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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, oral.

    My husband of only three years left me for another woman. With that statement you know quite a bit about why I'm sad and depressed. At only 20 years old he left me because he said that I don't love sex enough for him. Of course the kind of sex he wanted was perverted and sick. Being brought up Catholic I was taught that anything beyond the missionary position was outside the norm. But my husband wanted anal and for me to tell him sick fantasies that I just couldn't get out of my mouth.

    Before he left me he told me that the only reason he married me was because I looked like Natalie Portman and had a body that a pedophile would die for. I was always petite and small. But my body was shaped nicely with nice small breasts and a cute tight little ass. I guess I did look like that famous actress a bit since others said so but my husband would make me put my hair in pigtails so I would look very young. A little girl and then fuck me. I didn't like it at all. So perverted.

    Our divorce was nasty and cruel. He wanted everything but I found a great lawyer and took it all including Jake, my huge Doberman dog that my husband fought for. So I had the house and retreated into it like a lifeboat in a crazy world.

    I got a job and met lots of guys that tried to date me but I wasn't ready yet. One night I woke up restless and horny. I just couldn't get my ex's cock out of my mind and soon was touching my nipples which hardened quickly and began to pull then hard. My pussy was so wet that my finger slid inside easily. I ground against it making myself moan in pleasure from a long absence of love. Soon I was cumming and more satisfied from my masturbation than from whatever my husband ever did to me. I could not get down from this sexy high and decided to get up and go on the computer and just keep my mind busy.

    It didn't take long before I found sex sites that shocked and mesmerized me with lewd sexual scenes of girls doing everything to men and women. I stared at the screen thinking that this was what my husband really wanted. Wanton, perverted women. I clicked through some of the screens finding more pictures and videos of girls sucking and fucking in many assorted ways and was surprised to feel my cunt registering excitement from all this display of flesh.

    Jake lay on the floor by my desk watching me the whole time. I had forgotten that I was entirely naked. He kept sniffing the air and little did I know that he could smell my wetness, my heat. But that thought never crossed my mind. Jake was my faithful friend and companion. He was a good boy and loved me. Jake was a huge Doberman and was almost as big as I was. I loved him greatly since I knew he would protect me since I was alone in the house.

    I watched a video of two girls licking each other and was about to shut it off and found myself hesitating. I couldn't stop watching it as the girls licked each others pussies. They groaned and moaned in pleasure and I found myself getting very horny watching them. Then I caught myself reaching to my pussy and shook my head in amazement at how easy it was to get caught up in the pleasure. I rose and showered and went back to bed. Poor Jake probably wondered what the hell I was doing.

    The next day I accepted a date with a fellow worker who had been hounding me for a while. I decided to move on and get out of my sexual funk. I dressed hot and made sure that I wore a tight short skirt with my thongs underneath. I wanted to have fun but just a little. No need to get crazy I thought. My long brown hair was shiny and straight to my ass.

    He came to get me on time and we went to a restaurant and drank several drinks and even danced. He drove me home and then insisted that I let him in the house for a nightcap. I was nervous and really didn't want to but he was nice all night and bought me an expensive dinner so I agreed. No sooner than we got inside the doorway I felt his hands all over me.

    I tried to pull away but he was much stronger and I began to cry and he yelled at me. His hands were all over me, my breasts, ass and then pussy. I was trying to fight back but his grip was much too strong. But Jake came running in and knew that I was in trouble. He barked and growled and the guy backed off. Jake followed him out the door and I quickly locked it behind him crying. I thanked Jake for saving me and kissed his head. Then took another shower to scrub away the hands I still felt on me.

    Jake stayed with me the whole time and I really didn't mind at all. He made me feel so secure. Plus he was my true and only real friend. He sat and watched me shower and I was very aware at how he looked at me. He panted and reacted to every move I made. When I got out of the shower all wet and clean he came over and licked my leg. I got goosebumps everywhere and laughed.

    "That tickles bad boy" I told him lovingly as I rubbed his huge head.

