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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, domination.

    Mark lay on his bed, on top of his hastily made covers, and roamed his own Naked body. His hand slowly moved down to his hard cock and wrapped around the shaft. Slowly, moaning softly, he began to stroke it up and down, lingering on the head and squeezing harder, before moving down again.

    Only one image, one girl, filled thoughts 24-hours a day. He wanted her. She filled his every desire. Her face danced before his eyes as his stroking increased. He saw himself fucking her, using her body that he had to see, to touch, to taste. He felt that familiar churning in his groin and increased the rhythm.

    He heard the front door slam shut and looked to his open bedroom door. Even as footsteps started up the stairs he didn't get up or try to cover himself. He knew who it was. The only person it could be; the object of his lust and desire.

    He heard his sister reach the top of the stairs and started to beat his cock with a fevered pace. She walked passed his room, not even glancing his way as she walked to her own bedroom down the hall.

    He was beyond the point of no return, grunting softly; he brought the orgasm to its fulfillment. His teenage cock erupted, spewing his cum over his chest, stomach, thighs and hands. His hand slowed as he stroked the last few beads from his dick.

    With a morose sigh he looked towards his open door. She had missed him once again. How many times had that happened this summer? Four, five? Both his parents worked late, and never came home early. Having watched his pretty sister develop from an early age, Mark had begun to lust after her in a very unnatural way. They were never close, not at all, and whatever small amount of guilt at having those feelings was easily consumed with his need to fuck her.


    Left alone with her in the same house, forced to be around her as she wore next to nothing all too often, Mark finally had to put a scheme into play that he had long desired. He was going to fuck her. So far, his plan had failed. Leaving the door opened while he masturbated had accomplished nothing. And she had never shown any interest in him. She would never fuck him freely, he now knew. So, there was only one resort. He would have to make her do it.

    He didn't want to rape her. Well, he did, but that wasn't an option. He was only twenty-two, home for the summer from college, and had his whole life ahead of him. Going to jail for rape was not what he planned for his future. He wanted to force her, but she had to make the final decision. And he knew how to do it.

    Only nineteen, Anne was still young enough to be fixated on a single goal, and quite young enough to get herself into trouble. She was the baby of the family, daddy's little girl who could do no wrong. She had saved up enough money to spend the last three weeks of summer in the Bahamas with some friends, but their dad had already made it quite clear that he did not wish his baby girl to go on such a trip.

    They had made a deal; if she could spend the first part of the summer proving she was the perfect angel her father thought she was, then she could go. One slip up, and it was all over. Mark had made it his duty to make certain she slipped up.

    At first it was hard. He had a job, and couldn't spend his days following her around. But she worked as well. It was the nights that he prowled, following her about with a video camera in hand.

    For two full weeks, he followed his sister from place to place, house to house, party to party. Through it all she didn't take one drink, didn't smoke one cigarette, and didn't use a single drug. She was, apparently, daddy's little angel.

    He filmed her anyway, using prize shots of her bending over as masturbating material. He was about to give up entirely when one weekend night he finally caught her committing a crime far worse than any of the others.

    He watched her leave a party and sneak into the trees behind the house. And she wasn't alone. Mark moved closer to get a better look, when he recognized the person she was with. His name was Dave, and he was supposed to go along on the trip. A good kid, his father had been told, very responsible. Mark got close enough to make certain both their faces were visible in the dark light and sat back to film.

    Mark watched in awe as his sister slowly unzipped Dave's jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. She dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down, letting his cock spring free. She looked at it briefly, before taking the bobbing member in her mouth. Mark had already opened his pants and was jerking himself off as the lewd scene unfolded before him.

    Mark had to concentrate to keep the camera on them as she worked his dick over. He came quickly, long before she was done with Dave, and was able to relax and enjoy what he was seeing. She sucked him hard and deep, taking almost the whole of this prick down her throat. He had never imagined that she was so skilled. Her head began to bob in quick, sharp motions, and Dave's knees buckled as he shot his load into her mouth. She didn't spill a drop.

    As Anne and Dave made their way back to the party, Mark strolled back to his car as happy as he had ever been. He had her now.


    Totally unsuspecting, Anne sat in her bedroom and brushed out her long, brown hair after a long shower. It was Friday afternoon and her parents had already left for one of their many weekend escapes. She had a full weekend of parties all planned. It would start tonight at the house party. She smiled to herself when she thought back to last weekend's house party and her little escapade with sexy Dave in the bushes. Tonight, she fully planned to go one step further.

    She stood up and walked in front of her full-length mirror to watch herself brush her damp hair. Her thin, damp, robe clung to the curves of her breasts, and she noticed that her nipples had hardened while thinking about Dave's cock in her mouth.

