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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, threesome.

    It was a few days after the last encounter with Julie when Gina had walked in on us. Julie was still quite scared to talk about her affair with the dog in front of Gina, even though I tried to assure her that it was okay. We were out in the back yard lying on the soft grass, and enjoying the coolness of the shade of the large avocado tree. It was quite hot that weekend, and so we were all wearing minimal clothing. Julie and Gina were clad in bikinis and I had my favorite silk boxers on. I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes off their sexy bodies. Both of their bikini tops were very low-cut, hardly concealing the full firmness of their beautiful breasts. But my eyes kept drifting constantly to their crotch areas, because their full bush of pubic hair was not hidden too well in the high-cut thong panties they were wearing. The contrast between them was striking. Gina's hair is dark and shiny, while Julie is a typical California blonde, with rich, golden cascade of shoulder-length hair framing her beautiful face. Her pubes were slightly darker in color, since they didn't see much sunlight, I suppose. They had trimmed their hair to a manageable patch, but the narrow cut of the crotch panel was not designed to hide the growth. As she moved about on her back, I could catch an occasional glimpse of Gina's plush mound and a hint of her love lips, as the crotch panel got squeezed in the crack of her pussy. After struggling to control my arousal, I finally gave up, and let my semi-rigid cock poke out of the end of the shorts, if they cared to see it.

    As we lay chatting about nothing in particular, Julie's dog sauntered over and sat down next to her, wagging his tail. Julie cuddled his head in her lap and stroked it, as we chatted. After a few minutes, the dog moved his head, and stuck it between Julie's legs, trying to nuzzle her crotch. His ears perked up as his snout touched her mound. He must have picked up her cunt smell, because he stuck his tongue out and gave her inner thigh a long lick. Julie squealed in surprise, and involuntarily opened her legs, as she tried to push the dog away. But the dog persisted, and craned his neck to steal another lick at her thighs. Julie stole a quick, apprehensive glance at me. I winked at her, and smiled.

    "He likes you, Julie. You must taste very sweet. Let him lick."

    I found myself getting hard at the thought of watching the dog lick her.

    Julie glared at me, and looked at Gina with embarrassment. Gina caught the eye signals between me and Julie, and knew something was going on between us. She eyed my partial erection, and snuggled closer to me. Since I was wearing nothing inside the boxers, she could see my cock and balls. Smiling, she put her head in my lap and blew into the opening of my boxers. Her hot breath stirred my cock into further hardness, and the tip slipped out. Gina immediately stuck her tongue out and gave it a nice lick.

    Julie was watching her, and I could see her nipples getting harder. While her attention was distracted, the dog managed to stick his tongue at the plumpness of her mound and press on with his licking. Gina pulled my cock out and began licking it avidly. She looked at Julie, and said, "Would you like to taste him?"

    "I think the dog wants to lick her first," I said.

    Gina looked at Julie, who had turned red in the face.

    "Hey, that's all right, Julie. I am sure the dog can smell your hot cunt. Let him have a few licks if he wants. Take off your bottom. I want to see this. Come on, don't be shy now."

    Julie hesitated, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

    Gina said, "Oh, come on, Julie. No one can see us. I'll take mine off if it makes you feel more comfortable."

    She raised her hips and slid her bikini bottom off. Then she removed her top as well, and lay in my lap, naked as a bird. Julie looked around at the tall brick wall surrounding our home, and realized that we were completely secluded from any prying eyes. She gave a half-hearted smile, and took off her bikini. "It's not fair that Sam is still wearing his shorts, Gina," she said, glaring at me.

    "That's right, Sam. Off with yours, too. Let's see your big monster."

    I also stripped, revealing my fully erect penis to them. It was throbbing in anticipation of what was about to happen. The dog meanwhile was looking at each of us in turn, trying to figure out what we were up to. As soon as he saw my hard cock, he sprang to his feet, and came over, wagging his tail. Sticking his long tongue out, he took a slow swipe at the length of my shaft, and began licking me. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed.