    He panted happily and followed me into the bedroom. I grabbed some wine and drank several glasses and looked at the computer. I was getting very horny and knew that it drew me to it. I got up and still naked sat before it and found a very sexy site. Again I found myself looking at naked girls doing very naughty things with others men and women. I began to reach between my legs and play with my wet pussy. I couldn't help it. I was so hot and horny despite the rude man who tried to take advantage of me. My cunt was so wet and juicy as I rubbed it and pulled my clit that was now very swollen and sticking out like a tiny cock.

    I clicked to other sites and found one that made me stare in shock. It was a site dedicated to women who love animals. It showed women in various stages of sex with dogs, horses and snakes and I quickly reached over to click it off and hesitated. I looked down at Jake who lay at my feet all warm and furry. Then looked back at the screen which showed a woman being mounted by a German Shephard his cock buried deeply inside her as she had the look of lust on her face.

    How could she do such a perverted thing? I asked myself. How could a girl allow an animal to fuck her. I shut the computer off and went to bed but slept badly. I couldn't get the images of those women out of my mind.

    The weekend came fast and I wanted to take Jake to the park and let him run around. It was such a beautiful day. Jake big and muscular ran everywhere chasing chipmunks and other dogs. Soon I lost him and started looking frantically for him. I found him behind some shrubs and quietly looked to see what he was doing. I stood transfixed at the sight before me. He was fucking another dog. The female was another Doberman. He had mounted her and was driving his huge doggie cock deep inside her fast and hard.

    I watched holding my breath in the excitement of actually seeing this coupling. Why I didn't know but I was rooted to the spot watching his huge brown body pound this female. I hadn't realized how big he was in the cock department. How could I? He was gigantic, even bigger than my ex-husband. It was red and pointy on the end with a huge round ball between its length and his massive balls. The female lay there until his knot slid inside her and she growled and remained still. Soon he was off her and running off again.

    When we got home I couldn't help but smile at him.

    "Bad boy, you got yourself laid today. Naughty man."

    He panted and smiled and licked my leg as I petted him. His big brown eyes stared at me lovingly. That night I again went to the internet to search out sex and found that same animal site now fascinated with the content knowing full well how sick it was. But something made me want to look. I couldn't help it. My body was so turned on by what I saw in the park I wanted to find out more about my baby Jake.

    On the site they had a section dedicated to teaching a woman how to fuck their dog. I stared at it and bit my lower lip and clicked on it. In graphic detail it explained all that one needed to know about animal sex and a dogs anatomy. I was amazed at how unique a dogs cock was and his knot. I gasped at how much cum they shoot as they tie with a girl. My pussy was wet and I was looking at Jake with different eyes now. Jake stared at me and I felt myself blush as if a man were looking at my nakedness.

    I read on and learned about mounting and how to please him. The more I read the more my mind raced to stop me from even considering such a depraved action. But my body was so ripe for sex. So ready to try something new. Besides I was alone, safe in my big house with my true protector, Jake. I called him and he immediately jumped up to greet me.

    "Hi baby. My big protector..."

    Jake licked out at my face his tongue sliding over my cheek, mouth and eyes. I laughed and rubbed his head, face and shoulders lovingly. I liked the feel of him. So hard and warm and furry. His tongue licked out again catching my open mouth and I felt it enter. At first I was shocked then pleased at his obvious kiss and giggled like a schoolgirl.

    "Are you kissing me Jake?" I asked him as I patted his lovely face.

    In answer he did it again his long tongue trying to enter my mouth and I let him tasting it as it rolled into my hot mouth. I felt my world tilt crazily as his tongue shot in and out between my lips. I found myself kissing him back, my tongue sliding over his, my mouth actually covering his. I held his face between both my hands as I planted another long kiss on his licking mouth. My body tingled in pleasure as I continued. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, so very wrong but I couldn't stop. I was so horny and ready.

    Jake's body was so close to mine and I could see that our kissing was turning him on too. His big red cock was peeking out slowly and I felt my pulse race. He moved back a bit breaking off our kiss and licked my nipples making me groan loudly. His big rough tongue swiped over them making them harden fast. I wanted him so badly. He was doing things to me that I had never felt before. Soon his long snout was pressing between my legs seeking out my wetness and I knew that this was the final submission. But I already knew what I wanted so I spread my legs wide for him. My cunt was soaked and ready.

