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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, incest.

    18 year old Judy Jetson flew up the bounce tube, and landed gracefully on her feet. She rode the slidewalk to her apartment and let herself in.

    "Mom, Dad! Anyone home?"

    "Yes dear" her mother called out "your father took Elroy to spaceball practice, I thought after I shower we could go shopping then grab a Pluto pizza or something later."

    "O.K. Mom, take your time!"

    That was fine with Judy, she loved her mothers shopping expeditions. Judy heard about a new shopping center on Jupiter that she was just dying to see. Judy had something she wanted to do first. She had spent the day watching the boys at college practice zero-g gymnastics, and right now she was hotter then a plutonium meteor! As she hurried to her room she passed the family's large mastiff hound, Astro, and patted his head.

    "Rerrow Rudy" he said in his gruff almost human voice, "pray fretch?"

    "Sorry boy, maybe later. I have something I need to do right now."

    "Row Ray, Rudy. See you rader!"

    She gave Astro a quick kiss, never dreaming of how soon she would be PLAYING with him. When Judy reached her room, she was pulling off her mini-skirt and midriff top before the door had fully slid down. She looked at herself in the view plate, and ran her hands slowly down her waif-like body. Judy was proud of her young body, and loved the way the boys sniffed after her. She tweaked her pert little nipples and watched, as they grew hard in anticipation. She could feel the wetness increasing in her tight little virgin pussy, and soon her hands made there way there, almost as if they had a mind of there own. She activated the sleep plate, and as she drifted over it, began to gently finger herself. Tracing her long fingers over the swelling lips, her own wetness exciting her.

    Astro noticed something different about Mistress Judy as soon as she walked in the door. Something was changed about her scent. She always smelled nice, but today, her aroma awoke a hunger deep inside him, not for food, but something more primal. Astro didn't know why, but he just had to sniff her! He padded quietly to her door, and it slid open. Astro's eyes grew large, as he entered the room. Mistress Judy had removed her false covering and was stroking the little opening between her legs. The sent was much stronger now, and his mouth began to water as he watched the dampness gathering in her little patch of fur, white just like the longer fur on her head. He slowly approached, and Mistress Judy gave no sign of noticing him. Astro slowly inched his cold nose between her legs and inhaled. The aroma overcame him, he could feel something deep in his belly growing and hardening. He started to lick the dampness around her probing fingers, the taste was better then anything he had ever known!

    Judy gave a sudden start, something cold and wet had hit her thighs. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see Astro begin to lick at her pussy.

    "F-Field off!" she stammered. Bad Astro, S-Stop that!"

    As she sank to the floor, she tried to push Astro off, but he wouldn't budge, He must have out weighed her by at least 100lbs! Astro kept licking happily away, and soon Judy wasn't pushing him away quite so hard.

    "Oh God, your tongue is so big!" she panted "just, just a little more!"

    His tongue was running from her rosebud to her clit, and it felt wonderful! He was pushing more of it inside with each pass, soon Judy was lost to one powerful orgasm after another.

    "AHHH YES!" she cried "SUCK ME DRY ASTRO!"

    Astro soon stopped and Judy was able to catch her breath.

    "That was great Asto, Thank You!"

    Judy was puzzled, usually Astro was so talkative, now he just stood there panting, trembling slightly. She got up, intending to get dressed, then noticed Astro's huge red penis dripping a clear fluid onto her nice clean rug. The thing was at least 12 inches long, and nearly as thick as her wrist! She always loved Astro, but now she was very frightened of him. All humanoid intelligence seemed to have left him. His black animal eyes seemed to drill right into her. She slowly backed away, then turned to run for the hall. Astro pounced on her like a lion, knocking her to her hands and knees! She tried to wriggle out from under him, but he was so heavy. He mounted her and began to thrust, his cock coming closer and closer to her virgin pussy.

    "Oh god, Astro please stop!" she begged, tears in her eyes "I never did it before and you're much to big for me!"

    Astro didn't seem to understand or even to care! He just kept thrusting. He almost got it in, but Judy kept moving and dodging her hips, trying to postpone the inevitable outcome.

    "MOTHER, HELP ME!" she screamed, just as Astro scored a direct hit! "OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!"

    At first the pain was overwhelming, but with each animal thrust it faded, to be replaced with a wonderful feeling of fullness!

    Jane heard her daughter scream, and ran to her room, still nude and wet from the shower. As she entered the room she froze in disbelief. There was her beautiful baby girl fucking like an animal with Astro!

    "Oh yes!" Judy panted, forgetting about calling her mother "Fill me Astro, make me your bitch!"

    Jane couldn't move, she just watched in utter fascination. Soon her hands moved across her body, rubbing her nipples and then finding her clit. She was so wet from watching Judy and Astro; she just had to masturbate as she looked on!

    "M-Mother!" Judy gasped when she noticed her "H-He's raping me!"

    It may have started as rape, but Judy was not very convincing, as she pushed back to meet each thrust. Jane slowly walked closer as she played with her pussy, and sank to the floor in front of her.

    As her mother lay before her, Judy realized she was not in any trouble after all, and did something she never expected; she buried her face between her mother's thighs.

    Jane could watch Astro fuck Judy in the view screen as her darling daughter brought her to one orgasm after another. She saw Judy's eyes suddenly grow large.

    "Oh god! Mother, he's getting bigger!"

    In her inexperience with K-9 anatomy Judy had let Astro work his knot in. Now he was getting larger, locking himself on, preparing to flood her with his cum. Astro gave one last push, and erupted inside her. Judy cried out, his hot semen pushing her over the edge into the biggest orgasm of her short life. As she came back to herself, she became aware of two things, Astro was stuck inside her, and mother was passionately kissing her, probing her mouth with her tongue. Judy began to return the kisses, just as passionately. Then began to gently suck Jane's nipples. Soon Astro relaxed enough to slip out, and Judy felt his doggie cum running down her legs.

    "Mother, I'm so sorry!" Judy cried, "do you hate me?"

    "Don't be silly dear!" Jane answered "What ever happens, I'll always love you! Now you just lay still and mother will clean you up."

    Judy could feel her mother's love for her as Jane began to lick the sticky dog cum off her legs, and cried tears of joy when mother gently sucked her throbbing clit! Judy knew from now on that she and her mother would be much closer, and happily waited for the chance to watch Astro make mom his bitch too!

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    Astro was impressive! Any women reading this ever done it for real, say with a large German Shep or a St. Bernard?

    Nov 12 2007 10:25
    Didn't think I'd like it but I did...Made my cock hard. Thanks...

    Mar 14 2010 07:36
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