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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, 1st, malebeast, dogsex, blackmail.

    Amy's parents had left her alone for the weekend with £50 and Instructions to feed the family dog, Samson, a large Black Labrador Retriever. She probably would have had some of her friends over but they were all away for summer break. So all she could do all weekend was sit around the house. What bad luck.

    After watching TV for a while she decided she needed a shower. As she walked past Samson she gave him a pat on the head and told him, "I guess you don't have anything to do this weekend either, boy."

    She went to the upstairs bathroom and started to undress. As she took off her bra she admired her firm 18-year-old breasts. She thought of how good it had felt when she had let Brad, her last boyfriend, lick them. She was still a virgin but she thought about sex all the time. Just thinking about having her titties sucked began to get her aroused.

    She stepped into the hot shower. As she washed herself, the feeling of her hands rubbing over her body began to really excite her. After she finished rinsing herself off she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a big, warm towel to start drying herself with. The sensation of the rough towel rubbing excited her even more. The rough fabric brushing across her breasts caused her nipples to become erect. As she reached down to dry her crotch her hands paused, as they rubbed up against her pussy. She started to rub her hand around, enjoying the feelings that this was producing in her. Her fingers began to explore. First feeling her outer lips and them moving down to her virgin love canal. She was beginning to have trouble standing so she kneeled down and bent over. She then reached down between her legs and continued to work on her virgin cunt. She rubbed her left hand on her clit while she inserted first one and then two fingers in to her cunt. She was beginning to moan with pleasure and she could feel her first orgasm building.

    Unknown to her, Samson had come to investigate the strange sound he heard coming from upstairs bathroom. As he poked his head in the door to investigate. He could see Amy from behind, masturbating her little heart out. The smell of her wet cunt began to arouse him and his cock began to stiffen and emerge from his sheath. Amy had not noticed Samson yet because she was too wrapped up in her own pleasure. Amy didn't look like exactly like the bitches Samson was used to fucking, but she looked close enough and the smell was right so he moved over to her.

    Amy was going at is hard and heavy now and she could feel herself on the brink of orgasm. She gasped when Samson mounted her. It took her off balance and a few seconds to realise what was going on but that was all the time Samson needed. She tried to pull away but Samson's paws were firmly clasped about her thin waist. He was too strong; there was nothing she could do to escape. She could feel his penis as it thrust towards her virgin cunt. She pleaded with Samson, "No. Bad Dog! Get off of me!" but to no avail, he was too intent on mounting his intended bitch. After a few more thrusts it struck home. On Samson's next thrust she could feel her hymen stretching and finally breaking as his penis enter the previously unexplored depths of her young body.

    She was revolted by this perverse act that she was being forced to participate in. At the same time she could feel herself being excited by this doggie fuck. She began to enjoy the pleasure that Samson was giving her. She started to push backwards at Samson's mighty thrusts, stretching her cunt, trying to take him all the way into her. She reached a hand back and could feel his dick thrusting in and out of her with animal lust. She could feel the knot in his cock pressing against her hole. She tried to relax her cunt so she could take him ALL the way into her. As he thrust forwards, she thrust backwards; she could feel some stretching and his knot painfully slipped in.

    This further stimulation made Samson thrust quicker and harder. She could feel his knot swelling inside of her, stretching her cunt to new limits, and sealing him inside his bitch. This additional stimulation pushed her over the edge and she had an earth shattering orgasm. She could feel her pussy contracting around Samson's tool as she came again and again. Samson yelped as he came, filling his bitch with doggie cum.

    As soon as she recovered from her orgasm she tried to get out from under Samson but his knot was holding them tightly together. In fact his knot even seemed to be getting larger! It was now that she remembered that when she had seen Samson having sex with a dog it had normally taken about 30 minutes or so until he could dismount his bitch. His knot continued to expand for a few more minutes. This continued stretching was both stimulating and a little painful. She realised that she was just going to have to wait for his knot to shrink back down before she could get free, not that she minded in the least as he was still coming.

    After she had waited about five minuets she heard someone knocking at the door. She hoped they would think no one was home and leave. She had no idea how she could explain being caught having sex with a dog. After a minute the knocking stopped. She began to breathe a sigh of relief, until she heard someone try and turn the doorknob. She cursed herself for not having locked the door earlier.

    "Hello? Amy? Is anyone here?" she heard. It was Mark, a boy she knew from high school. He had been hitting on Amy but she just wasn't interested in him. After no one answered she heard him turn around to leave. She was trying her best to be as quiet as possible. Just as he closed the door Samson let out a loud bark. She heard the door open and Mark come in. He just stood there for a minute while Amy did her best to keep Samson quite. However, Samson barked again and she heard Mark start to walk up stairs towards the sound of the barking. She kept hoping that he would turn around and leave before he found her and Samson locked together but she could hear him coming right for them. Amy tried to lock the door. He came into the bathroom and just watch, at first he was speechless.

    "Hi Amy. What? What are you doing?"

    "Wait, I can explain." Amy said.

    "Sure, fine, you won't go out with me but you'll fuck a dog!"

    "Look, just let me explain!"

    Mark paused for a minute and then continued. "You don't need to explain, it's what you're going to have to do for me if you don't want everyone finding out"


    "Do you expect me to keep quiet about your canine lover without getting anything in return"

    "What do you want?"

    "Suck me off."


    "If you don't I'll tell everyone about your little doggie friend and your special relationship with him."


    Mark unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He kneeled in front of Amy since she was still locked to Samson in the doggie position. She reluctantly took hold of Mark's cock with her hands and started stroking it. "Suck it! Don't just play with it!" Mark said.

