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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bdsm.

    I came home that afternoon and handed by wife the package. I told her to put the items on and be ready by 7 pm. I then went into the living room to ponder the plans for the evening. Yes, I had read the stories and viewed the mpegs. Yes, I had even purchased some videos. I had stumbled across a bestiality site and had been not only fascinated by the pictures and stories but had been tremendously aroused. As I sat on the couch I wondered, though, how I would react if it wasn't someone involved that I didn't know, but was instead my beautiful, lovely wife. I wondered if I would be turned off and disgusted. Would I be grossed out and not be able to stop the action? I didn't know if I would go through with it or not. My wife had no idea what was in store for her that evening. The witching hour arrived and I entered the bedroom. There she stood with the new white teddy, the long white hose and the high heels. Her long blond hair was down on her shoulders and not a hair out of place. Her large breasts strained at the top of the teddy. She looked ravishing! There were only a few things missing. I went to my closet and retrieved some items that I had bought especially for this night. First, I put the necklace around her neck. Well, not exactly a necklace, but rather a white leather collar. I also put the bracelets on her wrists. Not really bracelets either, but leather wrist cuffs. Lastly came the ankle cuffs. She was almost ready.

    I then remembered one of the most important items, the leash. I attached it to the collar and asked her how she felt. She was trembling and her breathing was shallow. She just meekly smiled. One last surprise for her outfit. I then produced a blindfold which I wrapped around her head and over her eyes. I thought that she was going to faint with excitement. I was a little weak kneed myself as I stepped back and admired my lovely wife. "All dressed up and only one place to go...the Land of Ecstasy."

    The stage was set so I started taking off my clothes and I put on a pair of black satin-like shorts. My already stiffened cock was wanting to peek out of its hole in the shorts. I stood in front of her and started squeezing her breasts and she started breathing heavier. After a few moments, I pulled down the top of the teddy exposing both tits for my enjoyment. I took hold of her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and gently tweaked them, causing a moan to rise in her throat. Then I increased the pressure and squeezed them hard and twisted. She started squirming and as I looked down I could see the crotch of her teddy getting darker with her dampness. She really liked having her nipples pinched and I was giving it all I had. I abruptly stopped and grabbed the leash around her neck and pulled downward so she sank to her knees. My hard cock was sticking out of the shorts and I stepped forward and brushed her lips with it. She moaned and immediately engulfed it with her hot mouth. I shouted to her to stop sucking and that I would tell her when to do anything for me. She meekly agreed. Then I told her to go ahead and start sucking my cock and to not stop until I came in her mouth. She was really breathing heavy now and proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs that she had ever bestowed upon me. It didn't take long and I started shooting my cum down her throat with her swallowing as fast as she could to keep from losing any of the precious liquid.

    When I was done, I took her by the leash and pulled her over to the bed, laid her down and fastened each wrist to the corner posts of the headboard. I then fastened her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. There she lay, totally helpless and at my disposal. An idea came into my head and I went to the pantry and returned to the bedroom with two clothes pins (the spring loaded type) and attached them to her nipples. She screamed but it was a scream of pleasure. I then unsnapped the snaps at the crotch of her teddy exposing her cleanly shaven pussy. She was so wet with excitement that she glistened. Her pussy lips were swollen and her clitoris was enlarged also and was peeking out from under its hood. She looked amazing laying there. I went to the drawer of her nightstand and took out the little pocket rocker vibrator and turned it on. She squirmed with anticipation of what was going to happen. With her nipples being pinched by the clothes pins it didn't take much with the pocket rocket to get her dripping like a faucet. I took her just to the edge of orgasm and stopped. She begged me to take her all the way and started calling me Master and was literally begging me to take her to the Land of Ecstasy. Then another idea came to mind. I let her loose and pulled her by the leash to the foot of the bed and had her kneel down by the corner of the bed. I removed the wrist cuffs and had her bend over so that her head was touching the floor and her beautiful ass was sticking up in the air. I then got my handcuffs from my drawer and handcuffed to the bed post in that position.

    She thought that she knew what was coming and she started squirming and wiggling her ass at me. With one hard smack on the ass she let out a scream, but then she wiggled more. I smacked her again and again until she was so wet that her juices were running down the inside of her thighs. Then I started to rub her butt and began to rub my thumb around her asshole. She started begging me to put something in her ass. I did. I put one finger in and then another and started moving them in and out. She loves anal sex and started pleading with me to fuck her in the ass. I calmly said "No". (It was kind of like the masochist and the sadist. The masochist said "Beat me, Beat me" and the sadist said, "No")

    I then pulled by fingers out of her ass when I heard the knock on the back door. It was the knock I had been waiting for. I left her squirming on the floor and went to answer the door. It was one of my best friends from work that I trusted totally. He had brought over his big black Lab that he said was completely trained and would even listen to me and my commands. He left the dog and said to call him on the cell phone when I wanted him to pick him up. As I took the dog inside the house, I really started to have second thoughts. What if once it all got started, I wanted to back out because it disgusted me or grossed me out. After all, it was my wife in there in the bedroom.

