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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Hello, my name is Huckleberry. I hope you are having a nice day! I am. Why am I writing to you today? Well, it's a little bit of a long story so let's first get a few basic facts out of the way. You see, friends, I am a dog. Yes - a dog!! You may wonder how it is possible that I could be typing words on a computer. It's actually not me who is doing so; it is my Master, Sharon, and she is very, very beautiful. She has spent a lot of time teaching me sign language (or paws language, if you will) and other non-verbal means of communication. She has studied much on this subject and she even belongs to Mensa. Because of her diligent efforts, I am able to express myself clearly and articulately to you all. Sharon is adding embellishments only to emphasize some points; that is, about things that I feel very strongly about. You see I don't quite understand adjectives and adverbs like you humans do. So when Sharon sees that I am all pumped up, she inserts the appropriate phrase for me. Isn't she great? I love her so much!!!

    Well, let's get back to the beginning. I hope you are not growing too impatient with me. After all, I am a simple canine - thank you!! The fact is that things weren't always so nice for me. You see, I was once owned by someone else and he was a very mean person. In fact, he lives right next door to us! He often forgot to feed me or to give me fresh water. Now, it is very important to see to a dog's needs regularly, particularly when kept outside, regardless of the weather (and that's not good either). Not being in the house, I was unable to find or to beg for scraps. And, folks, there really wasn't much of a food supply out in the yard, except for grass. I sometimes had to drink my own pee because my water bowl was empty. Now, you may think that's nothing unusual for a dog - but I know the difference between clear, cold fresh water and body waste. We dogs are not as stupid as some humans think we are!!

    Lots of times, I wished I could be in the house due to cold or rainy weather. He just figured the doghouse was good enough for me - that dogs are impervious to weather conditions. Well, if anyone believes that, let me tell you, You're Wrong!!!! I had colds and I sniffled a lot. I just couldn't warm up sometimes. He had an old shirt in there for me to lie on and it smelled of stale booze - he never washed it!! Yeah, he was a boozer. Man, could he suck up anything with alcohol content!! I'm surprised he didn't drink his after-shave!!! And then, too, he was a really mean drunk. Always cussing and raving about something. Then he'd yell at me like this: "Damn, I wish I had it as good as you. You're a dog who leads a dog's life. Man, I feed you and pay your vet bills. You never even have to work!!" See how he'd downgrade me. And I couldn't answer back. If I'd bark, he'd tell me to shut up. Sometimes he'd even bark back (in a very lame way I might add). He said he fed me - you know how he fed me? He wouldn't buy real dog food half the time because he said it cost too much. So he'd give me whatever he didn't finish from his own meals. Lots of times, I'd have bones with not a shred of meat on them. He scraped that off for himself with a sharp knife. Man, was he cheap!! He'd also give me stuff like cold cereal - maybe some dogs like that kind of fare, but I sure didn't. I crave meat - plain and simple.

    He also complained how he had to "pay my vet bills." Wow, what a lie!! He hardly ever took me there - saying that the vet was just a con artist trying to sell him on shots I didn't need. I mean I didn't even have a rabies shot. In fact, he said that I'd never get it (rabies) - being chained to my leash in the back yard all the time. And even if I did, he'd just shoot me to put an end to my misery (and his, too, I imagine).

    So you see, folks. A dog's life isn't always so easy. For many dogs, this is the routine they have to live with from birth to grave. But in my case - well.... It's like I won a colossal lottery. And all this because of my beautiful, rescuing Angel, my master Sharon!!

    One day, a few years ago, my former master was out in the back yard cussing at me (for no reason), when a moving van pulled up in the alley next door. Out of it stepped a lady, very pretty in human terms. She had long flowing hair, seemed to be in her twenties, and had a voluptuous figure. How'd I know all this - well, my master was mumbling about how "stacked" she was and how he'd like to fuck her johnny on the spot. The fact is that he and she were destined to become enemies and all because of me!!! She introduced herself to him. Her name was Sharon, how pretty, I thought!! I loved her sweet voice, too. It was like listening to music when she talked. You know, we dogs have excellent hearing and we appreciate the nicer sounds in the universe. We're not deaf to the music you play on your stereo or radio. In this case though, Sharon's voice was pure bliss to me. I think a big part of it was that it seemed gentle compared to my master's cussy, complaining growl.

