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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, lesbians, orgy, hetero sex, oral, anal.

    "Honey, Can you pick up Karen at the Train station?" My wife called to me as I leaving to go grocery shopping.

    "Sure. When does her train get in?" I called back.


    "I'll pick her up on the way back."

    "O.K.. Thanks. Love you."

    'Love you too honey. I'll see you when I get back." That said. I got into my pick-up and headed out the driveway. I really did love my wife. I know a lot of couples get all cutesy-wootsey. But we really cared for each other. We've been married for ten wonderful years. We have a very successful business. We trained some of the finest gymnast and cheerleaders in the country at our camp. We had a lot of common interest. And we love to spend a lot of time with each other.

    Michelle or Mickie as I called her. Had been a champion gymnast in High School and College. She had parlayed this into some great scholarships in Phys. Ed. We have a very successful business. Mickie was in charge of the schools and the staff. I took care of most of the rest of things. Accounting, grounds keeping, equipment repair; all of that sort of odds and ends. I did all of the cooking and we had two housekeepers. We had a very wealthy client base; that were willing to pay for the best. We were more then happy to provide, the best. "The Farm", as we called our school. Provided us with a very profitable and comfortable life.

    I first met Michelle when I was having some physical therapy on a sprained ankle. We hit it off and a few years later we were married.

    We were both into Physical Fitness. So, starting a camp out on our farm was a logical progression. This allowed Michelle to have all of her facilities in one location and we weren't under the whim of certain industrial park zoning nightmares. We have seven acres just on the outskirts of town. There's plenty of space for training rooms, a nice size gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, running trails, a great pool. Everything you would need. The house was a big old Farm house with 12 bed rooms. So we are able to hold extended stay training camps. Usually they were about three weeks or so. Mickey specialized in acrobatics and cheerleaders.

    Karen, was one of our star pupils from a couple seasons ago. We hired her on as an assistant for my wife. Karen was the most naturally limber girl's I have ever met. She could literally bend herself in half. Mickie held several classes throughout the year. So there were always young, beautiful girls and women running around the farm. We only took on girls at are camp. It keeps the girls focused and it simplified the sleeping arrangements.

    We had tried having some permanent students a couple years ago. Karen and my wife's other assistant, Kitty; were our last two long term students. They both had been students here since they were in their early teens. But the insurance problems and the overly attentive parents got to be too much. So Now we just held 3 to 4 week session. The occasional weekend camp, through the summer. But, that was only rarely.

    We took students from College and high school. Usually we tried to have a close age group in each session. The girls/ young women, tended to bond much easier as a group in that situation.

    Today was Saturday. I usually had a lot to do, on the farm on the first day of a new class. There were always a lot of loose ends to take care of. This session was a bunch of High School Cheerleaders. Now I know what you're going to say. All of those Beautiful young High School Girls running around the house all day and night. A man gets some pretty randy ideas. I'm not going to lie. Of course I do. But, you've got to remember. These young women are paying customers. Well there parents are anyway. The last thing we would need was some sexual miscommunications; or some crap like that.

    That's not to say there were not a lot of sexual shenanigans going on at the Farm. Of course there were. My wife and I had a very full sex life. The rest was all just playful fun. Of course, my wife was bi-sexual. So was Karen, and Kitty was sort of bi. She liked girls, a lot more then guys. She once told me, that they only penis she had ever seen, was mine. Sure I had some adventures with some of our campers. Harmless stuff really. The girls seemed to enjoy teasing me with their taunt young bodies. But they knew I was a safe target. So it was all good fun.

    I picked Karen up at the train station after I had gone grocery shopping. There were always some last minute supplies to get. Karen was waiting for me out in front of the station. Let me describe her for you. Karen was in her early twenties, about 5' 2 or 3. One hundred pounds soaking wet, if that. She had a tight little body. With shoulder length brown hair with heavy bangs over her eyes. She had long coltish legs, that led up to the nicest butt you would ever want to see.

    She was well aware of her great ass and wore clothes that highlighted it. During the summer, she preferred Cut-off jeans and a tank top. Her tits were on the smallish size. They were nicely proportioned to her body. She would usually get quite a tan during the summer and her bra less nipples would easily show through her thin tank tops. Karen was of a Mediterranean descent. This gave her an incredible olive skin tone, She was a knock out. If not for her diminutive size. She could have easily gotten work as a model. She was waiting for me as I pulled up to the train station.

    I got out of the truck and helped her load her gear into the back of the truck, with all of the groceries.

    "Hi Mark, how ya doin?" She greeted me with a hug. Her little nipples firmly greeted me as we hugged.

