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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple.

    Sonya was laying nude on our back deck, catching the warm rays of the morning sun. Her huge 44DDD breasts rose and fell with each breath she took and I watched her lovingly. My cock was as hard as a bar of steel as my favorite fantasy continued to spin in my brain and my hand gently stroked my elongated cock through the denim pants I had on. As a smile crossed my face I moved toward the bedroom, removing my clothing and then walked quietly toward my darling wife. She did not know I was even home as I moved around her luscious body. I could see her right hand burried between her slightly spread legs and watched as her middle finger gently stroked her engorged clit. I also saw the look of lust masking her face as her head moved from side to side with each electric shock that was sent from her excited clit to her brain. Slowly I continued to move toward her and as I approached her feet, I knelt down, sucking first one toe and then another. I laved at her feet like a peon worshiping his queen. My lips moved across her feet then her ankles and upward toward her hidden treasures. As my soft lips met with her sweet nectar I became more aggressive as my tongue swept across her naked pubic mound, licking up her sweet nectar. My tongue probed deep inside her hidden channel and my thirst was quenched by the abundant amount of honey that flowed from her like a river during the rainy season. She moaned and pulled my head deeper and deeper into her pussy as I licked and sucked her creamy secreations until she fell almost lifeless there from the orgasm that had gripped her body.

    As she released my head I moved over her and kissed her, gently at first but with more passion as our lips molded together. I could hear her ragged breathing and rolled to her side in order to give her a chance to regain her energy so when we made love she would be fresh and ready. Little did I know that it would be a long while until I would be able to drive my raging hard cock into that hot tight pussy.

    I looked down at my beautiful wife and she smiled up at me. Neither of us had heard our huge dogs, King and Bosco approaching us. They moved with stealth like motion and were upon us before we knew what was happening. King had his head burried between my wifes spread thighs and his tongue was driven deeper into her over heated pussy than mine ever could have been. Then I saw Bosco. He was on the deck with us, standing eye to eye with me with a snarl on his face. I laid back and watched as he moved over my wife and stood there with his scarlet cock hanging about half way out of its hairy sheath. Sonya rolled her head towards me and stated to speak but Bosco's growl stopped her and she looked back up at that hot scarlet cock. I did not know what to think as Bosco continued to stand there, his cock poised just above my wifes face. Sonya again began to speak and Bosco again began to snarl at her and she again became silent. All the while King was still licking my wifes churning pussy and it was having its effect on her body.

    Sonya began to mewl like she always does when her pussy is being licked just right. And it was obvious by her tone that Kings tongue was working some magic down there at her ravaged sexual opening. I continued to lay there, watching my wife being drawn deeper and deeper into our pets sexual encounter and wondered what was next. It did not take long for that to be answered. Sonya's body betrayed her and she began to thrash around in sexual euphoria. Her body was now alive with sexual radiation and I knew that she would not stop what ever it was that was causing this wonderful sensation until her body collapsed in total exhaustion.

    As her head thrashed about her lips made contact with Bosco's now totally exposed cock. I was impressed as I stared at that huge spear. I thought my 9" cock was impressive by Bosco's cock was every bit of 11 or 12 inches in length and 2 to 2 1/2 inches thick. Sonya's lips parted as they touched that impressive fuck stick and she sucked about three inches of that hot dog dick into her waiting mouth. Bosco began to hump against Sonya's face and she took more cock into her gullett than she had ever taken before. She gagged several times as Bosco showed her no mercy as he drove his fuck stick into my wife's throat. But being the sexual addict she is, she sucked every inch of Bosco's cock, draining him of his doggie cum. Once his cock and balls were emptied, Bosco moved away from us. Sonya then turned and kissed me, sharing Bosco's creamy cum with me.

    As our kiss lingered I felt Sonya's body moving. I looked down and saw that King had his head under Sonya's ass and was silently telling her to turn over and get onto all fours. I smiled as I knew he intended to fuck her like a bitch in heat. Sonya and I had talked about this several times in the past because it was a huge fantasy of mine. Sonya also felt the pressure under her ass and looked at me. I smiled down at her and told her to turn over and get on her hands and knees, "King wants to fuck his mistress." Sonya's eyes were glazed with lust at the thought of King fucking her like a bitch. She slowly helped King by rolling over on top of me and raising her ass in the air. I felt King move between my legs and raise up and mount my beautiful wife's upturned ass. It was like a dream come true. I asked Sonya if I could watch King fuck her and she softly siad, yes darling.

    I moved around and crawled between Sonya's spread legs and saw a huge scarlet cock poised and ready to enter my wife's wet dripping pussy. I was afraid that she would not be able to take this huge cock and told her that. She did not care or did not hear my warning. Kings cock was at least 4 inches longer than Bosco's and had to be 3 or 4 inches thick. It looked like a very long thick scarlet cucumber. Sonya had taken some of the biggest cukes and zucchinnies' up her pussy but I thought that even she would have difficulty with this one.

    As King flexed his hips about two inches of dog cock skewered my wife. SHe moaned as that huge cock began to fill her more than she had ever been filled before. I watched as King began to fuck her like a maniac and drove about 2/3 of his huge cock into her before she could not take any more. Sonya was now screaming as King fucked her and drove her to one orgasm after another. I even licked the underside of Kings cock as he used his cock like a battering ram. Sonya's body was being pushed around like a rag doll with the force of Kings hips and her juices were dripping all over my body. Soon she screamed as her orgasm reached its pinacle and she damn near passed out from the sheer ecstacy. King's knot moved forward and entered my wifes stretched opening and she screamed like she did when she had our first born. He was now hung with her and would not pull free until that huge cock emptied its abundant load of cum into her overflowing pussy. After about 40 minutes Kings cock softened enough for him to pull out and I damn near drowned as the combination of their mutual orgasms flooded out of my wifes stretched pussy and into my waiting mouth.

    Sonya's body, now exhausted and ravaged fell onto my body and I gently licked her over stretched pussy until she fell off to sleep.

    Meanwhile King and Bosco licked their retracting cocks, all the while staring at their new bitch.

    If you like this story please ask for more. Sonya has moved on to taking both dogs at one time. One in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass. She also rides me while one of the dogs fucks her ass and we both suck the other. And if that were not enough, we have two neighbors that have joined in on our back yard fun. Their names are Kathy and Brandi. And yes, they sure know how to do the farm fuck.

    Hope to hear from yall.

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    aready been to the farm lots of dogs very good story thanks

    Oct 28 2006 04:20
    Excellent story would love to read more

    Oct 30 2006 16:18
    verry good story!

    Nov 2 2006 01:13
    thank you . that was very well done. got anymore stories

    Nov 8 2006 04:57
    What a bunch of crap! Ever had it with a dog? I have and, believe me, this is a load! 3 to 4 inches thick?? Manure!!

    Jan 25 2007 14:14
    love the story ,,

    Jun 28 2010 19:01
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