    Sharon even paid me a compliment: "Oh, what a nice dog you have, Mr. Cuss ! (not his real name in order to protect the guilty). I'll bet you're very proud of him!" Well, he didn't say much - he was trying to change the subject - I mean he didn't really care much about me - he couldn't even fake it with her!! I think somewhere along the way Sharon picked up on his drinking problem. Maybe she could smell the booze on his breath. But she backed off a little and excused herself. She was about to walk away when she turned toward me to pat me on the head: "nice doggy, so cute," she said so kindly to me. My master yelled: "Hey, be careful, Beware of the Dog!!" and he laughed loudly. He added: "old Huckleberry's downright dangerous, that's why I keep him outside all the time. Can't trust him not to rip up the house when I'm out working to support him." Sharon didn't think this was funny and she did not laugh. She looked at him and then me, it was as if her eyes now said (and this from just saying nice doggy a few moments ago) to "poor doggy. Oh, it must be hard living with him!!" Sharon could see that my doghouse was old and not built well, even though my master prided himself on his carpentry skills. This house was made from old rough wood scrap lumber and had never even been planed down. There were splinters in it and nails that stuck out. I had to be so careful which way I rolled sometimes. And here was beautiful, Sharon, the first human being ever to show me some empathy. My old master, Mr. Cuss, just made me feel like a lowly, no-account of a dog, like I deserved nothing at all. Basic creature comforts were just too good for me!!

    As time went by, Sharon would stop by and feed me something nice. And she'd pet me. I know I'm a dog, but I purred like a cat when she did that. I just wasn't used to it. Sharon would oftentimes visit me when Mr. Cuss wasn't home because he'd always come out and have something nasty to say. It's like he'd make it sound like joking: but I knew better, he wasn't joking. He'd say things like: "hey, you're gonna spoil him - I've got him on a special diet!" What diet, I wondered - the once in a while feed him with stale food diet? Man, that pissed me off. Sharon gave me meat that was fresh from the oven - she baked it so as to minimize the fat content. She was concerned about my health!!! Can you believe it? How'd I know this? Well, Sharon would talk to me; you know, the way you humans often do. You just assume we understand you. The thing is that we understand by sensing, by your emotional language, to put it another way. We can tell your motives and intents. This is how I knew...

    Sharon caught old Cuss cussing at me sometimes when he came home after work drunk and she'd yell at him to stop. Then they'd both get into heated exchanges, bantering back and forth. This really upset me. I've got that damn loyalty, you know, the kind only a dog has to its master. Even if he abuses you, you still love him. Can you believe that? I can, because I know. After all, in spite of my prose here today, I am still a plain, old-fashioned dog. The conflict was that I loved Sharon, too. And I was beginning to realize, much more so than my old master. Yes, I was pining away deep within my heart for the beautiful angel, My angel, Sharon. Oh, I wanted to be with her all the time, day and night, hearing her soft words, feeling her gentle touch, and most of all - feeling her sincere love for me - AND returning that love, my love to her!!!

    After more months had passed, things came to a fever pitch. There was just so much conflict between Mr. Cuss and Sharon. She had threatened him with calling the police and pressing charges of animal abuse against him. Well, he really went off the deep end and yelled: "hey, that's my damn animal - I can do anything I want with him. Besides, who the fuck are you, Miss Prissy, you don't even own a dog!! Fuck, you want him, you can have him!" Wow, he'd never said something like that before!! And then, suddenly he spun around and headed toward me cowering in my doghouse (I always tried to hide in there when they were arguing - it really upset me!!) I thought for sure he was gonna hit me and so did Sharon because she came running over. But much to my surprise and hers, Cuss leaned down and picked up my leash and handed it to Sharon - just like that. There was a brief silence. It was almost as if he didn't want to do this. As if ... well, I'm not sure. Then he finally spoke, "he's yours, you want him, he's yours!"

