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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbian, forced sex, bondage, dogsex.

    The scene of lust and terror filled my eyes! Everywhere I looked I saw rutting animals violating the tanned young bodies of my tribe's most beautiful warriors, many of whom I had fought with and most of whom I had girl fucked! I was weak from the savage dog rape I had just lived through, which had occurred moments ago as I tried to leash and lead the savage German Shepherds from their pen to the edge of the alter where Shanna was performing a spectacle with a newly captured white prisoner.

    I had immediately been pounced on and savagely fucked by the lead dog as the remaining pack had fanned out to quench their rutting lust in the hot shaved holes of dozens of beautiful young warriors who had themselves been worked into sexual frenzy as their eyes feasted on the sight of the white bitch's cunt rape! My pulsing snatch had been brutally pounded by the animal's swollen meat, but the very horror and desperation of the hound had forced me into orgasm by the close of the attack.

    His violent dismount had ripped his spent cock from my bleeding box. I first crawled and then stumbled towards the center of camp to find Shanna. I laid a gooey trail of bloody dog sperm from down my thighs as I moved through cool darkness. Though exhausted and confused, my 18 year old body seemed to have gotten off on the grotesque brutality of the humping, and I could not now ignore an escalating burning in my teenage loins for more perverse sex!

    I wavered through the fire lit camp to Shanna's teepee, and desperately called out into the night air for her to come to me. I craved the war painted hard body of the chief's daughter! I entered her tent and lay down to wait for her arrival. Closing my eyes, I listened to the sounds of the escalating animal orgy occurring only yards from were I lay!

    Seconds pasted swiftly as I felt a slight slushing sensation inside my tender womb every time my tanned hips moved on the animal hide blanket that covered the floor of the tent. My loin cloth had been savagely torn away from my bald cunt mound by the huge German Shepherd I mated with only moments ago. As I lay there in the shadowy light, my naked teenage body longed now for the feel of another women's tits and cunt.

    My thoughts drifted to fantasy girl fucks as my breathing became sharper and more rapid. The continuing discharge on the inside of my firm thighs created a funky slickness that spread my hip arousal! Unable to resist, my long nailed fingers began their provocative travel over the swollen nipples that topped my huge firm knockers and then made their way downward toward my bare glistening heavily masturbated cunt!

    I couldn't keep my hands off my own body, and as my trembling fingers snaked over my undulating tanned slim hips. My waiting swollen clit cried for stimulation! I closed my eyes and began rubbing the hard ball of my clit in a wanton circular motion, pausing only to tightly pinch the hot flesh between my thumb and index finger to spasm my quivering snatch.

    The long middle finger of my right hand entered the obscenely gapping mouth of my open shaved cunt as I thrust first inward and than upward into my gooey birth canal! I loved to feel the slutty sensation of my nail tip teasing and scrapping to entrance of my young cervix. As I frigged myself, my center finger became like a huge spoon stirring the soupy mess the dog had left inside me as he blew two violent dog loads into my clinging snatch!

    My hand motion continued as my finger rocked me to a scalding orgasm while bathed in the swimming animal sperm. I had actually craved the hot sticky white shit towards the end of the rape! The feeling of the living goo surrounding my finger made me want to share the ropy dog spunk that was still dripping from my shaved hole with another Apache bitch!

    I carefully elevated my slim hips so as to point the gapping opening of my naked cunt mouth skyward, thus keeping as much of the dog scum as possible working hotly inside my gut. I had just finished my period three days ago and I knew my loins were ripe and fertile.

    The scalding Shepherd sperm I sensed was even now attacking my gooey Indian eggs deep inside my cervix. If they caught, I might experience the bazaar act of actually birthing his puppies! However I knew tonight that I would not be the only warrior beauty shot full of life as the howling dogpack continued it's wanton, random forced entry into any female hole it could impale! My fantasy drifting crashed back to reality as I heard the flap of the tent flung open.

    I saw the breathtaking form of the chief's daughter staring down at my upturned spread thighs and my heavy bikini tanned globes that displayed a sensually firm swing at the slightest movement. I felt a tingle of lust run through my body and my large nipples erected again as if touched by icy cold. I could nearly feel Shanna's fiery gaze as her deep brown eyes bathed over my aroused flesh! Our eyes made hot contact for long seconds until mine were drawn to the cut nipple on her left breast.