    "Hi Karen. Hope you weren't waiting long?" I asked.

    "No, I just got here. The train got in late." We loaded up and were on our way back to the farm. The ride to the farm takes about 20 minutes, so we had a chance to catch up. I always liked Karen. She was one of the few students we have had to the Farm that I've had sex with. So, ours is a special relationship.

    Of Course my wife knows all about, any of our girls; that I've had sex with. She usually was the one initiating it. Mickie was a great judge of character that way. She knew who to choose and who not to. It was like a sixth sense. Karen, Mickie, Kitty and I would often share our beds during the Season. Me, I had had a Vasectomy some time back, so there was no chance I would get anybody pregnant up here.

    Karen was sitting side ways in her seat as we drove at to the farm. She was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts and her trademark tank top. The shorts were very baggy around the legs. When she was walking or riding in the train; they looked like a perfectly respectable pair of shorts.

    However sitting as she was now. With her back against the door, one leg on the seat and the other against the seat back. I had an unobstructed view of her panty cover crotch. Of course I had to keep my attention on the road as we were driving along. But every time I looked over to her, as we drove along. I got this wide open view of her tight, striped panties.

    She of course, was aware of this. She was such a tease. I could hardly wait to see the bikini she bought up with her this year. Last year, she had this little brown one. A little string over each hip to hold it together. A pair of little patches to cover her Tits. Now that was hot. It was a warm Summer day and we were driving with the a/c on. The cool air went right to Karen's bra less nipples and they sprung out at me like pencil erasers. After a while we pulled up to the farm and drove down the driveway. The first carload of campers had just arrived.

    Karen and Kitty got to work, right away helping my wife getting the girls settled in as I unpacked the truck. Kitty, my wife's other assistant had arrived yesterday. There were about eight girls in this group. I think we were expecting four or five more. We could handle sixteen girls per session but 12 or 13 were a good size class. Two to a bedroom. From what I could see of this first group. It was going to be a good summer.

    Karen, Kitty and Michelle had the girls out on the patio, getting things together. Room assignments, training schedules, rules and regulations. That sort of stuff. We ran a tough schedule, for what their parents were paying. They expected results. And we always delivered. That was why they kept coming back. Of course it wasn't always work, work, work. We did leave the girls some free time each day to relax. Usually this time was spent around the pool. My oh my. Some of the suits these girls wore. When we would have a session with college girls.

    Oh, my gawd. They were incredible. Most of the women would sunbathe topless or nude. I was the only guy out here and we were very far from the closest neighbor. They would revel in walking around with barely anything on. It was incredible. I would be walking around with a hard on half the time. Some of them would playfully give my dick a squeeze or a rub.

    Control had to be my middle name. Of course, some of them I also fucked. But, we had to keep that very low profile. I'm sure, the girls went back and told the other girls. Because inevitably, the day after I had sex with one of our students. Some of the other girls would get particularly frisky. Seductive might be a better word. We had a gate at the end of the driveway. So there was no way we could ever get some unannounced visitors.

    I was in the kitchen unpacking the groceries when Kitty walked in with Four of our new students.

    "Hi Mark. How ya doing?" She asked. Kitty was always very formal the first couple days of a session. She was usually in charge of any first time or new students. She wanted to make a good first impression. Before her charges learned her truly fun side. This technique worked well for here, because it established an informal hierarchy, right from the start.

    Let me describe Kitty. She was a Tall slender whip of a young women. As a matter of fact. Her height is what ended her gymnastic career. Once she climbed towards that five foot ten or eleven mark. The jumps and apparatus, just are not easy to navigate. But she was an excellent instructor and coach. She also taught some self defense and was an excellent swimmer.

    Kitty had short dark hair that she recently had decided to dye jet black. She was on the slender side but very muscular. She had very nicely shaped tits that were crowned by the sweetest mocha colored nipples. She was quite the runner and had the legs and butt to prove it. Kitty was fun to have around. And very adept at putting the new students readily at ease. Her short hair, small breast and a habit of wearing very little makeup. Made her look much younger then she really was. If not for the fact that she was almost six feet tall, she could easily pass for a young girl.

    She then introduced me to her new charges.

    "Mark, this Dorothy, Molly, Jennifer and Shannon. I'm showing them around the house."

    "Hi ladies. Can I get any of you something to drink?"

    "Hello, Mr. Summers." They said in a joking, melodious, unison. Then they all broke out in girlish giggles. The older girls had acquainted the new girls in one of the running gags, here at Summer's farm. The running gag was; I was so such a push over for all our students.

