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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    I know it may seem very cliche to start a story off like this by telling everyone reading that it's a true story, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows and understands that it is entirely true. I do not give any false information about anything that takes place, and I'm going to try my best to be as graphic and truthful as I can remember.

    This is my first time writing anything like this, so please bear with me if the writing seems somewhat crude at times. I am hoping that whoever reads this enjoys it and wants to let me know. If you wish, e-mail me and I'll reply.

    First things first... I am a single, 23 year-old college student; I stand 5'4" tall and weigh about 114lbs. My friends always tell me I'm pretty, and the guys do as well, but I'm not nearly self-centered enough to go along with it... he he he.

    And just so everyone knows I'm not a wild sexual being in the least. I have had limited sexual experiences, and am quite socially conservative most of the time. This was the first time I have been fucked by anything except a human being. The idea of canine sex was completely unknown to me until maybe a year ago when I started visiting beast sites just out of plain curiosity. I never once thought of actually attempting it with my own pet. That is, until I started exchanging e-mails with this wonderful sweet girl who has been enjoying her pet for quite some time. Talking with her definitely struck a curiosity nerve in me.

    Over the next couple of months, I experimented with my dog (a young Yellow Labrador named Lucas). Occasionally I would rub his sheath to get him aroused, and gently play with him. I would also wrap my lips around him, and lick his large cock. It took absolutely no time or effort to get him heated up. He tried on a few different occasions to mount me, but I managed to slip away just in time. Lucky for me though, he did seem to know what to do with me, should I ever decide to let him have me.

    Thankfully, I had my friend to talk me though a lot of this. I figured I was knowledgeable enough to get by, but she let me in on a lot of little things that would make the whole experience more enjoyable and safe. And reading her stories she would write to me only intrigued my mind even more. I was extremely unsure about certain things during canine lovemaking.

    One in particular, was the "knot" dogs get during the process. I wasn't sure at all if my pussy would be loose enough to accommodate this knot. I have only been with a handful of guys, and I would say that only the largest guy I was with was close to being the same size as Lucas. Not to mention the fact that his knot would probably double the size of the largest object I've ever had inside of me. I was told it was up to me, but the way I figured, was that I was in this for the pleasure, and I wanted the most bang for my buck as I could get!

    It was a weeknight, and the night before I had been gawking at canine porn all night on the internet. Then the next day I spent a few hours reading some other reader's stories about sex with their pets. This, I believe is what set me off. I made up my mind right then and there that tonight would be the night. It worked out perfect because both my parents had a night of bowling to make up, so they would be gone well into the night.

    I decided that I wanted to do this in the basement. It was more private down there, and only Lucas and I would hear any sounds that I would make. I turned on just one small light, so that I could see, lit a few candles, and plopped onto the couch. I figured I would watch a porno video just to get myself even more into the mood, and send any second thoughts I had away.

    I was wearing only a pair on black lace panties, which quickly became saturated with my own juices. It didn't take long for Lucas to jump up by me and lay down (he always lays down right next to me whenever I'm sitting or laying down). It took only a few minutes of watching and playing with myself to send me into my first orgasm of the night.

    I decided that it was now time to start. I didn't even bother turning the video off, as I jumped down onto the floor and called Lucas to come to me. I ordered him to lie down and proceeded to touch him very sexually. In no time, he introduced his large member to me, and I immediately gave it my full attention. I touched it very gently, and switched off between licking and sucking on him. He started his usual panting, and never once flinched, which indicated to me that he was comfortable.

    After several minutes of this I decided to introduce him to my pussy. I swear I was so wet that I could smell my own juices in the air. I stripped out of my wet panties and sat back against the couch and spread my tanned legs. I tried, with limited success to get him to lick my sweetness. He tried a couple of times to hump me... basically humping at the air. I had seen and heard about this, so it didn't surprise me. Like most guys, he wanted to fuck right away without any foreplay.