    Amy started licking his cock. First the tip, then working her way all the way down the shaft and back up it again. Then she took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. She was beginning to enjoy her first blowjob. The feeling of Mark's cock in her mouth and Samson's still filling her cunt were really exciting her. She could feel the knot in Samson's dick starting to shrink. Just as he pulled it out Mark's dick began to tense and it started to spurt come into her mouth. She tried her best to swallow all of it but there was just too much and the rest spurted all over her face. Mark sat back for a few minutes to recuperate from his orgasm.

    "That was Great babe!" he said.

    "Yes, well now that you've got what you want, get out of here."

    "You haven't even begun to pay me back for keeping my mouth shut."

    "What do you want now?"

    "You have to let me fuck you."

    "No way!"

    "You have to, or I'll tell."

    She gave in and said, "OK"

    Mark's cock was already beginning to get hard at the thought of fucking this pretty young girl. He took off the rest of his clothes and lay down on the floor. He pulled Amy on top of him and guided her down onto his prick. They began to hump up and down together.

    Samson had been recuperating in the corner but this new action started to grab his attention. He moved in behind Amy and started to lick her from her pussy to her asshole where Mark's prick was pounding in and out of her. The new stimulation of Samson's licking excited Amy more and she started to hump harder against Mark's thrusts. After about ten minute of this Samson reared back and mounted Amy. Because she was on top of Mark this sent Samson's prick heading straight for her virgin anus. His first thrust buried his cock half way into her ass. Amy screamed in pain and tried to escape, but Mark, not realising what was happening yet, held her down, thinking she was trying to escape from him. Samson's next thrust pushed his dick the rest of the way in, past his, as yet unswollen, knot. Amy tried to get out from under him; it felt like her ass was being torn open. Mark suddenly realised what was happening. Amy thought she might have got some help from Mark, but all that he did was start fucking her harder.

    As the initial pain of Samson's big doggie dick being trust into her virgin anus began to subside, she began to enjoy this double fuck. The feeling of Mark's cock in her cunt and Samson's dick in her ass were quickly pushing her towards orgasm. She soon came. At the same time Mark came, squirting his cum into her waiting cavity. Samson, however, was not yet finished. As Mark's penis shrank back down, Samson continued to pound into her ass. She pushed back against him and she could feel his knot beginning to swell. This time she was anxiously waiting having her ass tied to Samson. As his knot continued to swell, the continued stimulation made her come again and again. She could feel his prick stretching her ass to new limits and it was better then before.

    Samson came with a low growl, filling her bowels with his doggie cum. Mark crawled out from under her and lay down to relax after his fuck. All Amy could do, until Samson's knot shrunk and he could pull out was kneel there and enjoy the feeling of Samson's cock filling her butt with his hot cum. After a minute Mark got up and went downstairs.

    About 20 minutes later, Samson's knot had shrunk enough and he pulled it out with a "Pop!" She turned around and Samson gave her a big kiss on the face. She scratched him behind the ears and said, "I never knew you could be so much fun, old boy." He wagged his tail and headed off. Amy got up and headed downstairs. When she got to the kitchen, Mark was sitting there. He was still naked. He was drinking a glass of water. "So babe, did you think that was the hottest thing I have ever seen?"

    "I think I may have been wrong about you," Amy replied. Mark reached over and kissed her. He stood up and they both headed into the Living room. They lay down on the couch and were asleep in minutes, both completely fucked from the action that they had both just had.

    Amy woke up and saw that it was 9:00 in the morning. She looked over at Mark and realised what she needed after seeing that Mark had a hard on was to start the day was a good fuck. She slid down and started sucking on Mark's cock and balls. This stimulation soon woke Mark up. Amy laid down on the living room floor and spread her legs. She pulled Mark on top of her and thrust her hips forwards. Mark met her thrust and pushed his cock into her. He started thrusting and she began to react quickly. She could feel her orgasm building. After a few minutes she came. After she recovered she saw that Mark was well on his way to his orgasm. She saw Samson sitting in the corner behind Mark and waved at him, trying to get his attention. When Samson stood up she could see that his dick was hard. Samson started over towards them. As he approached she reached back and pulled Mark's ass towards her. Mark failed to realise that this was also pulling his ass open. When he felt Samson slide up onto his back and Samson's dick press against his asshole he realised what Amy was doing. He tried to move away but Amy was holding onto him from below and Samson was pressing down from above, he could not escape. On Samson's next thrust his prick struck home, burying itself deep in his bowels. He screamed in pain. Amy quickly spread his ass, so Samson could get the knot right into Mark's anus. Then she slid out from under him and said, "That's what you get for FORCING me to have sex with you."

    "You bitch," Mark replied.

    Samson's knot was already in Mark's tight asshole and starting to expand. Mark was trying hard to get away but he couldn't free himself from Samson. Amy just sat back and watched, enjoying her victory over Mark. After the pain of the initial stretching began to fade, Mark began to enjoy this doggie ass fuck. He started to relax and enjoy the pleasure that Samson's cock was bringing him. He started to push back against Samson's thrusts. He could not believe how good it felt to have a dog fuck his anus like that.

    Samson's knot was now fully swollen and sealed them together. Samson came with a yelp as he emptied his balls into Mark's ass. Mark tried to pull away but he was held tight by the knot in his asshole. Samson's cock was pumping cum like there was no tomorrow; it was running down Mark's legs.

    "You'll have to wait for his knot to shrink back down before you can get free." Amy declared, sitting down next to Mark.

    "How long will that take?"

    "About half an hour."

    "Now I can see why you fuck your dog, that was great!"

    Amy reached over and kissed Mark; this was just the beginning.

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    would love to be mark.

    Dec 13 2009 17:04
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