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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, rape, bisexual, oral, anal, watersport, dogsex, horsesex.

    I was finally starting to get my life back on track. The trials and the appeals were done. JT and Luke had been convicted of murder and kidnapping and rape and sentenced to death.

    But the damage they had done to my marriage had turned out to be irreparable. We had tried, we both had. But we were never the same again. We could never look each other in the eye without seeing what had been done to me. The worst things, the things Jim hadn't seen, had come out at the trial and he had heard all about them in great detail. It was just as humiliating as when it had actually been happening.

    The jury and the audience had heard all about the gangbang by a bar full of rednecks, ending in my being raped by a dog on a table for the amusement of the crowd which paid ten dollars apiece for the show. They also heard all about the next day when I had been forced to have sex with two horses. The jury even got to see stills from the movie that had been made. They also heard about the four men who had urinated down my throat.

    During the testimony I had watched Jim. Every word had been like a blow to him. He never recovered. And a lot of those details made it into the news, at least into the tabloid news.

    Living in a tiny town like we did, well, everyone knew what had happened to me long before I got home from testifying at the trial.

    When I got home I saw it in their faces. They were sympathetic, of course. But seeing that knowledge in the eyes of everyone I met was more than I could stand. Jim finally moved out. I didn't blame him. We had been to see every kind of counselor there was. Marriage counselors, trauma counselors, sex counselors. But none of them could change what had happened to me, or erase those images from Jim's brain.

    After Jim moved out I stayed in the house for a while. But I couldn't even bring myself to shop in town. I had to drive sixty miles for a quart of milk.

    I called my boss and told him I wouldn't be coming back. He understood and told me that he would give me a good recommendation if anyone contacted him.

    Then I sat around the house for a couple of weeks and just cried a lot. I finally ran out of tears and started looking for a new job, and a new place to live. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I had to leave here. I put my house up for sale.

    I received divorce papers and signed them without even reading them. I didn't even notice that Jim had given me everything we had owned jointly until I sold the house and had to know. Jim and I had made a lot of improvements to our home. It was our dream house. I got lucky and it sold for what I was asking at a time when the housing market was sky high. I made an obscene amount of money and sent Jim a check for half.

    With the rest of the money I put my belongings in storage and drove to Atlanta to look for a job. I am a graphic artist by trade and checking the internet I gathered that the fastest growing market for my skills on the east coast was in the Atlanta area.

    I stayed in an extended stay motel outside of Atlanta and started my job search in earnest. I had some offers but the best job, with the best pay and the best benefits was with a small firm in Augusta, about 150 miles east of Atlanta. They even offered to pay to move my belongings down from Vermont and gave me a significant signing bonus. I hadn't expected such generosity and was touched. I liked these people already.

    I spent a couple of days finding an apartment and getting set up. I wanted to get to know the area better before I started home shopping.

    Compared to Atlanta, Augusta is a small town. But compared to the little town I lived in, this was the big city. I had trouble getting around without getting lost for a while, but I figured out the main streets and boulevards before long and got settled in. The immediate benefit was that nobody here knew me or what had happened to me.

    The new job was great. I liked the people and it was just a nice place to work. They had really been short handed; they kept losing people to Atlanta. So I had to hit the drawing board running, so to speak. That was good for me. I was able to stop thinking about my troubles for a while.

    I don't want to sound too vain, but I am very good at what I do. My employers recognized my talents and quickly increased my workload. I was happier for it. I threw myself into my work and the months flew by.

    I was doing a lot more interacting with clients after I started getting my confidence back. It was not uncommon for me to meet clients for dinner or at a quiet club with proposals and preliminary sketches. So I had no clue when I agreed to take some of my work out to the new documentary film company opening up outside of town. My brand new life was about to come crashing down around me.

    I printed out a map on my computer with the driving directions and gathered up my presentation. I told my secretary where I was going and went out to the parking lot. I had gotten a new car already, there were too many bad memories associated with the old one. I piled my things into the trunk of my new Lexus and took a good long look at the map I had printed out, the car had one of those GPS things in the dashboard, but I hadn't figured out how to use it yet. Then I headed out. It was still a bit early and rush hour hadn't really kicked in yet so it was a pretty easy drive.

    I found the place. Fortunately, they had a nice big sign out by the road or I would have driven right past. The studios were located on a large farm. Even after all this time I was uncomfortable driving up to a farm. But I just reminded myself that all of that was a year ago and half a continent away. I pulled up to the farm house and parked. I pulled my briefcase and presentation case out of the trunk and headed for the front door.

