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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, forced sex.

    "You bitch!!" shouted Nina as she grabbed a rather large handful of Kate's hair in the School corridor.

    "Get off me slag." Kate swung around and caught Nina with a right hook across her left cheek.

    "Fuck you." Nina then pulled at Kate's hair and threw her to the ground.

    "HEY YOU Girls Stop that!!!"

    The crowd that had formed around the two tussling girls has suddenly evaporated, as Mr Hall's voice came echoing down the corridor. Nina flung herself off Kate and stood up straightening her blouse, whilst Kate lay on the ground holding her face.

    "You girl get up, what the hell are you two playing at?"

    Kate rose from the floor still holding her face.

    Nina was the first to reply. "Well, Kate grabbed me for no reason at all and started pushing me around..."

    "No I did not you lying bitch!!!!" shouted Kate.

    "That's enough, I don't want to hear anymore. Get to my office NOW!"

    "Oh but sir," the girls said in unison.

    Kate walked out of the school grounds, pondering on what had just happened.

    "Expelled, what the hell am I gonna tell my folks there gonna kill me."

    She walked home thinking of different ways in which to tell them.

    Kate was a good looking girl, curvy slim figure, she had slightly tanned skin and jet black hair down to her shoulders. She still couldn't figure out what the hell the fight was all about.

    Probably nothing, that bitch Nina had had it in for me ever since I got off with her boyfriend one night. Oh well, sod her, but what the hell am I gonna tell my folks.

    "Why don't you just wait for her one morning before school and we'll all give her a good kicking," said Shelly, one of Nina's two best mates.

    "No, I'll have to wait until I'm aloud back to school before I can do that and that could be ages," replied Nina.

    "Well your not gonna let her get away with it, are you?" said the other of Nina's two best chums.

    The group were known to be the best looking in the School and the bitchiest. They were all in the same year, one below Kate who was 18. Nina was probably the best looking, gorgeous looking, figure and face, dark blonde hair and a well rounded pair of breasts. The others were Shelly, who was the shortest of the group, slightly bigger boned than Nina, Dark brown hair but very cute. And then Vicky who, again huge breasts more curves to her than Nina, blonde hair and the tallest.

    "No fucking way," Nina blurted "I've just gotta think of some way to repay her so that she'll never forget, and of course give me just as much pleasure from."

    "Pleasure from? What do you mean?" said Vicky.

    "We..." The girls slowly walked back to there houses, whilst discussing the ultimate scheme in which to get Kate back.

    Ding Dong.

    "I'll get it," Kate said, running down the stairs. She was glad to be able to move around the house so freely. Luckily her parents had been very understanding about what had happened at school and were going to talk to Mr. Hall about it tomorrow as they thought it very unfair. Kate unlatched the door and turned the knob and opened it, very surprised to see Nina standing there.

    "Oh, what do you want?" Kate said, crossing her arms in an authoritative manner.

    "Well I just wanted to come round and apologise for what happened today, I just don't know what I think I was doing. I know we have never got on very well, but I would like to forget all about that and start again, what do ya think?"

    "Umm, well yeah I guess so."

    "Look just to show there's no hard feelings, I'm having a party tomorrow at my house. You see my parents have gone away so I'm having a load of people from school round, that's if you're not grounded or anything."

    "No I'm not grounded, I suppose I could, but I won't know anyone there."

    "Oh you will there will be loads from your year there too, like Sara, Mick, Tom etc."

    "Well okay then."

    "Great, here's my addie." Nina handed Kate a piece of paper with her address on it. "I'll see you at about 7pm then?"

    "Yeah sure, see ya then."

    Nina turned around and walked away with a sadistic grin on her face. Yet Kate closed the door not quite believing what had just happened.

    The night arrived and Kate turned up at Nina's house, not quite sure what to expect.

    She didn't tell her folks about going to Nina's party, as they probably wouldn't have agreed. But Kate thought it the best way to clear the air. Also the school might look more leniently towards her if they were getting along.

    There didn't seem to be much movement at the house although she could here music playing. She rang the doorbell and immediately it was answered. Vicky stood at the door with a huge smile on her face and a glass of what looked like Vodka or some other kind of alcohol.

    "Hi Kate, come in."

    Vicky led her through to the living room where Nina and Shelly stood with glasses in their hands.

    "Hey, good of you to come," Nina said.

    "Where's everyone else?" Kate replied.

    "Oh they will be here soon," Shelly responded "I'll go and get a drink for you, Archer's and Lemonade OK?"

    "Yeah sure," Kate said, not sure what to make of it all.

    Shelly came back into the living room with the Archers for Kate.

