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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex.

    This story contains sexually explicit material between humans and animals. If this sort of interaction offends you stop reading now. It (unfortunately) is a work of fiction, any similarities to persons or animals, living or dead is purely coincidental.

    Chrissy sat on the couch in a slouching position. Her long legs formed an "M" shape. Starting at her left leg, her foot on the edge of the sofa, the smooth curve of her calf angled up at a 45 degree angle to meet her firm thighs falling away at a 45 degree angle toward her crotch. Her right leg rose, bent at the knee and fell in harmony to her left. A perfect "M" shape with a surprise in the middle. Her normally flat belly showed little horizontal rolls of skin due to the slouching position she was forced to take in order to place her pussy on the edge of the sofa. It was a sectional sofa and she sat in the corner piece. She placed her hands on her knees and pulled back slightly. The tension caused the lips of her pussy to part slightly.

    She shaved her box every time she shaved her legs, twice a week, more often if she went out on the town on the weekend. There was just a trimmed patch of blonde pubes residing above the slit that was her pussy. Lounged back with legs spread wide her outer lips came apart just a few centimeters, enough to reveal her inner lips that would normally have been secreted from view inside her labia. A faint trickle of lubrication seeped out from between those lips and snaked down to rest on her butt hole.

    The radio was playing a mixed tape of her favorite songs, mostly easy listening love songs and hip-hop tunes. The low volume allowed her to her the sound of toenails on the kitchen linoleum made by her German Shepherd, Helmut. She loved that name. Sometimes he was a Hell-Mutt and that name always made her giggle a bit. Chrissy had always had bad luck with men, in her 23 years on this Earth she had had six serious relationships and a few flings. Nothing had ever seemed to be right, either he was cheating or she was too skinny or too fat or any number of problems between them. That was OK, though, Helmut was always there for her when she needed him. She needed him now. It had been a month since she had been with a man. Her last break up had been tough. Dave was so sweet at first but it must have been a facade. She caught him in bed with another woman.

    In order to avoid getting any more depressed she gave a quick whistle. Helmut bounded in from the kitchen at the call. He ran around the coffee table in front of the sofa a few times before he noticed Chrissy. The third time he went around, he scratched his side along the length of the sofa and ran his nose right past Chrissy's pussy. That made him stop his antics and take notice. He sniffed about, his cold wet nose searching out her ass and pussy and up her legs. When he was satisfied with what he smelled his long rough tongue lanced out and lapped up the liquid that had seeped from within Chrissy's pussy. Helmut cleaned her ass in two quick passes and started working on her pussy.

    Chrissy could feel his tongue on the outside first. That was why she kept her self shaved, the feeling of a tongue on her was not subdued by a thick patch of hair. Helmut started to explore inside her. His long tongue seeking out the sweet nectar that was Chrissy. He may not know what a clit is but he hit it just often enough to make her start to tingle but not enough to make it hurt. Chrissy could feel her clit start to poke out from it's little hood which made Helmut lick it a little more. His long muscular tongue reached up into her, searching for the source of her fluid. His cold nose bumped her clit and she could feel the fur around his mouth on her smooth snatch and thighs.

    Spreading her knees with her hands as far as she could and hiking her ass a bit more forward on the couch as to have a little hang off the edge allowed Helmut even more access. He now licked from her ass hole up through her dripping pussy, across her erect clitoris and out.

    Chrissy was starting to work up a little bit of a sweat, she perspired easily and sex always got her started. A sheen emerged on her forehead and across her breasts. She wiped her forehead with her left hand and wiped it on the couch. Helmut looked up from his duties and licked her breasts. They were kind of squeezed together because of the seating position she was in. They weren't huge but she filled out an evening gown quite nicely if she did say so her self. Even though she had golden blonde hair her nipples were brown. Her areolas were about the size of a 50-cent piece and her nipples, when hard, stood up to 1/2 inch. Helmut's big tongue cleaned off her breasts and belly in no time. He then returned to her pussy to finish the job there. Chrissy loved it.

    Helmut was starting to really get to her. It started as a little tingle in her clit which spread to engulf her whole pussy from the inside out. It crept into her belly and down her legs. The tingle grew stronger and started to thrum with the rhythm that Helmut beat with his tongue. Her breasts started to tingle and her nipples felt like popcorn going off on the ends of her breasts. The tingle in her crotch reached out and drew in Helmut, then the living room, then her house, then the world. She was cumming. Her pussy exploded with all the energy that the tingling had drawn in moments ago. The explosion started deep in her belly. Little quakes that rippled outward and down into her pussy. Then a river unleashed itself inside her. The tide surged and ebbed in rapid succession. Her pussy had spasm after spasm, each quicker than the last. She squeezed Helmut's tongue involuntarily with her pussy. He licked up all that she gave of herself. His rough tongue licked the smooth contours of her box and it reached deep within as the orgasm subsided.

    The squeezes came slower and with less intensity but the tingle remained. Her whole body tingled. It was strongest in her pussy and on the ends of her breasts. She rubbed her hands down the inside of her thighs and pushed her breasts together. Her hands meandered down her belly, across the thin patch of blonde hair above the slit that began her pussy. She scratched her pussy mound and then took Helmut's still working head in her hands. She gave him a tug and he jumped up on the couch. His front paws planted to her sides on the couch, while his rear paws stayed on the floor in front of the sofa.