    My wife and her two assistants were the real task masters and disciplinarians. I was the 'good cop' as it were. The "Yes, Mr. Summers; No, Mr. Summers; They hid my bathing suit, Mr. Summers; I don't know where the cigarettes came from Mr. Summers. " Usually, we were all on a first name basis. So the 'Mr.' formality was an inside joke.

    I had some juice and water for the girls. And Kitty continued them, on their tour.

    The rest of the girls joining us for this session; arrived in the afternoon. That bought the class size to 12.

    The evening meal went uneventfully enough until dessert, out on the patio. That's when two of the Seniors, Susie and Susan started a food fight. A real mess, but it was good for a lot of laughs. The girls helped me clean up and then they headed out to the pool. We ate relatively early, about 5:00. So this allowed some evening activities. I finished cleaning up dinner and then joined the girls out at the pool.

    The sun was still shining at 7:00. So most of the girls were just relaxing after the first day's workload. Usually, lights out was at 10:00. We woke the girls at 6 AM. So an early evening was almost mandatory. Of course the girls were in semi-private rooms. So who knows how long they stay up after lights out. But usually by the third or fourth day of class. They were more then eager to hit the sack early.

    Which brings me to two of our returning students. The previously mentioned Susan and Susie. They had quite an adventurous summer, last year; with Karen as their teacher. The stories she would relay to us, about the two girls sexual appetites. I, of course, only caught them in the act once. Well I really didn't catch them, As much as watch them have sex from behind some bushes.

    The property had a lot of little hideaways scattered through out it. In the building and out. Of course there was always sex between roommates. Very often we would either hear stories, be told stories. Or find some soiled sheets on laundry day. And every day was laundry day at Summers Farm.


    It was late at night, about 10:00, if I remember right. I was out walking our dogs before turning in for the night. Some times I left them out on the property all night. Sometimes I kept them inside. Security, wasn't really a problem out here. But, I knew from experience that randomness in scheduling can enhance security. But I digress. I was out walking the dogs one warm August night.

    I had wandered down to the pond in the woods behind the house. It was a beautiful setting. One of the reasons we bought the property actually. There was a small grove next to the pond and we had had some picnic tables and a stone barbecue set-up down there.

    I was walking along one of the paths through the woods by the pond, when I heard something up ahead. It sounded like two of the girls talking. Now, we have a rule about leaving the building after light-out. But there was always a little leeway in all of our rules. By their voices, I recognized Susie and Susan. They were two of our students that had been coming to camp since they were little girls. They went to the same private school, and were best friends.

    Both of the girls were 18 yr. old, gorgeous. Tall, with big tits and long legs. Susie had long black hair that hung down to her shoulder blades. She had a tight body. That she likes to show off in the barest of mid-riffs and tight jeans. Susan, had short shoulder length blond hair. She had the broad shoulders of a gymnast. That highlighted her rather large breast. Her thin waist flared out to a great hips and a very tight butt. I had seen both girls in next to nothing, at the pool. They were almost constantly together. Hanging onto each other, like lovers.

    The other girls use to kid them about it. But, Susie and Susan would laugh it off and then do something funny or really gross. The ensuing laughter would easily change the subject.

    I didn't come across them by accident, actually. Karen and Kitty had told us that this was a popular spot; for a late night rendezvous. I heard them talking as I approached. I sent the dogs; running off in the opposite direction and I quietly approached the clearing. I found some bushes to hide behind, about ten feet from them. They were so engrossed in themselves. that they didn't even notice my presence.

    They were sitting at a table; talking and drinking from a pop bottle. I couldn't hear the whole conversation; only bits and pieces. Susie was trying to comfort Susan. Susie was gently stroking Susan's cheek. The conversation quietly ended as they looked into each others eyes. Then their lips met. These girls were very much into each other. Susan was the aggressor, as she swung Susie onto her lap and made out with her, in an almost Hollywood pose.

    Susie was laying across Susan with her shoulders in Susan's lap. Susan had Susie's upper body cradled in her arms. Susie was running her hands through Susan hair. I though I heard a moan. Then things got interesting. Susan slowly bought her left hand to Susie tits. Just gently massaging her breast as they kissed. Susie broke off the kiss and said something. I couldn't hear, what she said. This made both of the girls laugh. They just looked into each others eyes. Suddenly I saw Susie's top fall to the ground. Big smiles spread across both girls faces.

    It was a clear moon lit night. I could see everything. Susan had her hand down Susie's cutoffs. It was like watching a porn movie. These girls were gorgeous. The kind of girl, guys fall over themselves to get to. And here they were, putting on a private sex show just for me, in the moonlight.

