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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, sci-fi, romantic, hetero sex, interracial.

    This is a story about a girl named Catsondra. But she's not your ordinary girl she is in fact what you would call a cat girl. She has no memory of her family or where she came from. Now this is her story as the way she told it to me about the biggest struggle of her life. My name is Bart Purret and I met Catsondra at her tavern called the Cat's Paw, I saw her working behind the bar with one of her employee's that I later learned her name was Sue. When I saw Catsondra, in my eyes I saw the stunning beauty that she is at 6' 1" to 6' 3" tall, beautiful gold eyes that bring out the feline in her irises, her slim yet muscular body with a short yet soft light colored calico fur, long skinny tail which was moving side to side as if she was happy, short and pointed ears on the top of her head and the most stunning shoulder length hair the same color as her fur only a little darker. But the one thing that got me off guard was she was completely naked showing off her beautiful set of B-cup breasts, nice round tight ass but her slit was surprisingly buried under her fur. As I was checking her out Sue noticed me looking at Catsondra and pointed me out to her she turned around looked at me and smiled at me. She came over to my table and asked if I wanted to order something, I smiled at her and said "Yes, I would like a double beacon cheeseburger, fries, and a draft of the house brew. She yelled my order to Sue then sat down and asked with a smile on her face if I liked what I was looking at. I said "Of course, How could I not when your so beautiful". Then I asked if she would go on a date with me when she said no I was heart broken then with a smile on her face she said "I'll make you a deal if you can make me purr then you can have your way with me". So without even giving her a answer I leaned over and started scratching her under her chin then moved my hand across her cheek to her ear and in no time she was purring like a happy little kitty. When I stopped she opened her eyes and looked at me and thru her arms around my head and kissed me very hot and heavy then pulled away and said that I was the first to ever show any interest in her sexually. Then I said "Can I have my meal now so I can go and ravage you" at that time she yelled at Sue to hurry with my food and when it came I ate it in about 5 mins.

    Then we went back to my place as soon as we were thru the door we locked lips then I pulled us apart and told her I couldn't wait to have those legs locked around me then she blushed so deep I could see it through her fur it was so cute. She was entirely new in the art of making love so she let me take control of the situation. I started with a kiss and within a few mins. she got the hang of it then I left her lips to go to her neck then to her breasts and with her having fur it felt very strange but very enjoyable as I locked my lips around her nipples at the same time I was working two fingers between her nether lips which got her moving her hips in a stroking motion. When I got my fill of her tits I made my way to her pussy which by this time was red, puffy, and wet as hell ready to be fucked but I just had to have a taste so I lapped at her cunt and sucked on her clit to bring her to two glorious climaxes. When I looked in to her eyes I could see the love and lust in them so I climbed up on her and asked her if she was ready and with a nod from her I thrust into her as hard and fast as possible then stopped to let her adjust but I noticed a fair amount of blood flowing down my dick from her pussy so I said "Honey, Is this your first time" and with a nod from her I said "I'm sorry, You should have told me then I wouldn't have pushed so hard" then with a smile on her face and a hand caressing my cheek she said "That's alright, I know it would hurt anyway but I'm fine now if you want to start moving now" and that I did and I took it slow and two delisis hours later I filled her up with my sperm and she had three orgasms herself then we fell asleep in each others arms and me still deep inside her kitty cat cunt lips.

    When she woke up she saw that I was still inside her so she rose her hand up smacked me on the ass and said "You horny little fucker haven't you enough" so I smiled back at her and said "Hell no, Not with a sexy little kitten like you" then started fucking her again and she came three times before I put another load of sperm in her then pulled out of her and went to get cleaned up. When I came out of the bathroom she had went to the kitchen to make breakfast so walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her on the neck she purred and pushed back agents me and said "Better not get me started or you'll never get rid of me" at that I lightly bit her on the neck and pushed my dick agents her ass and said "That was the idea, My sexy little kitty" and then also rubbing her tits then she got a look on her face and said "You wouldn't say that if you knew the truth about me". Then I pulled a hand back from her and with a grin on my face I smacked her on the ass and said "Then tell me about yourself and let me be the judge of that" she turned her head around and said "OK, But you first" then I nodded and said "OK But its boring, I'm 27 years old I've lived here all my life and I run the family wild animal park outside of town but I specialize in big felines and I think that is the reason I could really see the beautiful person you are" when I was done I could see tears in her eyes. Then she wiped the tears from her eyes she said "My story is longer then yours do you have time to hear it" so I nodded and said "Of course, I took the week off of work so go ahead" she smiled at me and said "OK, I'll start when we're done eating" so we had breakfast then she pulled me back into the bedroom thru me on the bed then she crawled into bed and snuggled up to me so I put my hand on one of her tits and she started her story.

