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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, rape.

    As I awake, I crawl from my bed half asleep and stumble toward the window. I notice the sun shining and what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Saturday.

    I have no plans for the day and love to go with the flow of where the day will take me. I head for the shower and as I get the water ready, I can feel my body aching for some loving. It’s been two weeks since my last encounter with anyone, and I know that perhaps later that day I will go online to see whom I can seek out. I have several playmates that are within the vicinity that are always up for some fun. I wash my body carefully and shave my legs, armpits and last my pussy. Feeling the razor glide over my puffy pussy lips deepens the ache deep within me. I put down the razor and with the water beading over my skin I lean back against the shower wall and gently rub my clit. With the first touch my pussy throbs. I moan softly as I start to rub my clit faster, feeling the warmth of the water as it slides over my skin. I close my eyes and let the feeling of lust envelope me, my thoughts heading into forbidden areas.

    I imagine myself walking through a park in the early morning hours when the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. Heading down a long, lonely path that is engulfed with trees. I wear a long skirt as is my wont. The softness of the fabric touches my legs and the soft blouse that compliments the skirt flowing softly in the breeze. I lift my face to the sky letting the sun warm my skin as it peeks through the trees. I know it’s a bit dangerous to be alone in this stretch of woods, but I can not help myself. Being raised on a farm I’ve always enjoyed the woods. Hearing the sounds of mother nature as the squirrels scampered among the trees, or along the ground looking for their next meal. My mind was filled with the wonder of nature. Unknowingly I have been watched entering the lonely path and tempting those who I would next encounter.

    I slowly walk along and then hear a twig snap behind me. I finally take notice that I am in the midst of the woods alone, leaving me vulnerable. I do not want whomever there is following me be it animal or human to know that they have startled me, so I continue casually walking, yet with my heart starting to beat more erratically.

    I can sense them getting closer and know that it is not just one person, but can also hear the pads of paws. "Perhaps it’s someone out walking their dog", I think to myself. The padding of the paws comes closer and my heart beats harder, becoming more unsure of myself and more scared. I glance behind me to find that two men are behind me and three dogs are sniffing the trail beside them and in front of them. I try to act nonchalant as I continue walking and feeling fear coursing through my body. I can barely hear them talking, yet can hear the muted sound of voices. As I continue I hear one call out to me, yet I pretend not to hear him and continue to walk on.

    Suddenly there is a dog in front of me, not threatening me, yet I stop, being afraid to go on. I’ve always had a fear of dogs that I don’t know. My heart beating hard in my chest, I watched the dog, which I thought was probably a rotwieller stand in my path. Not knowing what to do I tried to walk past him and stopped with terror as he started to growl low in his throat.

    Hearing footsteps behind me, I turned around and noticed the men had caught up with me. One was blonde with wide shoulders and a trimmed beard, but I could not see his eyes for the mirrored glasses he wore. The other was dark haired of slimmer build, but still a strong built man. Both were wearing jeans and t-shirts. The other two k9’s were sniffing around me and finally sat on their haunches as the blonde spoke to me first.

    "Well, well, what do we have here" he said with a nasty grin on his lips.

    Even though I was scared and my heart beating fast, I pretended bravado I didn’t have, I stated, "Can you please move your dog?"

    The blonde raised his eyebrow and said, "Now why would I want to do that? He is only looking for his new mate." Both men laughed as he stated that. Then he stated, " Listen bitch, if you are dumb enough to be out here walking alone, then you deserve what you encounter".

    Before I could say anything else, the dark haired man reached out and grabbed my arm, pulling me to him and grabbing my other arm he held them behind my back. I struggled to get from his grasp, but was quickly slapped by the blonde haired man. My head was whirling as I felt the sting on my right cheek. My breathing quickened as the fear intensified within me.

    The blonde then came very close to my face and his mirrored eyes close to mine he stated, "My name is Ken and he is Mike, and you are no longer a free person, you have been captured and now belong to us!, You will do as you are commanded and if you do not you will wish you would have."

    "Now then," he stated, let’s see what now belongs to us". With that he lifted my skirt and viewed my legs and thighs, letting his hands drift over my shaking skin. I attempted to squirm from Mike’s grasp but found I was not as strong as I thought I was.