    "So you and the dog have something going, I see," Gina said, taking hold of my cock and waving it in front of the dog. I looked at Julie. Her face showed relief at being left alone for a few moments. The dog started licking my cock and balls in earnest, pressing his rough tongue on the underside of the tip where the skin is very sensitive. Julie came over to watch, and gave me a big smile.

    "It looks so sexy, Sam. My dog really likes your cock." I reached out and grabbed Julie's hand and pulled her closer. I kissed her on the lips, and said, "I think he likes your cunt even more, Julie. Let us have a show with you and him."

    "Oh, yes," Gina exclaimed, "Do you let the dog lick you, Julie?"

    I still had Julie in my arms. I whispered in her ears, "This is your chance to let Gina in on your secret without fear. She is turned on. Go for it."

    Julie nodded, and said, "Yes. He licks me sometimes when I am feeling horny. He can smell it, and tries to push his nose between my legs. So I let him lick me once. We both liked it so much, that I let him do it whenever you guys make me horny at night with all the noise you make." "Then you should join us, instead of relying on the dog, Julie. I am sure Sam wouldn't mind, would you, Sam? Of course, the dog is probably safer because he won't go bragging about it. Let him lick you, Julie. I want to watch. I am getting horny just by the idea of it."

    Julie pulled out of my arms. I gave her a reassuring squeeze on the butt, as she bent down to grab the dog's collar. She led him to a spot few feet away and sat down. Opening her legs, and bending them at the knee, she invited him to sniff her pussy. The dog knew what to do. He began licking her pussy with his slurping tongue. Julie closed her eyes, and licked her lips, enjoying the familiar feeling of arousal. Gina and I sat on each side of her. I signaled to Gina, indicating that we should let Julie lie down on her back and play with her. We gently lowered her on the grass, as the dog continued to lick her cunt lips. Gina stretched out beside her, with her head close to Julie's crotch, watching intently as the dog's tongue began probing the wet passage. She moaned in obvious delight as the dog's tongue pushed past Julie's labia and the dog began thrusting it deeper.

    I touched Gina on the shoulder, and pointed to the dog. We could see the red tip of dog's cock slowly coming out of the sheath as he continued to lap the juices flowing from Julie's cunt. I motioned to Gina to move away from Julie and watch. I lay down on the grass at a good angle to see what the dog was doing. Gina came over and sat down between my legs, and started fondling my cock as we watched. Julie's eyes were tightly shut, and she was massaging her firm breasts, and pinching the nipples as the dog kept licking tirelessly at her fountain of youth. Julie began to move her hips as her excitement mounted. With a loud moan, grabbed the dog's head and began thrusting her pelvis against his tongue. The dog started licking harder. Suddenly, Julie tensed, and screamed as a powerful orgasm shook her whole body.

    Gina gasped in arousal and tightened her grip on my cock.

    "Oh god, Sam. This is so exciting. I want your cock now."

    She leaned forward and turning her back to me, reared into my lap, all the while holding on to my cock. She positioned herself over my shaft and slowly sank down on it. As my cock slipped into her tight but slippery passage, I let out as deep moan of satisfaction. Gina straightened up as soon as my cock was buried deep in her cunt, and settled down on my pelvic bone. In this position we could both see what was happening before our eyes. I reached out to grab Gina's breasts and began kneading and squeezing the voluptuous flesh. In the meanwhile, Julie had calmed down a little after the first orgasm. We could see her juices flowing copiously as the dog kept up his relentless tongue fucking of his mistress. Julie moaned and opened her legs wider, pulling the dog up by the head. By this time, the dog's cock had slipped out of the sheath to a length of nearly six inches. It had an angry red color, with dark veins sticking out as the cock twitched between his hind legs, dripping his semenal fluid on the ground. The dog fell on top of Julie, and thrust his throbbing cock at Julie's open cunt. After a couple of misses, he found his mark, and plunged in with a powerful thrust. Julie let out a deep moan and clamped her arms around the dog's rear. The dog began to hump, thrusting his cock in Julie's stretched cunt, panting and slobbering all over her face. Julie raised her hips to meet the dog's powerful thrusts, and they began a perfect rhythm of mutual fucking that was so erotic that Gina went into an orgasmic spasm. Her tight cunt clasped my cock as she began riding me with excitement. We watched in fascination as the dog suddenly grunted and made a powerful lunge at Julie's cunt. We watched in disbelief as his huge knot slipped past her outstretched cunt lips, and he tied with her. Then he just lay on top of Julie and appeared to rest, while in reality his cock was spurting a steady stream of dog semen into her cunt.

