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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation.

    I loved to do chat in the lesbian rooms for a long time I had great fun.

    I am a busy executive in the hospitality industry. For the longest time I would get a baby sitter for my kids and go off to a ritzy resort with a girlfriend for a weekend. The resort was free to me because I would trade comps with an exec. at whatever the resort choice was for the weekend. It was about the only sex I got beside the occasional cyber (masturbation with another female) online in a popular chatroom.

    One night I was in the Lesbian chatroom of a popular chat sited and begin talking with a young lady who claimed to be in College. She was definitely different. That night as I chatted with her she seemed to be afraid that her Mom would catch her doing the cyber.

    She was a girl who liked to fantasize about being with a girl friend and had at least at one time fingered a girl friend. She liked boys, but had not had sex with a boy.

    As we typed-chatted, I began taking the lead and kissing her and touching her young breasts. She was responding, and was chatting in such naive way, but it was so genuine and she was turned on as I spread here young legs and placed my hardened tongue into her sweet dripping furry slit. She was fingering herself on the other end and was so hot as she typed with one hand and fingered herself with the other.

    Suddenly she said: "My dog is in the room and I need to put him out because he is trying to lick my fingers."

    I was surprised, and at the same time I was surprisingly turned on up another notch. I said: "okay, hurry back". She said "it is okay I will be right back, I will put him in the hallway". I said "okay".

    She was gone only a couple of minutes.

    When she returned to the chat I was so excited and my shaved pussy was sopping.

    She once again picked up where we left off. Only this time I was typing about licking here erect clitoris and I would type about my tongue would occasionally slide down to her red puckering wet bum hole. I was using a vibrator so I could type with both hands.

    She was kind of silent as she fingered herself, when suddenly whe said: "please hold on". I said: "Are you okay Jeannie?"
    She typed "Buddy is whimpering and scratching at the door. I am afraid he will wake my Mom" "Please don't go away", - once again I said, "Hurry Back".

    She was back real quick. She typed "he won't leave me alone when my panties are off".

    I typed "what does he do?" She answered. "Oh please lets continue where we left off".
    I typed "okay, but please tell me does he lick you - because that really gets me excited".

    She paused a bit and typed "really?"
    I typed " oh yeah fuck yeah Jeannie".
    Another pause, then: "yes.. he licks me".

    Instantly I was totally aroused and slick juices were all around my inserted 3 fingers. I then said "is that all?"

    Instantly she said, "Buddy is licking me noww oohhhhh!"

    I was soo ready, but I stopped, because I wanted to know what else Buddy did.

    I typed "Has he ever mounted you?" A slight pause and she typed " yeah! do you hate me for that Sherri"?

    I came so hard whenever she said that. Yet I wanted more of her talk.

    I answered: "no Jeannie darling - please let him fuck you now and type while he fucks you".

    She typed "how? If he is fucking me How can I type?"
    Then she typed "I know. I will put the key board on my chair and watch the monitor while he is fucking me. But I have to be careful because he scratches me and I am afraid somebody will ask how I got the scratches around my waist when I am in gym shower".

    I was about to climax again as she typed these words, I knew I would go off again soon.

    I said: "Why don't you put on a sweat shirt or something?" After a long pause she typed: "its okay I don't care I want him in me now. I am on my hands and knees keyboard on the chair and he is licking me. I can't wait".

    I was going crazy... I was thinking of my German Shepherd male "Macho" in the mud room.

    Then she typed: "Buddy is on trying to get the tip of it into me. Hold on a second."

    After a bit - seemed like eternity as I climaxed again and nearly squirted my juices from my drenched panting pussy. She typed: "I help him..."
    "OOOOOO he feels soo good in meeeeeee. OOOOO sherriiiiii"

    I came very finger deep in my bum hole fisting my cunttttttt....ooomfg I came sooo fuckn hard.

    Then she typed.... "OOO He is stuck in me.....oooooo"
    "I fell em squirting me sooo hottttttttt o ....goodd yea fukn yea.....fuk me buddy.."
    "he stopped movin, but he is still in me and ooooooooooooo yeas he is squiting mee inside deeep.."

