!"

    Kathy felt her knees grow weak as she watched the Dane's big, pink spit-dripping tongue slosh in and out of the woman's trembling pussy. With each slurp, the woman closed her eyes, arched her back, and let out tiny moans from between her parted lips.

    Kathy drew her head back and tried to decide what to do. She wanted to watch what was going to happen next. Was she going to fuck the Dane? Was she just going to let him lick her off? Kathy realized that she was invading someone else's privacy. She didn't have any right to spy on her. It would be embarrassing if she were discovered lurking in the hallway. Still...

    "Ahhhh! Ohhh, fuckin' Jesus!"

    Kathy couldn't resist any more. She cautiously poked her head around the doorway again. The Dane was still lapping at the woman's hairy muff. The pretty, mammoth-titted brunette's crotch glistened with the dog's spit. Her wiry, dark cunt hairs were plastered down into a tangled mat. The woman was hunching her pussy into the air, her ass squirming on the hardwood floor as the dog growled in sexual frustration. Kathy swallowed and wet her dry lips as she eyed the big dog's blue-veined, jerking cock.

    "Cumming! CUMMING!" the woman screeched as she clamped her fingers around her big tits. Her nipples thrust into the air invitingly. They were hard and twitching, as stiff and sensitive as Kathy's nipples were now.

    "Ahhh! AHHH!"

    Kathy looked down at the brunette's pussy. The dog's tongue licked and probed between her slightly parted cunt lips. Kathy felt her snatch drool and quiver as she watched the woman thrash on the floor.

    "That's it!" she panted. "Lick me! LICK MY SNATCH! Ohhh, SHIT!"

    Kathy wondered how the woman could scream like that with the door open. Didn't she realize that anyone could walk down here and hear what was going on? Kathy was amazed at the woman's brazen attitude, but at the same time, she envied her. Kathy had been so careful to keep her fidelity to Joe, when she wasn't sure about his own sexual escapades. Here was some woman, probably married, who didn't give a damn what she did to satisfy her hot cunt, or who saw what she was doing.

    Slowly, Kathy hiked up her skirt and stuck her finger under the elastic band of her pink panties, pushing it through the damp forest of blonde cunt hairs towards her fully erect clit. She gasped aloud as she felt the tiny organ spark with excitement when her fingertip bumped it.

    "Come on, boy. Fucking time," the woman said as she quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees. The Dane barked excitedly, then tried to mount her. His long, thick cock jabbed blindly at her ass as his heavy, leathery balls swayed and jounced with each jerk that racked his glistening prick.

    "Ohhh!" Kathy gasped, feeling a torrent of fresh cunt juice ooze over her fingers as the woman reached between her tits and guided the animal's cock into her cunt. He started hunching fast. The woman backed against him, swaying back and forth in time to his fucking.

    "God! GOD!" the woman howled.

    Kathy pulled away from the doorway and leaned against the wall, spreading her legs apart as she drove two fingers into her quivering pussy and stroked her slick snatch walls. The woman's moans and the Dane's growling was driving her toward orgasm. Rivulets of cunt juice poured through her damp, matted pussy hairs and trickled down her shaking, hot thighs as Kathy moved her fingers up and rubbed them slowly across the red, sensitive head of her quivering clit.

    Suddenly she heard someone coming down the steps.

    "Damn!" Kathy muttered, pulling her fingers out of her cunt with a barely audible squishing sound. She was running back to the wardrobe room when she remembered that the door to the other room was still open. The brunette was howling and whoever was coming down the steps would hear her. Kathy knew that she didn't owe that woman any favors.

    Still, she could imagine the shock and horror that would go around the theatre if anyone saw what was happening in that tiny room. Carefully and quietly, Kathy crept back to the doorway and pulled the door shut. The brunette was howling and bucking too much to notice the roof falling in, let alone the door closing.

    Kathy slipped into the wardrobe room just in time. It was Bob Decker, the producer.

    "Well, I see Helen hasn't gotten back," Bob said, smiling at Kathy as he closed the door behind him.

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    Why did you stop ? The story was just beginning to get good where is the rest of it ???

    Dec 15 2013 11:26
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