    I was met at the door by a young woman and when I introduced myself she smiled and told me to follow her. I followed her inside and down a short hallway. I noticed that the rooms I had seen were all converted into offices and a meeting room. I was led into an office and offered a seat. I was told that Mr. Todd would be with me shortly.

    While I was waiting I went through my papers and made sure I was prepared for any questions. It was Friday afternoon and I imagine that anyone else would have been anxious to finish up and go home. Since I didn't have a life outside of the office I was in no hurry. I planned to make the best presentation these people had ever seen.

    It was ten minutes before I heard footsteps coming toward the office I was waiting in and at last two men came in. As soon as I was aware that they were coming into this room I stood up and turned to greet them.

    As soon as I saw them the blood drained from my face. I recognized them immediately. They were two of the men that had filmed me having sex with horses a year ago.

    I turned back around immediately and reached for my bags. I stood up and said, "Excuse me. I can't stay here."

    One of the men had stepped into the room and was behind me. The other was standing in the door looking at me with an evil grin on his face.

    "Well I'll be damned, look what he have here! Hello Jean. This is perfect timing. We have been having trouble finding another star to replace you in our newest epic films. Your first one is still selling like hotcakes. It has been one of our biggest hits ever.

    I tried bluffing my way out. "Get out of my way," I demanded. "I am not starring in any of your movies and I am not representing your slimy movie company either. Now get out of my way before I call the cops. And don't think you can pull anything either. My secretary knows where I am."

    The man that had come into the room behind me sat down behind the desk and said, "Yes, she knows where you went. But she doesn't expect to hear from you before Monday, does she?"

    "Yes," I lied. "I told her I would check in before I went home." It sounded like a lie even to me.

    The man behind the desk reached into his desk and pulled out a DVD case. I glanced at it and saw immediately what it was. There was a picture of me and a horse on the cover.

    "Honey," he said, as though disappointed that I would try to fool him. "After all we have been through you should know better than to try and fool me. We have been intimate. You have sucked my cock and I have pissed right down your fucking throat."

    He pulled the DVD out of the case and slipped it into a player in the corner and turned it on. I found myself totally unable to avoid staring at the screen. I watched in horror as I saw myself on the screen, licking a horses balls and smiling at the camera. I watched until I saw myself kneeling under the horse and licking its big cock. Then I was finally able to tear my eyes away.

    "Let me go," I heard myself begging in a voice that was weak and scared. "Please, I can't take that again. I am getting my life back together finally. You have got to leave me alone."

    "That's a problem, honey. I could let you go and just send a copy of the movie to the people at your office. But even if I did that, I would still have to close up shop and get out of here. I just spent a lot of money getting set up here. I can't afford to move now." He leaned back in his chair and said, "No, I can't let you go telling everyone about my friends and me and what we are doing out here. That doesn't make good business sense, now, does it?"

    I was on the verge of panic now. I could not believe that after all I had been through I had ended up walking right back into their clutches.

    "No," the man continued calmly. "The way I see it, the only way to keep you quiet is to make so many movies starring you this weekend that you won't be able to tell anyone about us. We are going to have to make your weekend so humiliating that it will be impossible for you to ever tell anyone about us. Now, while my staff start getting set up, why don't you get down here and let me see if you still remember how to give a decent blowjob."

    I looked at him and I knew that there was no way out. Suddenly it was like my nightmare had never ended. Tears poured down my cheeks as I slowly walked around the desk and knelt at his feet. He stared down at me and waited for me to do all the work. I had not seen or touched a male organ since I was rescued from the clutches of JT and Luke last year. I couldn't stand the thought of it. Now I was reaching out and unbuckling this horrid man's belt and unbuttoning his pants. I struggled with his bunched up zipper and finally I was pulling his pants and his shorts down as he lifted his hips up to make it easier for me.

    I looked up at him, wanting to beg him to let me go. But I saw the obvious pleasure he was taking in my suffering, my humiliation, and I knew it was hopeless. I reached out and lifted his large, warm, soft cock and leaned forward and took him into my mouth. As soon as I felt his cock on my tongue I started gagging. My eyes were closed and I had no warning when he suddenly slapped me viciously across the face.

    "Get over it bitch. I have seen what you can do, remember? Now god damn it get with the program. I want to feel your lips in my pubic hair. Do it!"