    Luckily I had been told to put something sweet on my pussy so he would lick at it. I had learned before that Lucas loves the taste of honey, so this was an obvious choice. I grabbed a small bottle and squirted it onto both of my tits and down my stomach, letting it run down to my pussy. I rubbed it around a bit and called Lucas back. This proved to work great, as he went to work instantly. He knew exactly how to work that long tongue of his into every one of my sweet spots. I even lifted my back a bit and let some honey run onto my asshole, which Lucas promptly cleaned up.

    I let him pleasure me for a few minutes and then decided it was time for the real thing. I crawled underneath him to make sure his cock was hard and ready for action. Like I said earlier, I'm trying to recall all of what happened that night. My mind was in such overdrive that the whole thing seems so blurry.

    I proceeded to get onto all fours and called Lucas to come behind me. Like an old pro, he climbed onto me and started to pump. Of course, as I was warned, he wasn't hitting the mark at all. I reached behind myself and with a gentle hand, placed his swollen cock at my pussy. That was all he needed.

    I am here to say that canines are without a doubt the wildest fuckers I have ever come across. I was completely blown away by the shear force and conviction he fucked me with. Right out of the gate, I knew I was in for a wild ride. I also realized he was larger and longer than any guy I have been with. That combined with his powerful thrusts send me into the wildest orgasm I've ever experienced.

    I wished I would have videotaped the both of us, because I would love to have heard the screams coming from my lungs that night! The pleasure I was experiencing seemed so natural. It seemed so natural to be doing this, and Lucas had no other plans other than to fuck my brains out. I could hear and feel his hard panting on the back of my neck, as his paws wrapped around my waist and held me tight.

    All at once I could feel his knot, and I knew there was no turning back. I grabbed onto one of the couch legs and prepared for the worst. I could feel him growing inside of me and I let out a loud shriek. For a second or two, I didn't think I would be able to take it. I almost began to panic, when a sudden calm came over me and I just relaxed myself. This seemed to be just enough to get me through this ordeal, which then turned into more pleasure than pain.

    The next thing I remember was feeling what I thought would be the start of his orgasm. Sure enough, in seconds he began pumping his sperm deep into my gaping hole. He seemed to go on forever, which didn't surprise me, as I'm sure he doesn't get "it" much. I felt him relax a bit and step off from me. He stayed connected to me facing away from me. I was expecting this because I have seen dogs do this while mating. We stayed like this for maybe 10 minutes, all of which I used to regain my composure and slow my breathing down.

    When Lucas returned to normal size, he pulled out of my gaping hole. As he did, I felt loads of his doggy sperm run out of me. Curiosity once again got the best of me, as I reached between my legs and covered my fingers with his juice. Of course I had to taste it. And maybe, just maybe because of Lucas and I being such soul mates, his cum tasted the best out of all the males I was with.

    Lucas had calmed down as well, and sat for a bit watching me, and then walked over to the steps and gave me that look that he wanted to go outside. I let him out and proceeded to the bathroom to clean myself up. By the time my parents got home, both Lucas and I were sound asleep in my bed. Absolutely no one knows of this experience, and it's kind of cool knowing that I have a secret that only my puppy and I know about.

    As far as an update goes, I haven't done it a second time with him yet, but plan to at the first chance I get. If I get crazy enough, I'd love to attempt to videotape our next encounter. That would give me such a high watching the playback of the both of us!

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    Please write some more,about your exp with your dog,after your first time.Thanks in advance.

    Jan 31 2007 03:49
    It would sure be nice if you got a very large dog knotted with you and told us all how it felt. Also please tell me how to convince my wife or some other girl to try it with my dalmatian.

    Jun 15 2007 22:18
    Also write to me at

    Jun 15 2007 22:19
    what a lovely story, plz write more.

    Dec 22 2009 22:52
    I wish I could afford a dog! My brother's old dog would only lick me, but boy it was good! Great story, look forwarrd to reading more!

    Jul 22 2010 22:43
    Hi great story & plz write more think you & looking forwared to ur next story & wish i could join in with you both ok ? .

    Oct 7 2012 23:45
    great story hit me up at

    Mar 16 2013 23:34
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