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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bdsm.

    My wife is the sexiest woman alive. This is my opinion, but I know no other man that is able to say to his wife, "Eat me!" and she will instantly respond by going to her knees and giving the best head possible. I also no of no other man who has a wife that sleeps at night with her legs spread wide so that he can have instant access to her pussy. I do and I love it.

    Until our first child was born Sue lived as my slave. She called me master. She never wore clothing at home and she provided any sexual act that I desired on demand. Except one.

    I wanted to see her taken by a large dog. She would not submit to this. Sue wanted to have threesomes with men and women, but we both felt that we could not handle seeing each other being pleasured by another partner. As for me though the thought of her being tied for an extended length of time with a very large dog was quite exciting. Occasionally I would have Sue masturbate me and as she was doing it I would fantasize that she was being royally fucked by some Great Dane or Mastiff while she sucked my dick.

    When we were both in a playful mood and she would think that I was only kidding I would express my desire by saying something like, "If you don't behave I'm going outside and get the neighbors dog to come in here and fuck you!" She would always curl her face up in disgust and swear that was something she would never do.

    Through the years our sex life was never boring and she continued to give to me all the sex I could handle. She was especially adept at fellatio and loved to suck me for hours. Many nights I would wake from my sleep and find her sucking contentedly on my cock. I don't think there ever was a time that we were alone in the house that she would not sidle up to me and ask, "Can Buddy come out and play?" Buddy was her pet name for my cock and this meant that she wanted to suck him.

    Over the years I remained quiet about my deviant sexual desires even though I harbored them and held and expanded the fantasy. We had 3 beautiful, intelligent children and bought a wonderful home on secluded property. Through the years we managed to obtain a number of different dogs as pets and the thought of them being around kept the juices of my fantasy flowing. The children all grew up and left home. Our life was a happy one, but I longed to return to the way we lived before they came along and this time I knew I would have my way.

    When our last child left home for college I sat Sue down and told her that it was time for her to resume her position as my slave. I also told her that this time it would be even more intense and that she would be required to do things that she was opposed to and she would do them wordless and without hesitation. To this she just lowered her head and said, "Yes Master."

    I resumed my role as her master with a fervor. I did things to her that I had only fantasized about previously. Every evening I would pull her over my knee and spank her. She hated this, but it succeeded in making her a disciplined and loyal slave to me. Three nights a week I would have her sleep completely bound. Her arms would be bound to her sides and her legs would be bound together making her a complete submissive. I made a simple dungeon in our basement and would tie her in a standing position with her arms over her head and leave her there for hours at a time completely alone. Except for the punishment that I would deal out to her Sue seemed to be enjoying her new life.

    I decided that it was time for me to live out my ultimate fantasy. I knew it would take some time, but I also knew if I was patient I would eventually succeed. Each of our children had a dog as their own pet and I had my black lab. I started allowing the dogs into the house more and more hoping Sue would get the idea on her own. I noticed several times the dogs coming up to her and sticking their noses into her naked crotch. Each time she would push them away and reprimand them, but over time she stopped the verbal reprimand and would just push them away. After a while the push started to be less and less physical and the dogs started to get more than just a sniff for their efforts. The day I saw her allow one of the dogs to linger longer than a moment I knew the time was ripe for me to plan on proceeding with my desire.

    In our dungeon I had built a table that allowed me the easiest possible access to Sue's ass and pussy. It was set at the exact height I needed to stand flatfooted and pump into her with virtually no discomfort. I altered the table so that the legs could be raised or lowered to conform to more than one persons or you quessed it, dog's height.

    The day I decided to make it happen I was not even coy about it. I started the day treating her like the sluttiest slave bitch that ever lived. I woke her up and spanked her immediately. I threw her on her back and fucked her until I was just about to cum. Then I rose, jammed my cock into her mouth and shot my load down her throat. I dripped what remained on to her face and without wiping it off I tied her face down on the bed. I spent the next hour fucking her with different sizes of dildos and telling her what a nasty little whore she was. During most of the process Sue was one continual orgasm. She has always loved to be used and today was no different.

    I finally stopped and led her to the basement with her hands tied behind her back. I directed her to the table I had altered and she immediately laid down on it. I turned her on to her stomach and secured her to the table. Then I lowered the table to what I thought would be a good height for the Dane. I blindfolded Sue and told her that she was not to utter anything more than moans of passion during this session. She nodded that she understood, I took off my pants, and rammed my cock into her puss. I fucked her until she was at the height of an orgasm and then pulled all the way out. Sue was left gasping and writhing, but she obeyed me and said nothing. Still you could tell she needed release badly. I stood behind her and tickled her clit a little and had her absolutely crazy for an orgasm. That's when I proceeded with my plan.

