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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, 1st, dogsex.

    I had been divorced for 2 years from my husband whom I was married to for 13 years. I live alone in a modest home. I work like most people, 8 hours a day and enjoy my job. I’m an average looking lady, about 5’ 6” and weight 130. As single women I do have my share of guys asking me for dates, but I have never dated anyone. I had a bitter divorce and had no intentions of jumping from a frying pan into a fire.

    My brother who is an avid hunter has a kennel of 7 well trained hunting dogs. They were of different breeds and sizes. I do not know one breed from another even to this day. He called me one day and asks me if I could home sit and take care of his dogs for about a week, feeding them, washing out their pens and seeing to it that they are ok. I did not mind so I said that I would do it.

    They, my brother’s wife and he left on a Friday afternoon after work. I got there in time to receive his instructions as to where everything was located as far as food and how to wash out the pens. They also had a house dog name sully; he was of medium size, black and very friendly. Everything went well the first night and day. I fed all the dogs, washed out there pens. In one of the pens there were two dogs, a male and a female. When I got to there pen, the male dog jumped on the bitch and started to mate with her. I looked around and made sure that no one was around. I was a little embarrassed but curios of what was happening. I have seen dogs do it before but not this close up. The male dog started to hump, first a little slow, then you could see him shooting some liquid, then he found his mark and started to hump faster and deeper. He almost stood right up, when I seen a knot starting to enter her pussy. It was small at first then got larger as it went all the way in. She yelped a little but did not move away, he had her locked up. He got off but they were still locked up for about 15 minutes. I watch in amazement and got a little excited myself. After it was over I went back into the house.

    I sat on the davenport and thoughts flowed thought my mind about what I saw. My pussy started to tingle and I got horny. I removed my pants and just had my bikini panties on then I started to masturbate until I climaxed. Sully was lying down near the door and watching my every move. It was almost 6 in the evening and I decided to prepare dinner. I made a quick pasta salad for myself and fed Sully. After dinner I cleared the table and washed the dishes. I notice there were some bread crumbs that had fallen on the floor. I got down on my knees and with a wet rag started to clean up the crumbs off the floor. Suddenly I felt a cold nose sniffing at my pussy. It was Sully getting the sent of my juices and wanted to investigate. I never put my pants back on. I did not move as a flash from the afternoon dogs mating ran through my mind. Sully licked my pussy and a thrill shot to my mind.

    I started to get horny again. Sully kept licking and I started moaning with each lick. I finally reached over and pulled down my panty so he could get my entire cunt. Sully got right down to business; he stuck his tongue into my cunt and drove it inside, it drove me insane. He started licking on my clitoris and the surrounding area and I could not stand it any longer, I climaxed and he just lapped it all up. I must have climaxed three times and Sully just loved it. I could feel my pussy starting to puff up from the excitement as Sully licked my cunt. He must have known that I was ready to take him because he stopped licking and got into position and mounted me. As he started to hump, I could feel his cock searching for my cunt. I looked back and I could see he had a big cock and I got really excited about taking him all in. I tried to spread my legs but my panties around my knees where stopping me from doing so and my knees were started to hurt from the hardwood floor. I pushed Sully off but he kept mounting me. I knew he wanted me as much as I did but I had to get better prepared. I finally pushed him off, got up and went into the living room, removed my panty.

    As I got on my knees I placed a pillow under it. Sully was right there. He mounted me again and this time he hit his mark on the first try. He humped slowly at first and it felt so good, I felt his front paws wrap around my waist and he started to fuck me harder and harder. I could feel his cock inside of me getting bigger. It hurt at first but I got used to it as he drove his hot cock deep inside of me over and over again. I climaxed again and again. Sully knew what he was doing, after a few minutes of what I thought was the greatest fucking I have had in 2 years, I started to feel something pounding against my cunt. I looked back under me and I could see Sully”s knot fully exposed. Sully released his grip around my waist a little and reared up and tried to ram his knot into me.

    He got half way in and it hurt a little but not enough to overcome the wonderful sensation as his cock and now his knot slid pass my clitoris. I spread my legs a little more and as I did that Sully sensed the timing cause he rammed it all the way into my cunt. I closed my legs a little and clamped down on his knot with my cunt, at the same time Sully’s knot seemed to get bigger…

    We were locked up. I had him inside me all the way and I could feel Sully started to cum inside of me, first it was a squirt of hot cum then he shot with powerful gushed of hot cum. I could feel every drop of cum he shot into me as I kept Cumming and Cumming with each time he came inside of me. He tighten his grip around my waist and made one last ram into my pussy his head was just above my neck and I could feel his hot breath and it turned me on some more. I did not want this fucking to quit. Sully finally got off me but we were still locked up, I was full of his juices in my pussy and it felt great. I finally relaxed my pussy and spread my legs a little, Sully slipped out and his cum started to drip out from my pussy as I watch in amazement. Sully laid down about 5 feet away and was licking himself clean; his knot finally disappeared along with cock. I finally got up and headed for the shower.

    After my shower I slipped on my panties and a halter top walked into the living room. Sully was laying down when I walked in. when he saw me he jumped up and came to me. I sat on the floor as he was standing next to me. He licked my neck area and sniffed and licked my face and my neck again. My pussy started to get wet again as he licked. I reached under his belly and got hold of his cock and he started to get hard and his cock came out. It was getting longer as I played with it. Sully stopped licking, stood there enjoying what I was doing. I got closer to his cock and licked it. Sully seemed to like it. I opened my mouth and started sucking on his cock and he started pre cumming in my mouth it tasted a little salty but I swallowed most of it as some of the pre cum dripped from my mouth.