    It wasn't long into the night before Kate started to feel faint and dizzy. She didn't know what conversation everyone was having or even what was going on. She stood up to go to the bathroom. And then saw black.

    Kate came too not knowing what had happened, her head was spinning and she felt hot and nauseated. She suddenly realised she was lying on a bed and her wrists were tied to the head rest. Her legs were draped over the end of the bed with her feet just touching the floor. She tried to get up but couldn't. DRUGGED!! She suddenly realised she must have been drugged. She heard the bedroom door fling open and Vicky shout.

    "She's awake."

    She then heard people running up the stairs and burst into the room. She heard Nina speak.

    "Ok girls, ready for some fun?"

    Nina climbed on top of Kate and looked her straight in the eye.

    "OK bitch, were gonna have some fun with ya. I'm sure you won't mind."

    Nina planted her lips onto Kate's. But Kate didn't respond. Nina moved in between her legs and then ran her hand up her crop top. She felt her smooth flat belly as she climbed higher and higher, until she reached her succulent round breasts. She then moved her hands behind her back and removed her bra, then her top followed. Nina then started planting kisses on her neck and moving her way down to her tits. She started sucking and moving her tongue around the edge of her nipples. She felt them getting harder, obviously due to the pleasure she was being given.

    She then moved off the breasts and down to her flat stomach licking around it. She the encircled her tongue around the edge of her belly button and then into it. Nina then undid the buckle of Kate's jeans and slid them down her legs she then removed her panties, exposing her shaven pussy.

    Nina started to get very moist at the thought of what lay ahead. She then felt a pair of hands move up her top and start caressing her back and side's, Vicky obviously getting turned on by watching this hot action had decided to join in. Vicky removed Nina's top and then her bra. Kate started to moan as Nina moved her tongue around her soaking pussy and then...IN. Kate arched her hips to get more of Nina's tongue inside her, but as soon as she did, Nina pulled out.

    "Right, bring in Loki," Nina said to Shelly.

    A few seconds later Shelly returned with a Great Dane.

    "This should be easy enough, he's always sexually overactive," Nina said as she moved the dog onto the bed with Kate. Kate gasped as she felt the dog move on top of her. Again she tried to get up, but now with the dog's weight on top of her, it was impossible. The dog started licking Kate's face. She felt the hot saliva drip down her cheek, she moved her head to the side. The dog then licked her neck and then her nipples. She then felt something between her legs. Huge, long and sticky, she new what it was and she also new she couldn't stop what was about to happen. The dog plunged his penis into Kate's cunt. She screamed as the massive shaft stretched her. She never had anything that big inside her before. But she realised that along with the pain, came the pleasure. But NO, she was being raped, by a dog, a beast. But her animal urges started to take over. She started moaning as the dog thrust in and out of her, it licked her face and as by instinct she opened her mouth as to kiss it. She thrust her hips back at the dog as the pace got quicker and quicker, she started to moan louder and louder. Feeling her orgasm build up inside her, her muscles started to get tense and she new it wouldn't be long.

    Nina backed herself up against the wall, getting more and more turned on by the sight she was seeing. Kate being raped by her dog, and loving it. Vicky and Shelly now both naked moved over to Vicky and started caressing her. Shelly moved down and started licking her out whilst Vicky licked and sucked at her nipples. Nina's orgasm approached fast.

    Kate had never new a pleasure like this, she hated it yet loved it, completely unaware that her enemy was getting turned on by watching her get raped. The dog thrust harder and harder, Kate then wrapped her legs around the dog and groaned it complete ecstasy as the dog thrust itself into her for its final few times, held there and then erupted. Kate felt the hot semen fill her in wild powerful spurts. She threw her head back and screamed as her stomach tightened and she came. An orgasm of such intensity she had never experienced before. The dog's semen kept squirting into her, she arched her elegant back into the beast as the orgasm continued.

    Vicky announced her orgasm, seeing Kate thrust herself at the dog, she knew the dog had just emptied himself into her. Vicky continued by lapping up Nina's juices.

    After a couple of minutes the dog removed itself from Kate, she lay limp and exhausted on the bed. Nina then moved over to the bed and on top of Kate, planting hot kisses on her mouth, Kate responded by kissing her passionately back, there tongues intertwined as there naked bodies pressed against each other. Shelly then Vicky moved onto the bed with them and the orgy began....

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    Very hot story Carta. I wish I were Kate.

    Nov 12 2006 19:49
    yea a very hot story great turn on

    Jun 21 2008 23:39
    Hot as heck!! Bring on more!

    Sep 8 2009 22:41
    I agree, it was pretty hot. But the rape of Kate was just a little to easily done. Kinda makes it unbelievable. Nontheless! It did get me wet!!!

    Aug 11 2011 23:50
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