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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple.

    The wife and myself where spending a quiet night in, Lynn went and had a shower, when she came down she was wearing a black mini skirt and a loose fitting blouse Lynn said that she would get us a drink whilst l went and got a shower, she also said that Tom a friend of ours had dropped off some blue DVDs and she would pick one whilst I was upstairs.

    I quickly went for a shower knowing that if Lynn was going to watch a blue movie I was in for a good night, after my shower I put on some boxers a pair of jeans and polo shirt and went downstairs.

    When I went into the room Lynn said that I had better take Rebel our Alsatian for a quick walk before we settled down, because I might not have the energy later when she had finished with me, so of course I took Rebel for a walk wondering what she had planned, when I got back Rebel went to his bed in the lounge and relaxed its a good life been a dog.

    Lynn sat on the sofa and said that she had picked a DVD so if I would turn the lights down a bit we would start, she said that she had no idea what was on the DVD as none of them had labels on, she hit play and we sat back to watch what came on, the film started with a good looking young woman walking down the beach with a Alsatian dog, I said what the hell is this? laughing Lynn said shut up and get us both another drink watch the film and lets see what happens, so been the good husband I got us another drink.

    The woman in the film had got home and was giving the dog a wash in the bath, but the dog didn't seem to like this much and was shaking himself and getting water all over most off it on the girl, when she was finished and had got the dog out of the bath she was soaked so she took off her dress, she wasn't wearing a bra so all she had on was a pair off skimpy black lacy knickers, she then rubbed the dog down with a towel to get him dry, whilst she was doing this the dog pushed his nose in between her legs and started to sniff her crotch, the girl stopped and pushed him away but the dog wasn't going to be put off and after a while tried again but this time the woman didn't push him away, instead she said to the dog what do you want? She let him carry on and the dog started to lick her cunt through her knickers, the girl let out a moan of pleasure and standing up took her knickers off, she then went into the lounge and sat on the sofa the dog had followed her and when she sat down she opened her legs and the dog went back to licking her cunt.

    I was watching Lynn to see her reaction to what was happening on the film, she looked excited so I asked her what she thought, she replied that she found it very sexy and she was already wet between her legs, I moved over and sat next to her and slid my hand under her blouse and onto her lovely tits, Lynn had a nice pair of tits not all that big but they where very firm and her nipples large and very sensitive, as soon as I started to play with her nipples she let out a groan of pleasure so I undid her blouse and lowered my head and took her right nipple into my mouth nibbling and pulling it with my teeth, Lynn loved this I then slid my hand up her leg and as I did this she opened her legs so I could get to her cunt, I was surprised at how wet she was her knickers where soaked, and after giving her beautiful pussy a couple off rubs she lifted herself up and told me to take her knickers off and finger her as she wanted to feel them in her pussy, I pulled her knickers off and put a finger into her pussy, I had never felt her as wet as she was and love juice was running down my finger, I pulled it out and put into my mouth she always tasted so nice and I had to have more, so I got up to get on my knees so I could eat out her gorgeous pussy, but Lynn got hold of me and pulled me down and kissed me hard pushing her tongue into my mouth she then undid my jeans and pulled them down putting her hand inside my boxers and grabbing my hard cock she then pulled my boxers off and pulled them over my feet and flung them out the way Lynn broke off the kiss and pushed my head down to her pussy, I pushed her skirt up and put my mouth onto her cunt drinking in the beautiful musky smell of her very wet pussy, my tongue pushed into her cunt so that I could taste her love juice I gently nibbled her clit with my teeth pulling it and teasing it which always drove Lynn wild, Lynn grabbed hold off my hair and holding my head pulled it into her pussy shouting DON'T STOP I put my hand up and wetting my finger with some of the juice that was pouring out of her pussy slid it into her tight arse, this was to much for Lynn and she screamed and pulling my head even harder into her cunt shouted IM CUMMING DON'T STOP IM CUMMING her legs started to quiver and they clasped my head and Lynn came I drank up all of her juice as it ran into my mouth it was great.

