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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Alice kicked the front door shut with her foot, and dumped the armload of files on the bar that divided the kitchen from the living room. The large black retriever came running down the hall toward her. "Has my baby been waiting for me," she said, like he understood every word. The large animal raised up on his hind legs, and his paws landing on her breast. She staggered backward from the force of the dog's body on hers. "Get down boy, you know better than that." The dog dropped down on all fours, looking up at his master with his tail wagging. "After I feed you, I have to get to work on these damn files for tomorrow." She had bought the dog as a puppy after her divorce, and the animal had helped her through some bad times. Often she would set, and tell him her problems just like a person; like he understood everything she said.

    After she had fed Duke and herself, she set in her favorite chair with the folders next to her and with Duke at her feet. She slipped on her reading glasses, and opened up the first folder. Alice had lost track of time, and her tired eyes told her she had been at it to long. She had taken the glasses from her nose when she looked down at the dark animal. She curiously watched the dog's massive large red cock slip from its sheath. The dog leaned around, his long tongue licked along the large shaft. The sight of the dog's cock sent a wave of juices to her womanhood. She realized how sexy the blood red cock looked, and wondered what it would feel like inside her.

    "My gawd, here I'm thinking about a dog's long has it been since I've had a man," she whispered to herself. She dropped her head in her hands, feeling ashamed of having such thoughts. "I can't even remember the last time I had sex."

    Alice rose to her feet, and she made her way to the bathroom where she stripped naked, and turned on the bath water. She stood in the front of the mirror looking at her body, inspecting her breast, her flat stomach and the sparse red hair that did little to cover the fold of her pussy. She brought her hands to her breast, "Well, they don't sag after all these years, and the men she had been to bed with loved her thick nipples. "Damn Alice, stop doing this to yourself, you don't have man, so why torture yourself."

    After she took her bath, and washed her hair she laid naked across the bed. It felt good to be out of the panty hose, and out of the high heels she wore each day at work. Alice closed her eyes, and never realized when she drifted off to sleep with her legs open, and her pussy exposed.

    Alice never felt the weight of the dog on the bed. The large animal sniffed along his master until he reached her womanhood. The dog's long rough tongue, slipped out, and licked from the crack of her ass to her clit. Alice's eyes flashed open as the sudden rush of pleasure raced through her body. The large black animal stood between her legs, his cold wet nose pushed against the fold of her pussy. The hot rough tongue slipped deep into her hot wetness, and the sudden rush of pleasure almost took her breath away.

    In a panic, she tried to force the dog's head from between her thighs, but the persistent animal lapped her pussy faster and harder and each lap of his rough tongue penetrating the depth of her womanhood. Each lick sent intense pleasure throughout her body, and every lick of his rough tongue on her clit almost sent her over the edge.

    Alice no longer had the strength to push the animal away; her body started to respond to the animal's stimulation. She cupped her own breast, and gently squeezed. A soft moaned escaped her lips. Her body now on fire, and her pussy soaked from her own juices, she no longer cared who gave her pleasure. Alice's body twisted, and turned from the intense please of the dogs wet nose, and his long red tongue.

    When the dogs tongue slipped from her pussy, to probe her asshole, it sent her over the edge. "Oh my gawd I'm cumin'." She screamed out the words in the passionate filled voice, not caring who heard her. Her body trembling from the climax that raced through every fiber of her body.

    Alice rolled away from the dog, closing her thighs. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would bust open her chest. She gasped for air, trying to take back control of her body.

    When she woke up the next morning, Duke laid at her feet. After taking her bath, she took him out for walk before heading off to work. The women she worked with noticed a new change in Alice, and complimented of the happiness on her face. They questioned her, trying to find out what had changed in her life, but all she would tell them, she had gotten a good nights rest.

    Alice set at her desk, typing out a letter on the computer. The incredible feeling of the dog's hot rough tongue deep inside her kept filling her thoughts. The dampness between her legs sent a wave of guilt through her. She looked around; hoping no one could tell what had been on her mind, and she did not blurt something out without knowning.

    When she got off work, she went straight home. The obedient Duke met Alice at the door with his tail wagging, and his long red-hot tongue slipping out to lick her hand. She patted the dog on the head; "Did you miss me?" Alice leaned over, kissing the dog on top of the head. "Come on, I'll fix you something to eat." After taking care of the dog, she took her bath, and lay naked on the bed like the night before. A sly smile crossed her face as the dog jumped on the bed to lay next to her. "Good boy." Alice rubbed the flat part of her hand down his shinny back coat.

