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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bisexual, swingers.

    It had been a long day at work. As I walked up the sidewalk to the front door all I could think about was kicking off my heels, getting out of my grey skirt and black, buttoned blouse, and spending the rest of the night relaxing. I opened the door to the house and stopped in and then I saw the red blanket folded into a square just inside the living room. So much for my original plans for the evening.

    I looked over to the couch and saw my Master sitting there with a smile on his face. "We’ve been waiting for you to come home." He said.

    We? I looked around and then I saw his coworker Curtis and a young woman seated at his feet. They were sitting in our living room while the red blanket was on the floor. I felt the blush rush through my body as I realized the implications of that. They must know. They must know one of our biggest secrets. Either that or my Master was teasing me. Then I looked at the smile on Curtis’s face and the look of shame on the face of the beautiful woman at his feet and I knew that they knew everything.

    "Curtis wants Maria to learn how to be a good bitch. I told him you would show her how it’s done." My Master said "Come here, Shelly."

    I walked towards him slowly. I knew what to do. I had come home to the red blanket many times but it had always just been us. When I reached my Master I gathered each side of my skirt in a hand and raised it for him. He reached out and peeled my panties down my thighs, stopping right above my knees.

    I stepped over to the red blanket and knelt there, my ass in the air, my panties by my knees, my pleated skirt falling down across my back, my forearms in front of me with my head on them, my wild blonde curls spilling over my face and hands.

    I knelt there silently, my face hidden as I heard movement and sound around me. I heard Curtis exclaim ‘Oh man, she’s really going to do it!". I heard a strangled cry from Maria. I heard my Master open a door and let our Great Dane, Pepper, into the room.

    My Master took Pepper over to Curtis and Maria and demonstrated how to get him ready. I heard as Maria was ordered to touch Pepper’s cock, to help stroke it to readiness. I heard Curtis praise her and tell her how he couldn’t wait to see her get fucked, to turn her into his Bitch. I remained braced in my usual position, waiting.

    My Master brought Pepper over and helped him mount me, then went back to the couch to watch as Pepper fucked me. The chair where Curtis and Maria sat gave a much better view. That was where my Master usually sat but I guessed he gave the better seat to his guests.

    I realized there was another reason when I saw the flash of Curtis’s camera. He was taking pictures of me as I knelt exposed on the red blanket, Pepper’s cock pounding into me. I couldn’t get away if I tried. Pepper was deep inside of me, paws wrapped around my waist, slamming to seat his knot inside of me. I wasn’t going anywhere until he was ready for me to. All I could do was ride it out as they did whatever they pleased.

    As soon as Pepper pulled out of me and went to his corner, Curtis half-dragged Maria in front of me. "Get down there. I want to see her eat your cunt." He told her. Maria got on the blanket as I spread my arms open to make way for her.

    It was a pleasure to eat her. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair and dark skin and eyes. She may have given every appearance of being reluctant but her cunt was juicy and she began cumming almost as soon as I put my mouth on her. Her cries mixed with Curtis’s as he became more and more excited until he demanded that she spin around underneath me and eat Pepper’s cum from my cunt. She hesitated for a moment then did as he asked.

    Her mouth fastened on my cunt and her tongue started burrowing up inside of me. She and I both got louder as I came and she savored the taste of doggie cum for the first time. We ate each other until the men pulled us apart. They were ready to fuck us now.

    We were both fucked hard and fast and, after they came inside of us, they held us open as Pepper cleaned our cunts. Plans were made to get together another night. Curtis wanted Maria to get fucked by Pepper.

    I’m still not sure how I feel about my Master discussing my getting fucked by the family pet at work. It’s not what I’d consider a water-cooler topic. But if he hadn’t, I’d have probably never met Maria, and sharing with her has been a great addition to our playtime. Maybe on her next visit I’ll teach her all about the bamboo stand in the backyard.

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