    Lynn pulled me up and again kissed me passionately using her tongue she said that was great, lets have a rest for a minute whilst I get my breath back. I put my attention back to the film which Lynn had been watching all the time I was making her cum. The dog was still licking the young woman's pussy but now she was rubbing his cock which was poking out of its sheath, the woman was really worked up and was constantly moaning and groaning with pleasure and it seemed as though she was having one orgasm after another. Lynn looked at me and said I wonder what its like to have a dog lick your pussy? I said Rebels here why don't you find out, Lynn called Rebel across and putting two fingers into her pussy pulled them out and offered them to Rebel, he sniffed and then licked them, Lynn got hold of his head and pulled it to her pussy where he straight away started licking it much to the pleasure of Lynn who said it feels great as he gets his tongue right into my fanny.

    In the film the woman now had the dogs cock out and I was surprised at how big it was it must have been eight and half inches long and quite large around with a tapered end and a big knot at the other end.

    Lynn was watching this and told me to play with Rebels cock lets see how big he is, I reached down and started rubbing Rebels cock which had already started to poke out of its sheath, Lynn had got one of her hands on her clit rubbing it furiously and with the other she was rubbing her tit pulling the nipple so it stood out, Rebels cock was fully out now and was bigger than the one in the film it was a good 10 inches and very big round, when Lynn saw this she put her hand down and gently started to give it a wank, I put my hand on her pussy and played with her clit which was hard and proud and stuck out about an inch, Lynn said I want a cock in me now and I want Rebels its so big.

    Lynn pushed Rebel away and getting up took off her skirt, she then knelt between my legs and Rebel came behind her and started to lick her pussy and arse OH GOD OHHHH that feels great she said I'm ready now for that big dog cock in my pussy, but Rebel had already got the idea and jumped up and gripped Lynn with his paws thrust his cock towards Lynn's pussy the first couple of times he missed so I leaned foreword and guided it in, as soon as Rebel felt the tip of his cock enter into Lynn pussy he thrust it all in, Lynn let out a scream of pain and pleasure Rebel then continued to drive his cock into Lynn's sopping wet pussy I could hear the squelching his cock made as it pounded Lynn's pussy, Lynn put her mouth over my cock and as only she can started to lick and suck it, taking all of my 8 inches into her mouth playing her tongue round the shaft whilst moving her mouth up and down, she was now pushing back when Rebel drove forewords trying to get more of his cock, I could see his big knot about the size of a tennis ball pushing against the lips of her pussy Rebel was fucking her really hard and fast and the pounding he was giving her was pushing her tits up to my knees with the power of his fucking I thought Lynn would never get it in but Rebel gave a big lunge forewords at the same time as Lynn pushed back and I watched the knot disappear into her pussy Lynn let out a gasp and I could feel her starting to quiver so I knew she was getting ready to cum, I could feel my balls tightening so knew it wouldn't be long before I came as well, Rebel had slowed down now and was only fucking with short strokes, Rebel gave a loud yelp and Lynn lifted her head up and shouted that he was cumming and it was so hot, Lynn then shouted that she was CUMMING oh god IM CUMMING she put her hand onto my cock and wanked it hard and I came all over her face and hair what fell near her mouth she licked up Rebel looked very satisfied as did Lynn. He was still tied to Lynn and it was about ten minutes before with a plop he pulled out, Lynn put her hand back and caught some of the cum that was running out of her pussy putting it in her mouth she sucked and licked it all off, I got up got between her legs and licked and sucked the rest of it off, and while I was doing this Rebel came up behind me and licked my balls and cock clean.

    After we had finished and where sitting on the sofa Lynn said that it was a good job that she had kept her blouse on because Rebels claws would have scratched her, I gave her a kiss and told her how much I loved her, I asked whether she had enjoyed being fucked by Rebel? Yes she said but I'm a bit sore now, and then laughing said how dirty it felt and you never know I might do it again, or maybe next time Rebel might like to fuck you. I thought about it and replied you never know. But that's another story.

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    Mar 29 2008 18:09
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