    He zeroed in fast to my pussy and had his tongue over it, licking and probing. I cried out in absolute pleasure as he licked over my clit and asshole in one long swipe. I reached down and opened my cunt further for him and felt his tongue enter me over and over licking my juices up. I leaned back against the chair almost falling from it from the pleasure. His tongue slid deeper and deeper making hot wet slurping noises inside me and soon I was cumming so hard.

    My cunt was contracting and squirting over his tongue and snout that was almost buried inside me. I grabbed his collar pulling him deeper. Jake never stopped licking and I never stopped having orgasms. I looked down and saw that his huge doggie cock was out in full and wet with readiness. I stood up feeling his tongue slip from my cunt and knelt on the floor within inches of his beautiful cock. I knew that everything I wanted was here. How could I have known that my true lover was with me the whole time.

    I reached out and held his cock. It was wet and hot and big. I couldn't get my fingers around its girth. I leaned in and licked its pointy head tasting the saltiness of it. Jake stood very still watching me. I wrapped my lips around it and soon was sucking it hard. He automatically began to hump my mouth sending it into my throat gagging me at times. His pre-cum shot out filling my mouth and I swallowed it lovingly. But I knew what I really wanted and pulled away. Getting on all fours I patted my ass and called him to me.

    Jake wasted no time obeying his mistress and mounted me with his huge front paws wrapping around my middle and drawing me back to him. I felt his cock searching for my entrance and reached back to guide him as he continued to fuck. I grasped it and put it at my open wet pussy and soon he was sliding into me fast and very hard. His doggie style lent very little to soft and gentle. It was all hard and fast fucking that I really wanted.

    I could feel his muscled furry body on mine, so warm and secure. His cock entered me quickly sliding wet and hard and deep till I felt the knot stop at my cunt lips. He pounded me fast and I grunted with pleasure at each thrust. I began to cum shooting girl cum over his cock and down my thighs to the floor below. Jake, his head near mine shot his tongue out to lick my face and I turned to capture it in my mouth.

    His body fucked in a rhythm to mine as we both slammed against each other in sexual abandonment. I felt his knot moving further into me with each thrust and soon it popped inside me making me moan in pain and pleasure. It was stretching me wider than I have ever been before and my cunt muscles were squeezing it hard. But I was so wet that Jake jammed it deeper and began to cum in endless streams of hot doggie cum inside me filling my cunt to the brim.

    I cried out orgasms wracking my body as I felt his knot expand. I couldn't stop cumming as I felt his hot sperm shooting into me. He pulled back his knot plopping out of me along with tons of doggie cum. Then he pulled away as I felt the emptiness of his cock from my cunt.

    For the next several months Jake and I made love continuously. He took me every way that my ex-husband could not. He ass fucked me and I sucked him till he came in my mouth.

    I met a girl on-line who wanted to meet me and share Jake. We did and she lives with us now. Her name is Brea. We have threesomes almost every night. Sometimes I just watch as Jake fucks her deep and hard. My life is much better now.

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    you need a quest i would love to be a part of this fun this was great i could read this all nite

    Nov 15 2008 00:08
    That was an excelent story. Hope to read more from you soon.

    Nov 17 2008 05:37
    Thank you. Make me hot, hot, hot! ;)

    Nov 19 2008 12:45
    great story, i came twice ,thanks plz write more.

    Dec 16 2009 13:34
    I loved the kissing and romance, great story.

    Aug 29 2010 12:22
    Great Story!

    Oct 2 2010 15:16
    That was the best story I have read on here, the way they kissed, and even while he was fucking her she turned and let him kiss her, I would give almost anything to watch this happen!!!

    Jan 26 2012 03:02
    This is the second time I have read this story, and will probably read it again, one big reason is the kissing, I would like to see longer sessions of the making out, but oh this is a hot hot story!!!

    Mar 6 2012 06:43
    Completely hot story! I read it aloud to my own dog.

    May 22 2013 15:59
    great story hope you will continue to tell more about your lives together

    Oct 15 2013 20:48
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