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A Day at the Zoo

"Up," said my Master, coldly. He was obviously very angry with me. This was never good. He dragged me by the dog collar around my neck from the small closet that passed for my bedroom.

"You will be punished," he continued, "for your behavior last evening." Last evening, I thought, what could I have possibly done to piss him off last evening. "I have never been so embarrassed by a slave of mine, and I will teach you, today, why I will never be embarrassed again." Ouch, he grabbed my nipple and pinched, hard. "You may speak, slave."

"What have I done to displease you, Master," I asked meekly. I was careful to look down as I asked this question. He grabbed my chin roughly and looked into my eyes. "You do not know, slave?" His eyes were dangerous. I wished to hell I knew so I could tell him. With tears in my eyes, I shook my head no.

"Well, slave, last night when my friends were here, I saw you looking at Madame Dominique with LUST." He slapped me in my face as he said this. I opened my mouth as if to answer, but I had not been given permission to speak. He glared at me, grabbed my already sore nipple, and twisted as hard as he could. "Will you deny it, slave?" "Will you look at your Master and lie to his face?" It would be futile to do so, so I shook my head.

He took me to the torture area leading me by my collar, walking quickly. Arms stretched above me head, he attached the manacles to my hands, and then to my feel so I was standing very uncomfortably, chained, naked, and frightened.

"Now, slave, I am going to beat you. I will hit you on your back, and buttocks fifty times, while you count. If before you hit fifty times, you move or cry out, I will start over, and go to one hundred times. If you are unable to be still for one hundred times, I will start over and go to two hundred and fifty times, then five hundred. Do you understand, you naughty little bitch?"

"Yes, Master." I answered. I could handle fifty times, right. Obviously I am a bit masochistic, or I wouldn't be a slave to my sadistic Master. I have been beaten before.

He went straight for the bull whip. I have been beaten before, yes, but not fifty times with a bull whip. One! Two! Three! Four, Thirty-Three... I made it to Forty-Two before He hit me so hard it made me jump. I saw my master smile. "You know that we are going to start over and go to 100 times, right slave?" "Yes, Master." I replied. He then grabbed the thin cane. I have never been able to submit to the thin cane for more than ten times without crying out. He knows this. He knows I will not be able to do this. One! Two! Nine! Thirteen! Forty-seven! Eighty-nine.

By this time I was begging, crying, unable to stand. My Master simply un-manacled my arms, bent me over my punishment bar, and manacled me to it, ass exposed. He took off his own belt. Whap, Whap, Whap, 233 times, until my ass was welted, bruised and bleeding, and I passed out from the pain. When I woke I felt cool ice being rubbed on my bottom. Ah, my Master had forgiven me? No such luck. He grabbed the hard wooden paddle and proceeded to give me 412 spankings. I had not withstood my punishment. Now I was truly frightened.

"Slave, you have embarrassed me, and now you are unable to take simple punishment. However, I am a tolerant master, and I am willing to give you a choice of this last venue of torture. You may choose to take the 1000 hits with various whips, paddles, and toys. I will not be stopping this time. It will be 1000 without a break, and I don't know what that will do to you. Or, slave, you could come to the zoo with me. While we are at the zoo, you WILL do, exactly what I say, or you will return to the house, and resume your punishment, and endure more." He gave me some time to deliberate.

What kind of choice was this. Be beaten 1000 times or go to the damned zoo. I think I will pick the zoo.

"Speak." commanded my Master. "I will go to the zoo, Master, if it pleases you." I answered. "Yes, slave, it pleases me greatly.

He dressed me demurely in a yellow sundress, and saddle shoes. I was not permitted to wear panties, but that did not bother me. When we arrived at the zoo, I was devastated. The zoo was closed for remodeling of some of the exhibits. Oh no, I didn't think I could handle getting beaten 1000 times. My Master looked at me and smiled. "Do not worry, pet, the zoo is open for us. He laughed at the obvious relief on my face. He led me by my collar to some of the various exhibits, when the large man tending to the Bengal tigers called us over.