    Ken had been carrying a knapsack, and let it drop to the ground as he squatted down in front of me. As Mike pulled me further back against him, ken reached out and slapped my right thigh sharply and commanded, "spread your legs bitch". With a small cry I did as he commanded. He laughed as he raised my skirt higher and noticed I wore a skimpy pair of white lacey panties. He reached out and lightly traced the V of my legs causing me to shiver in fear. "hmmm, what pretty panties you bitches wear. Just for us lucky men that want to rip them from you and take what is underneath". His fingers were tracing the line of the panties as they ran through my legs, then he pulled the leg of the panty aside and let his fingers trace my slit.

    He looked up with a grin on his lips and stated to his friend, "the bitch is shaved. And you wont believe this but also wears rings in her cunt lips".

    As he stated this to his friend he pulled on one of the rings bringing a sharp pain to my pussy lip. I breathed in sharply with the pain.

    Then to my agony he reached with both hands and ripped the panty crotch leaving me exposed to his touch. I could feel the air caress my heat, as his fingers explored me further. As he looked up into my face his finger slowly entered my hot hole, making me moan with mortification. Softly I started to beg and plead with them to let me go, but only causing them to laugh softly.

    Mike, the man holding my arms behind me whispered in my ear, "Bitch, by the time we are done with you there will be no going back. You will be our slut, and our friends that you see in front of you will be your mates. You will know no other life from here on. Do you really think this was an accidental meeting?" As he stated this my mind whirled. Tears began to trickle from my eyes as I realized that this was real, that I would never again be free.

    Ken removed his fingers and stood up, looking into my eyes and said, "now bitch, you will live a new life. Get used to it."

    Bending over he opened the knapsack and started removing items from it. He handed mike something black and I quickly found out what it was. Mike started to place a leather wrist restraint on my right wrist, and again I struggled trying to resist, but to no avail. When ken handed him the other restraint I knew that I was at their mercy, that once again I would be owned. This was not the first time a man had "captured" me, but probably would be the last.

    Ken then reached into his knapsack and pulled out a black leather collar with silver letters on it and small silver studs decorating the rest of the length of leather. He brought it closer to my face and said, "KC, that will be your name from now on. What ever name you think you have is no longer relevant. KC is what you will answer to. Do you wish to know slut what it stands for?"

    My voice barely above a whisper I said, "what does it stand for?"

    He grinned as he stated, "Kennel Cunt. You are now known as Kennel Cunt, KC for short. Once you are trained you will not speak by voice unless you are given permission, and I assure you bitch, that will be rare." He handed Mike the leather collar and I could feel Mike push my waist length hair aside as he fastened it to my neck. Ken then handed him a small padlock and I could hear it click as Mike placed it through the fastening in the back.

    Ken reached out and touched the small heart shaped tags as they swung from the silver ring below the KC initials. He then bent over again and I could hear chains as he pulled a leash from his bag. He clipped it to the small ring and as I stood there shaking he said, "well bitch, your new life is now beginning."

    With that he tucked my skirt up into the waist band and turned to the dogs.

    I had forgotten the dogs that were sitting on their haunches around us watching everything avidly. Ken called one forward, "here Jake, see what you think".

    The rotweiller came forward and with his cold nose started sniffing me. Ken stepped back holding the leash to my collar and I stood shaking my head, wanting to close my thighs as the dogs nose began to sniff at my crotch. I attempted to pull away but felt ken sharply tug on the leash and growling, "stay bitch, let him taste what he will soon be enjoying."

    I cringed as the dogs cold nose sniffed into my hot cunt. His tongue slipped over my lips and I groaned with horror, feeling the ache in my pussy start throbbing. Mike came to stand beside Ken as they watched this dog lick my pussy, my body shaking with each touch of the dogs tongue slipping into my pussy.

    "Jake, back" ken commanded with a smile on his lips. Mike grinned as Jake back away reluctantly, licking my juices from his snout.

    I stood there with the skirt up in front wrapped around the waistband, my panties in shreds around my hips and my thighs shaking. Tears streaming down my face from this horror, I heard Ken call Jake to him. He leaned down and snapped the leash to the collar on Jake.

    He came closer to me and said, "Ok bitch, Jake here is going to take you to where he will mount you. You do realize that you are going to be mounted don’t you? When he stops, there and then you will kneel for him and let him take what is his. And bitch, that pussy is now dog pussy. You will never again feel a humans cock slip into that hot hole. However," he grinned evilly, "that is not to say you will not be fucked by a human man, for you see, you still have two other cunts that can be used for our pleasure".