    She sensed my questioning stare and told me the white bitch had coupled with her on the alter and taken off the top nipple flesh in the height of sadistic girl fucking! My nostrils flared as I first sensed the odor of the white woman's jizz painted all over my lover's tits, belly, thighs, and face. I longed now to give her my own load and experience the same deep pussy cums she'd given the white bitch! I new also that Shanna's hot tongue and fingers would hotly mix the gooey living slop in my cervix to speed my impregnation by the dog!

    Shanna slid towards the animal hide floor as I stretched my right leg out to accept the full weight of her tanned body. Our hips and breasts met, and we were both simultaneously thrilled by the feel of the other's long brown erect nipples digging into the other's firm knockers! Her open clinging mouth found mine and our tongues snaked hotly over each other's.

    As our string bikini tanned hips met they provided an arousing view of young muscled legs and asses intertwining in the play of the firelight. Our hands reached for each others hips, as the first electric contact of teenage cunt occurred! I felt the tiny wisp of her brunette pussy hair brush my abdomen as her otherwise naked snatch ground into my bare gapping hole still full of dog scum! We used the slickness of the hound's discharge that clung to my outer lips to begin the lubrication of our mounds. I felt frantic friction on my soaked clit as it ground between Shanna's outer cunt lips to mate both labia in a syrupy slither. I moaned deeply within my throat, but the sound was muffled by her hotly sucking mouth joined on mine.

    My slender middle finger was the first to reach the other's hole as we tumbled on our side to permit easy access to the two boiling teenage gashes! At once I felt Shanna's upward thrusting red nailed center finger begin it's violation of my scalding birth canal. We began a mutual rhythm of frantic pumping as the finger fuck started a nasty undulation of rutting tanned hip as we raced towards wanton orgasm! I felt the sharp tip of her nail scrap my cervix and a sloppy suction noise started as my wet inner flesh coated with German Shepherd spunk smacked hungrily into her raping palm.

    Shanna drove my finger deeper into her naked hole with her free right hand as I felt my gut beginning to blow! "FRIG ME BITCH... JACK MY GUSHING CUNT OFF! I FEEL IT CUMMING! YOU SLUT... DON'T STOP! I'AM ALMOST THERE! STAB MY WOMB WITH THAT HOT FINGER! IMPALE ME! MAKE ME BLOW MY LOAD LIKE THE DOG DID!"

    Our screams in the night marked our first mutual orgasm. We crested as our gashes slapped together and ground slits on each other's untanned protruding mounds! Our tiny low slung bikini tan marks highlighted our blazing young loins, and our fiery eyes drank in the sight of the two swampy slits humping! As our slutty performance continued, the sound of the fuck reached the ears of one of the nearby raping Shepherds. The enraged animal immediately sought out the source of the female rutting, and bounded for the half open flap of our teepee!!

    Not sensing the dog's approach, I frantically pulled my swollen middle finger from the Apache bitch's naked cunt and gripped her hips to swing them on top of my face. Reacting immediately my motion, the horny teen thrust her legs apart and over my head as I lay back on the cool animal hide. Shanna's tongue meat pushed downward as she swirled the tip around the edges of my randy folds! Our smelly sixty-nine had just begun as the Shepherd bound into the teepee!

    The panting animal gazed on Shanna's firm triangular tanned ass globes as they desperately ground her hips downwards into my eager face! Her long tanned legs were writhing around either side of my head as she pressed the insides of her knees into the long shinny thick dark hair which flung out from my pumping head! The sight of our coupling was accompanied by a heavy cunt wreak which our sex had expelled into the dark teepee. The uncontrollable German Shepherd's keen senses were now overloaded, and in a frightening frenzy he lunged howling through the shadows on to the back of the out stretched Indian bitch above me!

    The desperate animal viciously thrust his sharp front paws on her upturned back and began wildly thrusting his swollen runny dog cock at the steamy crevice that was formed at the untanned juncture between her ass cheeks. From underneath I was stunned and helpless to stop the initial blind thrusting of the red gamy dog cock as it contacted her wide open naked snatch.

    Frenzied, I jammed my tongue upward into the sloppy front opening of the screaking Indian girl's fuck hole! My broad snaking tongue meat was trapped between Shanna's spasming cunt mouth and the raping dog's swollen member as it tried in vein to embed itself in human cunt! The slimy prick head played forcefully around the flat surface of my tongue as it continued to thrust. An immediate discharge left the dog as my taste buds reacted to the bitter slime that was leaking out of him! I began to choke as my throat tried to reject the increasing stream of goo!

