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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast.

    Sweat poured down my neck and onto my back as I hid myself lying in the tall June grass. The air was hot and still as I waited with anticipation for what was about to come. I could smell the scent of cattle in the hot humid air as I lay there waiting. The lush green pasture that spread before me was now becoming ever so darker as the sun began to set behind the stand of oak trees that surrounded the area. "Soon," I thought as I took a deep breath and hoped that the wind would pick up and give me a little relief. Sweat was now pouring down my face and chest, causing my shirt to feel like a hot wet rag against my body. I lay still as the night approached and I longed for its arrival. I knew that I had to be sure that I was alone and left to be undisturbed.

    Soon the pasture ahead of me was nearly covered in the approaching darkness. I could feel the wind picking up as the setting sun fully disappeared behind the trees. "Soon," I thought as I began to look around. I knew that this would be the night as I could see a set of undistinguishable silhouettes approaching me. My heart now beat rapidly as they approached and my breath hastened. Soon the silhouettes came into view.

    They were magnificent creatures of power and drive. Their musk scent was overwhelming as they now grazed within feet of me. I could hear them nibble on the grass as they grazed and ate. I knew that I had to make my move or forever loose the chance that I had been waiting for. I slowly crawled out of my hiding place, praying that I would not frighten the now curious herd of Jersey bulls. Onto my hands and knees I went as I moved from the deep grass into the bull's domain. There I remained for what seemed like hours as I held still waiting. I could see the group that had approached me clearly in the dim light. There was three of them standing there smelling the air trying to get a whiff of me as they began to move ever so closer. They too were curious as they hesitantly sauntered over to me. I took out a bottle of cow piss that I had collected before sneaking into the pasture. I poured some on my jeans and rubbed it on my hands and back.

    I slowly stood up and remained bent over at the hips as if to walk in this position to attract them. The larger of the bulls now approached and as he did he carefully kept an eye on me. I froze motionless before him, holding onto a wooden fence post for support and bending at the hips. Looking back toward him I could see his massive balls hanging down between his legs. On his underbelly I could see a hairy sheath swinging freely as he walked towards me. God, I wanted to reach out and fondle him. My cock was now twitching in my jeans as I waited.

    Soon he was upon me, sniffing and snorting. My body trembled with excitement and fear. I knew that I had to fulfill this desire as I held onto the post. He approached closer and I felt his tongue swipe across the blue jeans that covered my ass. Then he licked again and I was in heaven. His lips made a curly motion, as I had seen bulls make this face before when they smelled a cow's cunt. I knew that this burning desire within me was going to be fulfilled. Soon the others joined him and I found myself being licked by all. The group now jockeyed for position as they licked and butted heads with each other. As they fought, I could see their cocks drop out of the sheath every now and then. I knew that the best was about to come as I remained in my submissive stance.

    They now were pushing and head butting each other as if to say, "Stay away she's mine!" I knew that this would soon be true and I had to be ready for it. I now slowly stood up and removed my jeans and shorts exposing my naked ass to the herd. I poured the remaining piss onto my ass and back as I assumed the submissive breeding position again holding onto the post for support. The largest of the group now was licking at my ass and back sending chills up my spine with each lick. Suddenly he stopped licking and I felt him place his head upon my back. I knew what was about to happen.

    My cock hardened as I gasped the post hard and pushed my ass back at him. I felt him push down with his neck and head. Hearing a grunt I knew he was going to mount and fuck me. My cock throbbed from beneath me with anticipation. He jumped forward onto my back as if I was a young heifer ready for breeding. I stood there holding onto the post as his legs now came down on me between my ribs and shoulders. His hind legs supported his weight as he lurched forward. I felt his hairy sheath rubbing on my back and he slid around. I also felt something hard and slimy rubbing my back. It was his cock, a hard red slimy stick that had been pushed out of its sheath and onto my back. He grunted again and I felt him lurch forward and as he did I felt his cock squirt hot liquid. It ran down my back and down the cheeks of my ass.