    Sully was getting excited again because he started to hump my mouth. I move in unison to his rhythms as he fucked my mouth. His cock started to get bigger and I did not know how much of his big cock I could take. I kept up with Sully fucking my mouth, then his knot appeared and he tried getting it into my mouth. I had all his cock in my mouth and I wanted his knot too. I opened as wide as I could and he slammed it against my mouth but could not get it in I finally gripped the back of his knot as he fucked me in the mouth, that’s when he came in a gush. I almost choked but I stayed with it because I wanted it so bad. I sucked and he came and I went into a spin as I climaxed over and over again. Sully finally stop Cumming in my mouth, I swallowed the last drop, sat up and hugged him. All I could think of is locking up with Sully again.

    I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little. As I entered the bedroom I heard some yelping in the back where the kennels were. I looked out the window and saw nothing, still the yelping went on. I decided to put on a bathrobe and go out to check on the dogs. Sully followed me out to the kennels. As I got there I notice the noise was coming from the kennel that had the two dogs that were mating this afternoon. The male was trying to mate and she was not having any part of it and was yelping at him. I decided to separate them because she might have had enough of him. I opened the kennel and called to the female who came to me right away. I took her to her original kennel and closed the gate. All the other (male) dogs started to bark, I guess they wanted her too and she wanted no part of it. I got back to the original kennel where the male was at and he had toppled over his water dish. I unlocked the door and went inside; Sully watched what I was doing.

    The male dog came to me and started sniffing at my crouch, he smelled my juices from the climax I had earlier when I was giving Sully a blow job. He must have liked it because he tried to get under my robe and get to my cunt. I opened my robe and let him in. He started licking my cunt and I started too moaned with every swipe of his tongue on my clit. I climaxed twice as he lapped at my cunt and clitoris area. I wanted him but not in this pen. I got out with him right behind me. I reached for the leash, snapped it on him and headed for the house Sully followed behind. When we got inside, I took off my robe, panties and top, I was completely naked. The male dog had his nose in my ass, he came around front and found my cunt, and he started to lick the juices I had left from his house. Sully stood watching. I got down on my knees next to the couch, the dog did not waste no time, he wanted to fuck now, he started to mount me from the side and doing so he was fucking my tits. I let him do what he was doing as he pre came all over my tits.

    Sully came in the back of me and he started to lick my cunt and I went crazy as he lapped at my clit. The other dog moved some to try to position himself to find a hole, as he did he moved closed to my head. I turned to see his cock next to my face, I moved my head slightly and he position himself in front of me and started to hump, I took him in my mouth as he fucked me trying to get deeper. He was not as big as sully so it was easier taking him in the mouth. Sully and his magic tongue was still lapping and licking my cunt and I was climaxing over and over again. He finally mounted me hand started hammering his red hot cock into my pussy, he did not waste anytime, he got it in stroked it hard, reared up and rammed his cock deep inside me. The other dog was humping faster and I was keeping up, he had is knot out and was trying to push it into my mouth but could not get it in. Just then Sully reared up felt his knot against my pussy and he slammed his knot home and locked us tighter. At the same time I gasped and as I did that my mouth opened up a little more and the other dog rammed his knot into my mouth, I almost choked but took it all as we all climaxed at the same time.

    I could feel the other dog gushing cum down my throat, I felt Sully cum inside me with such a great force that it made me just climax one after the other. The other dog jumped off as I released his knot and he went of to the corner licking himself. Sully laid on top of me for a second then got off, he slipped out of me and the cum started to flow out my pussy and down my thighs, he too started to lick himself. I got myself up, went to take a long shower and just reminisced about the eventful day. After the shower, I dressed and took the other dog back to his kennel looked at the other four male dogs as they were barking for there turn, I just turned and walk to the house smiling and thinking about tomorrow’s adventure with them...

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    You must continue with your advntures. They are a good turn ion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aug 14 2007 11:36
    Nice story, but makes me wonder how you could take the knot in you mouth

    Aug 15 2007 16:23
    Very Hot story. I too would have to wonder how you could take a dogs knot into your mouth without choking to death.

    Aug 16 2007 23:57
    I think that part of taking the knot in the mouth was just for the sake of the story. If it really happened, she "would have" choked to death. All in all though, the fantasy of it happening appeals to me. I would like to read more on this adventure of yours. Very stimulating.

    Oct 22 2007 21:13
    Very hot story which reminds me of my neighbor Sonia, a voluptuous built mid 40's woman with a gigantic ass that was very much into K-9 sex with several of the neighborhood dogs.

    Nov 29 2007 16:15
    My dalmatian is quite ready for a willing human female. His knot is not so big so it will not get stuck inside you. You will be able to remove it anytime but he wants his full load in you. Email me if you are near Salt Lake City and want to try it.

    Jan 27 2008 14:14
    Dorie44, if it appeals to you, why not adopt a nice dog? German Shep size is a good one. Go ahead, find one un-neutered that you can adopt. Get one un-neutered and he will be glad to show you how much he appreciates it.

    Mar 1 2008 12:23
    Holy shit!!!! Best story I've read yet message me I'm from gia lookn for sum friends!! Damn sexy keep da stories cummn

    Nov 21 2010 13:17
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