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    You searched for dogrape. We've found 17 stories. You can also try advanced search for more accurate results.
    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    A woman is raped by her pet dog and finds that she likes it better than sex with a man...

    Comments: 30 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, teens, 1st, dogrape.
    Coming home for summer vacation from the catholic school nearby, I never expected to end up getting raped by the neighbor's dogs.

    Comments: 7 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, celebs, dogrape, violent, voyeur, oral, anal, masturbation.
    The story of Dark Angel is sent on a sabbatical trip to regain her focus in her role as max the main character in the show. On an isolated ranch instead she becomes the focus of the dark angels.

    Comments: 1 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, fantasy, romantic, teens, dogrape, lesbians.
    A young college coed get's a strange phone call from her Fairy Godmother and after that, things really get strange! You know the old saying, 'Be careful what you wish for?' that's the underlying theme... As if you couldn't tell!

    Comments: 5 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, hetero sex, lesbians, dogrape.
    A man buys his wife a dog to keep her company while he is away from home on business. The wife doesn't want the dog, but the dog has a different opinion and forces the wife to change her mind.

    Comments: 6 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    Without warning Horse jumped at her, bowling her over. A small scream escaped her lips as she went over backwards, legs and arms flailing the air. As she hit the floor she immediately rolled over onto her hands and knees prepared to jump up and bolt for the door as her instincts for flight took over...

    Comments: 5 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape, celebs.
    Celebrities having sex with animals - is favorite subject for Luke Ozvik. Here is another celebs/dogs story for your entertainment.

    Comments: 0 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    This is an account of what my neighbor gave me for my 32nd birthday.

    Comments: 20 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape, gangbang.
    18 years old girl raped by dog, then gangbanged by her friends.

    Comments: 2 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    A true story of a woman who was raped by a dog?

    Comments: 1 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    Girl got raped by 5 large dobermans.

    Comments: 5 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    You'd be surprised how many women and their dogs have sex. My Sam is a great lover. The story that I am about to relate really happened to me in last summer. I lie to you not...

    Comments: 5 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape, voyeur, bondage.
    A story about a wife having sex with her husband, and suddenly the family pet is introduced in a rape situation. The end-result is that the Mrs. has multiple orgasms and enjoys the sex after all.

    Comments: 0 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: dogsex, dogrape.
    You know all those stupid Internet stories floating around about how women like having sex with a dog and they have great orgasms and end up not only fucking them but sucking their dicks? What absolute bullshit! This is a more realistic story.

    Comments: 3 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape.
    A woman just finished jogging, decides to cut through a wooded area as a shortcut back to her camper. She comes upon a camp where no one was there except a chocolate lab that was on a chain. She kneels down to give it a friendly pat only to be attached and sexually abused by the animal.

    Comments: 2 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, rape, dogrape, bi, lesbians.
    A couple's sexual adventures on holiday in the USA. There, they're raped by 3 guys on horseback and 2 dogs.

    Comments: 0 | Read Full Story =>

    Story's fetishes: bestiality, dogrape, lesbians.
    This event was a mistake, you might even call it an accident. But since this event, I have had a few more encounters with farm animals and my girl friends and I are still having a great time together on the farm.

    Comments: 2 | Read Full Story => proudly presents premium bestiality sites

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