    Gina could not hold out any longer. She dismounted me, and turned around.

    "Fuck me from behind, like a dog, Sam. I want to be your bitch."

    I positioned myself behind her, and with a single thrust, buried my hard cock deep into her. The excitement of watching Julie being fucked by her dog had caused my cock to become harder and longer than I had seen in a long time, and Gina was not the one to miss it.

    "You are big like a stallion, Sam. Are you also turned on as much as I am?"

    I just grunted and slammed my cock harder into her tight passage. We were both close to our orgasms.

    "I can't hold it, Gina."

    "That's okay, Sam. Fuck me harder and fill me with your sperm. I am very close, too. Just rub my clit when you ram your cock in." Gina said, panting, her eye riveted on the dog coupled to her friend Julie.

    I reached around to massage her clit, and started plunging rapidly. With a loud grunt, I unloaded my balls in her. Gina screamed at the same time, her body shuddering in a powerful orgasm that caused her cunt to clutch my cock in a powerful grip that was almost painful. Her scream brought Julie back to consciousness, and she turned to look at us. She saw us both watching her union with the dog, and her face turned red.

    I smiled at her and said, "You looked ravishing, Julie when the dog started pounding you. It was just beautiful."

    Julie looked at Gina. Gina smiled at her, and said, "I didn't know it could be so erotic, Julie. Sam's cock got so big that he had a tough time pushing it into me, but we had a ball. I never came so hard, and I know Sam never felt so stiff and full inside me. It was just lovely."

    She slowly eased herself down on the grass. As my cock slipped out, all the fluids ran down her leg. Julie stretched her hands towards me. I crawled over to her.

    "I want to suck you, Sam. I want to taste Gina's juices."

    "Then lick her."

    "Later. First I want your cock."

    She turned on her side as I knelt next to her. I held her had in my hands as she opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock in. I was in heaven. The dog unlocked from her and sat down to lick himself. Gina lay a few feet away from us, exhausted. After a few minutes, she asked, "Julie, is it really fun to have the dog fuck you?"

    Julie just nodded, since her mouth was full of my cock.

    "Have you done it with him many times?"

    Julie shook her head.

    I said, "She only did it a few times. That is how I discovered her a few days ago, and we got it on together."

    "I see. Sam, would you be jealous if I tried it with the dog some time?"

    "No. Go ahead. I'd love to watch the dog mount you. May be you can suck me while the dog fucks you."

    "I'd love that. Is that all right with you, Julie?"

    Julie took my cock out of her mouth, and said, "As long as you let me participate, I don't mind. In fact, I'd love it."

    "Let's do it soon then. Are you guys ready for a hot shower together?" Gina asked, as she got to her feet. The dog jumped up and ran to her, sniffing at her wet crotch. Gina stopped and opened her legs a little to let him have a few licks. She giggled as the dog stuck his tongue at her puffed up pussy lips and began licking her. "Wow. I could get used to this. Your dog really knows how to lick a cunt, Julie. I'd like to borrow him sometime."

    "No problem. We could have a party with the dog when Sam is out of town."

    "Now that's an idea. How about it Sam? You okay with that?" Gina asked, pulling me up to my feet. I grabbed Julie's hand, and we all headed inside.

    "No problem, as long as you tell me everything afterwards. But really, you don't have to wait for me to leave town, Gina. You can have him tonight if you like. I'd love to watch you being fucked by a dog."