"Would you like to pet the kitties?" he asked me. I looked at my Master, and He nodded. "Yes, sir." I replied. I felt the soft fur of the huge beast. They really were like huge kitty cats. My Master sprayed something on me. It smelled like piss. I looked at Him questionably. He told me to get down on my hands and knees. When I did not obey quickly, he jerked my collar to pull me closer to him, and he grabbed my nipple, squeezed, and twisted. His friend did the same with the other nipple. I got down on my knees in a hurry.

The male cat was sniffing me. I did not know what was planned for me, and I didn't know why I had to be with these tigers while it happened. Then I felt it. A very, very rough tongue licked my exposed pussy. My Master laughed. A realization was sinking in: I was to be fucked by a tiger??!! My Master laughed again. He knew I had realized what was going on.

The cat licked me again. It felt like the spines of a cactus, but still kind of good, like oral sex with a huge tongue. He continued to lick me until I was good and wet. Then he stopped. I felt something HUGE about to enter my vagina. The tiger was mounting me. Oh my goodness I was going to be fucked by a tiger. Then he entered me.

Ok, I thought, this isn't so bad. Then he pulled himself back out. The tiny little barbs on his cock caught my vaginal walls, and I cried out. But it was too late. He pleasured himself with my tight little pussy. Darting in hard and pulling out slowly, torturously with the tiny spines that were surely shredding my poor little snatch. Then I felt him cum. Torrents and rivers of tiger cum exploded into me. I dropped down and cried on the pavement.

My Master laughed cruelly. "You didn't think that you were going to just have a walk in the park, or zoo, did you?" "No, little slut, this is the punishment you chose." His large friend turned on the hose and sprayed the ice cold water onto my ass, legs and crotch. My Master then led me away from the sated tiger.

I was pulled in the direction of the zebra exhibit. I knew what was coming now. My Master again sprayed me with what must have been female animal piss, and I witnessed the four foot long penis of the zebra jut out of its sheath. "On your knees, bitch." My Master forced me to perform oral sex on a zebra, a fucking zebra, while He and His friend laughed and laughed.

I looked pleadingly at my Master and He said, "This will teach you to embarrass me, slave." He then forced me on to a contraption that would allow me to be penetrated by the zebra, but not be forced to take the four feet that would kill me. I was then treated to fourteen inches of huge zebra cock, while it plunged away. Buckets of cum escaped me. I was broken. Once again I was hosed unmercifully and led away from the satisfied animal.

What now, I wondered. My Master and His friend, was joined by a third man, and together we walked to the jungle exhibit, which featured huge ass gorillas and apes. Here I was introduced to Kioushi, a very large ape resembling King Kong. He stood almost as tall as me. He grabbed my breasts with his black fingers. Wow. He caressed them. He took them into his mouth. MMM... a girl could get to like this. He took one long black finger, and put it into my pussy. Then he licked this finger. I could feel myself getting very wet.

I saw his dick come out. 12 inches, doable. He slapped my on my sore ass as he pounded me again and again, not unlike a man. This was surely the best sex I had ever had. I did not realize that I had moaned with pleasure, and my Master did not look happy. This was supposed to be a punishment. After the ape came, shooting hot spurts of cum over my pussy and ass, my Master led me away from him by my nipples, squeezing them. "You enjoyed that slave?"

He slapped my breasts. He took something from His pocket. "I was hoping to not have to do this," He said. He placed the instrument on my left breast. Punch.

I was pierced by a medium size gold hoop. How painful. This was repeated on my right breast. Oh god. "Lay down on the ground, slave, and open your legs." He pierced my damned clit, and both labia. All with the same medium size gold hoop. He then took a thin chain and attached all five hoops together, and started leading me by that. I have never felt anything more painful in my life. I followed him.