    With that, the dog deeply jammed it's rock hard bloody eight inch dick meat repeatedly into my drooling mouth. My mind raced to find a way to save Shanna from the same cunt rape I had endured only moments before! I rounded my mouth around his swelling meat and blew him like a man, sucking down the smelly prick slime as it bubbled out of the tip! He began to howl and really hump madly as my bruised young lips and tongue danced over his rape tool! He'd thrust forward banging my head into the dirt, then withdrew frantically backwards to plunge again.

    My hands quickly traveled downward off Shanna's huge heaving breasts and groped for the Shepherd's nasty swinging bloated ball sack. When I found it, I grabbed the bag! My right hand went to work on him as I began a motion on his hanging nuts similar to the way I'd rub smooth rocks together in my palm at a flowing stream! The center finger of my left hand meanwhile probed and found the contracting entranceway to the hound's asshole and thrust inward searching for his throbbing prostate! Shanna's wreathing teenage body ground on top of me, wetly smearing sweat cunt goo all over my face and rock hard tits. My throat began to moan around his pounding dog cock as I blew his dick with lightening speed!

    To my horror the blow job was not to continue long, as the raping dog longed for human cunt! On one backwards thrust he torn his burning scummy rape tool from between my hungry lips. My upturned throat emitted a moan into the night, as the cool air rushed into my stunned empty mouth! The German Shepherd thrust madly over my eyes and the wreaking burning animal prick lunged forward into the gapping bare naked cunt mouth of my lover! Now less than a inch above my nose, his violent, lightening fast strokes shocked Shanna, as she wailed at him to stop! "NO! NO! STOP YOU FUCKER! I DON'T WANT YOUR SCUMMY COCK! PULL IT OUT! OH GOD, I'M RIPE FOR A BRAVE'S BABY! NOT YOUR'S!!! GET YOUR FUCKING PRICK OUT OF ME BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! I'M TOO FUCKING FERTILE!!!"

    The dog was not to be stopped as he violently drove all his pounding thick eight inches into her warm puffy inner woman flesh! The multiple human rapes he had committed tonight left him with a violent need to blow his dog slime up the inner heart of this female's womb!

    I gazed unbelievably at his glistening cockshaft as I witnessed a knot form midway down his angry meat which swelled up to lock and seal the mating between the hound and the squaw's swollen cunt flesh! His gooey prickhead ballooned to a painfully monstrous size and embedded itself deep within Shanna's birth canal! I realized if I tried to tear the engorged dickhead out of my teenage lover now it would rip her insides up!

    My only chance to free her, I madly reasoned, was instead to make this fucker cum deeply within her spasming sucking hole! After blowing his wad he'd surely dismount and I'd try to suck his runny dog sperm out of her naked cunt as I might venom from a squaw's snake bite! I prayed my wet suctioning lips would be enough to pull the coursing live river of goo back down from her womb and into the deep waiting recesses of my hungry throat!

    I knew strangely now I wanted to eat the wad of Shepherd's scalding hot gooey ejaculation! I went to work on the dog as the chief's daughter shook and screamed only inches above me!

    My slender middle finger began to frig in and out of the dog's scalding asshole as the palm of my other hand kneaded his ball sack with wanton relish. I was treated to a incredible view of the dripping underside of his dick and sack as it violently mated with the naked swollen cunt hole of the renegade Apache! As he fucked faster I sensed the impending climax the hound craved and would not be denied!

    Shanna and I both simultaneously felt him begin to shoot me through the violent contraction around my gooey middle finger now jammed deeply up the shut of his tight pulsing asshole… her through the swollen pulsing of the locked up exploding cock head as it started to blow wad after wad of scalding dog spunk hotly into her naked shaved teenage cunt mound! As clingy ropes of sperm shot from his fucking pisshole, I heard Shanna moan and then scream out deliriously to her attacker.


    Seconds past and the raping German Shepherd finished shooting his massive wad. As he did, the savage beast expelled a ghastly howl which undoubtedly was met to signal to the remaining pack of his newest human female debasement! The rutting hound's spine shuttered simultaneously as he vengefully tore his swollen prick from the pulsating inner flesh of the young Princess' hips.