    The dog's red cock slipped from its sheath. She closely examined the thickness, the length, and the pointed red head. She had the strong urge to wrap her hand around the massive shaft like she would a man lying next to her. The fear of the unknown and the fear of the dog's reaction kept her from reaching out to take it in her hand.

    "Poor baby, didn't get taken care of last night," Alice spoke, and taking a chance, she reached down encircling her hand around the red veined cock. The touch of its stickiness, and its massive size sent a thrill through her. The dog whimpered, and then leaned froward to run his rough tongue across the top of her hand. The thought of how too satisfying the dog kept running through her mind. The thought of his huge cock in her pussy scared her. She had never had something so big inside her.

    "How do you fuck a dog," Alice laughed. She had never seen or heard of such things, and had no idea how to go about it. The thought of being fucked by the dog stimulated her, and the juices in her pussy started to mount. She wanted to give her friend the same pleasure he had gave her the night before.

    Alice grabbed a pillow from the bed, placing it under her ass. The towel she used from her bath, she placed over the pillow not knowing what mess would be made. She pulled the large dog toward her, so he stood between her spread legs. Alice could not believe what she was about to do. Sure, deep inside her she had desires to do wild things, but they had only been fantasies, and she would have never acted on them. Yet here she lay with the dog between her legs, and his massive cock only inches from her womanhood.

    The dog leaned down, licking the soft mounds of her breast. His rough tongue ran across her sensitive nipples, causing a moan to escape her lips. The fire started to stir deep inside her, sending another rush of juices to her pussy. The hunger to have him inside her mounted and the desire to feel his large red veined cock stretching her pussy consumed her every thought.

    Duke lunged forward with the red tip pushing into the fold of her womanhood. The sudden move took Alice by surprise, and the penetration of the head into her wetness almost took her breath away. Her body tensed from the unexpected heat from his cock as it slipped deeper into her hole. The sudden fear of how she could control the large animal flashed through her thoughts. The dog thrust his powerful hips, driving his cock deeper into her.

    "Oh my gawd," Alice gasped, not having time to adjust to its massive width. The dog started thrusting with a speed she could not even put into words. Her pussy opened up to the pounding shaft as it sunk deeper. The intense heat, the size of the shaft , sent a thrill through her like she had never known. She found herself into a world of lust, and enjoyment. The thought of the taboo of being fucked by an animal excited her beyond her wildest dreams.

    Alice held on to the animal, never wanting to let go. The slowly seeping cum from the dog's cum increased the heat in the depths of her pussy. "Yes, yes...fuck me Duke, I want it all baby." No longer in control of her emotions, she screamed out the words, not caring who heard her. She had never felt such pleasure, and no man could match the dog's cock deep inside her. The dog's hard thrust shook the very being of her body, and wave after wave of climaxes brought her close to losing conscious.

    The sudden swelling of the dog's large knot caused an intense pain as it drove past her pussy lips. Alice's eyes flashed open wide. The dog's large cock lodged deep inside her, and the dog pulled back for one more thrust, pulling body with him.

    "Oh shit," screamed out Alice in fear. She held tight to the dog to keep him from moving. The dogs hot cum seeped from his cock, filling the inside of her pussy. Some of the thin cum seeped around the knot, out her pussy to trickle and down the crack of her ass.

    Even though the knot hurt, there was something exciting and enjoyable about it being inside her, and her pussy filled with the dog's cum excited her more. Something about the beast's cum mixed with hers gave her a feeling she could not explain.

    How long would she be hung up with the large animal. Alice had lost track of time when the dog tugged on his cock, and the knot dislodged, sending a wave of pain through her. Her pussy sore, her body exhausted, the dog lay next to her, and both drifted off to sleep. She knew this would be only the beginning of what her and Duke would enjoy as lovers. If a man did ever come into her life, he would have to understand the desire she felt for her friend Duke.

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    what a better friend she would have, i would understand,, very good story thanks you

    Oct 15 2006 22:11
    I loved your story and enjoyed reading it more than once.
    Keep up the great work please

    Oct 16 2006 00:50
    Nicely written ... for a male.

    May 31 2009 20:03
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