Elephants. How on earth was I going to fuck an elephant. This elephant's cock was eight inches around. I was not able to do this. "Master, I can't do this." "You defy me, slave?" "I am very sorry, Sir, but...." He yanked on the chain. I thought the hoops would all fall out, but they just hurt like hell. "Very well, slave." "We will return to the house to finish your punishment, but so help me God, you will rue the day that you did not obey me."

We returned to the house in silence. He pulled me none too gently into the house by my new chain, and pulled me into a new torture area, one we had never used before. He undid the chain. He bent me over what looked like a construction sawhorse. He chained me tightly to it.

He threaded a chain only thought the hoops on my nipples, and threaded it through a large hoop suspended from the ceiling. He repeated it with the hoops in my lower regions. Then He added a 3 pound weight to it. It felt like my nipples would be ripped off. My poor clit too. My Master bent down and said in my ear, "It behooves you not to move, as something might be ripped off." Then He beat me. No mercy, no counting, just rage. Cold fury. Then He stopped. Then He left the room.

An hour later, He returned. He added two more pounds to the weights, causing a fresh batch of pain. I heard a dog barking. My Master applied peanut butter to my pussy, and a large Doberman was happily licking it off. This was not exactly unpleasant, but it was suspicious. Once I was good and damp, the dog felt it was time to mate. My Master held him in once he entered. This was not bad, until I felt the balloon expand in my pussy.

My Master waited until the dog was stuck by his huge knot, and let the dog go. The dog came again and again, but we were coupled by this knot, and we had to wait for it to subside. With a loud plop, the knot finally escaped my vagina. I had been stretched beyond all, I thought, until my Master led in the next dog, a German Sheppard.

My Master once again held the dog until we were knotted, then let him to. My Master also set the chain suspended above me swinging, with each swing the pain in my nipples and clit and labia, grew. My Master laughed and laughed. He was still pissed at me. The punishment lasted all night. Dog after Dog. Husky, Rotweiler, Great Dane, New Foundland, Mastiff. I was spent. I was left there chained, two more weights added, to sleep it off. Dried doggie cum and my own blood on my legs. I drifted off from exhaustion.

Precisely four hours later. I awoke while my Master sponging my legs. I could only imagine what would happen next. Behind me a contraption similar to the one we used with the zebra was placed. Then He led in the pony. The gentle pony slid in my lubricated pussy about 16 inches and wasn't all that unpleasant, although I was still in pain from the abuse yesterday.

As a huge amount of horse cum filled me, I felt a new sensation. My Master had had made an ice penis, that is a large penis made of ice. He fucked me with it, it was painful and cold. He left it in me until he was satisfied by my shivers. Then He brought out the stallion. This was no gentle pony. This stallion meant business. I was treated to harsh stallion loving penetrating me a full 18 inches until I could feel him against my uterus. Oh God.

The stallion was not satisfied with just one coupling. He fucked me over and over until he just neighed with pleasure. My Master still was not convinced of my remorse. He cleaned me up and placed a metal pole inside me. What the hell? I knew as I felt it warm up. It was a curling iron. Plugged in. Hotter and hotter it got until I could hear myself start to sizzle. My Master yanked it out and shoved a thin cactus up my pussy. He made it go in and out and in and out, its barbs causing me to bleed and bleed.

I whimpered, and begged, and sobbed, and pleaded to my Master. I promised, and pledged. "I'll never do it again, Master. I'll always obey you, Master...." He seemed satisfied at last. He allowed me to take a long luxurious bubble bath. I ate a wonderful meal. He caressed my breasts lovingly. "Slave, I am very sorry for the extent I had to go to break you. I simply cannot have a slave that does not obey. You will not look at Madam Dominique again. You will always do what I tell you to do. Is that correct, slave?"

"Yes Master." I answered.

"Then come with Me," He led me to the new chamber again. What I saw there was not what I was expecting. It was a fully erect male elephant. Six inches in diameter of cock winking at me. "You will fuck this elephant. You don't have a choice. On your knees, whore."

I obeyed my Master.

Author: Rhiannon

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