    As the enraged teenager came to her senses, she instinctively made her move! I witnessed the depravity as Shanna's left hand wildly grabbed her dagger from her hip sheath. I eagerly watched the flashing knife just inches above my eyes as it repeatedly stabbed the howling dog, who reacted in fatal horror as the blade repeatedly found it's mark!

    The sharp nails of the dog's four muscular paws scratched and tore at Shanna's tanned ass leaving long thin bloody lines on her flanks as he fought, only to finally roll lifelessly off us. His final act, he'd never know, had been the hot cunt reaming he had given the chief's daughter as he blew the puppies into her hot cervix, knocking up the hotly tanned teenage slut only five days after her last adolescent period!

    Her jabbing motions had flung the red hot dog wad all over her inner cunt, and a smelly, runny discharge greeted my hungry eyes as I stared at the over fucked swollen pussy lips! My own sweaty adolescent loins were slowly bucking in a provocative fucking motion as I had blown multiple orgasms during the spectacle!

    My glistening tanned skin now glowed and was accented by brief but extremely distinct bikini lines that started on the pale triangle over my protruding cunt mound, and thrust provocatively upward to the high flair of my slim hips . Shanna rolled off me, leaving a gooey pool of glistening ejaculation on my sweaty bikini framed pussy mound!

    Shanna's violated body moved quickly into position over the dog. She grasped the hind legs of the lifeless German Shepherd and turned him on his back exposing his still erect fuckrod as his legs fell open. Bending over the rear of the animal, she savagely bit into the shift of the cock, piercing the dick with her sharp teeth. My mouth envied the brutal revenge her mouth took on his dick as she tore into the flesh rod that had just debased her.

    Holding the shift firmly in her teeth like a wolf attacking it's prey, Shanna hotly ripped it from the root! Grabbing it from her mouth, she let out a victory howl, and then jammed the cock into her belching cunt as the ultimate plug to dam the runny sea of spunk that was now invading her fertile ripe body!

    Her position gave me a horny view of her heavy tanned tit mounds as they provocatively swung downward, her sex swollen nipples brushing against the fur on the dog's belly. As she sat on her bent knees, I feasted on the lurid sight of the slut balancing on her straining tanned thighs that were spread gapping open! My eyes were gorged with the image of the man hungry cunt mound oozing at the juncture of her tanned thighs!

    I wantonly gazed at the hot young shaved pussy which incredibly grasped the lifeless dog dick tightly between her cunt lips. The sight was the most sexual one I had ever experienced as my eyes devoured the huge firm tanned breasts contrasting to want appeared to be a still hard dickhead hanging several inches out of her bare cunt! I had to have it!

    I screamed, "LET ME BLOW YOUR COCK OFF BABY! I'VE GOT TO GO DOWN ON YOUR BELCHING SNATCH! FUCK MY HOT TRAMP MOUTH! I'VE GOT TO DO THE DOG'S HANGING MEAT!" With that I lunged for the dangling dog penis, and wrapped my mouth around it till my red lips kissed the smelly outer lips of her cunt.

    I drew back slightly to allow my hot tongue meat to bath the lifeless flesh in love, as if it were actually Shanna's! The incredible sight of my mouth deep-

    throating the cock pushed the teen savage into another orgasm as the friction of the loose moving cut dog prick contacted her inner flesh like a bazaar dildo! I ripped into hot orgasm again as my slick 18 year old fuck tunnel pulsated into spasm between the grossly spread legs I was balanced on as I knelt to blow the bitch.

    The size of the lifeless prick made me flashback to the thirteen year old captive Indian boy I had blown off for the amusement of the tribe three moons ago. Doing him had made me even hotter than many of the adolescent girls of his own age I had sucked off before the hungry eyes of my tribe's sultry young warrior squaws!

    His undeveloped smooth body contrasted incredibly with his still growing six inch cock which hung beautifully above a tanned wrinkled man-sized ball sack! As Apache bitches closed in on the two of us, he struggled against the rawhide straps that bound his hands together around the tall hard stake that had been driven deeply into the center of the village's ground. I pulled my long dark hair back so all could see my dick hungry mouth and my jutting bikini tanned tits as I squatted down with thighs spread in front of his naked cock!