    I tried to remember what I had done when I had been raped by JT and Luke. I took my hand away and started sucking his rapidly growing organ into my mouth. He sat back and relaxed and watched me work on his cock until I finally managed to force it into my throat. He chuckled and said, "That's a good girl. I knew you could do it," then he patted me on the head and let me get to work.

    I quickly got into a rhythm and spent a very long time sucking this very jaded man's cock before he finally grabbed my head. But instead of pulling me close and cumming down my throat he pulled me back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth and made me use my hand to finish him off. I moved my hand rapidly up and down his fat cock as he filled my mouth with cum. When he was finally finished I swallowed and licked him clean.

    Then I said, "Thank you sir," without even thinking. I had slipped right back into my slave mode without even a thought. Both men laughed at me and I just covered my face in shame and sobbed.

    I heard the man behind me unfastening his pants and the man I had just sucked off nudged me with his foot and said, "I don't mind if you cry. In fact I like it. But you still have to do your job. I expect you to be very busy this weekend. So you are going to have to get used to going from cock to cock without much rest."

    I lowered my hands and turned around. The man who had been blocking the door was now sitting where I had sat when I first came in, with his pants down around his knees. Two more of them were standing in the door watching with big smiles on their faces.

    As I began sucking my second cock of the afternoon, one of men in the door said, "Well, I guess that solves a lot of our problems, doesn't it? I'll go out and start getting things ready in the barn. How do you want to start?"

    The man behind the desk said, "Why don't we start simple and work our way up. Why don't we gather all of the crew and the trainers and I'll see if I can get Midge on the phone and see how many guys she can come up with and we can start with a gangbang. Then we can do a quickie on water sports, then move up to the dogs and horses. I think we should try to get everyone here tomorrow and do a Bukkake film. After that we can see what we are in the mood for. One of you try to contact that S&M couple that has offered their services and they can come in on Sunday evening. We will determine then if it will be snuff or not. If sweet little Jean here behaves herself and convinces me that I won't have to worry about her opening her mouth, well, we'll see."

    I was listening in horror as he laid out his plans for me for the weekend. He probably thought I didn't know what he meant when he said snuff. But I did. The prosecutor for JT and Luke had told me that, before very much longer, that is probably what would have happened to me if they had not found me.

    At first I was terrified, but all at once I thought, "Maybe it's for the best. My life is over. I will be better off dead, especially after this weekend. In fact, death is something to look forward to now."

    I had been sucking mindlessly on the cock in my mouth and was startled when I felt his cum blasting into me. The first shot of cum landed against the roof of my mouth but the rest of it all went straight down my throat. I finally sucked him clean and said, "Thank you sir." Then I sat up on my heels and waited for someone to tell me what to do.

    The man behind the desk stood up and moved around in front of me. His pants were still open and his soft cock hanging out. "Let's see if you remember that other trick of yours," he said. He grabbed my hair and pulled me close and shoved his cock into my mouth. I closed my eyes but he yelled at me to look at him and so I stared up at him as I felt his strong stream of piss shoot right down my throat and into my queasy stomach. But I couldn't see him. My eyes were so full of tears that everything was just a blur.

    When he had finished pissing down my throat I grabbed my stomach and put a hand over my mouth and started to scramble to my feet. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up using only the hair on my head.

    He pulled my face close to his and yelled at me, "Don't you fucking dare, god damn you! I saw you drink the piss from four men and I know damn well you can handle that little bit. If it comes up, you'll be licking it up off the floor."

    I tried to calm down and take some deep breaths, fighting desperately to control my uneasy stomach.

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    Wow, I didn't think that anything could be worse but you were right!

    Dec 20 2007 22:25
    I did read 'Taken at A Restop' first, after reading this that story didn't seem so bad. The story excited me and at the sametime it revolted me. At least the husband (ex-husband) came around. I'd like to read more of these kinds of stories. That is if you would write them.

    Jan 6 2010 02:21
    Loved them both, those needles must've fucking hurt! You are the only person by far to get me near throwing up and so fucking horny at the same time! Please write more stories!

    Apr 29 2010 05:58
    i didnt qieut likes this because of the rapes again didnt desevre that love the part were u an djim got remarried. hope all is good now

    Mar 28 2012 07:26
    I am like the othersmenting here. I read with a growing intensity in my pussy I have never had. I fucked myself with an inflatable dildo while I read, innflating it bigger with each twist in the story, wishing I was Jean. I know it's sick. Then, when I read the end, I literally cried. It was so tender. I lay in bed with tears streaming.

    Jan 5 2013 11:25
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