    She couldn't wait to have it in her cunt. Anne loosened the belt and opened her robe. She looked over her exposed flesh and smiled to herself. She did have a nice body, she had to admit. Only 5 and a half feet tall, her body was kept trim by a regular visit to the gym. Her tits were not huge, but at a C-cup, they were a nice hand full.

    She put the brush down and cupped her tits, pushing them up and together, enhancing the cleavage. They were so nice. She let them drop and watched in erotic amusement as they bounced on her chest. Tweaking the nipples to make them even harder, she closed her eyes and swayed slowly. One hand moved slowly down over her firm stomach and traced a path down over her hip to her thigh. Slowly, her fingers moved in between her legs and brushed at the moist opening of her slit.

    She moaned slightly and started to wiggle the tip of her finger inside. Through a barely noticeable crack in the door, Mark watched the lewd display of his sister touching herself. His eyes were wide and his cock throbbed as he watched the scene unfold. He had spied on her before, but he had never seen anything like this.

    As he watched her reflection in the mirror, he took that moment to slowly back away and head downstairs. It was either that or he would have to jump her then and there. Once safely downstairs, he called out.

    "Hey, Anne," he yelled, trying to sound annoyed. "Come down here, now!"

    Anne snapped herself out of the moment as she heard her brother yelling at her. With a sigh, she slipped her finger out of her yearning hole and closed her robe. Opening the door she yelled down the stairs.

    "What do you want?"

    "Come down here!"

    "I'm busy. I have to get ready to go out."

    "This is about you going out!"

    Anne furrowed her brow nervously. Even at 19 and free to make her own choices, her parents still left her older brother in charge of things. He had never bothered her before, but had the authority to royally screw up her life if he ever chose to. Nervously, she started down the stairs and found Mark waiting for her in the living room.

    "What is it?" she asked, trying to sound angry at this intrusion. "I'm going to be late."

    Mark just looked at her and shook his head. "Look, we both know that Mom and Dad want me to keep an eye on you when they're not around." Anne rolled her eyes and Mark had to fight hard not to break out into a vicious smirk. "Usually, I don't give a shit what you do, but I have something you better see." He picked up the remote and pressed play on the VCR.

    She flashed Mark a confused look and turned to the TV. It was dark, and at first she wasn't certain what she was supposed to be looking at. But then the scene zoomed in on the face of Dave. It was still dark, but his face was clear. The camera panned over slightly and she saw her own face.

    Her eyes widened in sudden realization of what this was. She watched herself drop to her knees in front of the guy and start to suck him off. Her face turned red with anger and fear, and she didn't even notice the rhythmic bouncing of the camera.

    Anne turned and faced Mark, ignoring the TV. She didn't need to see anymore. Mark watched the scene for a few moments longer, a smirk dancing on his lips before he pressed the stop button.

    "As you can see, we have a problem.," Mark almost laughed. "I'm not too sure Dad would care much for you going away this summer after he sees this."

    Anne looked like she was about to faint. The possibility of her father seeing this only just then occurred to her. And Mark was right. He wouldn't let her out of his sight if he saw this. She looked at her brother and her lip curled in anger.

    "So what do you want, Mark?" she demanded, realizing that there was going to be some heavy price for this to be kept secret.

    "I don't know," he answered coolly. "What do you have to offer?"

    She felt lost. She was totally at his mercy and she knew it. But she also knew that Mark already had something in mind. She could see it in his eyes and it made her shift nervously.

    "Look, whatever you want from me, you can have it. Just give me the tape."

    Mark held all the cards, but a lifetime of sibling rivalry wouldn't let her back down without a fight.

    Mark just smiled. "Well, it's simple. I want you." Anne frowned in confusion. He moved closer to her, towering over her. "Give yourself to me from now until Sunday when Mom and Dad get home, do everything I say and ask of you, everything, and we'll forget this ever happened."

    She wrinkled her nose. "What do you mean."

    Mark started to get angry at her arrogance. "I mean I want you to be my slave for the weekend. Do everything I want." Anne took a step back. The lust on his face as his eyes moved down to her body was unmistakable.

    "I don't think so!" she yelled at him.

    Mark smiled and shrugged. "Your choice." He walked over and ejected the tape from the VCR and handled it idly in front of her. "Better have fun tonight then. Don't think you'll be seeing much of your friends, especially in the Bahamas, after Dad sees what his little girl has been up to."

    Anne just stood and stared at her brother. She knew her life would be over if her father ever saw the tape. But the thought of being her brother's slave chilled her to the bone. Mark stood passively in front of her, offering her no support or opportunity. She ran the options through her head, unsure if she really understood them.