    "it running down my legss"

    I was about to black out from cumming so hard. As I read her words began thinking more and more of was Macho... I had to try this...

    Soon Jeannie said: "I gotta go...later Sherri..."
    "byeee"" and she was gone ...just like that...Jeez...

    I was stripped nude...juicy...and full of passion...I had to have my doggy…

    Macho was just like his name...All Man...

    I went to the Mud room where he stayed at night…

    He tried as usual to jump up on me...this time ...instead of the usual knee to the stomach I reached for his furry protrusion. I had seen the tip of his pink meat a few time as we played, but had not thought much about it except a little embarrassed curiosity.

    Now as I grasped his fur he laid on his side and I began to massage it as I sat with my legs wide open near his head.

    He responded and his warm breath and cool nose was near my drenched shaved pussy.
    He gently placed his black muzzle between my legs as his soft brown eyes looked longingly into mine. I said: "good boy Macho", in my warm doggy voice that I talked to him with .. His tail raised and he tried to stand up as his tongue lashed out at my dripping open pussy.

    My grasp on his cock tightened and as I stroked it through his fur the tip protruded.

    He begin lightly licking at my swollen labia. I was filling his mouth with juices… His cock was out a couple of inches and it was squirting tiny squirts of light liquid.

    I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide apart as one hand guided his head and scratched it... My other hand massaged his bare cock.
    He was squirting bigger streams now with each stroke the cock hardened and came out more. His tongue was licking all my juices even the juice that ran down through my bum hole.

    Then, he started moving around… First he tried to hump my shoulder with his hot cock. I had to let go when he move so fast.

    Then he moved to my right leg and tried to mount it ...I could feel the red hot cock squirting his juice on my leg...

    Sooooo I got on my hands and knees and he got on me.

    He tried to get it in me... but no luck…

    He was on me and I lowered the target to him a little…

    His cock brushed across my clit... omfg it was hot... much hotter than any man cock or woman's tongue.

    I reached between my legs and held the squirting juicy tip at the opening.

    …and it slid into meeeeeeeeeee!

    Oh, it was soo good... It was so long as it slid into me it was squirting juice... that ran down my legs...I arched my back to help him go deep.....and he diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd o fuck it was soo good…

    Now he is in meee. I am cumming .. and in a low bitch voice giving him a guttural... goooood boy macho you are such a gooood fuckin boy…
    His head was on my shoulder, his toungue licked my face... I turned to my and licked his toungue as he rammed it deeep into meeee.

    Then suddenly... a throbbing fullness is there... I am totally full of the base of his cock a knot is lodged into my spasming cunt... I am screaming with cummmm o fuck it is heaven it hurts so fuckn good.

    He is squirting gushin stringy hot streams of puppy seeds into my womb deep into a depth of unfucked flesh. He is sweating, panting and dripping saliva on my that runs down to and off my hardened pointed nipples. He lays his head on my neck, legs still tight around my waist. His huge cock bursting inside me... still squirting so hard the air tight seal is broken with globs of thick white doggy seed dripping outt of me. Good boy, good boy… I squeeze more from him with involuntary spasms from my engorged fuck hole. I am his bitch... He is first male to which I totally submit myself... he dismounts… his cock is locked it place... rotates inside me as it continues to squirt...

    We are ass-to-ass… I mash my butt against his to drive him deeper... locking him tightly with my cunt muscles... we are locked like this for a few minutes of eternity... It pops from me... and it is HUGE...

    He licks it, then licks me... cupps its seems of doggy cum, he laps it all up... Good boy Macho, you are such a good boy...
    omfg...and I want him more now than before......
    more on my back....
    Much much better... he is above me... we watch each other he is hotter than ever...


    more later...

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    Please wright some more,i love it.thanks in advance.

    Dec 31 2006 01:04
    "wright" ? Please write some more!

    Apr 19 2007 07:50
    i would like to hear more

    Nov 3 2010 17:56
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