    She started her story with her full name which is Catsondra Feline and that she was 11 years old. I looked at her and said "I have a kid older then you but you look like your about 20 years old" then she said "If you want me to stop now" then I got nerves and said "No, Please go on I won't say another word I promise" then she asked me if I was married and I said "No, My daughter lives with me because her mother hates me now and treats her like shit because I'm half of her" then she asked me what my daughters name is and where she was so I smiled licked her cheek and said "Her name is Kitty and she's with her friends till tomorrow and I know she will fall in love with you to, because she is a bigger cat lover then I am" then she started giggling and said "I like her name and I can't what to meet her" when she was done giggling she said "OK, Lets get back to the story, I was left at a children's home as a baby and I didn't like the place very well because the kids were mean to me because I was different even the teachers treated me badly except one but she was different to. Her name was Miss. Huff she was a mutant, she had pale white skin, light blue hair that reached down to about a inch from the floor, and solid black eyes but her mutant ability was real cool she could shape shift every part of her body but her eyes. She was the sweetest person I've ever meet because she took care of me when no one else wanted to until I could take care of myself but still watched over me after that just like a mother and I could ask her anything and she would help me when I needed it. Then one day when she was watching me play in the play ground a bully thru a stone at me and hit me in the head then he started laughing at me and I got so mad at him something inside my mind told me to turn into a tiger and bite him and that is what I did and Miss. Huff had to pull me off his leg which wasn't to bad because I was small because I was only 4 years old at the time and size didn't change then after that they tried to kick me out but they couldn't because the boy started it. Then from that point on Miss. Huff became my only teacher because I scared the other teachers so she taught me everything including how to control my changes which are all the cats on the plant Earth living and extinct and how to use each one including my true form for fun, use in life, and in battle. When I left the children's home when I was 8 years old because at that point I looked like I was about 18 years old Miss. Huff had taught me how to use my super sensitive senses of hearing, eyesight, smell, touch, taste, and sixth sense and to be able to think and talk after I changed. The day I left the home they supplied me with a ID number, a small amount of money to live and Miss. Huff put in a good word for me at a mutant school as a P.E. teacher which was a job I loved very much.

    I was there for 3 years and I loved my students very much and tried to treat them the same way Miss. Huff treated me. My job was to help the students get a fell for their mutant abilities so I got to see a lot of neat things but my favorite student was a 12 year old boy named Titan because he could grow to 50 feet tall and when he was in class I had to have everyone go outside so he wouldn't tare down the gym and I wouldn't have to split up the class but he was the gentlest person I've ever seen and very shy but now I learned he owns his own construction company and has a wife and 4 children. But that job was cut short when the school closed because the schools in the area were merging and they already had a P.E. teacher for the new school so I finished out my 3rd and last year and got a bonus of 50,000 jewels which I used to open the Cat's Paw a place where everyone is welcome.

    After my tavern was open for 2 weeks Miss. Huff came to see me and tell me she had left the children's home and when she left she had stolen my file from the office and gave it to me. I thanked her and offered her to be my partner in my business, but she declined said her goodbyes wished me good luck and left and I've never seen her again. When I read the file I was shocked because everything I had thought was wrong because I was not a mutant but in fact I was genetically engineered. That thru me for a lope so I thought I should talk to someone about it so I started visiting all the genetic labs in the are which later on I found out that was the dumbest thing I could have done because there was a person who had been looking for me and meant me harm and when I started asking questions he was able to find me and that was to start all the trouble in my life that has only been over for about a year all began".

    At that point I told her I was sorry but I had to pee so she had to stop, she giggled at me grabbed my dick and guided me into the bathroom. When I was going pee she was getting the shower ready and when I saw her bend over to get some towels form the bottom of the towel rack I walked over to her got on my knees and playfully bit her on the ass she yelped and turned around and looked at me so I gave her a big grin then she helped me to my feet and licked my neck then bit me on the neck hard enough to draw a little blood and gave me a grin to and that started both of us into a laughing fit. When we stopped laughing we both got in the shower and I washed her body then she looked at me like she wanted to ask me something so I asked her what she wanted. She dropped her eyes and like a little girl asking for a piece of candy she asked if she could give me a blowjob I smiled at her kissed her on the forehead and told her if she wanted to to go right ahead she grinned at me and sank to her knees and put me in her mouth but her teeth were long and sharp and I fond out she had a coarse tongue and when she started moving it felt like sandpaper on my dick. I yelled and asked her to stop because it hurt she backed away and started to cry I helped her up, held her to me and told her I loved her but it hurt to bad. She sniffled a little bit then asked if she could try something else I pulled her away from me and smiled at her and said "Sure" so she got back down on her knees and put my dick between her tits and I was in nirvana it was so nice and soft and her soft fur tickled me just right when she moved her tits up and down on my dick. I didn't last long and at the last minute I told her I was going to come so she just opened her mouth and I shot my load into her waiting mouth when I was done she licked her lips and said "Yummm!". We finished our shower then she made use dinner and we ate in silence at my patio set in my backyard. When we were done eating I took the dishes inside then went back outside and when I got outside she had two of my pet cats named Bob and Rebel in her lap petting them so I walked over to them looked at the cats and said "Hay you two I saw her first go get your own woman" she giggled at me and said "Don't be so jealous their not even my type" and shooed them out of her lap and stood up wrapped her arms around the back of my head and kissed me on the lips while I fondled her ass and ran her tail thru my hand when we broke the kiss I led her over to a set of lawn chairs and when we sat down I asked her to start her story again she looked at me and said "You want to hear more" I nodded and said "Sure, I want to hear all about my woman" she giggled looked up into the sky then she started to tell her story again.