    She could just walk away and risk Mark giving the video to her father, which she was certain he would, and effectively ruin everything. Or she could do what Mark wanted and be his slave. From the way that he had looked at her moments ago, she wasn't certain what that really meant. He didn't want to have sex with her, did he?

    The thought made her shudder involuntarily. No, not even Mark could be so twisted. He would probably just spend the weekend humiliating her, making her do demeaning chores. She didn't like it one bit, but she knew she had no choice in the end. It was only a weekend, after all. The consequences were too great. At last she nodded.

    "Alright, Mark, I'll be your slave for the weekend." She sneered at the last part, but Mark paid it no mind. He knew he could expect a lot of that kind of attitude all weekend and was ready for it. He just smiled and took a step closer.

    "Good. I knew you'd see it my way." He smiled sweetly. "As a show of good faith." He handed her the videotape. "I still have the original, of course. You can have that too when the weekend is done, but only if you've been a good girl." She shot him a venomous glance as she took the tape from him.

    "Okay, what do you want me to do, drive you around all day?" she demanded.

    "No, nothing like. Not right now anyway. Come with me." He led the way back upstairs, Anne hesitantly in tow. He stopped briefly to grab a package from his room before leading her to her own. He threw the package on the bed.

    "First, I want you to cancel all of your plans. Call your friends and tell them you are going away for the weekend. I don't want any of them calling here at all for the next few days. If they do, I might just forget about our little deal. Understood?"

    Anne nodded. She knew.

    "Good. When you're done, I want you to put on what's in the bag. And only what's in the bag. If you're wearing anything else, well, you know the deal."

    Anne nodded again, this time more confused.

    "You have twenty minutes to get this all done. When you're dressed, come to my bedroom." He smiled a strange smile she had never seen him wear before and left her alone.

    Anne sighed and shook her head, wondering what she had gotten herself into to. She knew she could still back down, but that would get her nowhere. She called as many of her friends as she could think of that called her on a regular basis and told them that she was taking off for the weekend. They gave her their best wishes, telling her they'd miss her at the party and such. She would miss herself for not being there too. When she was done, she picked up the package curiously.

    Resigned to continue forward, at least for now, she tore open the package. She looked in confusion at the contents. Inside was a black and white French-maid's outfit, the low cut kind with the lacy frills and apron. It was obviously designed to be extremely sexual, and she doubted it would cover much of her ass or tits. Also, there was a pair of her black high heels. She shook out the dress, but to her dismay found no bra or panties.

    Did Mark really want her to wear this without underwear? She recalled what he had said, and he had been clear. Nothing but what was in the package or the deal was off. Well, if things started to get too freaky, she could always back out later and risk her father's wrath.

    Mark Sat on his bed and idly flipped through a magazine. He wasn't even certain what magazine it was, his heart was fluttering so rapidly. This was it. This was going to happen. All those months of penned up sexual frustration were about to come to an end. His eyes were ever shifting to the clock, and as the appointed minute got closer, he got and more nervous. What if she backed out? No, she wouldn't. She couldn't!

    A soft tap on his door caused him to drop the magazine. He quickly retrieved it and pretended to be engrossed in the contents. "Come in," he said at last, trying to make it sound like he didn't know who was there. His eyes nearly jumped out of his head as the door opened and his sister stood there nervously in the maid outfit he had bought for her just for this occasion.

    He started at her feet and moved his eyes slowly up the shapely flesh of her naked legs. They were well shaped by her workouts, and her almost fanatical tanning made them an unflawed, golden brown. The short, black shirt barely covered the tops of her thighs and his eyes moved up past her waist and to the tight fitting, low cut top.

    Even braless, her firm breasts swelled against the flimsy material. His eyes lingered on the visible cleavage and tops of her tits. Finally, her drew his eyes higher and swept up across her chest to her cute face. Framed by her long, brown hair, she was pretty. In the outfit, she was as sexy as he had ever seen her. He smiled as she stood there glaring at him shifting nervously under his scrutiny.

    "Well, what do you want me to do?" she half demanded, half whined. He had always liked her whine, and had often wondered what it would sound like while she was being brutally fucked.

    Mark put down the magazine and looked around. "Clean my room," he said. She looked at him like he was an idiot, which made him smile even more. "Make sure you pick everything up and tidy it good. And bend over all the way when you do."

    She shot him a venomous glare but slowly started to work. This was degrading, but it could be worse. Maybe this would be the worst of it. She started by the door and moved her way in, grabbing dirty laundry as she went.

    "Ah!" he snapped at her. "I said bend over all the way!" If looks could kill... She bent herself in half at the waist to pick up an errant sock. "And turn your back to me when you do."

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