    Susan was now sucking on Susie's beautiful tits as she fingered her girlfriend's pussy. Susie's mouth was open wide in exhilaration. She was wiggling her hips in reaction to Susan's very capable hands. Then Susie, abruptly pulled Susan's mouth from her breast. The girls once again looked deeply into each others eyes. Then Susan spoke, this time I heard very clearly what she said. She said.

    "Get out of those clothes Little Susie. I want to eat out that sweet ass of yours." I almost shot a load in my pants. These girls were incredible. They kissed again. Then Susie got up off of Susan's lap. She stood in front of Susan, in between her legs. Susie had her back to me now. So I couldn't see everything that was going on.

    Susie's back was a sculpted marvel. All of these years in gymnastics had left the girl with a finely muscled physique. There was not a line of untanned skin on her back. Obviously, this girls spent a lot of time on her tan. Susan now had her hands on Susie's waist. Susie bought her hands up to her hair and ran her hands through it. Then she cupped her breast offering them to the appreciative Susan.

    Susan looked to be pulling the zipper of Susie's cutoffs. Then with a tug. Susie's short, joined her top; on the ground. She was now completely naked. Her ass also had a nice tan on it. A lot of nude sunbathing, on this gorgeous girl. Susan ran her hands up and down her lover's body. I couldn't exactly see. But it looked like Susan was kissing her way down to Susie crotch. Susie spread her legs slightly apart as she caressed her own breast. Susan's hand snaked it way between her lover's thighs. Wiggling a finger into the crack of her ass. Susie then pulled Susan up, so that they were now standing face to face. They started making out again.

    Susan's clothes joined Susie, scattered around the table. The girls climbed onto the picnic table and got in a 69 position. This was incredible. They started moaning and groaning into each others bush. Susan was now working a finger into Susie pussy. Susie returned the favor by Sticking her tongue even deeper into Susan cunt. They went on like this for about ten minutes.

    Wiggling around in orgasm, then resting then changing positions, then wiggling around. I had tried not to jack off while I was watching them. But it was so incredibly hot. I was going to whip out my dick. I was sure just releasing it from the confines of my pants would have been enough to make me orgasm. When something happened. Which made me glad I hadn't jacked off yet.

    Susan was laying on the table, while Susie was eating out her pussy. Susie was standing up with Susan in front of her. I heard rustling in the bushes to the side of me. I panicked, thinking I was found out. Then I saw my Black lab, Caesar run into the picnic area. The girls were distracted but happily greeted him as he approached the two lovers. The air was heavy with the smells of female sex. Caesar sniffed the air as he walked up to the table. The girls stopped their love making for a moment to greet the dog. Then they got back to business. Caesar walked around the clearing, sniffing the air. He slowly walked up behind the still standing Susie.

    I saw her jump forward into her lover's ample tits. As Caesar's cold, wet nose made contact with her hot, young pussy. The girls both laughed at this interruption. Then Susie stepped aside as Caesar started to sniff Susan's steamy snatch. This bought some embarrassed giggles to the young cheerleader. The girls were talking between themselves as Caesar suddenly started to lick Susan's pussy. I wonder who taught my dog that trick? I was going to have a talk with my staff of ladies tomorrow. Susan's mouth opened wide in approval and both girls stood up. I thought my little live sex show was over. But the main attraction was just coming up.

    Susan got down on her hands and knees, doggy style. Susie directed my dog over towards the spread open young girl. Caesar got the idea immediately and climbed aboard. He jumped onto Susan's back and put his fore paws around her waist. I couldn't see all the action but I did hear Susan take a big inhale of air. I can only assume that the Lab had started to fuck her. Her moans were very loud.

    Susie noticed this and tried to shoosh her friend. But Susan was beyond control. Caesar was fucking her like a jack rabbit. His fur covered body practically covering her. Her front arms collapsed and her chest fell to the ground. With a deep lurch, Caesar stopped his fucking. Obviously, He had shot his load. Then he attempted to pull out. As he moved backwards, he dragged the supine Susan along with him. Her body, shook once again, in orgasm.

    His knot was imbedded in her vagina. The girls took this in stride. As if this was an expected result. After a few minutes. Caesar erection subsided. He jumped off of her and went running back to the house. The girls. Sat up, Kissed. Then walked into the pond hand in hand. The jumped in and swam around. I took this opportunity to get out of my hiding spot.

    As I snuck away through the forest. I looked back. The girls had gotten out of the pond, and were getting dressed. I was already back at the house when they tried to sneak back in. They apologized for sneaking out and said it would never happen again. Of course, I made a stern face and sent them to their room.

    I had to keep up appearances.

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