    A pungent odor now filled the air as he dismounted. I reached back now as I relaxed to took a hand full of the juice that had been deposited on my back. Bringing it to my nose for a smell, I instinctively brought it to my lips and tasted it. I was so sweet and hot. I was licking bull sperm off my hands as I stood before my newly found studs. I reached back again, this time bringing a hand full of it onto my cock and rubbing it full. I now bent back over holding onto the pole with one hand and rubbing bull semen up and down my cock. My cock was rock hard now as I jacked it up and down rubbing it full on the slimy sperm.

    The 2nd bull approached and without hesitation put his head on my back and mounted me. He too was going to breed his newly found heifer. I held onto the post as I heard him grunt and felt his legs slide along my sides. I froze as I felt his cock not on my back, but poking at my waiting asshole. He slid forward and his cock tip entered my ass. I cried out with both pain and pleasure as he found his heifer's cunt. He seemed to sense my pain and slowly walked forward as not to hurt me further. I relaxed now and his cock slid deep in my ass. He knew that he was in as he grunted and his cock spasmed releasing his semen deep inside me. I could feel his ball bag bounce on my balls as he lurched a 2nd time making sure that he was well drained. As he spasmed within me he farted and I saw some shit dropped onto the ground behind him. I knew he had ejaculated because I had seen bulls do this as they fucked cows. As the first he too dismounted leaving me dripping of his seed.

    Before I could move, the 3rd bull now mounted me grasping his front legs on my sides. My ass was like a young heifer's cunt, ready for breeding. He knew it as he grunted and lurched forward. I felt his balls bounce off my ass as his cock spasmed squirting off inside me. He dismounted and stood next to me as I recovered from by latest breed. I looked down and saw his wonderful sheath as he stood near. Without hesitation I squatted down and began to play with it. His cock now dangled down about 3 inches or so. I had to have it! I lowered my lips to it and began to lick and suck. Within seconds I heard him grunt and felt him stiffen. With a warm squirt I got a mouth full of semen as I eagerly swallowed and sucked.

    The 1st bull was now getting a little excited to say the least. He walked up and head butted me right in the ribs as if to say, "Get up, I want to fuck!" So I stood up and assumed the breeding stance. Without hesitation he mounted me again and this time his cock slid into my waiting ass. He lurched forward and grunted and bounced his balls against me as he pounded my ass a couple of times. He stiffened and I felt his cock twitch inside me squirting me full. He relaxed and as I thought he was going to dismount his cock stiffened a 2nd time and with a loud deep bellow he released a large squirt. It felt like a water hose had been stuffed up my ass and turned on. He dismounted from me and as he did it felt like a cork had been pulled from my ass. Hot sperm ran down my balls and legs onto the ground.

    The 2nd bull that had bred me now was again ready for his 2nd turn. He mounted me and slid his cock easily into my ass. I felt it spasm and squirt as he drained his balls into my ass. My ass was now more like a milking machine then ever before, as it tightened around the cocks. I suddenly felt my cock twitch and noticed that the first bull was licking my cock as I was being bred. The excitement was too much for me as I shot off onto his tongue and face. He licked my sperm off his nose and face. He raised his lips and made a snorting sound in approval.

    I squatted down to let my ass drain and to take a break. Bull sperm ran out like piss as I contracted my ass to push it out. As I squatted the bulls began to graze nearby as if I were just another cheap heifer that they had gang banged. I tried to get their attention again wanting more of their cocks, but this was not to be. Their carnal desires had been temporarily fulfilled, as I had drained them dry. I put my pants back on and left the pasture knowing that I would return the next night for more of the same. I knew that I was now their human heifer.

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    sounds like fiction.. but thats ok too...

    Jan 6 2007 20:24
    fiction it is,but hey it's an interesting thought......... :)

    May 14 2007 21:14
    I love it, when I was young and lived on the dairy, I used to get in the bulls pen when no one was around and jack the bull, after he got used to me, he acted like he was glad to see mee.

    Oct 17 2011 06:14
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