    Helmut licked his mistress' face and breasts. His hot breath smelled of puppy and her juice mixed together. Chrissy tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Helmut stopped concentrating on her right nipple and put his tongue into her small mouth. He licked his tongue around in her mouth and Chrissy could taste her pussy juice on his tongue. Helmut went back to working on her boobs. Chrissy just laid back and placed her hands on her up raised knees again. Helmut licked her face once and Chrissy felt something brush her bare snatch. She looked down between her belly and his fur. She saw a raging red schlong poking out of Helmut's furry sheath. It was only fractions of an inch from her pussy. The tip was pointed and the whole thing glistened like snow on a really cold day.

    Because she had just cum and her legs were spread so far, her pussy was open a bit more than before. She could see their reflection in the screen of the TV. Helmut licking the sweat from her boobs, bobbing up and down. In the reflection it looked like they were having sex! His tail was wagging and she was smiling. She felt his dick brush against the bare skin of her pussy lips again. She was hot but his dick felt like it was burning up.

    She took her left hand and slipped it between her belly and under Helmut's front leg. She watched herself in the reflection slowly wrap her thin hand around Helmut's cock. He didn't seem to notice except that his schlong surged when she grabbed it. It was so warm! All wet and smooth up front and furry in back. She could feel a lump at the base of his dick right before his ball sack. She hoped that it wasn't a tumor, how could she explain to the vet how she found it? It didn't seem to affect how his cock worked, the longer she held it the bigger it got and more red started to poke out. Boy her pussy felt hollow. That tongue felt good. How would it feel with a dog cock buried in her tight, bald pussy?

    Helmut started to hump her hand and Chrissy decided that she wanted to find out. Slowly she moved his cock closer to her snatch. It bent and Helmut didn't seem to be hurt. It was like it was on a hinge. Closer she moved, the millimeters seemed like miles as Helmut's dog cock got closer to her pussy. Then they touched. His dick was on fire and she was wetter than she had ever been in her life. She pulled Helmut's cock closer and closer to her opening, using the bump at the base as a handhold. Gently the pointed tip eased its way past the outer folds of her pussy. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Chrissy thought to herself as Helmut's dick passed her small inner lips and the pointed dog cock entered her pussy for the first time. Slowly she pulled him in. His dog cock filling her hotly, stretching her neglected pussy walls apart. When she could feel the fur of his cock sheath on her bare pussy lips Chrissy let go of his knot and laid back a little.

    She could feel a trickle start from his dick, and thought that her pussy was soaking it up like a sponge. She could feel his dick grow inside her pussy. Helmut started his dog thrusts and with each thrust his cock seemed to grow. Every time he pumped, his cock would sink deeper into her belly and its girth would spread her pussy wider. She looked in the reflection and his furry sheath was all the way back and the knot was exposed now. On the next thrust the knot touched her outer pussy lips. Helmut got his rhythm going. Then in a smooth even extra push inserted his knot in her pussy. She felt a quick stretch as his knot entered her pussy and swelled into place just inside. He stopped pulling out as far and just moved a few centimeters in and out. His cock kept growing! It was really big inside her now and the knot was swelling up tight inside. In the reflection she could just make out her pussy lips being pulled back and going in with Helmut's thrusts. The knot was firmly in place in her love box and it obviously was not going to come out. She was locked, dick to pussy with her dog.

    Then the first shot hit her. A lava flow of dog sperm lanced up into her cunt like molten lead. Her head went dizzy as Helmut stopped his thrusting motions and he concentrated on loading her full of his dog sperm. On and on he went, one hot shot of sperm after another. Where was it all going? She started to cum, his hot knot was bumping against her clit from the inside causing a sweet spasm to rack her body. Her pussy clenched and dragged on his dick, pulling the sperm he was delivering deep into her loins. When her orgasm subsided Helmut was still pumping loads of cum into her pussy. The spurts were lessened than at first, but still. Even with her pussy sealed off by his knot she started to loose his cum out the edges. The sticky girl/dog cum mix snaked it's way to coat her ass hole and drip onto the floor in globs.

    She felt the surges all but stop and Helmut's dick began to slowly shrink. She ran her hand between them and could feel his big knot stretching her pussy lips out. There was A LOT of cum seeping out from the junction of his red cock and her pink pussy. She could feel the furry sheath pushed back to his balls and his fur rubbing on her breasts and inner thighs. She kept her hands cupped about his balls and her pussy. After what seemed like twenty minutes of being locked together like that, Helmut slipped free of her. A gallon of dog cum poured from her into her hands, down her ass and legs, and onto the couch and floor.

    Nice pooch that Helmut was, he licked her crotch and the carpet clean and then laid down to clean himself. Chrissy felt all warm inside with Helmut's sperm swimming around in her. In the TV reflection she could see that her dog had spread her pussy wider than any man ever had, cum longer, deeper and hotter. Helmut had filled her pussy to well over flowing. He hadn't just left her after he came, and even cleaned her up after. Chrissy had a sneaking suspicion that that knot was not a disease on her dog's cock. In fact, watching him lick his dick clean, she thought it was a blessing.

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    good hot sexy story!

    Jun 12 2006 20:36
    Good story,do you have another one,for me and others?
    Please and thanks in advance.

    Dec 7 2006 02:24
    Hey, that was a nice story. It is so good to read a story that you can understand, where all the words are, at the very least, spelled right. It is so good to read a story where it is all related by the same person. Your content was great! THANX FOR WRITING IT! :)

    Jan 8 2010 02:49
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