    "Okay. Tonight I'll fuck your dog, Julie. But you have to help me. I saw that big bulb at the base of his cock. Didn't it hurt? It was bigger than a tennis ball, Julie."

    "It hurt all right, but the pleasure was greater. Besides, I couldn't have stopped him from locking with me by that time. I was too far gone. But if you don't want him to lock with you, just grab his cock at the base when he plunges in. I'll do it for you if you like." "Yeah. I'd love it. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together. Thanks for the excitement, Julie."

    Julie had tears in her eyes. "I should be thanking you for accepting all this with so much love and friendship. I love you both so much."

    Gina hugged her and said, "So do we, Julie. From now on, we'll fuck together whenever we can."

    We went inside and spent a long time under the shower in the crowded stall. My cock remained erect during this whole period, to the point where the girls helped themselves to a few standing orgasms rubbing their cunts on my shaft and fondling each other all over.

    By bedtime, Gina was restless with anticipation. I think we were all aroused by the sheer naughtiness of what we were about to do. As soon as they had cleaned up in the kitchen, Julie went to get the dog and Gina and I went into the living room. Julie brought the dog in, and sat down next to Gina. We could both see that she was nervous. Julie patted her thigh and said, "You'll be fine, Gina. The dog is very gentle, even though he has a really big, fat cock. Are you ready for him?" "No, but I'll never be more ready than I am right now. Make love to me first, Julie. I need to loosen up." Julie caressed her face and gently pushed her down on the carpet. She removed her own dress first, and then stripped Gina. Then she lay on top of her and began caressing her breasts, as they kissed gently. Julie slowly moved down to Gina's breasts, licking and sucking on the hard nipples and then down to her navel and finally buried her face in Gina's dark bush. Gina moaned loudly as Julie's tongue probed her aroused clitoris. She opened her legs wider, giving better access to Julie's tongue.

    My cock was throbbing hard, watching the girls making out on the carpet. I stripped off my clothes, and walked over to Julie. I grabbed her butt, and positioned myself behind her. With my stiff cock, I prodded her butt, and reached between her legs to feel her cunt. It was wet. I slipped a couple of fingers in her, and began rubbing her cunt lips. Julie moaned and raised her hips by lowering her torso, to give me a better angle. I adjusted my position, and placed the tip of my cock at her cunt lips. With a slow but steady push, I slipped my cock into her and pulled her back against it. Julie slammed her butt against me without taking her mouth off Gina's dripping pussy as I thrust forward. I began fucking her with a steady rhythm.

    The dog, feeling left out, tried to nuzzle his way between me and Julie. Julie looked up, and saw the dog. She moved away from Gina, and told Gina to get on all fours. As soon as Gina had assumed the position, Julie dragged the dog's head against Gina's wet pussy. The dog gave a few eager licks, and whimpered as his red cock slipped out of the sheath. Julie asked me to stop for a few minutes as she disengaged from me. She watched as the dog jumped up and landed on Gina's back. Julie grabbed his cock, and guided it to Gina's cunt. As soon as the dog felt the wet and warm hole, he barked and lunged forward. His cock slipped right into Gina's cunt.

    "Oh my god... oh my god," Gina screamed, as the dog began pounding her, "I can feel his monstrous cock in me. He's fucking me, Sam... the dog is fucking your wife."

    "I know, Sweetheart. It is damned sexy to see. Are you enjoying it?"

    "Yes, but don't let him slip that big knot into me, Julie."

    "Don't worry, Gina, I won't. Now just spread your legs a bit further apart so that I can slip under you. Then I can hold his cock properly." Julie slipped under Gina, facing Gina's cunt. She lay down facing up, inches away from the dog's pounding cock. Julie reached up and grabbed the dog's cock. The dog whimpered, and kept pounding Gina with all his might. His knot began to expand as he neared his orgasm. Julie grabbed the knot in her hand and said, "I got it, Gina. I have his knot in my hand. Now relax and enjoy the fucking of your life." I was now feeling left out. I walked around to where Julie was lying on the floor. Gina's face was only inches away from Julie's cunt. I asked Gina if she wanted to suck Julie. Gina shook her head, and said, "No, you fuck her. I want to see your cock pounding her cunt."

