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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    "Well, my big boy? After squirting your cream into me what about squirting your champagne into me as well?" Sandra asked him. She had raised herself up to be able to massage his belly with her free hand. "So whaddya think? I hope you gotta pee at all. Come on, let it flow."

    When the pressure in Tina's bladder wasn't strong enough to hit Andy's mouth anymore, she directed the last squirts into Max's muzzle who accepted these happily and when it was over he also licked the last drops from Tina's cock. And to Tina's joy he didn't stop licking her dick after the last drops of urine were gone. As always it was a great sensation to feel this warm, wet doggie-tongue glide over her swollen glans. It wouldn't have taken long and Tina would have squirted when he finally did stop to lick her cock. He raised his head to lick Tina's face who immediately returned the kiss.

    Andy still sucked Max's balls with pleasure when she suddenly felt a warm fluid dripping on her belly once more. Obviously stimulated by all this pissing her dog himself had started to urinate. His dick wasn't hard anymore and half withdrawn back into its sheath again and so most of his piss was spraying on the floor next to Andrea. But already Tina had noticed what happened and quickly she turned Max around, so that he was peeing directly onto Andy's face now.

    Andy kindly thanked her for that though her whole mouth was already completely filled with dog-piss. Greedily she let the delicious warm golden champagne of her darling run down her throat. She almost wasn't able to gulp quick enough as much as it was. Tina let her have it all since she had all of Zeus's piss before.

    Almost simultaneously with Max, Zeus had started to urinate as well. Sandy moaned out loud when she felt the hot and heavy stream hitting the flesh inside her pussy. Sandy closed her legs and did her very best to seal her cunt to keep as much dog-piss as possible inside her body. It was just great to feel how her vagina got filled with the wonderfully warm liquid. But the quantity of urine Zeus was pumping into her finally did surpass the capacity of her vagina and despite of all efforts to prevent this, more and more piss was flowing past Max's dick out of Sandy's cunt running along the crack of her ass.

    And although there was such a large amount of liquid inside her, she was still able to feel the stream hitting her hard inside her pussy and eventually she came again. The climax kept on going as long as Zeus kept filling her cunt with his piss. When the pissing of Zeus finally got so weak that Sandy could no longer feel its flow, the stream of Max was also slowly coming to an end. The golden stream which squirted from the Doberman's dick into Andy's mouth was clearly getting weaker as well. Andy yet shook the last drops out of his cock and she just wanted to take it into her mouth again for another blowjob when Tina, who had watched Sandy for a while, interrupted her.

    "Wait a moment," she said. "Look over to Sandy and see what she's doing now. I think you wanna watch that, too."

    Sandy still kept the large dick of the Great Dane inside her pussy which was totally filled with his piss. She still laid on her back heavily panting, Zeus between her legs still in locking position. Very carefully Sandy pushed him to the side of the lounge to turn herself around on it without loosening the grip of her pussy around his cock. She managed to turn around almost 180 degrees so that her head was pointing to the foot end of the lounge now, which turned seamlessly to the floor like a slide. Gradually she slid along the end of the lounge on her shoulders.

    Finally she let them glide along the end of it down to the floor. Zeus cock was still completely inside her and only a few drops of pee had left her pussy during that first maneuver. But now would come the second part on which she had to remove the cork from the bottle. She raised her rear as much as she could and let his dick glide out of her very slowly and carefully. As soon as the hole wasn't kept closed by the large doggie-cock she closed it with her hand. And thus she managed to pull Zeus's dick out of her cunt without spilling much of the liquid inside her body. She stabilized her hips with her free hand and swung her legs over herself so that her pussy was now just about above her head. The curved end of the lounge helped her to stabilize her position.

    "Cool, double utilization of pee!" Andrea commented. She was really looking forward to the upcoming things to happen.

    "Yes, ain't it nice?" Tina responded who watched with the same attention.