    I couldn’t believe this was happening. Yes I had previously allowed myself to be enslaved to a man, but that had also included feelings of love between us, but this!!! This was not going to have any feelings involved. They would look on me as a dog, a female bitch that would mate with whomever they felt needed a warm cunt. My mind could not grasp what they meant to do with me.

    I almost tripped as I heard Ken command Jake, "Go boy!" I felt the dog start out as the leash that connected us from his collar to mine jerk me into motion. Jake slowly turned into the woods, leaving the pathway that we had been standing on. I was glad at that moment in time that I had worn comfortable shoes, otherwise I would have had my feet torn from all the twigs and rocks that littered the ground.

    I could feel the leash that connected us tugging me along, forcing me to trot along behind the dog as the other two loped along beside him, playfully nipping and sniffing me as I attempted to keep up with Jake. Foliage reached out to scratch my face and legs as he led me deeper into the woods. I could hear the men behind us walking quickly, keeping us in sight.

    Every time I tried to slow down Jake would continue to trot slowly to where only he knew. I could not stop nor could I relieve the pressure of the leash due to my hands being bound behind me. Finally after running for what seemed forever, Jake came to a stop. I stopped, trying to catch my breath, my hair hanging in my face as I looked down at the forest floor.

    Ken and Mike came up to me then and I could feel one of them unhook the clip that bound my hands together behind me. Mike said in a rough voice, "Now, you be a good bitch, and we will allow your hands some freedom, if not, you will not be allowed to use your hands for leverage.

    Ken walked to the front of me and grabbed my hair yanking my head back, his face close to mine he said, "down to your hands and knees cunt, its time for your mounting. Jake and his friends need to breed. Its been a long time for them so don’t think this will be a short fuck for you."

    With that he forced me to my knees and letting go of my hair I fell forward to my hands. Ken knelt behind me and touched my pussy, letting his fingers test my hole. He slid them down to my clit and started a slow rubbing, and even with all the horror that was going through my mind I could feel my body start to betray me. My pussy started aching, throbbing with the need to be fucked. I groaned softly as he traced my slit again, then pushed two fingers into me.

    I heard him tell Mike to loan him his shoe strings. Not knowing what was coming or what he intended I stayed on my hands and knees, hating that my body was readying itself for sex. I could feel the coolness of the air caress my throbbing lips. Then I felt fingers thread a shoe string through my right pussy ring and pull the lip to the side. He tied the string off to my thigh, then did the same with the left pussy ring.

    Oh no, I was totally and, obscenely open for anyone to see into my hot pussy. Both men stood behind me, and viewed my cunt. The dogs were sniffing around me, licking my face and the cheeks of my ass. One of them came to the front of me and as I glanced at him I could see two inches of his cock peeking from the sheath. My mind was in turmoil, the horror of being turned into a bitch for animals making me shake.

    Ken came in front of me and squatted down to look into my face and said, "Now, you will get your first taste of what you will be from now on, a kennel cunt." Then he looked over my back and commanded, "Jake, mount."

    Jake came to me and sniffed my pussy, smelling the pussy juice that was starting to leak from my cunt. I felt his tongue lap over my exposed pussy, and groaned with the sensations this instilled in me. His tongue tormented me, making me ache to fuck, yet my mind was rebelling at the idea of being fucked by a dog!

    After one last swipe of his tongue I felt him jump over my back, his weight bearing down on me, I cried out and attempted to wiggle my ass to keep his cock from burying itself inside me.

    Ken again knelt in front of me and said "Stop it bitch, let your lover fuck you, or you will not like what is in store for you."

    I let my head hang as I stopped wiggling, and felt Jakes cock poking against my ass cheek. His cock would stab at the entrance of my pussy, then slip away. All of a sudden I could feel his cock stab into my pussy, his hind quarters shifted swiftly to push his cock deeper into my heat. I cried out sharply with the quickness of his cock as it bedded itself deeper.

    As he started fucking me harder and faster, Mike squatted beside me and ripped the front of my shirt open, so that my bra clad breasts where hanging down and swaying with the quick thrusts of Jakes cock. He waded the material up around my arms so that my breasts could be seen, then with a knife he sliced the front of my bra open letting my large breasts spring free.

