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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, 1st.

    Part I

    I was sixteen when I first considered the idea of fooling around with an animal. My parents allowed me to earn some spending money by babysitting. A neighbor's Labrador first stirred my interest.

    It was common for me to baby-sit kids who had to be in bed by seven or eight o'clock. Then, I watched TV, did homework or read until their parents got home. At that age, my friends and I loved clothes, and because I have this generally curious nature, I also checked out what kind of lingerie the mom had. It's pretty interesting what one finds in lingerie drawers. Maybe I will tell you about it sometime.

    My experience with animals started very unexpectedly and my curiosity built over a period of time. The first thing I can recall was that like most dogs, Barclay, loved to shove his nose in my crotch as he did most women. I remember seeing him doing it to Mrs. Reese [not her real name] several times. He did it to me it seemed every time I would come over to baby-sit or visit.

    From that point, the next thing I remember were the times I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Barclay's inquisitive nose. That is, I used to sit with my legs folded - they used to call it "Indian style" - to hold my books. And, I just found that position comfortable. Barclay would either try to bury his nose in the crotch of my panties or I woke up several times to find him eagerly licking me. I of course was a bit embarrassed when he would do this. Barclay loved attention and other times laid his head in my lap as I petted him for hours.

    I babysat the Reese's children and put up with Barclay's antics for several years. Then one night when I was almost seventeen I found myself a bit horny just prior to my period. I had never had sex. The kissing and stuff I had done with my boyfriends had only gotten me a bit excited. Tonight, my pussy was driving me crazy. I had learned from reading, and a girlfriend, about masturbating and had come to quite enjoy it. I started having periods when I was fourteen. Call me a late bloomer, but my breasts had started growing a year or so prior to this. Enough said.

    So, I was horny and even though the kids I was babysitting were in bed I went to the bathroom to masturbate. I loved to rub myself through my favorite panties until I orgasmed at least once. My panties were typically quite wet. My juices were thicker than what my girlfriends described theirs. So, I had no problem enjoying the warmth of my juices that collected in the crotch of my panties. These were the juices that worked their way through, and coated my fingers. I loved feeling this wetness in my panties. I came to find it quite erotic to wear my wet panties. I didn't understand why some girls felt so compelled to clean up so quickly. Also, my juices did not seem to be as fragrant as others must be. I was lucky in this way, given I loved being wet. That too is another subject of interest for some other time.

    Tonight, I returned to the couch and Barclay would not leave me alone. He kept putting his paws up on me and licking my face. I had seen is penis start to protrude many times before, but tonight it was poking out several inches. I felt somewhat sorry for him because I knew he was probably like this because of me. I was still a bit horny and maybe that's what prompted me to touch and stroke him. I had only "by mistake" brushed a boyfriend or two's hard on through their jeans. So, I got down on the floor with Barclay and reached under him. I pushed his head away to avoid his persistent licking. I grabbed hold of his penis. It was very warm and slightly wet. I began to softly stroke my hand up and down his long shaft. It was pointed. Unlike the pictures I had seen of a man's penis. He enjoyed my attention and began to hump in motion with my hand. Clear fluid seeped out of the end for a long time. I stroked him, squeezing his growing shaft from time to time. This seemed like more than twenty minutes. I was fascinated by how erotic this was. I was thoroughly lost in just watching his penis slide through my hand. Then, for the first time I saw his knot grow at the base of his shaft. His penis seemed to grow slightly larger too. His shaft was now at least as wide as a roll of half-dollars! And his knot grew to the size of a granny smith baking apple. All this time he was seeping somewhat clear, slimy fluid. He then started to buck and hump more intently. And, all of a sudden he began to cum. He became rock hard and almost stopped his humping. Almost a quarter cup of milky white semen jetted out of his quivering pinkness. As soon as this stopped flowing, Barclay looked at me and pulled away. He curled up on the floor not more than two feet away and started licking himself. I of course, went to get some paper towels to clean up the hardwood floor and my hands.

    It was erotic! Watching his large, firm penis sliding in my hand. His fluids lubricating my fingers and feeling so warm. I think because I was so fascinated I had not noticed how horny my pussy felt. It was engorged and wet, pulsating. I could feel that my swollen pussy lips and see them pushing at my panties. I also felt little twitches inside me. I knew these to be my pussy muscles pushing my juices out from inside me.

    That evening I thought about learning to give a blowjob. I had heard others describe how, but had never wanted to before. And I do have to admit, I did think about what it might be like to have Barclay teach me what it would feel like to have a penis inside me.

    I found that I was not in the least ashamed of these thoughts. In fact, they kept me horny for quite awhile.

    Part II

    The last couple times I babysat the Reese's kids I could not wait for them to head off to bed. That was when Barclay, their Labrador, and I could play around. A month or so ago I was curious (and horny) enough to get myself to touch Barclay. And so I have been masturbating him at least three times a month.