    Sharon at first demurred and he jumped on the opportunity by saying: "you see, you don't want him, you're just all words - typical complaining woman - I say!!" At this, Sharon gripped my leash firmly and said to me: "Huckleberry, do you want to live with me?" I feigned stupidity; I was afraid of further angering Mr. Cuss. But my heart got the better of me and I slowly walked over to her and licked her hand, the one holding the leash. Cuss turned around and walked back to the house. He didn't get mad, surprisingly. Maybe there was a heart inside of him somewhere, but I guess I'll never know. He turned and said in a low voice to Sharon just moments before entering the house: "you can have the doghouse, too, and the blanket." Sharon thought the better of it and said: "oh no, that won't be necessary." She said to herself, "that doghouse is a piece of crap, I can't believe you've lived in there for so long, Huckleberry. From now on, you're staying indoors with me and when you go outdoors next time, it'll be for a nice walk in the park or by the lake. You're never be locked up outside again." Folks, if a dog can sigh, I did, I whimpered back to her with so much love boiling up inside of me.

    The next two weeks were amazing. I was discovering a whole new life. So pleasant and so fascinating. I explored her house from basement to attic. I found quiet cozy corners to lie in. I chewed on rawhides ( I never ever had one before), and I lay my head in her shoes as a pillow whenever I wanted to, savoring her aroma there. I'd smell her clothes down in the laundry room and sometimes just sleep on top of her underwear, bra, panties and stockings. You see, she'd lay all the stuff on the floor and sort it out later in the wash. So I had Sharon's scent on me all the time. I was so happy and she never kicked or pushed me away. And then, my friends, one night, one unique special night, something happened that would change our relationship forever. A night when Sharon would cease to be my master and begin to be ..... My Mistress .... !!

    We were lying together in her bed, cuddling as usual, feeling our mutually-generated warmth, when a mysterious sensation came over me. Previously undernourished and in poor health under my former master's rule, I was probably not in good enough shape for this to happen before. You see, folks, I was experiencing now, on this night, an erection. And it felt so good that it almost scared me. Well, I just licked Sharon's face and hands all the more enthusiastically. And I felt so very good that I wanted to just lick her all over her entire body. Usually, she kind of gently pushed me away from certain areas like her breasts or between her legs. But tonight, I was so love-filled and love-feeling that I was a little more aggressive than usual. I started licking her legs and, surprisingly, Sharon didn't stop me. At a certain point, I gravitated upward until my snout was in the area smack dab between her legs!!

    And I was met by a very heady aroma; you see, she had a nightgown on but no panties. I was face to face with her pussy and I kissed it lovingly - for the first time ever. Could you ever imagine something like this - a doggy like myself licking a pussy? Yes, although I am a dog, I do have a sense of humor. Tell that to your scientists in animal behavior research labs. The proof is here in my story, my testament to you, dear readers. Well, as I licked, Sharon began making weird noises like a long drawn out "ooooooooooooo.!" Then she seemed to gasp for breath in spurts. Now I was really afraid, was I hurting her? I tried to stop but her hands seemed to cradle and push my head gently back to her pussy. It was as if she were guiding me. I began licking with a renewed fervor. Sharon began saying things like: "Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmh!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm!!!" At one point she screamed loudly - I mean at the top of her lungs. Fortunately, nobody outside could hear it because it was winter and she had the storm windows in and the house was well insulated from noise. This was the back bedroom, too.

    As Sharon began calming down, she pulled me up to her so that we were eye to eye and said: "Huckleberry, you are the most loving dog. You are wonderful. Kiss me, my little darling!" Kiss her? I wasn't sure of what she meant. Then she said, "honey, kiss me like you just did my pussy!!" Then she opened her mouth very, very wide. I was looking down her throat. I still wasn't sure of what to do next when she pulled me forward and wrapped her lips around my snout and mouth. My nose was inside her mouth now and I felt her tongue licking it. Now I knew what to do, I stuck out and inserted my tongue deep inside her oral cavity and, to my amazement, discovered that her tongue and mine were splashing and rubbing together. I was tasting her saliva and she mine. What a sensation this was, her tongue licking mine and mine licking hers. We did this for hours. I later learned that this is called "french kissing." This was to become a daily and nightly ritual for us. Before it was just a pat on the head, a rub of my belly, a kiss on my nose. How did it ever come to this - something so blissful - something so perfect?

