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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, sci-fi.

    The idea had been rumbling around in my mind for quite a long time. I mean what does he have that I don't? Everywhere I go the gals just love him and they pay little attention to me. I admit Max is a very well hung and a handsome hunk but he is just what he is - he is my dog! A St. Bernard/German Shepherd cross he is pretty to look at, and his eyes are bright and intelligent - I guess the girls are not threatened by him, and can respond to him in ways they would not dare with a stranger - especially a man.

    Thinking about Max, and other things I began my early morning drive to the 'Institute of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics Research' a senior 'fellow' I was in a rush to finish an abstract on my project involving HGHAF (human gnome header activation factor). I had spent the last seven years deciphering human and animal DNA, and trying to establish a link to a possible common gnome activation based on the 'central dogma' of molecular genetics.

    "Good morning Don", said Pal my voice recognition compliant computer I now used to run most of the labs functions. "Bd5ch" said Pal "Bxe5" I replied, "poor move" said Pal "I can respond with Qxg7ch! and you will need to resign the game." I mused for a moment, "Pal", I said I have lost interest in chess right now - how did the centies go on the M5 run?" "Very well Don said Pal, but I would start on the sol-gels as soon as you can to get the results." I just wonder I thought to myself as I looked at the plastic cage of white mice - theoretically I could transform one of those into a reptile, perhaps a frog with just an injection. The day wore on, and by late evening I was really weary, so I decided to relax in my chair for a bit - the hum of the centrifuge seemed very soothing indeed as my mind wandered. I could see the output of the DNA sequencing machine in front of my desk ATCGATCGAATAAGA.....What would it be like I thought...maybe I will take a chance next week with a small dose of the K9 serum...just to check it for compatibility?

    Woosh...I heard the rush of the sea breeze through the open windows as I walked around the wooden floor of my beach house on that beautiful Saturday morning. Nice day I thought, cool but sunny - perfect weather for hunting. That morning, six weeks after I took the first injection of my experimental recombinant DNA, I was hungry. I stuck my head in the bag of dry dog food and gratefully chomped the remains inside.

    I thought with full human awareness "need to find a mistress soon willing to take me in or Ill starve to death here!" I checked again, my note to her was still on the table, but anyway who would believe it? Unable to reach the window to peer out - I padded up to the front door and pushed through the newly installed pet door - Ouch! I grimaced, should have sprung for the big size for X-tra-large dogs!

    I headed for the beach. After checking out a few prospects sunbathing I heard a loud but sweet whisper that did zephyr into my large triangular ears making them go fully erect..."come here puppy...come on boy." I spun around and looked right at her and smiled, my pink doggy tongue wagging now - "she will do just fine!" I whined. I wondered what my chances were, I read somewhere that perhaps one out of ten women have had a fantasy at some time in their lives of being with an animal. She called to ME I thought - that seemed to weigh more heavily in my favor! I glided toward her then stopped and sat quietly at her side smacking my jowls to prevent her from seeing the drool run from the tip of my tongue. She was wearing a red string bikini that complemented her hair and she appeared to be next to naked so I thought I would help her a bit - he he. "Nice puppy... nice boy" she cooed, "don't call me puppy" I whined. If she wants a puppy I will role play for her - I grasped the loose strings of her top and began playfully tugging. "Stop that she said" somewhat amused "you will tear my top!" With a strong pull I jerked her top from under her and began prancing around - just out of reach. Blushing and looking around to see if anyone noticed she cried softly "come on boy come on beautiful boy, bring it to me...please." That's more like it, I thought, so I pranced up and sat down in front of her face with her suit top flapping, like a flag in the stiff breeze, from my muzzle. Looking quickly from side to side she snatched her suit from my mouth and raised up to protect her modesty and I liked what I saw. "Bad dog!" she scolded "very bad boy."

    "You got that right" I whined with delight. Sitting on my haunches in the uneven sand I had not noticed the tip of my cock had slipped three inches out of my sheath, a drop of pre-cum glistened in the groove of its pink tip. When I noticed she was staring - I lowered my head and licked my cock to send it back where it belonged as she continued to stare, mouth wide open, at my maleness.

    "Where is your owner dog?" she sad sternly - "you know animal control comes around here and they pick up strays like you, can't you read?" "The sign on the beach says no dogs allowed" she continued, "well I've had too much sun, on my sensitive skin, so I'm going home." Quickly she snatched up her belongings and turned to walk away. I turned my head to the side and gave my most pitiful whine and stared at her. I knew she would look back..."well OK", she said tossing her red hair, "I guess since you are not supposed to be here I'll take you home with me, then I'll call the newspaper and put in an ad so your owner can claim you - but I'll call as soon as we get home." She used "we" instead of "I", that's a very good sign I thought, maybe I am making progress - I smacked my jowls again in obvious delight. Heeling close to her, my brushy neck fur brushing her thighs as she walked, I followed her to her van.