    I told you once that unlike many other women, I love it when my panties are wet. This had given me another avenue to further this enjoyment. The last two times I masturbated Barclay I had taken off my panties. I folded them over so that only the cotton crotch was exposed. And, as I masturbated Barclay's huge penis I let his juices drip onto them. I also learned that if I wrapped my panties somewhat in paper towels I could further keep the rest of the panty from getting all wet. The paper towels also helped soak up a bit of his extra moisture and concentrate this where I wanted it most.

    I quickly found that my interest lay more in collecting his semen rather than all the pre-cum. This was far stickier, though it seemed to dry up faster. However, it seemed to return to its' slippery state if my juices helped add back the moisture it needed. I loved how my panties would slide and coat my pussy lips. And, with the right pair of panties, I could even feel them slide over my mounds when I walked or moved.

    Tonight I had worn a short skirt and tight sweatshirt along with a pair of my favorite floral embroidered panties. The children were in bed and I called Barclay over by the couch. I knew that one of these days I wanted to learn what it was like to give a blowjob - and Barclay would be the lucky dog. But I could not get myself to do that just yet. So, I reached under his furry belly and found is warm, soft sheath. I began to stroke him. He stood still and it was obvious he enjoyed this... as the pink tip of his penis started to pop in and out. I could feel his maleness swelling and growing thicker. I stroked him firmly in long slow strokes. I did this until he was fairly extended and there was enough pre-cum to coat my hand. His hips joining in with a humping motion from time to time. Then, I would hold his bare shaft in my slippery hand and pump my fingers up and down this very hard, wet and very warm shaft. The pre-cum catching in my hand and keeping my fingers slick.

    It was then that as he was about to cum I would grab my panties in my other hand and catch his seed in the soft cotton of my panty's crotch. There, I could feel it later. It's warmth and wetness keeping me wet and happy. If I did not sleep in these panties that night, I learned to save them in a zip lock baggy to keep them moist to wear the next day. They would be cold yet so exciting sliding them on after my morning shower. Their wetness reminding me of our play the night before.

    But tonight I was going to try something a bit different. I had worn the sweatshirt because I was going to let Barclay mount me. I wanted him to ride me and feel like he was breeding me. However, I was not going to let him enter me. I was going to lower my panties just enough to slide him into them and not me.

    So, as I felt him growing in my hand, I unzipped my skirt and tossed it on the couch. I then pulled down my panties just below my buttocks and got on the floor. Barclay needed a little educational assistance. I was on my hands and knees. I leaned over and reached through my legs and grabbed his penis. It was still mostly still ensheathed. I tugged on it coaxingly and slid my one leg under him. He had no where to go except to either pull away or mount me. Well I guess instincts are pretty good in animals and I found he was a bit heavier than I had thought. He weighed my down but I was still able to keep hold of his penis. I began to stroke him.

    It was not too long before he seemed to have no problem with the idea and started to hump at me and grow. As he grew and extended I rubbed his pre-cum into the crotch of my panties. And then I was able to hold his shaft in my panties as he continued to hump me on his own. It was a wonderful feeling as I felt his knot grow and push against me and feel the upper side of his shaft sliding along my crotch. But it was orgasmic to feel his penis quiver against my sensitive pussy lips as he came in my panty covered hand. I could feel each and every constriction of his muscles as he ejaculated into my panties. Oh, how I almost tried to slide him into me. But I was not mentally ready for that. I did have a small orgasm as I felt these ejaculator spasms so intensified against my labials. Oh, when you ever have a chance to feel these you will know why this curiosity had no remorse. His penis thrusted into my panties and hand, his knot rubbing my thighs and every pulse of his ejaculation was being amplified by the sensitivity of my labials and clitoris. My juices being squeezed out of me by the contractions of my quivering muscles. Mixing with his and helping him slide along my wet fur.

    His ejaculation soaking the cotton crotch of my panties and leaving me humping my hips to his motions. Ooh to feel the pressure of his cum even through my panties was so erotic. Like a small jet of high pressure. Several times I felt his seed deposited in my panties. Oh, what that must, I hope, feel like inside oneself I thought! There was definitely something exciting about the thought of being bred, and filled with semen.

    Once Barclay had cum he dismounted me and found interest only in himself. Is this a typical male thing? I of course was off to the bathroom to finish what Barclay had...uhmmm maybe it was I, this time... that started things.

    I pulled down the panties and sitting back rubbed the drippings of his pre-cum over my mounds. I was slippery and very engorged. I went straight for my clitoris and had an orgasm that rocked my body within seconds! My whole body shook as my hips uncontrollably quivered my legs shook and my whole body was flooded with several waves of pleasure. It was the most intense and rewarding orgasm I had ever experienced. I was filled for over an hour after that with an intense warmth and afterglow.

    That night I slept like a baby. And I smiled all the next day...especially when I walked or moved.

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    I wish it was me

    Aug 27 2006 07:08
    very good made me hot ,, finished with the story???

    Jan 8 2007 14:19
    very hot made me cum any more????

    Mar 12 2008 10:28
    Nice and very exciting story, well done !

    Dec 5 2009 15:18
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