    I allowed the Dane to enter the room and he did not disappoint me. He ran to her and immediately started licking her puss. Sue started to moan and tried to turn her head to see what was happening to her, but she was bound too securely. The dog licked her twat pushing that long snake of a tongue far into her cunt. She must have cum 3 times while he was doing this and just laid her head back down and relaxed. Finally he was bored with this action and stood up on his hind legs and mounted her. He rammed home that long thick red cock of his began to fuck her faster and harder than I had ever dreamed of. He rammed home his knot and I was astonished at how big it grew once it was inside of Sue. His strokes shortened and his ass just spasmed. I wanted to see just how much cum he was shooting into her cunt. In the mean while Sue was going crazy. She was bucking back against him and screaming for whoever was back there to fuck her harder. He finally stopped fucking and tried to dismount. It was almost disastrous and I had to hold him on her back to keep him from turning ass to ass. It they had just been on the floor or on a bed he could have done it, but he was up in the air and Sue surely would have been injured if he had succeeded. After about 15 minutes his knot subsided enough to allow him to pull out. It still made a sucking sound as he pulled back and Sue screamed, "I feel so fucking empty!"

    She was exhausted so I untied her and took her upstairs gave her a bath and tied her to the bed for the rest of the day. I knew I was going to have to talk with her about what I had done, but first I wanted her to remain feeling helpless hoping that this would allow me to keep my control over her.

    When she woke from a nap I asked her how she felt about what had happened and she told me that she hoped that now I had it out of my system. I told her I had, but I really wasn't certain whether or not I had. Sue slept through the night and our life seemed to return to normal. Still something had changed. She was not quite as aggressive with me sexually even though she produced on command. I had to remind her more than once to call me master during sex and her pussy wasn't quite as hot as I felt it should be. I put it all off to my feelings of quilt for what I had done to her and tried to forget about it and just live as we had before. Something still did not seem right.

    I began to notice that the dogs were hanging around Sue more than usual and this led to my suspicions that maybe she was experimenting with sex with them. I was sure I was wrong because she was always so opposed to the idea and they way it happened was the only way and time that it would. Still I wasn't certain and I started to think of all the possible situations more often. I did not investigate this for a while because our sex life remained as active as ever. It was only when she began to abbreviate our sexual routine that I decided to look further into what may or may not be happening. Without telling Sue I took a day off from work in order to do a bit of spying on my pretty wife. As usual Sue went to her knees and worshiped my cock just before I left. I kissed her passionately on the lips and we said I love you to each other our usual 4 or 5 times before I turned my back and headed for the subway. I turned the corner of our street and stopped for a few moments. I started back toward my house and edged my way until I reached the window that looked into our family room in the basement. Expecting to see nothing I casually peered in, but my expectations were totally wrong. What I did see was Sue on her hands and knees. The Dane had started to mount her and his giant red cock was beginning to disappear into her vagina. Sue had her head raised and was eagerly sucking the Dalmatians cock. The other three dogs were standing around with their tails wagging and tongues hanging out of their mouths obviously anticipating the same treatment from their mistress. The Dane humped my wife furiously and slammed harder and harder each time until he succeeded in pushing his knot into the opening of her vagina. After that his strokes became shorter, but the look on Sue's face with a mouth full of dog cock when that knot entered her was something I had wanted to see for years. Her eyes opened as wide as I had ever seen them and rolled back into her head. The Dalmatians cock almost slipped from her mouth, but she recovered before it did and after a couple of moments she continued to nurse on the spurting appendage. He was obviously becoming bored with her slow sucking and took over the action up front. He started pushing into her mouth until he succeeded in slamming his own knot into her. Sue's mouth was opened as wide as it would go and she had a pulsing dog dick at each end of her blasting cum into her orifices. Each dog turned their rears to her as the three of them were tied together. Although quite sexually stimulating, it actually was a silly site. The Dalmatian was the first to break their tie after about 10 minutes and he went to a corner to clean himself and lick his tender, shrinking, red penis. Immediately our Labrador presented his dick to Sue and she hesitated not in accepting his member into her mouth. As she sucked she reached down and started to stroke her clit and the orgasm it was producing was evident on her face. The Dane stayed inside of Sue for almost a half an hour before his erection started to recede and he was able to dismount. Once he did our Shepherd took his place and Sue just backed up and made her cunt even more available to his desires.

    After the two dogs had finished with her Sue turned over and laid down on her back. She spread her legs wide and started to finger her clit. The Dane rose from his corner and walked to her. He lowered his nose to her cunt, sniffed once and proceeded to lick from her all the cum he and the Shepherd had injected into her. Sue was one continual moan as he licked her to multiple orgasms. Breathing heavily Sue finally managed to push the dogs head away. I thought she was through with him, but I was so wrong. Once she had pushed his head away Sue crawled underneath him and took his partially extended cock in her mouth. The Dane then resumed licking her cunt. After about 5 minutes of this human/dog 69 Sue rolled over and the Dane mounted her again. His knot seemed to be fully engorged and I thought he would never get it in to her, but this was one horny dog. He immediately started hammering her cunt more ferociously than ever and pushed that huge knot right in to her. My cock was harder than I ever remember it being and I had to leave in the middle of this second fuck session. I drove around for hours considering what I had seen. I know that it was my doing and I wanted to see her fuck a dog, but this bothered me and I needed to know the extent of her activity with the dogs. I was soon to find out more than I ever bargained for...

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    Best of luck Sue many happy years mating with your k9 Lover.

    Aug 17 2014 17:21
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