    I could feel Jakes cock thrusting harder and deeper into me, and becoming bigger and bigger with each thrust. His balls were swaying and hitting my clit with each thrust of his cock. My body started enjoying the fucking I was getting, my nipples hard and sensitive, my clit throbbing harder, and moans started coming from my lips.

    I gave into the sensations that his cock forced from me and started thrusting back into his cock. I have always loved being fucked hard and fast, and I couldn’t believe this was so good. I forgot about the men and the other dogs as Jakes cock filled my cunt, faster and harder with each thrust.

    Then I felt something attempting to force itself into me. I knew enough about dogs mating that I knew in a second it was his knot trying to force its way into my pussy. With each hard and furious thrust his knot pushed against my pussy and finally forced its way into my cunt. With the enlarged knot inside of my cunt I moaned and continued to get fucked by this beast, loving the way his cock slammed into me.

    Suddenly I felt a hand in my hair, jarring me from my lust induced state and opening my eyes a cock was hard and pointed at my mouth. One of the men had become excited watching me fuck his dog and decided that he could not wait any longer. "open your mouth, cunt!!" he commanded. I opened my mouth and eagerly felt his cock slide deep into my mouth. I could not believe that this was all happening to me, but in my lust filled state I didn’t care. My pussy was throbbing aching to cum and feeling the cock slam hard and fast in me, I started sucking and licking his cock.

    I was in a crazed lust state of mind. I was no longer a moral person, only a pussy that ached to be fucked and taken as often as they wished. Jakes cock kept up a steady rhythm as Kens cock filled my mouth. His hips thrusting his cock into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the length, before he would pull out to thrust in once again. The head of his cock started banging the back of my throat as Jakes cock thrust in deeper and banged my womb. I could hear Mike as he urged them both on, "fuck that cunt, nothing but a slut bitch, come on cunt fuck that dog cock harder."

    I was in heaven, as I started cumming hard around the cock that was embedded and thrusting into me. Kens hands grabbed into my hair as he forced my mouth faster and faster onto his cock. I heard his grunts as his cock throbbed and started to spurt into my mouth, his cum coating my tongue and the back of my throat. I swallowed it down, enjoying the taste of the sperm and writhing my cunt back onto the dogs cock, I heard him yelp as he too started to fill my pussy with his hot cum. With one final thrust Jakes cock exploded, throbbing, I could feel him unload deep within my pussy, coating the walls of my pussy as his cock squirted his load.

    Ken pulled his cock from my between my lips and with no surprise I saw another cock pointed at my mouth. I opened my mouth to allow another cock to slip between my lips.

    Mike’s cock was thinner than Kens but longer and I could feel the veins as he started to thrust into my mouth. Jake rested on my back, panting heavily as his cock continued to unload in my pussy, his knot swelled against my g-spot I started to fuck back against him, wanting more, aching to cum again. Mike grabbed a handful of hair and started to fuck my face, moans filling the forest air as my tongue flicked around his cock, sucking him harder, and pushing back against the cock that filled me.

    The thickness of Jakes cock felt so wonderful deep within me and he kept cumming and cuming, rubbing the g-spot with his knot, I could feel my pussy becoming excited again, raising my lust higher and higher. My mouth sucking and licking at the cock invading it, my mind filled with the need to fuck and be fucked.

    I could feel Mike’s cock start throbbing hard, signaling his orgasm, and I sucked harder. Suddenly my pussy was clenching around the cock embedded in me again, and I moaned around the cock that started to spurt, leaving a thick coat of sperm over my tongue and against the back of my throat.

    Again I swallowed over and over, drinking each drop that squirted in my mouth. My pussy clenched around the dogs cock as my orgasm came over me. Mike finally pulled from my mouth, his breathing hard, my head dropping from my exertions. I felt Jake attempting to withdraw his cock but could not, his knot was still too big to pull from my open cunt. I knelt there, my body shaking with the leavings of lust that had come over me.

    Ken and Mike stood back, their jeans still unzipped and their limp cocks glistening with cum and my saliva, a nasty grin on their lips. Ken glanced at Mike and stated, "Well that was a nice start to KC’s training, don’t you think?" Mike replied, " She will make one of the finest bitches we have ever trained, and I do believe she will bring a high price when the time comes to sell her."

    I shuddered with the extreme orgasm as I leaned against the shower wall, the fantasy still in my mind and my legs shaking from my orgasm, I reached over and shut off the water. I craved that fantasy to become reality, but knew that it could never happen... or could it? smile

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