    I took a deep breath and continued to lead "Butch" down the hall and into the room. He immediately stuck his nose in the air and sniffed, no doubt smelling the odor of raw sex that was oozing from my handcuffed wife. He approached her and sniffed and then gave her a little lick. She moaned, smiled, and wiggled her ass some more. Butch then started to lick her in earnest and surprised her totally. She let out a mild scream and really starting shaking and breathing heavy. Butch was, by now, giving it all he had and in record time my wife reached an orgasm of giant proportions. I pulled Butch back away from her and she was panting that that was wonderful and the best pussy eating she had ever had. It was at this point that I decided to remove her blindfold because I didn't believe she knew it was a dog that was behind her. I don't know where she thought I had gotten such a long tongue all of a sudden but anyway, I took it off.

    She looked back and with a shocked look let out a scream that could've woke the dead. "My God", she said, "how could you?" Then she recalled the feeling of her orgasm and just stared at Butch with awe. Butch, needless to say, was quite aroused himself. His long, scarlet prick was extending about 6 or 7 inches from his furry sheath. It was kind of bouncing menacingly in the air and he was panting for more action. He looked at me with that "When is it going to be my turn for pleasure?" look. My wife then realized the look in my eye and said that I surely didn't think that I was going to make her fuck the dog. There was no way I would make her do that. I just looked at her and calmly told her that I was not going to make her do anything that she didn't really want to do already. I then gave her the smirk that I sometime have and told her that NO she was not going to fuck the dog. Butch was going to fuck her! Her eyes got bigger than saucers and she started shaking her head no. No she couldn't do that. She couldn't do that. She couldn't do that.

    I led Butch up behind her again and he started sniffing and licking and pacing back and forth behind her. He did this several times and then he would stop and raise up on her back. She would suck in her breath and hold it and then Butch would get down and pace some more. I then remembered and got a couple of her socks to put on his front paws. Once I did that, I think he knew what was expected from him. He mounted her and started a kind of slow medium strength thrusting at her backside. He wasn't finding the mark thought, hitting the inside of her thighs and on the top of her ass. She was squirming and moving and I hollered at her to stay still. She continued to keep moving around and it dawned on me that she wasn't trying to keep away from him. SHE WAS TRYING TO HELP HIM FIND THE SPOT. I was flabbergasted. I was also turned on beyond any description. Any hesitation that I had had prior to this had vanished. It was the most erotic AND exotic scene that I had ever witnessed in my life. My cock was twitching and bouncing on its own without me touching it at all. Butch, once he found her pussy, lunged forward just as she pushed backwards into him. She screamed and the race was on. I couldn't have stopped them if I had wanted to. And I certainly didn't want to.

    Butch was fucking her unmercifully with his back paws shifting ever so slightly to get better traction, with every 2 or 3 thrusts of his long, swollen, red prick. Butch fucked her hot, steaming pussy for a good ten minutes before he started to whine. My wife had been moaning all along chanting She had, for the first time that I know of, multiple orgasms and she was starting to quiver and convulse violently. Her breathing was rapid and shallow and her hair was now wet from perspiration and was hanging down in front of her face. Butch then yelped and I knew he was shooting his doggy cum into my wife's pussy. Their combined juices were running down her leg around his pistoning prick that was sliding in and out of her cunt. I started to get that tremendous feeling in my balls and started to shoot my own cum all over the floor and I hadn't even touched myself, that's how erotic the scene was before me. Butch then stopped and just lay on my wife's back with his head to one side and his tongue hanging out. He was panting as much as I was. My wife was still convulsing and breathing rapidly, kind of like the aftershocks of a quake. Butch finally slid off of her and looked up at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, "How did I do?"

    I took him to the garage and returned to the bedroom to find that my wife had rolled onto her side and was still trembling. I undid the handcuffs, lifted her up, kissed her gently on her mouth and laid her on the bed. I gently removed the soaking wet teddy and hose and put a blanket over her. She instantly went to sleep in the Land of Ecstasy.

    The next morning I was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and reading the paper when she entered the room wearing her old flannel robe. She acted as if nothing unusual had happened the night before. She did, however, have a very satisfied look in her eyes. As she fixed breakfast, I asked her what she wanted for Christmas as I had yet to buy her presents. She didn't hesitate a moment before asking meekly...

    "May I please have a puppy?????"

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