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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Yes I know this is sick. Looking back, I don't know why I first did it. I guess I was very horny at the time, hadn't had a man for over a year back then.

    Well, it started out with me giving the dog a bath. I noticed his long, pink, cock of his standing out as I bathed his chest and abdomen. After a while, I got bolder and took his cock into my hands and gently stroke it. The dog didn't object, in fact he seemed to like it. He stepped out of the tub and sat in front of me so I could get a better grip. I gently stroked his pink pud up and down. After a lot of thought, I lowered my face to his 11" rod. I pretended that it was a guy's dick except thinner. I gently sucked his throbbing rod in and out of my mouth.

    That was beginning to get me hot so I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts and began rubbing the crotch of my panties as I sucked him faster. I took my head away from the dogs prick after I felt the wetness of my crotch soaking through my panties.

    I lay back on the floor and pull my knees up to pull my panties off. As I tossed them to the floor a few feet away, the dog came up and started sniffing at my muff. His nose tickled my erect clit and he seemed to like what he smelled.

    I spread my legs apart to see if he would lick me. He backed away at first, then sniffed some more, then finally began to lap at the folds of my pussy. I reached down with one hand and spread my pussy lips for him so he could really dig in. With my free hand, I gently pinched and squeezed my rock hard nipples.

    I began to moan as the dog continued to lap at my hot hole. He brought me to climax as I moaned with pleasure. It didn't take long because his tongue was rougher than a human's which added a lot of extra stimulation.

    I stood up to get dressed and as I did, the dog jumped up and put his paws on my waist and began to hump my leg. I took this as a sign that he wasn't through with me yet.

    I figured I had gone this far, I might as well let him fuck me. I had never had such a large cock before, but I figured since it was thinner that a guys, it wouldn't hurt too bad. I felt that since the dog got me off, it was only fair to let him get off as well.

    So with that I said to him, "Well stud, I'm your bitch now! Better fuck me good!"

    I reached down and took his hard shaft in my hands and stroked it a little. He started to move his hips and basically fuck my hand. I got down on my hands and knees and called him over.

    He didn't need anymore help. He climbed on top of me and wrapped his front paws around my waist and started pumping. I reached back with one hand and spread my cunt wide. With the other hand I guided his long cock into my burning bush. As soon as he was in I came again. It was fantastic. I had never had an orgasm like that in my life!

    He pumped his rod deeper and deeper into me until I could feel his rod deep within me. He seemed like he couldn't get enough! I came twice more before he stopped.

    What a surprise, I didn't know at that time that we'd be hooked together for another half hour.

    Now I know better, but I still let him get his knot in me, it feels better that way, and I don't mind the wait afterward so much.

      | Author: Linda Gray | Comments: 8 | Print Page | Send to Friends

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    Sick? How is this sick?

    May 29 2007 09:21
    I still do not find this sick. Sexy maybe, but not sick! Please explain to me just why you "know this is sick."

    Jun 7 2007 10:47
    i liked your story, good hot and horny. thank's

    Dec 21 2009 00:59
    Yeah it is sick. However it is a GREAT 1/2 hour read. Linda, you think 1 year is a long time, why don't you try 31 years! Now that my girl is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!

    Jan 7 2010 07:46
    This is great and very sexy. I like your story very much. Please write more. Hope to read you again.

    Feb 6 2010 11:11
    very sexy story

    Jul 27 2011 03:01
    Hi very hot,sexy story .

    Oct 7 2012 23:26
    not sick great story, don't give up.

    May 1 2017 17:49
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