    I lifted Julie's butt off the floor and positioned myself between her legs. With a quick plunge, I buried my cock into her cunt, and began fucking her. The whole scene was bizarre but highly erotic. Here was my wife almost lying on top of Julie in the sixty-nine position, and being fucked by Julie's dog, while I was fucking Julie at the same time. The two women were getting an up-close view of each other's cunts being pounded by two stiff cocks, one human and the other canine. It was an unbearably sexy scene, to say the least. Gina saw my cock slip in and out of Julie's pink cunt, her golden pubes bathed in our sticky juices. Julie was getting turned on watching her dog ram her friend in the cunt, thrusting powerfully with a determined frenzy as he approached his orgasm.

    Julie moaned loudly, thrusting her hips at my cock, as she approached her orgasm. Gina was already screaming with convulsions, tears rolling down her cheeks in ecstasy as the dog cock pounded her stretched cunt. The dog let out a loud whimper and suddenly disengaged, unable to lock with Gina because of Julie's firm grip. His cock twitched wildly in Julie's hand and sprayed her face with rapid jets of his thin, hot semen. Julie gasped and turned her face away as a stream of dog's semen filled her mouth and nose. She let go of his cock. Gina had rolled off and was lying on the carpet, clutching her thighs together. I could not hold out any longer, and rammed my cock hard into Julie and unloaded my sperm into her. Julie shuddered with her own orgasm and we collapsed on top of each other. The dog kept thrusting his cock in air, trying to empty his balls all over the carpet. Finally he put his head down and walked away to sit in a corner, and began licking himself.

    Julie and I rolled off and pulled Gina into our arms. She was sobbing with joy and excitement.

    "Oh Julie, that was some fucking. Sam, it was so wonderful. The dog really knows how to fuck. Every time he pounded his cock into me, I came with a vengeance. It was just too much to take. I am totally wiped out. Thanks so much for the experience. I don't know if I can take it again. The dog is one hell of a fucker, no offense to you, darling."

    "None taken. Dogs are known to have one of the strongest sexual organs. They know how to fuck. The male dog is supposed to be multi-orgasmic, like you women are," I said, "So actually, a dog and a woman make a perfect pair. You could fuck each other for hours."

    "No, thanks. This one time was enough for me."

    "Don't give up so quickly, Gina. You just have to get used to the dog's cock and rhythm," Julie said. "We'll do it again some time soon. I promise you that you will enjoy it even more next time, now that you know kind of what to expect. One thing about dogs is that they are always ready to fuck, and can get hard in an instant. No offense, Sam. I am sorry."

    "Don't be. You are right. Okay, so I guess it is time to retire, girls. That was enough excitement for a day. Let's all sleep together, with Gina in the middle. She needs our tender loving care, Julie. She is really wiped out."

    We helped Gina off the carpet, and carried her to our bed. Julie went to the bathroom to clean up, and brought a hot towel to wipe Gina's legs and cunt off all the sticky juices. Then we cuddled up to each other, and sandwiched Gina in the middle. In a few minutes, we were fast asleep.

    That was the beginning of an exciting new relationship in my sex life. Gina took to Julie like a sister, and they spent many hours exploring their sexual desires with each other and with the dog. Gina became more and more comfortable with the dog with each encounter, and even tied with him a few times when she was all alone with the dog. I was the beneficiary of their blossoming intimacy, because I invariably ended up in bed with them and fulfilling their desires for a regular fucking by a human cock. It was a life many men dream about, and I felt lucky that it had become a reality for me.

    A few months later, the three of us had an opportunity to explore another interesting opportunity in sexual adventure. But that, as they say, is another story.

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