    She opened windows to let out the afternoon heat then motioned for me to jump in the back with all her surfboards and stuff - just what I always wanted - a surfer girl I thought. After a short drive to her house I followed her inside and sat down while she was on the phone. I didn't smell any cigarette smoke, or see any ashtrays, or notice any male scent in the house - no men around I summarized.

    I sat quietly and watched her. "Busy, busy, busy", she said as she slammed down the phone. "Ill just have to try a little later, are you hungry big boy?" she said sweetly. "I am always hungry" I whined as I shuffled toward her. "Don't have a dog, or any dog food, but I have some leftover meat loaf and some biscuits hope it's not too spicy for yah." She put the food in the bowel and as I wolfed it down gratefully she said, "while you eat I am going to take a shower." I heard the water running as she showered and I padded my way to the bathroom - the door was open.

    Looking in I could see her body through the translucent shower curtain, I just sat there watching her. I suddenly heard the swish of the curtain as she pulled it open and stepped out, not noticing me lurking in the early evening shadows - she dried herself then as she folded her towel and bent over to cover the toilet seat, I glided in and in one smooth powerful leap I grabbed her from behind! My loins contracting in smooth, fast, rhythmic strokes I jabbed at her with my shaft. I gripped her sides as hard as I could, but she was strong for a woman and I couldn't quite reach her. "Down boy," she shouted as she broke my grip - then I noticed a red scratch on her side as I sat back down showing my obedience. She scolded me, donned a robe, and then shooed me out the door and slammed it closed - I sulked into the living room where the TV was on and lay down with a deep sigh. After a time she came into the room saying "if you are going to stay in my house, and not behave yourself, then I am going to have to do something about those nails!" "Lie down" she commanded since I was already lying down, I rolled onto my back with my paws bent at the joint in the classic poise of canine submission.

    I watched as she opened a black tray like box with all manner of instruments inside - is she just going to do my nails or is she going to dissect me I thought? She took my paw in her hands and began to stroke it gently then squeeze my pads - "oh how so very hot your paws are, don't worry I am a beautician and I know what I am doing" she said. After clipping each nail, careful not to cut into the quick, she produced a file and began filing my claws smooth. Her technique was excellent and I really didn't mind - anyway it would be hard for me to do it myself. After she did my front paws she swung around and kneeling over my tail began working my back ones - "might as well do them all" she said sharply "with you around its better to be safe than sorry." Placing her various tools on my belly as she worked, I became aroused again and this time I couldn't hide it. As she finished she said smiling "looks like something else needs to be taken care of around the house."

    She gradually walked her fingers along my belly, stroking my nipples then she pressed gently on the hairless patch just in front of my sheath, massaging it gently. Now my rapidly growing pink shaft brushed the back of her hand. She took the tip of my dick in her hand and as she stroked it and my shaft, the knot still in my sheath, she positioned herself in front of me with my muzzle between her knees. I began to lap her pussy. "Oh!" she moaned, "your nose is cold, good boy - that's a good boy!" While working her cunt with my nose and tongue I came suddenly, shooting three feet, I sprayed her bust through the gap in her robe! "Messy boy" she teased, then she bent forward taking me in her mouth almost to the knot - the feeling was electric. I came again and again for several minutes, jism ran from her mouth just at first, later she danced her tongue over my pink throbbing shaft again and again until I was drained.

    She was really hot now, and threw her robe on the coffee table and crawled on top of it - she wanted me to mount her! I knew I could not give her a good performance now, so I started licking her again till she came very hard - I could feel as well as sense her pleasure, and I knew we would have more good times to come. She cuddled me on the carpet and I was soon asleep.

    I awoke early to the sound of a dog barking nearby, noisy neighbor I mused with chagrin, my mistress was gone. Following her scent to the bedroom I approached her waterbed and rested my muzzle on the padded vinyl sides - she was sound asleep so I patiently waited. When she awoke I seized my opportunity and crept halfway on the bed, my knot already the size of a plumb inside my sheath, I began licking her neck then under her arms frantically. "Oh ooooh that tickles", she whispered still half asleep, "what a nice way to wake up" she continued. She threw the sheets aside, and I continued my tonguing gradually over her breasts her nipples then her tummy and finally her crotch. I jumped up on the bed, finding it difficult to stand up I plopped down between her legs for better access to her pussy. She moaned with obvious delight as I licked and my cold nose worked her clit. After a time she was too sensitive and said, while pushing my head to one side, "I see you're ready to pick up where we left off last night!" She arose and went, still naked, to the bathroom and I went to the living room and waited. She soon came in carrying a large pillow and after she got down I glided up and mounted her from behind, without hesitation I thrust all the way in a few times then I dismounted and circled around her - I was just warming up. "You're not done already boy?" she pleaded. Ready now, I mounted again and thrusting very fast and in as deep as I could go I was afraid I couldn't get my knot inside far enough to tie her. She was very vocal now and said something about being too full as I slapped in and out of her as my knot rapidly expanded I was going to ...suddenly I sensed a bright white florescent glow. Then I heard a man's voice!

    "Good morning Don," said Pal, "Would you like to play a game?"

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