    As we broke for air from a deep soulfull kiss for the umpteenth time, Sharon said to me: "Huck, I want you to fuck me!" Again, I didn't know what this meant. This was solved by her loving hands directing my engorged doggy dick to her vagina. But then she interrupted, saying: "wait, Huck, I want to do to you exactly what you did to me. It'll be tit for tat. You ate me, now I'll eat you." Eat me - huh? Then Sharon got into a position where her sweet, lipsticked lips were inches away from my bulging, red cock. I could only look in astonished awe as her lips found their way to the head and began kissing it. My peepee was being kissed and licked by my Angel, Sharon's lips. Oh, the wonderment - the intoxicating pleasure!!! She did this for so long and with such intensity. She'd take a break and start again, licking slowly, then rapidly. This went on for what seemed an eternity when suddenly my dicky seemed to explode and I felt torrents, no gallons, of hot steaming fluid escape my peepee hole. And all of this shot into her mouth with an unstoppable force. Again, I got scared and anquished: "Oh, Sharon, am I hurting you with my copious and volumnious cum?" You see, we doggies can shoot a lot!!! I was met with sounds of pleasure (although somewhat garbled) from Sharon as before when I was loving her pussy, "ooooooooh, muuuuuunch, uuuuummmmph, hhuuuuuumhhhh, smack, smick, gargle, girgle, gulp!!" Folks, believe or not, she was loving every drop of me. It seemed like another ten minutes went by when she finally stopped licking me dry and then removed her mouth from my cockypoo. That's what she called it. Sometimes she'd call it my dickypoo, too! Again, Sharon pulled my face to hers and we began smooching again. Then she said after breaking off another hot long kiss: "Huckleberry Honey, now I want you to fuck me!" I understood what she meant this time and wondered if I was capable - you know, having just been drained so thoroughly by her so thorough blowjob of me.

    We got into position with her feet and my paws on the floor with her lying back on the bed. Sharon wanted us to fuck face to face for our first time. It was hard accomplishing this, but with the dedication and determination that only true love inspires, I at last succeeded in both mounting and entering her. My canine peepee in her feline weewee. We were one - we were fucking - we were screwing - we were shacking up - we were FUCKING!!!! After what seemed like an hour, my prostate gland, my testicles, my doggy balls emptied themselves of their contents, my doggycum, semen, sperm, and lubricating fluid at last fired themselves straight and narrow - unerringly into her vagina, her uterus and her womb wherein my seed met her ovaries. Unbelievable - that's all I can say ... My master, ... now my Mistress, My beautiful Angel, Sharon. We had become one in the flesh, hearts joined together forever.

    Well, folks, my story doesn't really end here. This is my day-to-day life now and I am very happy. I hope you didn't think I was whining at the beginning of my story today. Forgive me if I have. I just had to tell it to kind, caring people like yourselves. And Sharon thought that I should tell you so that people will begin to realize that animals/dogs, have feelings, too, and that they should not be abused. I second and third that notion wholeheartedly!!! We dogs love you dearly and we return that love in droves. Oh, excuse me a moment, dear reader, Sharon is nibbling on my doggy ear right now ... oh, man!! Now her tongue is inside my ear - does her hot breath feel good!!- oooooh, I've got goosebumps.

    Friends, I think I'm gonna have to stop now. Sharon is kissing and rubbing me like crazy. And I am bound and determined to reciprocate my master's, I mean, my mistress's giving of love to me. I mean it's a dog's duty is to serve his master, I mean mistress, isn't it? Ooooooooohhhhhhh. Bow wow .... Bow Wooooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!! "Excuse me, Sharon, my Angel, my Lover!" - Bye Friends!!! Thanks for reading my story!!

    P.S. Sharon, my mistress, wishes to maintain our anonymity because she is afraid of scientists the world over wanting to study us - thereby condemning us to life in a proverbial goldfish bowl. Thank you.

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