    At that moment I was still sexually aroused from images of the barbaric action of the battle in which he'd just been captured! A surge of bloodlust came to me as I remembered the savage rape and slaughter he watched me perform on his two older sisters after I had wounded both of them in a desperate knife fight! As they bled, I bound them together cunt to cunt.

    I loved the sight of the sister's firm young breasts mashed into one another's. As they screamed, I brutally raped both their shaven gashes with two huge fence posts until they were forced to wetly masturbate themselves on the gooey five inch thick jagged wooden tubes! As they pumped and ground against each other, I jammed the stakes in until they shot. At the height of their cum I impaled their slits savagely on the pointy wooden tips until both the Sioux bitches ruptured! In the heat of my frenzy I had finished them off with my ax! Their scalps now hung now in my teepee, and their hard young nipples now adorned the necklace that hung down between my huge tan lined knockers!

    I leaned forward now towards his meat as he felt my hot breath seconds before my pale colored lips made contact with the swollen aroused young cockhead! The gazing sluts around us were treated to a glimpse of my firm young ass and triangular tan marked protruding shaved cunt mound as the low slung loincloth I was wearing shifted between my lean grossly spread thighs. My ripe young hips began a visible rhythmic pumping as the mouth of my hungry spread pussy began uncontrollable spasming and belched out masses of runny sticky hot goo on to the dusty ground beneath my teenage loins!

    I proceeded to wantonly blow the virgin cock with complete abandon as wet slurping mouth sounds mixed with the gooey slapping noise my right fist made as it skinned across the soaken distance between his sparsely haired pubic bone and the leading edge of my devouring swollen drooling lips! Seconds past as the slender middle finger of my left hand found and then thrust in all the way up his tight ass chute! I jerked on his young prostate as the remaining portion of my spread left palm kneaded his firm young butt! The beautiful Apaches were by now were dizzy with lust! They chanted and clapped to a matching rhythm of the culminating blow job I was performing!

    He stiffened, and I grabbed for his hard swinging ball sack as my throat opened to accept the full girth of his rock-hard meat. I gave off choking moans as I begged him for his load! His swelling head belched out superheated ropes of teenage spunk that flung across my pumping tongue and gnawing teeth. He blew his hot wad repeatedly in the entrance of my sperm hungry mouth until white runny lines spilled down my face and chin to my waiting rock-hard nipples below!

    My overloaded mouth ballooned as thick streams cascaded from around the edges of my swollen lips still locked on his pumping meat! Scorching globs struck my long goose pimpled nipples and swung like runny glue from both tips! He was at the height of his sticky orgasm as my hand grabbed my warrior knife from my hip sheath and cut open his young bag!

    I grabbed at his dangling balls and took them as a prize of my capture as he screamed into the approaching night! The savage bitches around me closed in to finish him off as my sperm smeared mouth emitted a victory howl and I thrust his balls upward in my grasping hand to show all of my feat! Two of the most beautiful teen warriors then proceeded to finger fuck my red hot cunt until I blew several deep pussy cums that left me nearly unconscious! Although three moons ago, I visualized it completely as I now bent down to blow the lifeless dog dick now jammed between Shanna's swollen cunt lips!

    As the tip of my tongue snaked into the still gapping dog pisshole, I was rewarded with a full pearly white slug of the shit! Although the spunk tasted different than the boy's, I knew both dicks had wound up in the same place as I had finished off the boy and jammed his young lifeless organ into my heaving cunt just as I had watched Shanna do now! I had used his lifeless dick as a human dildo! My slim tanned hips had then been masturbated by it to entertain the hungry eyes of five beautiful warriors!

    Shanna now reached again for her dagger off her hip and went to work on her rapist! I watched in fascination as her knife tip found his sack and quickly parted his bag.

    The savage Apache deafly removed the lifeless balls as prizes of her encounter, as she had done so many times before to white men or renegade braves that she lewdly fucked after battle. Her ball scalping, I knew, paled in comparison to the hours of torturous gang rape and final horrifying sacrifice many teenage warrior women had undergone at the hands of warring tribes!

    A wave of savage lust drove through my young loins as I gazed at the bloodthirsty bitch as she wantonly kissed then lightly sucked between her lips the two dog nuts that had just knocked her up... Shanna would, I know, wear them around her neck as totems as her stomach and tits swelled with the dog's raped in litter... If any survived, she hoped they would be male, and as hotly hung as their father!

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