    She started her story with her being at home cleaning house and having a lazy day when a big muscular man carrying a large bag broke in her front door and when he saw her looking at him he dropped the bag on the floor opened it and pilled a very large and strange looking gun out of it. He started firing it at her but with her training she was able to dodge the bullets which made him very angry then he pushed a button on the side of the gun then it started firing grenades which was destroying her house so she took the fight outside by turning into a house cat and running into her backyard and he followed her which was his biggest mistake because when he got outside she jumped on him biting and clawing at his gun arm then she jumped off of him and ran into the woods behind her house. When he went in after her he didn't know it but it sealed his dome because with the blood in the air from the scratches on his arm she able to track him. When he was close enough she ran at him and as she leaped at him she changed into a saber tooth cat and bit his arm completely off and at the same time bit the strange gun in half. He screamed holding what was lift of his arm she pounced on him pinning him to the ground on his back. Then looking him in the eyes and growling at him she asked him his name and when he didn't answer her she bent her head down and bit his other hand off then he screamed and she asked him again and this time he answered and said his name was Buster Cannon. Then she asked him what his purpose for trying to kill her and who sent him he said he was sent to kill her by his master Scott Freedom because she was to be dead already because she was a threat to him. Then she asked where she could find his master and he said he didn't know because when he sent them to kill her he left for a safe place. But she caught what he said and asked if there were more people after her and he said yes there are 5 more people sent to kill her by the same master. When he had answered all the questions she wanted answered she took her paws off his chest and started to walk away then he asked her with fear and begging in his eyes not to leave him there to die because he had answered all her questions. She looked back at him and said "As you wish" and walked back over to him and reached out her paw with claws extended and slashed his throat out and watched him bleed to death then carried him off her property then went back to what was left of her house and when she saw it she wanted to kill him again. Two of the outer walls were gone most of the inner walls were gone but the support walls were still there and the roof had huge holes in it that's when she found out about Titans job because she found him in the phone book so she called him to fix her house and to her surprise even after he saw her house he rebuilt her house for free. But that was the extent of her good luck because she couldn't find a Scott Freedom anywhere in the area and 1 week later the 2nd assassin showed up.

    She was at the market when a tall lanky pale skinned dark haired woman approached her and said you have one hour to met me for battle or I will destroy your house, tavern, and everyone that gets in the way. Catsondra nodded her agreement and said "Were do you want me to meet you and what is your name" the lady said "Meet me in the woods outside of town and my name is Black Widow. Catsondra finished her shopping took it back to the Cat's Paw and told Sue she would be back in 3 hours. As she walked out of town to the woods for some reason she felt calm and sure of herself. When she walked into the woods she heard a voice that said your 1 minute late then she saw the lady standing in a clearing raising her hands then a bunch of bugs started flying around her. Catsondra turned into a lioness and charged her but the bugs around her where to thick and got bit by a lot of bugs. She even tried to roar but it didn't work then she tried to use her agility to rapidly hit the wall of bugs very fast but she just got all bit up. Then she got an idea and turned into a leopard and climbed into a tree and jumped from tree to tree until she was above the lady and jumped on the lady from the top and pinned her to the ground with Catsondra's paw on the lady's throat cutting off her air supply but Catsondra was getting weak from blood loss from bug bites so she asked Black Widow if she was sent by Scott Freedom. Black Widow nodded yes so Catsondra leaned her head down opened her mouth and ripped her throat out then walked away leaving her laying on the ground then changed back into her regular form and went to go to her vets office to get checked out. Her doctor said she had massive blood loss and needed medicine for the swelling from the bug bites but she should be fine in a few days and to get some rest. So she went back to the tavern and told Sue she wouldn't be back for about 2 days then went home to get some rest in her new house that Titan built for her. She stopped talking when it started getting dark so we went inside and she said she was tired so we went to bed I kissed her good night wrapped my arms around her and grabbed a handful of tit and she put her hand on top of my hand and fell asleep.

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    This is a really good story, but it needs a bit more detail. I actually had a hard time reading it... But it was still a good story.

    Mar 21 2010 04:53
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