    Slowly Sandy took her hand away from her pussy, and because her cunthole was now on the topmost spot, the cocktail that consisted of dog-piss mixed with a small amount of dog-semen and an even smaller amount of her own pussy-juices, stayed inside "its bottle". Then she pressed and a large torrent was pouring onto her face and into her widely opened mouth. But of course she wasn't able to catch a lot of this delicious liquid with her mouth. She tried the same once more and again most of it spread on her body and her face.

    Then she wanted to try something else so she could drink more of it. She spread her thighs and with both hands she pulled her cuntal lips apart very wide and pushed just a little bit until the liquid went up the neck of the bottle, so that her opened pussy-hole was now filled to the rim with the tasty pee-cocktail. Then she slowly bent her body to carefully pour the liquid from the bowl of her cunt into her mouth. After she had emptied her pussy this way she raised her body up again, filled her pussy once more and poured its contents into her mouth again.

    "So, what about you two? Wouldn't you want to have some of it, too, before I run dry?" she asked after she had repeated this a few times. Then she turned especially to Andy: "Zeus's pee tastes wonderful, too!"

    Of course Tina and Andrea didn't need a second invitation.

    "Well, then fill up your glass of Champagne again," Andy requested.

    And already the yellow liquid raised in Sandy's hole. When the pussy was completely filled again, Andy lowered her head and dipped the tip of her tongue into the still hot piss.

    "You just invented the best way to drink "Champagne", Sandy," she said and slurped the urine-mix out of her girlfriend's cunt.

    After Sandy had refilled "the glass" it was Tina's turn.

    "I totally agree with you, Andy," Tina said after she had emptied her "glass" as well.

    Sandy managed to fill her pussy once more for each of them; then the amount of liquid wasn't enough anymore to let it raise up into "the glass", though there was still some of it inside her. Of course they wouldn't want to waste any of it and so Andy sat down on the lounge and pressed her lips firmly on Sandy's pussy. Tina helped Sandy to swing her legs past Andy and to put them down on the lounge again.

    Then she pulled her up so she could raise her upper body while Andy was laying back at the same time. The result of this yoga-like exercise was Andy on the lounge laying on her back and Sandy straddling her, sitting on her face. This way the rest of the golden cocktail flowed from Sandy's cunt directly into Andy's mouth without even one lost drop.

    "Aaahhh, that was really great! Finally I could try Zeus's pee as well," Andy said after Sandy had dismounted her. "Well, how shall we go on?"

    "What about a little break? To cool down a bit!" Tina pointed to the pools. "Besides, I guess it wouldn't be bad if we all would refuel again." Tina grinned.

    "Zeus is already on his way," Sandy noticed and pointed over to the Great Dane who was just drinking from one of the large bowls of water.

    "Yeah great, a break would be indeed very nice now," Andy said. "Look how sweaty we all are, hehe! I'm looking forward to get into the water!"

    During the following 2 hours all three had a lot of fun in Tina's pools. Max and Zeus soon joined them in the water and Tina was serving cold ice tea at the pool bar - for refueling!

    Now the three girls laid on the warm stone-paved floor and let themselves dry by the hot summer sun. Andy had almost fallen asleep when she suddenly felt a pair of hot lips on each of her nipples. Tina and Sandy caressed Andy's tits with their tongues and sucked on her upright erected nipples. Sandy was slowly working herself up above the breast, along Andrea's slender neck and over her cheek until she reached her mouth and their hot lips united in a passionate kiss.

    Meanwhile Tina let her tongue wander in the opposite direction - downwards. She shortly stopped at her sweet bellybutton and went farther down, but for the moment she avoided direct contact with Andy's center of lust. Instead she let her tongue glide along the inner sides of her thighs which Andy had opened eagerly before. And already Andy's pussy was exuding a tempting fragrance again. It was just impossible now for Tina to pass around the inviting crevice again without tasting from it. Carefully she pulled Andy's pussy lips apart and first took her little passion-button between her lips which caused a cozy tremble in Andy. She moaned and now her juices really started to flow. But Tina herself also got extremely horny again by that.

    Her dick was already completely hard and the first drops of her juices dribbled out of her pussy going down her cock. Tina pushed her tongue deep inside the wet hole of Andrea. With the skillful and quick moves of her tongue she drove her to the brink of an orgasm again - but not beyond it. She stopped. If she hadn't had Sandy's tongue in her mouth, Andy would certainly have complained about this interruption. But in fact there was no good reason to complain because Tina was already preparing her next step.

    After she had had arranged for a comfort support again she sat down in-between Andy's thighs and put her bulging, gleaming glans next to the entrance of her love-grotto. Andy groaned out loud when Tina shoved her hard cock into her cunt. Immediately she started to fuck Andy in rhythmical movements while Andy and Sandy went on kissing and caressing each other. Sandy had laid her upper body on Andy's breasts pressing her own big breasts firmly onto Andy's body.

    Andy's left hand had just wandered from Sandy's back to the other side, down to her belly. A soft shiver went through Sandy's body and when Andy let her hand go more and more towards her crotch she bent and spread her legs a little to give Andy free access to her pussy. And so it wasn't long before she felt a tender finger touching her slit. Very slowly Andy started to massage the wet crack of her girlfriend while enjoying the hard thrusts of Tina's cock in her own cunt. Sandy released her lips from Andy's mouth.

    "Yeees, come on, rub my cunt," Sandy moaned. "Stick your fingers into me. I wanna jerk off together with you."

    Of course Andy obeyed willingly and let two of her fingers glide into the slippery hole. Immediately she started to jack off Sandy's twat because it wouldn't be very long now until Tina would make her cum with her pounding cock-work. Both of the girls were moaning harder and harder and indeed - both of them climaxed almost simultaneously. Tina paced down a bit when Andy came. The muscles of the inner walls of Andy's vagina were heavily massaging her dick and she didn't want to squirt yet. But she wasn't averse to her pussy being stimulated. For that, along with the cushions, she had brought another one of the dildos.

    It was a flesh-colored rubber-dildo designed like a human penis and it was equipped with a suction cup so you could fix it to a smooth surface. So, after Andy's orgasm had ebbed down Tina quickly pulled her dick out of her, attached the dildo to the floor and shoved it into her own pussy. And right away her cock disappeared in Andy's hole again. Just the moment when Tina pulled her dick out of her pussy, Andy opened her eyes and saw into the very happy face of Sandy who bent down to her and gave her a loving, tender kiss on her forehead.

    "Do you actually know that I love you like crazy?" Sandy asked with a smile.

    "Just as I love you, honey," Andy smiled right back to her and pulled her dripping wet fingers out of Sandy's pussy. Sandy brought Andy's hand to her own mouth and licked her juices from Andy's fingers.

    "I wanted to have that," Andy said.

    "No problem. I got plenty of it," Sandy replied and straddled Andy's face, who immediately started to lick the rest of the juice from the puffy lips. And apparently somebody else also had developed an urge to lick, since Andy's Doberman had come to them licking over Andy's breasts. Sandy only noticed that when he also licked over her buttocks. She dismounted her.

    "So here's somebody else who wants some attention," she said to Max and already her hand was on his sheath. "What about if we both give you a nice blowjob? If Andy doesn't mind."

    Sandy changed Max's position, so that his cock was directing right to Andy's face - and thus his backside pointed towards Tina, who still thrust her cock pleasurably into Andy's pussy while enjoying the dildo filling up her own hole.

    Now Andy had an excellent view on the fur-coated sheath of her dog's penis on which Sandy's tender hands were softly caressing it. She just wanted to lift her head to receive his cock out of its sheath but Sandy indicated to stay laid back for now.

    "Wait a moment, I'll let you know when you can suck the juice out of his cock!" she said and Andy laid her head back.

    Very slowly Sandy went along the whole length of the sheath with her fingers and she also didn't forget his balls, which she was tenderly caressing with her fingers. She bent down to him and played with the tip of her tongue on the opening of his sheath which of course aroused Andy very much.

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    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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